The Captains Wife (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9 - Games In The Evening

The captain let me sl**p the rest of the afternoon. When I awoke he was gone. I opened the tiny porthole and saw the sun was almost touching the water. It would be dark soon.

Quietly I opened the captain's door. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to leave but nature was calling me desperately. To my surprise Robb, the cabin boy, stood outside. He grinned at me.

"The captain tired you out, eh?"

I blushed and looked away. "I need to use the bathroom." He nodded and led me to a small room where I took care of things. When I exited I saw him leap away from the door as though he had been leaning against it. Perhaps he had been listening.

He actions made me curious and I studied Robb more carefully. He was a young man, it was true, but he was strong and fit and quite handsome in an odd way. His features were not quite those of a man but no longer those of a boy.

With a shock I saw there was a noticeable bulge in his pants and I realized with sudden clarity that he was aroused by me! That explained so much of his behavior--the odd comments and sudden shyness during my bath that morning, and his eavesdropping a moment ago.

With a quick laugh I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Thanks for being such a good friend," I said. He blushed mightily and stared at his feet.

I was suddenly astonished to realize how young and naive he looked. Just hours ago, during the bath, I had thought him older than me. He had been in control. Now he was blushing before me and I was the elder. In a flash I understood--it was not him who had changed, but me! My experience with the captain had changed me. I was now a completely different person. I was a woman.

Robb led me onto the deck where he bathed me again. I felt very grateful. My chest was still sticky with the remains of the stew and my skin was sweaty. Being naked all time I was much more sensitive to my cleanliness. I couldn't just throw on clean clothes to feel clean.

After the bath the cabin boy again put ointment on my buttocks. "Your rump is sure fine, Lady Sarah," he said with desire in his voice. "It heals fast. There are barely any welts and it's hardly even red any more." I nodded silently, my mind lost in the painful relief of his massage.

"I guess the captain spared you for tonight."

"What?" I asked, my heart thumping heavily.

"He has big plans for you tonight. It's a party. You're to provide the entertainment for the crew."

"What does that mean?"

He smiled. "I don't know anything except you'll be made to perform. The captain said there would be games for you to play." My face flushed and my chest was tight. So there would be games to endure tonight. What kind of games did pirates play?

Naughty ones, it was evident. The dining hall was crowded with rowdy sailors. They had just finished supper and were talking loudly and crudely among themselves as the remains of the meal was cleared. They cheered when I entered. Thankfully the cabin boy led me straight to the captain who was beaming at me.

"Lady Sarah, how delightful you look! We have wonderful plans for you this evening. The crew is restless and would benefit greatly from your services. Would you mind providing the entertainment?"

Though it was posed as a question, I, of course, had no real choice. I bowed low to the Red Devil and solemnly kissed his feet. "Whatever my master desires."

"Excellent answer, my Lady!" He waved to a group of men standing near by. "Clear those tables aside, men. The Lady has volunteered to entertain us!"

The cheers and shouts of the men were deafening, and I was already beginning to regret my rash acceptance. What kind of entertainment did the captain have in mind? What were these games? I found out too soon.

A large area in the center of the room was cleared and the men gathered in a loose circle around the edges of the room. The captain took a small sack from his belt and opened it. It was filled with small gold coins roughly an inch in diameter and an eighth of an inch thick.

"I have twenty gold coins here," roared the Red Devil. "I warn you men not to let your fingers seek to 'borrow' any of these coins--you will feed the sharks tonight if you do." The men grumbled and nodded. It was obvious that all the men greatly feared the captain and had great respect for him. No one would dare steal the coins.

The Red Devil s**ttered the coins across the wooden floor the coins rolling far and wide. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor. I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled out to him, my face already burning.

"You see all these coins, Lady Sarah? I want you to retrieve them, one by one, with your lips while crawling on your hands and knees. You will bring each coin to me and place it in my hand. Do you understand?"

I nodded, my heart thumping loudly. The captain smiled and waved his first mate to his side. The mate, the same large man that had whipped me the night before came forward carrying a large black paddle. It seemed to be made of leather and it bent easily when he flexed it in his hands.

"The mate will give you the proper encouragement to make sure you execute this task as rapidly as possible," said the captain with a grin. The men cheered at the anticipation of this spectacle and my heart skipped a beat. I dreaded having to hurry in front of all these men, being driven on my knees like a dog.

I did not have much time to ponder the inevitable, however, as the mate gave me a hard blow across the buttocks and I darted forward and tried to pick up the nearest coin with my teeth. It really wasn't that difficult except that I was very nervous and it seemed that each time I got a coin in my grip a blow from the paddle would startle me and I'd drop the coin.

It took me several tries to get a firm grip on the first coin and I rushed to the Red Devil and dropped it in his outstretch hand, the paddle smacking me the whole time.

I turned, ready for another dash when the captain suddenly ordered me to hold still and spread my legs wide. I obeyed, no part of my brain conceiving what he had in mind.

I felt his fingers touching my buttocks, pulling the cheeks apart and I again felt a wave of shame. His fingers found my anus and he suddenly pushed the coin I had given him into me, pushing it in deep with his finger. It burned and I felt plugged but I swallowed my pride and held still. "Don't you dare expel it!" he hissed violently and I nodded, my face red with shame. He gave me a friendly slap on the rump and I set off for more coins.

Again and again I grabbed up coins with my lips and brought them to the captain. The mate managed a good eight or ten blows each trip and the captain added the new coins to the growing number in my anus.

My buttocks felt huge and swollen, my anus tight and filled. Yet there were still dozens of coins everywhere I looked. I raced onward, forgetting grace. I crawled desperately, snatching up coins with my teeth, my breasts dragging painfully across the rough wooden floor, and I trotted back to the captain and turned so he could shove the coin up my arse.

After what seemed an eternity of this I finally began to see progress. There were very few coins left now. I had to hunt for them, my search made frantic by the constant smacks from the first mate. I would circle the room, the paddle always finding my ripe buttocks, the men cheering and leering as I passed near them.

Finally I gave the captain the last coin and he quietly said, "Nineteen," and pushed it into me. I cried bitter tears as I crawled away, my knees and breasts hurting, my buttocks burning. I couldn't find the coin anywhere. I began more and more frantic and the mate was even more cruel with the paddle, striking the tender backs of my thighs and even my calves. There was no other coin.

I raced back to the captain and kissed his feet, dripping hot tears on his legs, wordlessly begging for mercy. But the Red Devil grew angry and shouted at me and in an even deeper shame I circled the room once again, wandering near the men along the edges of the room, looking at their feet. I wagged my bottom and tried to escape from the attentions of the mate but he was not fooled.

Suddenly one of the men was jostled and fell over slightly, lifting his foot to reveal the gleam of gold. In a flash I was there, rudely shoving his foot aside as I bit the gold coin. I placed it in the captain's hand and his wide smile forgave all my sins.

As I turned my buttocks toward him my anus was throbbing and it was all I could do to keep from expelling the load within me. His fingers were hard as he opened me and f***ed the last coin in. It was an incredibly tight fit and I felt split after it slipped in.

He had me take a quick tour of the room on my knees, my hands behind my head. The mate paddled me mercilessly the entire trip, the hands of the crew reaching out to brush and pinch my breasts as I passed.

When I was back to the captain he pulled out the sack and laid it on the floor before me. "Now Lady Sarah, daughter of Lord Leebury, squat on the floor and expel the coins."

My face was burning as he made me face him while I obediently squatted and pushed the coins out. I knew he was attempting to shame me but I was so grateful for the relief from holding the coins inside me that it did not matter. The crowd of men behind me cheered as each coin slowly came out, their view of my anus clear in my crouched position, my legs wide. The captain in front of me watched as I clenched my teeth and worked to push out the coins, my face red with the exertion.

The Red Devil smiled when I finished and making me remain in the painful squat, slowly counted the coins. When he reached twenty he stood up and held the bag in the air and the men cheered.

To celebrate, the captain had the mate paddle me in the squatting position, my legs wide and exposing my sex to him. Then he had me paddled while I turned so that he could see my red buttocks punished while I faced the scrutiny of the sailors, my body an open book to them.

But the games were hardly over. Ointment was produced and the cabin boy massaged it onto my burning buttocks, the relief hurting almost as much as more blows from the paddle.

Meanwhile the men were engaged in some kind of game with dice, groups of men playing and the apparent winners from each group competing against each other. This continued until there were only six men left and these quickly removed their clothes and stood naked before the captain. "We are ready, sir," said one and the captain nodded and waved the cabin boy to bring me over.

As I rose to crawl to the captain all the tiny welts on my buttocks came alive and my skin burned lightly. My thighs were moist and I realized my sex was wet and hungry with desire. The men's organ's were large and stiff. I was amazed at how different each looked. They each were a slightly different size and of varying colors and textures. The amount of hair surrounding the base of each organ also varied.

But the mate was giving wooden paddles to each of the six men. The paddles were large and thin and looked rough and crudely made. I decided that they had been carved during the day in anticipation of this evening's games. My heart sank at the thought of more paddling, but I knew I would take anything to please the captain.

The game was simple. The six men lined up next to each other I was instructed to crawl on my knees past them as fast as I could, my hands behind my head. They would each paddle my buttocks as I passed and the one who struck me the hardest would be rewarded. The captain was to be the judge.

My first run through the gauntlet was miserable. The blows were all very hard and loud, and I struggled in my awkward position. The men were spaced a couple feet apart to give them ample room to swing their paddles and it was difficult for me to cover such distance quickly. Quite often one was able to catch me with more than one blow.

I would have much preferred the concealment on crawling on my hands and knees. Here I was upright, my breasts and sex and face exposed for all the men to see.

After that first frenzied run, the winner's organ felt huge in my mouth, and he thrust it in so deep I thought for sure I would choke. I began to suck and lick his penis in desperation. All I could see in front of me was his mass of dark curly hair. My sex was wet and my buttocks throbbed from the recent paddling. When he finally came I quickly swallowed the sour salty come and choked back my tears as I was guided into position for another run. I felt no satisfaction, only desire.

The next few runs were much the same. I could feel my sex dripping down my thighs and I wanted desperately to touch myself but I could only keep my hands on my neck and suck with extra vigor and relish the harsh spanks on my buttocks.

As the game progressed it became more and more difficult to satisfy the men. I was f***ed to work to satisfy them. I soon learned what pleased each man the most, and I would suck and lick and caress their organs with my tongue until they were satisfied.

Again and again I ran the terrible gauntlet, feeling the rush of panic and my own frantic terror followed by the break of being allowed to satisfy one of the paddlers and swallowing their seed.

Finally the captain declared an end to this game and I sat back on my burning haunches. My body trembled and my stomach felt slightly sick from all the come I'd swallowed, but my sex was dripping frantically and I was desperate for satisfaction. The tastes of all the different men were in my mouth and I hungered for them, I wanted to feel their organs inside me. But I could only sit and watch as they dressed and joined the other crew members, joking and laughing, their comrades jealous of their satisfaction.

I was panting with relief when the men began another game of dice like the first. This time the first six winners were excluded. "Were they picking another six men?" I thought in horror. "Please, I can't go through that again!" I silently begged the captain. But he was behind me and I was afraid to turn around and look at him.

The new six men were part of another game. The men took off their clothes and positioned themselves about six feet from me. I was handed a large wooden ring approximately five inches in diameter.

"If you land your ring on their cock you will be rewarded," said the captain quietly. "If you miss you must reward them."

My first throw struck the young man's stomach and missed his penis completely. I was promptly f***ed to satisfy him. This was repeated with the next two men, but the fourth man I at least managed to hit his penis, but the ring did not stay.

The fifth man, however, I did ring. I could tell he was dreadfully disappointed. His cock was so large and swollen and he almost seemed in pain. For a moment I felt sorry for him.

But it was time for my reward, though I had no idea what it was to be. I was led over to a rope hanging from the ceiling and my wrists were attached to it. Dangling from this two of the men came and held my legs apart, one on each side.

The man I had ringed now came forward and knelt before me. He placed his face between my legs and my sex almost spurted in his face I was wet so suddenly. I had no idea what he was going to do but I was so desperate for satisfaction that the men holding me could hardly keep me still.

Then the man beneath me began to lick my secret place, especially that little nodule of flesh that is so sensitive. His touch was engulfing me, yet it was not enough. I wanted something harder, something more definite and I frantically tried to push myself onto him, but the rope above me constrained me.

Again and again he licked me, driving me wild. I was convulsing and writhing on the rope, the men struggling to hold me. Suddenly the Red Devil was in front of me. At first I was terrified he would take the man away but he was smiling. He reached out and slapped my left breast, and then my right. Again and again he slapped my breasts. Below, the man had not stopped licking my crotch. I was in a frenzy of desire and pain, my breasts throbbing, the nipples so hard they felt they should burst and fall off at any moment.

Then I came and there was such a rush of welcome release, desperate freedom and I wiggled weakly on the rope, slowly riding out the last of my orgasm. The man pulled out from me, his face wet with my juices, his expression a mixture of wonder and disgust.

I was untied and led back to the lineup and this time I missed number six and had to satisfy him. Through the corner of my eye I watched the fifth man writhing in agony watching me, and I knew he needed release. I decided when I came back to him I'd miss on purpose.

But that was the end of that game, apparently. The captain did not want me to have much satisfaction. Another six men were chosen, and this game was much more to my liking.

I was terrified at first when I saw the horrible cook approaching, but he was only carrying a large pottery pot to the captain. I was led back to the rope and tied. This time, however, my legs were also tied, stretched wide and attached to fasteners in the floor, similar to how I'd been tied the night before, though that seemed like eons ago.

The pot the cook had brought contained honey, and the captain quickly poured spoonfuls of this across my breasts and buttocks. The sticky substance oozed over my skin, tickling me. Almost immediately the six chosen men began to lick me clean.

The men licked my skin like I was water and they were dying of thirst. They licked my breasts and my nipples, my burning buttocks and even the crack between my cheeks where the honey dribbled down to my sex.

The sensations of half a dozen men licking my body clean was incredible, but I was still unsatisfied. My sex was wet and dripping, and the honey that dribbled down my back and front collected at my crotch. It was ticklish and none of the men would go near my sex, even when I moaned and pleaded with them. Apparently that was forbidden territory for them.

I could feel the honey and my juices mixing and dripping down my thighs and onto the floor. Some of the honey was drying on my sex, constricting the skin and leaving me struggling for satisfaction.

The Red Devil would occasionally add more honey when he thought it necessary, making it possible for all the men to lick every part of my body.

When I was licked clean everywhere except for my pulsating sex, I was let down and ushered on my knees to the waiting men who had now removed their clothes. I was already becoming used to naked men, and I was so aroused already that this in itself did nothing to heighten my desire.

But the captain now took dollops of the sweet honey and dropped one on each of the stiff cocks waiting me. As I took the first one it my mouth, tasting the incredible sweetness of the honey, I was incredibly aroused. Even the salty come tasted like heaven to me and I swallowed it eagerly and went searching for more.

I serviced each of the men twice, once with honey and once without. But I was so aroused that either way it seemed to taste good. I was quite disappointed when the men moved away and dressed and I turned and kissed the captain's feet, my heart thudding in my mouth as I wondered what else was in store for me.

It seemed that the first mate was to have his fun with me next. I was taken back to the rope from the ceiling and tied, my feet dangling. A strip of black cloth was placed over my eyes and tied from behind. Another was tied around my mouth and head. I was effectively blind and mute.

I could feel the mate's hand on my bottom. He suddenly gave me a sharp spank followed immediately by another and another. The series of hard spanks went on for quite some time, leaving me breathless and crying when it was finished. Every time I had thought it was over it had continued, until finally I gave up all hope of it ever ending, and then the spanking stopped.

Suddenly I was spun around and around. Each time I was back where I had started I received a hard spank. The tempo of the spinning increased, and faster and faster came the spanks. My blindfold was soaked with my tears and I was screaming into my gag, relieved that I could release tension that way.

I felt dizzy and sick and confused, my bottom throbbing and suffering under the hard slaps. My sex was as wet as ever, dripping down my thighs. I felt exhausted and confused.

Then the mate was slapping my thighs, my buttocks ignored, which made them feel all the more swollen and sore. My thighs were tender and untouched and brought fresh tears to my eyes. I was still being spun, the motion making my head ache.

Again the mate returned to my buttocks, drawing cheers from the watching men, though I could see none of them. In some ways my blindness was a blessing, but it other ways it made even a simple spanking much more terrifying.

The spinning stopped and again I was simply being spanked. My buttocks were really hurting me now, and I was crying loudly. The tight gag prevent anyone from hearing my cries, however, as I writhed and moaned under the mate's fierce blows.

Like a savior I heard the captain's voice saying that I had provided enough entertainment and I cried in relief as the mate stopped spanking me. I spun slowly until someone stopped me and untied me.

The Red Devil touched my face--I knew it was him without being able to see--and I felt him place a leather collar around my neck. It fit snugly, but did not constrict my breathing in the least. Apparently he hooked a leash to the collar because I found myself being pulled by my neck.

"Stay as you are, Lady Sarah," he said quietly, his voice almost drowned out by the wild cheers of the men. "Stay on your knees and keep your hands behind your head. Follow me."

With a thrill I followed eagerly, hoping against hope that he was taking me to his quarters. As I crawled in haste, my knees hurting from the hard wood, faceless hands from both sides of me slapped by buttocks and thighs and breasts. Apparently I was being led through a gauntlet of all the men and they all tried to get one last touch of my body. Hands squeezed my breasts and my buttocks. My skin was already so sensitive that I was painfully aware of every touch, yet there were so many my brain spun and I could not keep track of them. All I knew was that my entire body felt tremendously alive with sensations, and my sex dripped down my thighs and I hungered for the captain's cock.

We left the men and I crawled in blessed silence for a period and then the captain opened a door and pulled me inside. Almost immediately I felt his cock in my mouth, huge and impossibly hard. It came and came and came in my mouth and I sucked and swallowed and desperately tried to satisfy him.

He threw me on the bed and the rough coverlet felt like sandpaper against the welts on my skin but I did not care. I felt the captain's cock lying between my breasts and the sensation was delightful. I pushed my breasts together from each side, holding his cock in place as he gently thrust himself forward and backward against my chest. Occasionally his cock would come so far forward I could touch it with my outstretched tongue and I could taste his fluid on the tip.

He pulled his cock out from my breasts and I felt my desire increase as he dragged it across my belly and toward my starving sex. He entered me quickly and easily, my desire peaking. I shrieked in pain and pleasure but I was still gagged and all that came out was a fierce moan.

He pumped against me and I felt his cock exploded inside of me, dozens of small explosions, each one a little less intense than the previous. He was leaning across me now, the hairs of his chest tickling my breasts, his lips found mine and we kissed so passionately it felt like we were biting.

We lay quietly for a long time after that, our passions spent, his cock still inside me, though not so hard now. I fell asl**p and only woke hours later when he gently pulled out of me. He wrapped me tightly in his arms, one hand on my bottom pressing my sex against his. I felt my juices stir again and his cock grow hard against me. With his other hand he removed the blindfold and the gag and I saw that it was dark and he was near me and I kissed him. He gave a low sigh that was almost a groan and I laid my head against his shoulder and we slept.

To Be Continued...
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Fantastic story. I've got a large hard on
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good interesting