The Quest (Chapter 7)

"I can tell you that the hours to come will be extremely intense, for you, for me and for Teresa"

Chapter VII

The Man - It is not me picking you up from the floor. You shiver as you feel Maria's hands on your shoulders, gently urging you to stand up. She holds you in her arms for a long time, without a word. Then she takes you to her own room. A bath have been prepared. You notice her special touch. This has not been the staff doing this, but she preparing it for you. She helps you in, washes you, massages you, oils and perfumes your body.

"Come," she finally says. "Go sit on your knees in front of me. There is something I need to show you." You sink you your knees, noticing that her lock has been taken out as she sits on the bed, leans back and opens her labia. It takes a while for you to see it. Then you see the distinctive scars on the inside of her labia. She has been branded ..... There??!!! One initial on the inside of each of them. Very thin brands - branded the slow, intense and precise way, with a hot knife, you know.

"Go ahead, touch it," she says. "This is something only He, I and now you know about. He feels that since I know everything there is know about you, you should need to know everything there is to know about me."
You barely dare to touch this. Your fingers, then your lips. Then you dig into her deep and press your lips against the brands. She lets you for a while, then pulls your head back.

"Careful. I am not allowed to let you do that. Not yet." You look at her, puzzled. "I am not allowed to tell you everything. I wish I could. But I can tell you that the hours to come will be extremely intense, for you, for me and for Teresa. For each of us in a different way. Teresa's life will change forever and after that our lives will change once again. I know His plans. In fact I can tell you now He never does anything without discussing it with me first. There is a reason for showing you my brands. It is because that is another thing we share. And both of us will need that special knowledge tomorrow. Now come with me. I will take you to His room. Teresa will be there too. I will see you again at sunrise."
She arranges your hair in a final touch up and then leads you to the adjacent room. Not down the hall. For the first time you notice the secret and perfectly hidden door between her room and mine.


Alexus - I would have begged to stay there on that floor after what had happened. I never wanted to get up again, my shame was so great and my pain for Teresa. I felt a lot of things including anger. I was angry at you for having pushed me, pushed US. I was angry at you for your ability to read me and understand, and completely control me. And then I was angry at myself, for questioning you and for fighting your wishes. I felt pity for Teresa, and hoped that she would forgive me and understand why I had done what I did.

When Maria came and pulled me up off the floor I wanted only to have her hold me and let me cry. She led me to her own private room, soothing me with soft words and touches. She looked me in the eyes and I could tell she knew what I was going through. She held me close and then led me to the bath. She bathed me carefully, helping me to relax.

Later she dried me and then asked me to kneel in front of her. She spread her legs a bit and I could see that her gold lock had been removed. I questioned her, wondering why. She spoke not a word, but spread herself wider for me to see. It was then that I realised she and I shared more than our locks. Her labia lips had been branded. Thin dark marks, made by a knife brand, marking her forever. I looked up at her knowing the searing pain she had endured and why.

She bent down a little, her hand going to my inner thigh and she touched my own brand softly. She had tears in her eyes as she looked at me, begging me to understand what she was saying. She stood back tall and proud, holding her head up. I kissed her thigh and then her clit, licking the brand carefully, tenderly. This was amazing to me, I did not know this about her and I was honoured that she chose to share it with me. She began to speak quietly, telling me that she could not explain everything to me, that I would know all tomorrow. She told me that Teresa was to be greatly tested tomorrow and that I would be a part of the test. I was going to have to be there for Teresa and see her through it. She explained that you were counting on my strength.

My mind was full of questions and I bit my tongue to keep from pressing Maria for more. I thought about her branding, and mine. I wondered what would happen tomorrow to Teresa, what would happen to us all. I wondered if I could handle any more. Like always my mind was so full of emotion and question that I simply had to let go, to trust you and know that you would take care of us. She kissed me softly and told me she would see me again at sunrise, and to be strong. I noticed the small door in the room that linked hers to yours and she smiled at me as I watched her open it.
As Maria led me to your room a certain peace came over me. I knew no matter what happened, we would all survive but most certainly never be the same again.


The Man - For the first time you get to see the bold woman that has bathed you before. She doesn't speak at all and lays a finger on your lips, urging you to do the same. You are brought to your room and bathed, massaged, oiled and perfumed. Then she blindfolds your and brings you to another room.

You are laid down on your back on what seems to be a huge bed. Your hands are spread above your head and cuffed to the corners of the bed. The same happens to your legs and you feel there must be winches somewhere, since you body is stretched out completely. It is not really painful but you can barely move now. Just your fingers and toes. A rope is being tied to your ponytail once again and tied to the wall. It is done tight, forcing you to press your chin against your chest. A more or less awkward position that will not allow you to sl**p tonight - if sl**ping is an option at all. Finally you are gagged and then the woman leaves you, helpless, unable to move, speak or see.

Only now you notice the sound of my breathing. Has he been here all the time, you wonder. A door opens, the faint, rushing sound of female footsteps entering the room. Two pairs, one returning again. What is going to happen next.
You feel two bodies laying down next to you, me one side and you recognise A on the other. My hand on your stomach. "Now listen to me good, Teresa. Today you have taken the first step into total and complete slavery. Tomorrow morning you will take the final step and there will be no return. You will not go down that extremely difficult road alone, but you will be assisted by the women that have gone that road before you ... all the way to the end. You will go there as well. Your path will be a different one, because your master has chosen that specific road for you. You will however make your final sacrifice, assisted by two s****rs that both know what that is. One of them will be A. The other one will be a woman you do not yet know. She is my partner. Not the one you have seen before. She is also one of my subs, but not my number one."

I wait a while, looking at A, searching for her eyes. "We will do this in a very ritual way, because I want to make sure the sacrifice really is a sacrifice. That is why I will tell you what is to happen to you in a few moments. It will be something that will take you to the edges of your personality and beyond. It will change you forever. You been brought here and strapped down this way so you will be awake until that moment will come, which will at sunrise. You will have sufficient time to think about it and let it sink in completely without being able to change your fate. Both A and I will go through that, together with you."
Again a pause. I can see the suffering in A's eyes. "During your stay here you have been given a piece of rope to wear around your ankle. A simple reminder of your position. Tomorrow morning that will be taken of and replaced by something else. In fact by two things. One of these thing will not be permanent, but will be long-lasting and will f***e you to show the world who and what you are.
The other thing will be permanent. Very permanent. And very, very personal."

My hand strokes your hair. "Tomorrow at sunrise you will brought outside, to the outside training area. There your ponytail will be cut off and after that you will be branded."


Teresa - I open my eyes hoping that it had all been a bad dream, but the smell of urine still assails my nose and is in my mouth and I know it was not a dream but a waking nightmare. I also know that it is over. For now. I look up and the woman who has been my gentle care giver all this time is there looking down at me with soft green eyes. She says not a word to me and gestures with a finger to my lips not to say anything as she walks me slowly back to my room and bathes me carefully removing all traces of my humiliation at least on the outside. It is still with me on the inside and yet there are other emotions as well. Ones that shock me a little bit. Ones like acceptance, tolerance, pride in myself and a most confusing Joy at the thought of getting through that ordeal and knowing I made Him proud. Joy in knowing that I made my Master David proud because he must certainly have known He would put me through this. Master David must have known I could get through it. He had faith in me. And so I felt joy.

The silent lady helps me finish my bath and then she blindfolds me once more and leads me down the hall and places me on a very large bed. My hands are spread above my head and cuffed as are my legs. I realise there must be winces on these cuffs because my body is spread as far as it can go and what feels like a little bit beyond that. My ponytail is also tied again forcing my chin to rest on my chest in a most uncomfortable position and then a gag is f***ed between my lips and secured. I am scared but I am also very aware of everything though I can see nothing nor can I cry for help. I feel helpless and vulnerable again but I think that is what you want. I become instantly aware of your breathing next to me and my body tenses a moment as I wonder how long you have been beside me. The door to the room opens and I hear the faint sounds of feet over the carpet and I know that the woman has returned and A is with her. I cannot see them but my senses tell me I am right.

A comes and lays beside me on my other side and I feel you touching my stomach lightly and I listen to your words as they fill my head telling me that last night I passed a major hurdle but tomorrow will be my final test. My final sacrifice. You assure me as I lay trembling on the bed, your hand moving gently in a soothing manner, your voice soft and calm, that I will not do this alone. A and a woman I have yet to meet will be there with me to offer their support and this comforts me. I feel your hands move to my hair as you tell me that I will not be allowed to sl**p this night as it is part of my sacrifice. You tell me that you and A will stay with me through the night and will not sl**p either. You sense my reaction as I try to shift away from you a bit and the winches tighten a bit more on my already straining body. You go on touching my hair allowing me to suffer as it is all part of my sacrifice. My eyes widen and fill with tears behind my blindfold as you explain to me that during this long night I will remain awake in order for me to think about tomorrow. That tomorrow at sunrise the rope I have worn around my ankle that has in one way become a part of me will be removed and replaced with something that will show the world exactly who and what I am. My mind races with thoughts of what it could be but you do not enlighten me yet. Instead you tell me something far worse. Something my imaginative mind had never even thought to conjure up. Tomorrow my luxurious black hair, one of my true prides would be cut off and then I would be branded.

I scream in reaction to your words but the gag keeps the sound inside my own head. My body arches off the bed in futile resistance and I feel your hands as well as A's now trying to calm me as each movement makes the winces pull tighter on my arms and legs. You can hear my muffled cries and see my tears as the slip down my reddened cheeks. You can see the tension and fear in my body and it tears at you but you cannot let me stop now. I am so close to reaching my destination. In your heart you know I can survive this. I can feel A look at you with pleading, tear filled green eyes and you nod to her allowing her to lean close to me and whisper in my ear. I hear A's gently voice in my ear telling me she loves me and will be beside me every step of the way. She tells me that she knows I have the strength to endure this for You and for my Master David. I feel her hands touching my arms, my hair, my face, telling me I must try to relax as much as possible or the night will be agony for me an she does not want that for me. I hear her whispering to You, begging you to release some of the tension on my straining body but You tell her loud enough for me to hear that this is for my benefit and not to question him again.

Throughout the long night I lay awake with images of the next morning playing through my mind. My blindfold is soaked with my salty tears but you do not remove it. You allow my tears to slide down my cheeks unchecked not even allowing A to brush them away. I know you are there watching me. I feel your touch now and again and hear your soft voices as you tell me over and over that I can do this. But I am so frightened. Though you are right beside me I feel alone in a dark world that no one else may enter until the sun creeps over the horizon to send it's first tender rays of light to save me from this night of agony.
But I pray the sun will never rise. Please god I pray, let the darkness encompass me forever. Please hold the sun in your arms as I am held in these chains. My destiny lies with the rising of the sun! I AM SO AFRAID!!! my mind screams over and over and yet this tiny voice inside of my soul reaches out to me and tells me of all the things I have survived so far. It whispers to me that my hair will grow back and that I should be proud to wear a mark proclaiming to the world that I belong to David, that he is proud of his girl and wants all the world to see it.

And the feeling of joy fills me again and I ride it's wave throughout the remaining hours of night until the warm sun sneaks past the barriers of filmy curtain at the window and kisses my sweat dampened skin and I know my time has finally come. It is my day of surrender and I know that I am ready.


Alexus - I see Teresa on the bed and you motion for me to come and lie down with you. She is stretched tightly, blindfolded and bound to the bed. I feel her body tremble as she lies here between us. I press my breasts up against her, hoping the warmth of my body will calm her. You begin to speak to her, telling her that we are not to sl**p tonight. You tell her that at sunrise she is to be given her final test and will then become a slave. You speak of feelings and emotions and each time you talk I stroke her hair softly. I want her to know that I am here with her, that she is not alone.
You explain that she will have her hair cut off and my eyes fill with tears. Her long radiant black hair slips through my fingers like silk and I am in awe of the sacrifice it will be. I look up at you, almost pleading for her and see only your calm eyes looking back at me. I quickly lower my eyes again, sorry for showing doubt, for challenging you. You motion for me to keep my hands away from her and I pull them back. Only my body is allowed to touch her for support now. Occasionally I whisper to her softly that I am here, that I will be with her and not to be afraid.

Then you tell her she is to be branded and my mind reels at the memories of the night I was branded. I am filled with joy for her, remembering how incredible that night was for me. But I am also afraid for her. The pain and sheer terror of the act is overwhelming. I question as to whether I could go through it again, if I had the chance to go back. I think about Maria and her brands and the pride with which she displayed them to me. And then I wonder about Teresa. She has been so strong, so steadfast in the achievement of her goal, so brave. Has she any idea of the incredible emotional overload that is in store for her? I have to lie back on the bed for a few moments and close my eyes. For a moment I must focus on myself and my emotions. I had no idea when you invited me here that I would have to deal with so many feelings of my OWN. I am exhausted and still my mind rolls on.

Thoughts of my own branding fill my head, and thoughts of my time here at The Mansion, with you. I look over at you one more time, to show you that I understand and our eyes meet. You smile only slightly at me in the semi darkness and I know you hear my thoughts. Your hand touches mine for a moment, a connection without words, and then it is pulled away.

It is a long night, and a quiet one. Each of us lie here in the darkness full of our own thoughts and feelings, and the clock ticks on...

To be continued….
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