My Friends Mom

I had just turned 18 and was about a month or two away from going to college. I had known my best friend Tom since he was in first grade and I was in third. I had grown very close with his mom Joann and his stepdad. To the point in which I was like there second c***d. I had always had a crush on Joann ever since I saw her. She had wore a 34 D bra. I knew this because I would constantly steel her panties and bras to masturbate. Eventually once I got older I. Gave this up because it wasn't doing it for me anymore. Well one day I came over to see if tom was home so we could go to the movies. His parents were divorced so he wasn't at his moms house. Joann answered the door and said to come in. She said that she was going to go pick up Tom because he had broke his leg and couldn't drive. She said that I could go with her. But it was a little bit before we had to leave. Toms stepdad wasn't home so it was just me and Joann. This type of situation would happen in the past quite often where it was just me and her alone. But this time was different. She asked me how it felt to be 18 and how I felt about going to college. We talked for about 20 minutes and then she took off her jacket because she was too hot. She was wearing a beautiful pink shirt that really showed her amazing breasts well. I got a little hard but thankfully she didn't notice. Joann's emotions then changed a bit and she seemed a little bit aroused for some reason. She looked at me seriously and askd in a serious voice if I ever stole any of her panties or bras when I was younger. I instantly started blushing. I was so nervous because I thought she was going to slap me or something. Since I was going to college I wanted to be honest and told her yes. She then asked me what I would do with them. I said that I used to rub myself with them and them she instantly became aroused. I knew that something was about to happen and I was very nervous. She sat on the couch right next to me and put her hand on my lap, really close to my penis. I then asked her if we should go get tom. She then agreed and got up to go get the keys. We got in the car. She started the car and looked at me. Her black hair looked so amazing. She leaned in towards me and asked me if I was aroused by her. She had been wearing yoga pants and they were really tight around her vagina. She saw me look down there and I contiued and said yes I am. She then said that if I am so aroused then maybe I should make a move. I said I was really nervous and didn't want to ruin her marriage. She seemed like she really didn't care about that. She then said that she would start and for me to just sit back. She then unbuttoned my pants and pulled my boxers off. My penis was so hardy she said that mine was bigger than her husbands. She then grabbed it and started teasing it with her fingers. Then Joann licked the tip of my penis so seductively that I almost just came right there. She sucked my penis for about 10 minutes before she asked me to take off her clothes. I took off her pink shirt and saw that she was wearing a black bra with lace on the top. She then undid her bra and let me suck her nipples. They were so hard. Then she took off her pants and slid my penis into her vagina. She started moving up and down because we were still in the car. Her breasts were bouncing up and down while I sucked in them. She was screaming from how good it felt. She then took me up to her bedroom were we continued to have sex. She wanted me to eat her out. I stuck my tongue in her wet vagina and moved up and down as she groaned. I then started fingering her vagina while I sucked on her clit until she came. She then put my penis into her ass. It felt so good that about after five minutes of thrusting my penis into her vagina I came. We went and picked up tom and all I could think about was Joann's vagina. That whole summer we would have sex whenever we could. We even did it when tom and his stepdad were in the house. Eventually I moved to college and I only saw her on holidays. Still to this day we have sex. She is my one and only. She is my milf

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1 year ago
Yes you are Truly a lucky guy
1 year ago
You are a lucky fucker! Keep it up!
1 year ago