my girlfriend is a whore and I love it

It all started 3 years ago when I was 22. I went to a friends New Years Eve party out in the country. There was about 15 people there and after a couple hours had passed a couple more guys that I know walked in with a very young looking girl. She caught my eye real quick. Dirty blonde hair, about 5'2" around 100lbs., a perfect little bubble ass and tits that were perky and firm looking. She was hotter than hell. I thought she was with one of the guys but I ask one of them and he said they had just picked her up at the bar at O'Charleys. Her name was Cathy. She looked so inocent and cute like a littly teenage cheerleader. So I tried my luck with her for awhile but she didn't seem that interested in me. I sort of backed off and soon I saw her going outside with another dude at the party. I just chalked her up as one that got away. Well as the night went on most of the people had left and I decited to spend the night there in one of the spare bedrooms. It was a room with two single beds and there was already another dude passed out in one of the beds. I went ahead and got undressed and got in the other bed after closing the door. In about 10 minutes the door opened and in walked Cathy. She crawled up on my bed and ask if she could sl**p with me. I said yes of cource and in 5 minutes we were both naked and she was on top of me riding like a cowgirl. I looked over and the guy in the next bed was watching, then I looked up at Cathy and she was looking right at the guy. She was loving him watching her. Well after we fucked for about 30 minutes we both fell asl**p. Cathy was 18 at the time and we have been together ever since. It didn't take but a couple weeks for me to figure out that Cathy was addicted to sex. Every time we went out she was staring at other dudes crotchs, flirting, teasing etc. What supprised me was that I loved watching her do it. But she always stayed near me and we always left together. After about six months she really started opening up to me and telling me stories about some of the things she had done. Her stories seemed made up at times but later on I would find out that they were probably true. One night we went over to a friends house for some drinks and to just hang out. My buddie and his wife and a older guy in his 40's was there. After a few drinks and a couple joints my friends wife pulled out some kind of game where you draw a card and spin a wheel and you get to tell another person what to do and they have to do it. Its all sexual related stuff. The first spin went to my friends wife and she told Cathy to kiss their 40 yr. old friend. She got up without hesitation and kissed the man. Not just a kiss but a very long passionate kiss. I thought I was going to have to pull her off this guy. When she finally let go she looked around at me like she was ready to fuck the next thing that walked in the room. I thought wow. We played a few more minutes and it came to my friends wife and it landed on Cathy again. My friends wife told her to lay on the floor and masterbate in front of us. She ment for her to simulate the act because we all had our clothes on and thats the way the game was suposed to be played. Cathy stood up and peeled her bluejeans right off, layed down in the floor and started fingering her pussy right there in front of us. Everybody was kind of shocked at first then I think we all got into watching her. Finally before she could get off my friends wife stood up and said "well I guess we had better stop now before we go to far and somebody gets mad". Cathy stood up like no big deal and came back over and sit down with this evil little smile on her face. We left shortly after that and went back to my house and fucked for hours. That night she started talking about doing threesomes with me and and other guys and ask me what I would think if she fucked other men while I watched. I got so hard just hearing her talk about it I suggested we do it and see how it turns out. Then she told me that the older guy had cornered her in the kitchen that night and gave her his phone number. The next day we were talking and I came up with a plan. She could call the guy up and invite him over. I would hide my car in the garrage out back and pretend like I was gone for the night. She would leave the curtins with a gap I could see through and the windows up so I could here them. She called him up and ask him to come over for some "fun". I was sitting right beside her when she called. She told him she wanted to show him what comes after the kiss. I then went outside and hid in the back until he showed up. He pulled in the driveway and went inside. I gave them about 5 minutes and started peeping in the windows. By the time I located them Cathy was already on his lap facing him and kissing the hell out of the guy. He was running his hand down the back of her jeans and it looked like she was trying to unzip his pants. Shw was not wasting any time with this old guy. My cock was so hard I was about to explode already. They both stood up and got undressed in seconds. Hell when this old guy with a harry as hell back turned around I saw his cock I thought dang, she can't take that thing. I've got 8" and im pretty thick. This guy must of had 10-11 inches and was big around as a baseball bat. She didn't even bat a eye as she droped to her knees and started sucking him wildly. Afew minutes of this and they were off th the bedroom. I ran around to that side of the house and by the time I got there he was already on top of her pounding the hell out of her. He fucked her in about three different positions and then finished off shooting his load in her mouth. They layed in bed and talked for a while with me outside listing to every word. He tried to set up another "date" and even offered her money but in the end she told him point blank she just wanted to see what it would be like to get fucked by him.
Our next plan we decited to try out a Adult Theater about 1 hr. away in another town. Cathy wanted to show off her skills in front of a bigger crowd. She let me pick her outfit (which I had to buy). I picked out a little school girl plad skirt for her. So short it just barly covered her fine little ass. A white tight fitting blouse that was so thin you could see her nipples and she kept it unbuttened half way down. She put on a pair of her black "fuck me'' pumps with a pair of those little white lacy little girl sicks. No panties and no bra. This Adult Theater is also a Adult Bookstore and they sell all kinds of toys. The theater is a very large room in the backthats pretty dark with about 10 or 12 full size couches for seating. We walked in and paid for the theater after a few minutes of Cathy having to show ID. She looks really young. We had already discused that we were not going to walk in together because Cathy wanted to make all the men think she had come alone. So I went in first as Cathy ask to use their restroom. She wated about 5 minutes and then came in. There was 15 men in the theater and not a single female. I counted. I had already taken a seat on one of the couches and I watched as Cathy walked up the center ile all the way to the front then turn around and walk about halfway back before she took a seat on a couch beside another man. Within seconds most of the men in there started moving closer to her to get a better look. I was siting straight across from her and a little forward so all I had to do was look around and I had the perfect view. Cathy was siting there with her legs spread wide and her arms out to her side as if to say "here it is come and take it". The man sitting on the couch with her didn't waste any time. He slid over and put his hand on her leg and ran it up and down and all the way to her pussy. He then fliped her skirt up and she was fully exposed. Now all the men started crowding around and soon they had her blouse opened up and three different men were running their hands all over her perky tits. These guys had never seen a hot girl like this in the theater before. You could tell. And they were going to take advantage of it. By now I couldn't see what was going on because of the crowd around her but I could see most of the men had their cocks out stroking them. I decited to get up and join in like all the rest. Cathy looked up at me and I knew right then by the look in her eye she was going to take care of every single one of these guys. By now Cathy was laying on her back with her little skirt up around he waste and her blouse wide open. One older man probably in his 60's was eating and fingering her pussy like it was his last meal and another guy was sucking on one of her tits while another was grabbing at her other breast and playing with her nipple. She kept thrusting her hips up off the couch. She was really enjoying this. After a few minutes another man took the old mans spot eating her pussy and shoving his fingers up inside her. I thought he was going to hurt her because he ended up putting four fingers in her and was shoving in as hard as he could. She loved it and started telling him Harder Harder! By this time I couldn't believe what was going on. I just expected her to maybe fool around with a guy or two while I watched. Soon Cathy pushed the men away and got on her knees facing the back of the couch. The men knew exactlly what to do as some young dude took his position behind her and started fucking the hell out of her pussy. Several of the others went around to the back of the couch to start fucking her mouth. One black guy shot a huge load as she opened her mouth wide while he jacked off all over her face and open mouth. I waited untill after two of them had fucked her from the rear and I took my turn in her pussy. She was so busy sucking cock that she didn't even notice when I took my turn. By my best count there were 6 of us that fucked her pussy and every single man in there fucked her mouth. After she had wore all the men down and some had left she still wanted to waite for awhile to see if anyone else came in. There were a couple guys that came in together but they were obviously gay. We waited about 30 more minutes and decited to call it a night. One of the stories that Cathy had told me when we first started dating was one where she was gang banged by seven guys at a party. I guess that story is pretty beliveable now. We're living together still after 3 years and she is as hot and horny as ever.
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4 years ago
nice story, makes me want to go to the theater and get my ass and pussy gang banged.......
4 years ago
it beggars believe that she would agree to all this sex, particulalry in cinema without condoms. The risk of catching something would be very very high in a place like that.
4 years ago
wow thats crazy man u must really love ur girl!
4 years ago
very nice lil'slut