The Pool Table Part Three

A lick here, a swirl of my tongue there, her reactions directed how long a would stay in that place. Her breathing, the sound she made, fueled the fire in my soul. Just knowing that the touch of my tongue was exciting her excited me even more. By the time I had reached the top of her black thong bikini bottom she was giving Fred the blow job of his life. I could see her head moving slowly up and down. With each movement Fred was letting her know how much he was enjoying her lips on his cock. I was on my knees behind her slowly pulling down her thong. As it slipped off and fell to the floor she opened her legs. First, I began to kiss each cheek then lick slowly moving to her pussy and ass. As I spread her cheeks with my hands I let my tongue gently slide over her asshole. When my tongue touched her asshole she thrusted her hips back into my face. I started teasing her asshole with my tongue licking and poking it in. I reached between her legs and placed the palm on my hand over her pussy. I started to move my palm in a slow circular motion gently pressing on her pussy. She started to grind her hips on my hand and tongue. I pull back away from her ass and said don't make Fred come to soon. The longer he lasts the longer I can stay here licking you. As I went back to licking her asshole she started grinding harder. Then Fred said, baby I want you to lay down on the pool table. I stopped licking and stood up and watched her climb up on the table. As she got both knees on the table she turned and look at me. Seeing her in that position I could not help myself from reaching down and stroking my cock. She stay there just watching me stroking and she knew at that moment how much I want her. She placed her hand between her legs and began to fingering her pussy. She slide her finger inside and start moving it in and out. She continued fingering herself watching me getting more and more excited. She knew just when to stop and then she pulled her finger out and then laid down on the pool table. She placed her butt next to the end of the pool table. she bent her knees and put her feet on the edge. She spread her legs open and placed three fingers at the top of her pussy and started rubbing. Fred moved close to the table and bent over and took one of her hard nipples into his mouth. baby reached up with her other hand and cupped her other tit. She started squeezing it and playing with her nipple. I just stood there watching them amazed at how good it looked seeing them pleasing each other. As her rubbing became faster I move towards her open legs. I kissed her knee and then began to lick my way down her leg moving slowly towards her pussy. She had her eyes closed just enjoying the feeling of our tongues touching her body. As I reached her pussy I started licking her fingers as they were moving. I moved lower down and began to slide my tongue in and out of her pussy. She pulled her hand away and started to hump my face as I licked her. I moved up from inside her pussy to the top of it and began to swirl my tongue around her clit. I reach around one of her legs with one arm and spread her pussy with my fingers with the other hand in slide a finger inside her pussy to the knuckle and began moving it around. When her body tensed up and her back arched off the table it took me by surprise. As she came I slowed down my licking and pulled my finger out. I did not stop licking I just slow down to slow even strokes with my tongue. With each touch of my tongue her body shook. When I finally stopped moving my tongue I looked up to see Fred smiling at me. Buddy you like to lick pussy don't you. After I wiped my face. I said Fred I don't like to lick I love to lick pussy. While we were talking baby doll sat up on the table and look at me. She said, tonight everyone gets to sat on the pool table and now it is your turn. She hopped off the table and wait for me to sit down on it. Fred tossed a pillow at me and smiled you are going to enjoy this. As I caught the pillow I felt baby dolls hand grasping my cock and beginning to stroke it. Fred walked around behind her as she bent over to take my cock into her hot mouth. As I laid back I saw Fred start to move back and forth as his cock slide into her juicy pussy from behind. The way her mouth moved up and down my shaft it was like she knew what I wanted to feel. Her mouth felt so wonderful and I was so excited that I could not last and I came harder then I have in a long time. As I came Fred went wild fucking her from behind and came. We all wonder over to the couch and sat down. Baby doll sat between us and was holding onto our cocks. She looked at me and said are you going to come over next Saturday to play pool with Fred. I looked at Fred and he had the biggest grin on his face........
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3 years ago
look forward to next one!
4 years ago
4 years ago
Baby Doll loves its! "...she looked at me and said are you going to come over next Saturday to play pool with Fred. I looked at Fred and he had the biggest grin on his face........"

She can't wait, and neither can Fred! Fucking awesome!