before sl**ping 3

a cold weather on mountains.... you are waiting in a little wooden hut in a dark forest... toooo dark outside... and freezing cold. you are laying naked on the bed front of fireplace, which the only light is comming from... just howling winter and crackel woods in flames making only sounds to your ears, and your waiting making you to sweat...
suddenly you are noticing one more diffrent but very soft sounds... like some paws are going up the stairs.... and stopping front of the door. something is breathing there, deeply... and door is opening slowly and grating... a cold wind comming inside and licking your naked wet body slowly... dont worry Little Red Riding Hood, it is me who is standing at the door with hungry eyes on your tasty body... now we are together again... far from any humanbeen. i am getting closer to you... taking off my surcoat and comming closer to the bed. my eyes on your eyes...shadows of flames are dancing on your perfect body.... and dancing on my hairy naked chest...i am taking off my belt, and opening the buttons of my pants... you are reaching out towards to my cock with your perfect hands. i want it like this this time... take me in to your mouth without kissing first... then i ll kiss you like i am drinking you my angel...your zestful lips are lefting jar sweetly, and taking my cock inside, between your tongue and palate. ohhhh.... i am circulating my hands on your back your hair.... and on your face.... when i am getting hard in your mouth. i ll stick it in your beautiful pussy baby, dont worry... i ll fill you up with this... holding your hair, and going deeper in your mouth... i m feeling your nails on my ass, i love feeling your nails on my ass...then i am taking it back, rubbing on your beautiful face... lips.... cheeks... taking you up from your hair, holding you face to face with me and start to kissing those perfect consistency lips like i am thirsty... my hands are wandering every place of your body. i am grasping your ass when i am eating your neck, squeezing those cheecks, you can feel my fingers on your skin hardly..then i am holding your hair with one hand and with other hand is going to your pussy between your ass cheeks. i am kissing you when i am stroking your sweet wet pussy.... how hot it is... my tongue is exploring your tongue, and my fingers are sliding on the lips of your pussy... oh baby, i even can feel the heat of you on my wrist between your ass... then we are stop kissing eachother when i am putting my fingers in you... how hot, how slippery walls you have... i am looking directly in your eyes when i am doing it... and saying
"will you take me from this hot wet little hole? will you cover my cock with your precious pussy baby, huh? (fingers are starting to get in and out) i always want to fuck you.... you are mine baby, as always i say, you are mine... i am loosing myself into your eyes, yourperfect eyes... i need to feel you my goddess... do you allow me? (fingers are getting faster) do you allow to fuck you as my own woman? i need to be in you baby, i want you, i ve never want something this much in my life ever... "
and pushing you back to the bed without waiting your answer. and take my place between your legs. at first i need to drink from there.. my face is meeting with your pussy when i am looking at into your eyes. you can watching what are my lips & tongue & teeth are doing there.... they are feeding with you... my tongue is going in your pussy then licking your asshole with all pressure.... you are already ready to fuck but i love to playing with you like that... when i am doing this, can you feel my hard cock is touching your leg? there is some juice on your feet from my cock...i am taking your legs on my shoulders and you are feeling the top of my cock on your pussy.. our lips are so close even we are feeling eachothers breat in our mouths...
"say you want me baby? say you want to cover my cock with your tight pussy, talk to my ear when i am fucking you, love to hear your voice, your moaning and your breath on my ear..."
then i am going inside with a suddenly move till the deep.. and you are feeling the spasm of my cock when it stop at the deepest point in you. and i am starting to fuck you in a crazy rithym , when i am kissing you soo wildly.... like we were purifying from our all humanity... like wild and free a****ls... you are feeling my stubble on your skin when i am biting your legs kissing and licking and sucking your feet..
i am keep fucking you deeply in the same rithym for 15-20 minutes... non of us care the world beside us... now, lets change the position my angel... i want to wach your ass when i am fucking you... i love when you take doggy like that... your waist looking so sexy... i m taking my position behind you and when i m going inside i m whispering to your ear " i adore you baby, i realy adore you" when i am pulling your hair with my hands... then i start to fuck you again... i want to loose myself in you... stuck myself inside and dont want to find the way out again...holding your neck with my hands and sitting on my knees, taking you to my chest more... and you are starting to ride me like that... i am holding your perfect nipples between my fingers and we are getting faster...after 15-20 minutes later
" i love you baby.... how sweet you are riding me.... how warm inside... i want to cumm in you, want to feed your pussy with my sperms, want it my angel? then you ll sl**p in my arms? i ll always fuck you like this i promise, i ll fuck you forever!..."
then i am cumming in side, on your wall of your pussy... still keep fucking you with a roaring and my cock getting spasms in you till the last drop...
and we are laying on the bed just like that.... still i am in you.... and smelling you... my breath on your ears.. and you are getting sl**p when my arms around you and feeling my heartbeat on your back....
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