before you sl**p 2

do you like scottland? i love scottland... imagine, we travel to there... and rent a room from a old castle hotel.... raining outside.... so, i make a fire in the fire place and open the door of the roof... and going out to the roof. it is raining on me.. waters are falling down from my beard... to my hairy naked chest... and then to the ground... in a short time, i am getting all soaked to the skin... you re watching me.... and my boxer stick to my ass... i am calling you with my finger beside me... and you re moving as a cat, on 4 feet... i can see your sexy ass is dancing on every step of yours... left and right... and you can see her effect on my cock... in the wet boxer of mine... now you arrived.. you are holding my ankles and starting to rub your face to my groins.... you look so sexy when you are standing on your knees front of me. you are taking my boxer off... and you are facing with my cock now... you are kissing with its head, you know its all yours.. you need no rush to have it.
take it to the between of your lips... oh feels so fucking nice... you re perfect in this... weather is cold but your mouth is so hot... you re driving me crazy, when you are doing that i am watching your perfect ass... i ll kiss it, lick between of its cheeks, slap it when i am putting my cock deep of it.... cant lean it anymore and i am holding your hair, taking your face to my face, and kissing you like i am eating your lips... i bereaking your chlotes in to picieses, and my hands are thouching everywhere of yours, and they are going from your back to your pussy. and you are holding my cock in your hands, when we are kissing we are moaning together for eachothers warm. suddenly, i am taking you on my chest, your lickeble feet are not touching to the grond anymore, and taking you inside... i can see the water drops on your tits.. and when i put you in the bed, i am starting to drinking those water drops from your nipples.. then my lips are searching for more.. and first going up from your neck, then going down to your pussy... i ll suck every water drop on you..
these taste so delicious, but i need more for my thirsty.. i start to suck your pussy.. your pink sweet and hot little hole... watch me when i am licking you.. watch my lips on your pussy.. watch how my tongue is moving, slideing, hitting on your pussy.. and how is going inside.. then i am talking when i am looking into your eyes: " do you like it , my angel (...keep licking...), my baby (...keep licking...), my only dream (... keep licking.. and going inside...), my bitch ( sucking between in my teeths..), you knw you re my bitch dont you? (going inside... ), say my name! ( going deeply when ever you re saying my name). i ll fuck this pussy now, and you will serve it with pleasure to your man".... i am putting my tongue inside, deeply... you are holding your legs and taking them to your chest. and i am start to lick your ass... your tight little hole... do you feel my tongue on your back door baby? i want to be in you.
i am standing u and come closer to you.. you feel my cock on your pussy, when i am kissing you hardly.. it is sliding on your pussy lips... suddenly i turned your back, get together your arms and hold them on your waist. your ass is standing front of my cock, and i am going in your pussy hard as i can with one deeply hit! you are screaming. i am putting my finger in your ass and start to fucking you. it is hurting you i know, but your pain giving me pleasure. i am letting your arms free, you are trying to run away from my groins, but catching your shoulders with my hands. you have nowhere to run my angel. i am going faster...faster... going in, and out, again and again. i am leaving your shoulders when you accepting the pain compeletly. and my hand are holding your beautiful breasts... your sweet nipples in my fingers.. and wishpering to your ear: " is that what you want my love huh? now i am taking you, taking you with all my rage! huh? talk to me my angel!, talk to me bitch! want it more? oh i love your moaning, your screaming..." i love to mix my breaths in are so beautiful... so zestful, delicious... now i am going slow... more slow... then i put it deep inside, and hold it there... kissing your back... do you feel my pulse of my cock in you?
i love your smell of your sweat... licking your underarm... kissing you back again... my lips and tongue are going down to your waist... to your hips... to your heels....
turn your face to my self and lay down to your back. i m kissing your cheeks, nipples, and your neck. go to your ear and say " sorry if i hurt you so much my only angel (kissing your ear softly licking...), but i couldnt hold my self... you are waking up my deepest insticts... (opening your legs gently..). but you know what? ( taking your legs on my shoulders so gently.. ) i am not regret... (you feel my cock on your sweet asshole) and i can do it forever!.. "
start to kissing your lips, and pushing my cock in your ass.. i can see the wild fires in your eyes, but you gived up to fight back.. it is going in slowly but nonstop.. after some long seconds you finally feel my balls touching to your ass... i am going and taking back slowly but moving deeply.. oh i love to kissing your lips when you are moaning... take me in you, cover me with your ass... thats it baby, thats it. hold your legs on my waist and take me inside... again and again... feel my breat in your mounth... ohh... i am cumming baby, i am cumming deeply places in you... you are so beautiful when you re taking my cock inside... ohhh.... yea.... cumming so warm... so sweet.... oh!.......
now we can sl**p like this... i ll be in you till you wake up...sweet dreams, i ll guard your dreams

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3 years ago
nice story.