we are at the summer house of us... near to beach, but far fromother ppl's eyes. no more house near to us... That is our secret place, no one knows, but us. we are swimming after midday.kissing eachother between the rocks... no one can hear our laughs...

then taking you on the sands, in my arms. you need to get oiled your delicious and salty skin. i am ready to help here :). you are laying down , and i am taking some oil in my hands. start to massage to your body.... to your muscles... you are getting relax under my touch. to your neck... to your back... to your waist(with a kiss)... to your ass... then srtoking your legs with my oiled fingers. to your feet...to your groin too... i can feel you are shaking under my hands. get relax baby. just waves, sands, wind and you&me are here.no one will disturbed our rest, we are all alone... and all together..

it is the end of the summer... sun is start to getting down a little... clouds are getting dark. when i am turnig you to my self with a softly thunder sound, start to kiss you..my hands are everywhere on you... my touch is gentle but tough, when my lips are covering yours, they are sliping from your waist to your legs... then to your ass, and between of your legs finaly. stroking those tasty lips of your pussy with my magical fingers. and we are getting kiss eachother with more passion.slowly loosing control of our bodies.my lips going to your neck.... my tongue going to your ears... and going down to your breasts... taking left one first with my lips, sucking your perfect nipple , sometimes using my teeth.. caring right one with my hand, squeezing your oiled nipple with my fingers, not so hard, but not that softly. and my other hans is still playing with your lips of your pussy..sometimes one finger is going inside, feels your pulse, feels your warm, then going out. my tongue is going to your belly then down... between of your legs, first slowly sucking and kissing your clit, and and first drops of warmly rain are falling downon our naked skins.. then my tongue is going inside wildly, when my hands are holding your ass hardly. and rain is getting faster at the moment.

"want to forget everything for a moment? when you re feeding your man with your delicious pussy?" sucking you hard.. taking up your legs on my shoulders. and start to licking your ass and pussy together.... kissing with them, sucking them wildly.
"i 'll let you free with my tongue baby... you can enjoy of every hit of my mount"... kissing it wildly.. "this moment is ours"... making circules with my tongue on your asshole...mmmm , delicious you all... my cock is already hard now (i mean now.) he needs your perfect lips and tongue too. do you want 69? i am laying down on you. you re taking himin your warm mount. can you feel his hardness with your tongue? i am licking your holes.. and keep going inside in your mount.

i am taking your legs to my underarms, and keep licking , putting my fingers in both holes and keep tasting your juice, when your hand are covering my ass and taking my cock till your throught... "you are the best woman on earth! you re my woman, mine!" i am saying that breathless...then i am standing and taking my position between your legs. taking one leg on my shoulder.would you present me both of your holes?cos i ll take them all, baby... i ll make you mine in everyway!... hold my cock when i am pulling your hair and show him the way. "oh... how tight you are! how wet!my cock is stroking the walls of your pussy..." mmmm...." take it till the end" i am saying when i am looking straight in your eyes. holding your hips and going inside hard... yea...oh my baby... we both moaning. mmm ..... then i am going in faster.... getting faster and faster.... love you re screaming with my rythim...kissing you , i am thirsty to your breath. can you feel my balls are hitting on your ass...i can fuck you forever! rain is washing the sweat on us. when i am exploring your ass, with my fingers...it must be mine... i have to take it too baby.. taking my cock out after a deeply last hit. i am taking your other leg to my shoulder too. holding my cock on your asshole, stroking those muscles with the top. put one finger in your pussy.. and start to going inside of your ass.. it will hurt a little at first, but i ll be a gentleman. pain will replace with pleasure fastly. i promiss ;) ..

going inside with the top. when sucking your nipples passionly and my finger still inside of your pussy. just start to moving with the top of my cock for a while. it is taking me inside gently. i am leaving your nipples and start to kiss and suck your feet... going inside little more and keep moving."do you like it baby? do you like when i am sucking your beautiful feet, when i am playing with your pussy?"......." huh? when i am fucking your ass?" with those last words, you are taking all of that in you..you are moaning when i am roaring... say my name my woman! say it when you re cumming...you are taking my cock in your ass baby.... you are taking it so nice and deep... feel that hard cock in you... thursth your nails on my back and keep take it all... you are all mine now!... give me the pleasure and pain together, as i am giving you. i ll welcome both of them. you are so tight, oh god, i can die like this... keep taking me in you angel!.. i am almost cum.. say my name! scream it when you are cumming, then we can both cumm at the same time. oh yes! feel my warm seeds in your ass! oh... baby!... yeahhhhhh!! when you re cumming you are feeling my cock's pulse in your ass... i am cumming when i am still sucking your feet in passion... when i am looking in your eyes....
we are cumming together...
and rain getting slow..
peace is covering our bodies...

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3 years ago
Very wet right now.
3 years ago
Nice Story!! I like it very much.
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