About a month ago I was away at a course. I noticed a guy across the room named Devin who was well dressed and had very feminine features. I sat with him at lunch because I had a feeling that he was a cross dresser or at least gay. Now I've been bi curious for a long time and have had close encounters, but nothing so far as to satisfy my appetite for cock/cum.
Over lunch we had a lot of discussions about the course and finally led to a conversation about what we do for fun. Devin told me he was a real clubber and liked to club as much as time would allow. At this point I felt a little bold and asked, what do you wear at the club? Devin had an intrigued look on his have and asked - why do you ask that?
I said that I bet he looked really good out at the clubs.
Devin said, well I do, but you might not recognize me though.
I said, I'd love to see you all dressed up, as I touched his hand. are you planning on clubbing tonight, if so I'd like to join you...
We made plans to meet at my hotel room before heading out at about 8 and to have a couple of drinks before leaving.
At 8 I heard a knock at my door. I opened it and at first I thought I was looking at a beautiful women - at first I thought it was a friend of Devin's and that he was right behind her. Then she spoke - it was Devin!

Oh my god, I said, you look hot!
Thanks Devi replied as he came in and sat down. His face was beautifully done with make up, hair in small pig tails, and if not for his absence of breasts, I would have swore this was a woman. We had a couple of Drinks and I was starting to feel a little comfortable. I moved over closer to Devin and put my hand on his lap. Would you have a problem if I kissed you I asked? Devin smiled and leaned in. Our lips touched and we kissed for a few moments - if was electrifying. I moved my hand up his thigh and worked my way up his skirt and found his cock without underwear, hard. I pulled back and said, I have to see this please, as I squeezed his cock. Devin laid back on the hotel bed and lifted his skirt. It was beautiful, cut, about 8 inches (I asked later), no hair. I wrapped both my hands around it and then played with his balls. His cock was so smooth and smelled like vanilla. I asked him to get on his knees and bend over so I could see his ass. He did. Everything was shaved and his beautiful hole had been bleached. I couldn't help myself. I moved in and pulled his cock back and licked it from head, along the shaft, over his balls and up to his asshole. It was what dreams were made of. I greedily went back to his cock and began to suck for a solid 5 minutes. Devin pulled away and asked me to lay on my back with my head hanging off the edge of the bed. He positioned his dick in-front of my mouth and began to fuck my face. I was so horny. I loved the feeling of him thrusting into my mouth. After a few minutes I tasted the salty taste of pre-cum - Devin pulled away and began to stroke his cock. He said, Wait I'm about to cum... I reached above my head grabbed his ass and pulled his cock into my mouth sucking eagerly. Devin exploded my first load of another guy's cum in my mouth. It was so hot and so good! Devin bent over and kissed me hard for several minutes, both of our tongues tasting cum. Devin said, you turn.
I positioned Devin on his knees and sat in-front of him. I instructed him to suck my cock while looking up at me. I loved looking at his big brown eyes and feminine face as he sucked my cock. I blew my load in minutes and he even let me do it in his mouth. We kissed for some time before getting freshened up and going to the club.
Later that night, Devin came back to my room where we 69'd and cuddled until morning. I loved being able to grab his cock through out the night and greatly enjoyed sucking his morning wood when we awoke.
I met up with Devin again last weekend (course continues for a while). This was a much different encounter. There was much more feelings involved this time. I might write about it one day, but it was too special... I let him fuck me. We kissed while he planted his seed in me. We kissed and fucked a lot this weekend. I feel like my heart is aching when I think about him. He told me I was really special and that he was very fond of me. Honestly, I want to tell him I love him.... I don't know how to describe these feelings. when we have sex it is the most passionate, romantic thing in the world... I love Devin... I hope he doesn't mind.
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1 year ago
Nice story, i enjoyed reading it...
1 year ago
Great story, thanks so much for sharing
1 year ago
very nice story
1 year ago
So hot, you are very lucky to have found devin. I think I may be jealous.