Cuckold for Life

Ella and Tom started dating about five years ago.

She was a plump, sweet babe with huge titties and a nice round bubble butt. Her red hair was long, and Tom wondered if the carpet matched the d****s.

After a month or so of dating, Tom started making his moves on Ella.

She was polite and told him that she wanted to wait. She let him feel her up, and even nibble on her titties, but that was as far as he was allowed to go.

Tom was frustrated of course, but he was a gentleman.

This went on for a few more months, then finally one day, she called him late one night. She asked to come over...

When he arrived, she was spread eagle on the bed.

"I want you to lick my pussy... I am so horny right now!" she told him.

He dove in and licked her pussy like a champion. She was so wet. Wetter than any of the other girls he had ever went down on.

She had an amazing orgasm.

He started to get undressed. She put her finger up, and said, "No, not yet."

She smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

"Go home now. Jerk off and tell me about it later."

So, he did. He went home, frustrated with blue balls. He jacked off, and shot a huge load.

For months, this went on. He would eat her pussy then go home and jack off.

He wanted that pussy so bad. He decided to propose to her. On that night, she finally jerked him off after his pussy eating. She was an expert!

What surprised him was that after he came, she licked up and swallowed his cum then gave him a big wet kiss. It actually tasted a lot like her pussy...

Tom was at the gym and he overheard a couple of black men talking about this fat little redhead they had been fucking.

"That bitch is a freak! She was getting fucked in the ass and her cunt while she was lickin Ice Pick's ass. There was prolly ten of us all together and that slut took four loads in her pussy, then licked up and swallowed the rest. Oh yeah, she took a load in the ass, too."

Tom thought a minute about that. What a slut! He wished that Ella was more like her. She was such a prude!

Next week, while he was at the gym, the men's locker room door was locked.

That was strange. He waited outside in the lobby room.

The same black men from the previous week all walked out, smiling and laughing.

He started walking back and he saw Ella coming from the locker rooms.

"Oh, hey baby." she said.

"Man, what a workout. You wanna go home?" she said a sultry voice.

"I.. I just got here, Ella." he said.

"Do you want some pussy or not?"

He turned around and took her home.

She was wetter than ever! Man, working out must really get her going.

She finally gave him a blowjob. It was amazing. He had never cum so hard in his life!

She gave him another big, wet kiss. He was sure that he got a good taste of his own cum in that kiss. It didn't matter. That blowjob was so fucking good.

He couldn't wait to fuck her now!

"Let's get married tomorrow." he told her.

"Ok, but I have an idea for the wedding party." she said.

She smirked, "I want to have five of my best friends in our party."

"And.... I get to choose my Best Man."

"Uh, I thought the groom chose the best man."

"Sweetie, Listen to me. I will choose MY best man."

"Ok, if that is what you want."

The next day, he met her at the place she had chosen.

Five black men from the gym were there, and a really HUGE black man.

"Tom, this is Rock. He is the Best Man." Rock shook his hand, and it was huge. The black man squeezed really hard. IT hurt almost.

The vows were chosen by Ella... And went a little like this..

"Ella do you take this man to be your husand, to care for you, to comfort you, and to always do whatever you want?"

"Tom, do you promise to always take care of this woman, forsaking all others and doing whatever she wants?"

Then, the officiator looked at Rock.

"Do you Rock, promise to breed this woman for the rest of her c***d bearing years?"

"Tom, you are hereby pronouced the CUCKOLD. Ella you are now the WIFE. And Rock, you are now the BULL."

"Tom, you may kiss the bride."

After the kiss, Rock reached down and pulled Eall's panties off and handed them to Tom.

"Finally time to make his bitch my COW!"

"You ready to get knocked up, slut?"

"Hell yes! Thank you, Rock!", "Tom, I will see you at home in a few hours."

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5 months ago
Lol. Guess Tom got his wish. I dated a married woman who would have her husband eat her when she got home. She says she is sure he knew but they both would never speak of it. Good story. Nice mini-twist with the Bull being included in the ceremony.