Wife Prepares her Bitch Cuckold

This story is still a fantasy,but I wanted so much to share with everyone!~

For years, Lana knew of my obession with interracial porn and the 'cuckold' lifestyle. One night she decided to give me what I needed so desperately.

Before we married, Lana had been with a black man, named Byron. Their relationship was long distance, and when they got together, the sex was so intense and mind-blowing for Lana. She had never given much thought to power of interracial dominance, but she knew she was under his power.

He could never commit to her, so the relationship ended.

Then, my wife and I got together. Maybe I was the rebound....

In contrast to her former lover, I am white and not very well endowed. I am a decent lover, she says its great... but face it, she has never said "mind blowing" or "intense."

I developed a strange fetish over the years.. I want my wife to have a strong, dominant black Bull take her sexually and use her in any way he desires.

The wife and I have roleplayed many scenes with black men. We have used a few black dildos; some were too hard, some were too long.. but I finally got one for her that was "just right."

It is a realstic black dildo, and honestly, I think it reminds her of Byron. Someday I want her to start calling it by his name....

When we roleplay, she gets SO FUCKING WET. It is actually funny. I can get her going by caressing her and touching her... but when we start talking about black men taking that white pussy.. she gets ALL kinds of freaky.

Her favorite position with me is to lay missionary and get fucked by the black dildo. She has me lick her wet, fat pussy while it goes in and out, hiting all of her special spots.

There have been a few times that I have 'sneaked' a little taste of the black dildo.

One night, she caught me.

"That's not how you do it, sweetie!" she laughed.

She grabbed it from my hands and started slowly sucking on it. She swallowed it deeper and deeper, until her lips touched the fake ball sack.

"Your turn." she said as she put it on the bed and guided my open mouth to it.

I start going down on the thick black cock, but it's too much. I start to gag.

She doesn't care. She pushes my head down harder, "Swallow it all, bitch!"

I finally get it all in my mouth, gagging in the process. I must have been drooling spit all over the bed.

"Ok, enough sucking." she said, "Go get the thickest dildo from the bag and bring it to me."

I did what she asked.

I returned with it and handed it to her.

She grabbed lube from the night stand and squirted it on the thick monster dildo.

Then she told me to get on my stomach.

She squirted some lube on my asshole, then put the thick head of it up to my anal opening.

She knows that I have used the dildos before..(well, the ones that I don't use for her anyomore)

The head of the cock slowly enters my ass. It slides in almost effortlessly.

"Good little whore! You are an ass slut for Nigga Cock!" she pushed it all the way in.

My ass was in total delight. My mind was racing. Finally, she had given me what I wanted.. well, almost.

She fucked me so hard that my asshole was stretched wide.

I shot a huge load on the bed. Several shots in a row. It was the most I had come in years.

"Lick that shit up, cuckold!" she ordered.

I gladly cleaned my seed from our bedsheets. It wasn't the cum of a black Bull, but it would do.

She snapped a picture of my gaped asshole and laughed.

"Now you are officially a sick little cuckold."

She went to the computer and uploaded the pic.

"I am going to find us a black Bull that can appreciate fucking two little white whores. You know how much I love fucking niggas. Apparently, I might even be second place to you, you sick little bitch."

"Thank you, Baby!" was all that I could say.

I was in complete awe and love with my wife. She understood me and she was right there with me, the whole way through it all. Yes, it was going to be fun sharing a big Black Bull with the love of my life.

Even though we are married to each other, we both know we are Black Cock Sluts!

She is on the prowl now to find OUR perfect lover!
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That is hot!!
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very good wife