Surprised, not surprised

I am never surprised when I finally hear from her. The wife loves to go out and "entertain" the boys. She always feels as if she's in control, but occasionally she tells me she didn't think things would happen afterwards. Sometimes I go with her, other times I stay home. During those occasions, I anticipate her return. My job is to clean her ass and pussy. Sometimes I get to fuck her, other times she just wants to come back into reality. It got to be somewhat routine, the nights when I would wait for her return. She was generally back before sunrise and I would be rock hard in anticipation to perform my chores. Getting to enter her pussy after it was well used was such a thrill. I love it! Her pussy gaping, I could barely feel it around my cock. I generally had to rub against a side of her pussy to feel anything. Cum would be everywhere; in her hair on her panties, on her clothes, leaking from her snatch and ass. I loved being married to a whore.

Ever the curvy woman, she loved to show off. Having lost weight, she maintained a round ass (cottage cheese free thank you very much) and huge tits (44 GGG's, back breakers). We had spent plenty of money on new clothes. Tonight's attire consisted of a pink shirt that zipped up. It was tight around her waist, but cannot zip up past her boobs. Because it was so tight though, she didn't have to wear a bra, the shirt held them tight, but exposed most of them. Not something you wear to church mind you. She paired it with a shiny pair of bright pink pleather pants. They hugged her ass tight. Some new patent leather black heels made me think she wouldn't be out late, those shoes killed her feet.

She said I was to stay home tonight. She wasn't going far and wouldn't be out late. This usually meant she would fuck someone in the bar bathroom or out on the outdoor patio. A few drinks, a quickie or two and she would be back. Off she went. I stayed home and thought of eating used pussy and tasting ass lube. I tried to not think of sex, I refused to do anything pornographic. I wanted to save up the anticipation, it made for a great release later on. Although, it could be a gamble. If she said no, I would sometimes push back. I mean, I waited all night, and its my diamond on her finger. I want some. Those nights, she would usually cuff me and put me in the closet for the rest of the night. It was safer that way...for me I mean. If pushed she would sometimes just beat the shit out of me. She will keep me in line if needed.

Within a couple hours I started getting texts from her. She was working the crowd, but not much going on, would be home soon. It would be another couple hours before I would hear from her again. I began receiving pictures texted to me of her in action. The first few were clearly a hotel room. She was in orgasm based on her expression. One she was riding a black guy. Another was a face of huge orgasm or pain. One was her taking a selfie while getting fucked from behind. In one, she was cross eyed! They stopped. I got all excited knowing it would be a full night of cleaning. It would be another couple hours before I heard from her again.

Now I began receiving texts saying "ours now", "black owned", "being bred, don't wait up". I thought it was amusing, hopefully they weren't stealing her money and credit cards. Then the pics began again. Now she was tied up, standing with arms in the air. There was a black guy on either side of her. Another one I could only see her pussy, but the picture had 11 black cocks in view, all at attention. Another one showed her pussy covered in jizz. It was wide open, you could see deep inside her. Her urethra was wide open also meaning she had been squirting. Another showed her with two dicks in her pussy followed by another with two dicks in her ass. I couldn't tell where she was. I replied, asking for a location. The response was "she's ours now. gonna put this bitch to work".

The pics stopped. By sun up, I had fallen asl**p. No wifey home yet. I texted a couple times asking what's up. More pics started coming back to me. A couple were her outside getting fucked next to an Escalade. One showed her nude, cuffed and blindfolded with money exchanging hands between two guys. Another showed an enormous dildo is her ass. Many more came to me with her in various poses, covered with cum, surrounded by men.

It was late in the afternoon when I get a text saying to pick up her behind the methodist church across town. I got dressed and split. I was so hard! I hadn't jerked off or looked at anything other than my wife getting used like a piece of meat.

I found her nude, chained to a guard rail next to the road. Not much traffic and a steep grade kept her out of view. When I found her I rammed my dick in her. I didn't talk, didn't ask her anything. She was coherent, make up gone, hair a mess. I shoved my entire dick in her. I could nearly fit my balls in too, she was so loose. She was a complete mess. Her ass was still prolapsed, her cunt was wide open. She was covered in dried cum. I spit on her and laughed when I came. I called her a filthy whore and told her I needed to call her parents and thank them for raising such a cum dumpster before I would come back to pick her up. Later that night I came back for her, but she was gone......
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