the wife as house entertainment 2

A night out for us. I couldn't wait, it had been a busy week. We were heading out for drinks and music. As was her new found hobby, anonymous sex was probably in the near future for her.

I dressed casually. She wore a pair of shiny black leggings with a damask print, one of my faves. She had different blouses she would wear with these. Sometimes she would have her ass open to view, other times she kept it just barely covered by a longer top. Tonight she chose an electric blue blouse that shimmered in any light. It just came to her waist. She went with heels instead of boots. She never got into stilettos. She was worried too much of falling. I always told her the extra inch or two would put her holes at the perfect height. With her ass out, she need not tell me she wanted a fucking. Her confidence had gained multitudes after losing a good deal of weight. She now had a large, round ass. Not many white women have an ass like hers. I worship it, its an experience by itself. She had recently started swinging it side to side as she walked, somewhat exaggerated. She had learned to use the power of her ass. I love watching her control other men. She knows what she wants and she takes it. We men are dumb enough to give it up so easily.

At the bar we stood at a cocktail table. She now made me sit back against the wall. She stayed across from me making sure her ass, wrapped in shiny, stretched fabric was in full view of everyone. As the night wore on, she made a point to twitch and verbally engage anyone who "accidentally" brushed against it or her. She flirted with ease. She took her time walking out the back of the bar to smoke, always coming back having made another friend. During one of her smoke breaks,I hit the bathroom. The tiny, filthy room was nothing more than a hole. It had one urinal and one toilet guarded only by a curtain hung with no great expertise, a sink with no mirror. As the door swung shut behind me I heard heavy breathing behind the curtain. Not the usual sound of someone pissing or shitting, it didnt take a rocket scientist to figure out someone was getting railed on the other side of this ugly piece of fabric. Usually wifey tells me if she's up to no good. I had been told of nothing so I decided to wait just outside the door after I pissed. Sure enough, out she walks with some guy I hadn't even noticed all night. As she noticed me, she smiled quickly but before she could say anything a huge, bulky guy pushed be back and said "wait your turn pal". He shoved her back into this filthy, unkept bathroom. He flicked a bolt lock I hadnt seen. Within seconds I could hear her over the music. She was wailing and grunting. I don't think he was being a tender lover.

Another guy came up to me, "pig or piss" he asked. "What" I replied, having no idea what he meant. "There's a pig in there. You gonna fuck it or you just gotta take a piss" he explained. "Doesnt sound like there's going to be much left" I said.
"Yeah", he said, "Hank can't keep a girlfriend. He's got a bad temper and isn't into that romance and lovey dovey shit"

Just then he came out. "Filthy cunt won't walk straight tomorra"he said,referring to my wife. She came out. He face was bright red. "Let's go smoke", I said pulling her through the bar. Based on the faces looking at us, I think more guys were looking forward to the pig. We parked in the lot around the corner. It had no light which made it a great place to fuck or get fucked. I threw her hard against the back of the car. I yanked her pants down and shoved my dick straight in her pussy. It was covered in two loads of cum. It still hasn't come back to its tight state which meant than he was huge and she had been orgasming.

She grunted. I said "grunt like the pig they called you in there. You can't even feel me in you after being their whore." She loved dirty talk, this got her going. "Disgusting slut! You're all used up, I can't barely feel your snatch". I licked my thumb and jammed it into her asshole. "Ahhh fuck!" She screamed. I told her to shut up and grunt like a filthy pig. I started lifting her up by her asshole, making sure some pain mixed with the pleasure.

I added a third load to her cunt. We were both a mess. I pulled up her panties and patted them hard against her crotch, getting them completely slimed in semen. I had a few ideas what to do with her after I took my turn. She was pretty used up,my ideas would have to wait until next time.

We have such fun times when we go out
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