My Story for BrwNeyeDream Part III

My cock is aching from all the teasing you have done to me and I am in dire need of release. As you get out of my truck you bend over revealing your beautiful ass, and you turn smirking at me. "Well are you gonna come inside?" I reply, "I plan too." You say "Well aren't you a dirty boy?" and with that turn to walk up to your door. I'm having difficulty getting out of the truck with my cock pulsing and my pants barely hanging on. As you walk up the entry way you begin lifting your dress just enough to reveal your ass checks. I climb out of the truck and hurry up to catch you, I feel your panties in my hand lusting to taste what they have been covering.

I catch you just before the door and I grab you by the arm to turn you around. Right then you look deep into my eyes, igniting as passion I have never felt before. I push you up against the wall, planting a passionate kiss on your lips, then I pull away keeping you pinned against the wall. I begin kissing down your neck and earlobes, slowly working my way down your incredible body. My hands gripping your ass, sliding your dress higher, I begin to kiss my way down your chest. I feel your heart beating, it's beginning to race as the intensity builds. I look into your eyes and plant another kiss on your lips, only this time it's much wetter as you know it's only a matter of time before you are being pleased. (Your thoughts go to what your hubby had told you earlier in the evening and you can feel tonight is going to be a fantasy come true.) As we kiss my hand works it way around to your freshly shaven pussy, grazing it ever so lightly, then sliding my finger between your cunt lips opening them slightly I slip a finger in and you let out a moan. I pull my finger out and bring it between our mouths, oh you taste so good. Pushing you back against the wall I fall to my knees holding your hips firmly against the wall with my hands. You glistening pussy just inches from my face, I blow right over it and watch as it contracts. Your will power is giving out and you push my face right into your pussy. I'm more than willing to bury my face in you and I begin working you over with my tongue, your juices are flowing and I'm loving every drop. You moan as I slide a finger inside you while I'm eating you, your body is trembling and I know you want to cum. I ease back keeping you right on the edge, you dig your nails into the back of my head and grip my hair, I can no longer hold back and I bury my face into you with a fiery passion, working my fingers deep inside you. You go silent and your entire body stiffens as you cum all over my face, right in the entry way to your house. (The thought of your hubby watching you get eaten right there on the doorstep helped you to cum like you had never before.)

I look up at you and smile, "do you still want me to come inside?" With that you grab my hand and lead me to the door, "once inside you know there is no turning around." I grin, "just what I was hoping you would say." You struggle with the key as your body is still recovering and your mind is wandering through all the devious events of the evening. As the door finally opens you pull me inside, "so what else do you have for me, I'm a very greedy girl." "I don't know I guess will find out won't we." You pull me in close and kiss me closing the door behind us. We stumble around the house fondling each other. My mind wanders to what you said back in the truck when you put your panties in my pocket, just where is your hubby I wonder. My thoughts are quickly refocused on you as you reach you hand down my pants, "well is this for me?" All I can say is "if you want." You slide my pants off and I can feel a rush to my cock as it aches in anticipation. You step back and pull your dress top off releasing your incredible breasts. I can't take my eyes off them, they are so plump and round just perfect. Before I can say or do anything you pull me in close, "like what you see?" "Oh god yes, you are a goddess." With that you put your finger to my lips "shh". Then you remove my shirt and we embrace, running our hands all over each other.

You lead me to the living room pushing my down on the couch, the moon light reflecting your eyes and I am truly in heaven. We kiss, then you work your way down my chest, sliding your hand over my cock. As you kiss my body you begin to stroke my dick and it pulses longing to be inside your sweet wet pussy. With each stroke it gets harder and the veins are bulging, I can't remember ever being this hard. Every inch of my body is heightened with desire, and you slide my boxers off, your tits hanging as you crawl back up to me. Your naked body just fascinates me and you know that you have complete control over me at this moment. You bit your lower lip giving me a sensual look and then you nibble on my nipple and work you way down my body. Your hair hangs tickling my body as you go, and you pass right over my cock, it senses your breath throbbing with carnal lust. You flip your hair back and look up at me as you grab my cock bringing it just to the edge of your luscious lips, oh how I long for you to wrap them around me.

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10 months ago
dude this was a GREAT story !