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(Yes, I know this is a long profile and some of you are lazy or just dont want to take the time to read it, but please read it all anyways. It will save a lot of all our time in the end Im sure.)

Okay, so to start let me state to all those that cant seem to get this from my screen name. I am just a cross dresser. Im not a TS/TV/TG. So if you are looking for a real trans gender or in some of the cruder terms chick with a dick, she male, etc. you will want to look elsewhere. I am just a cross dresser. So in other words Im a man in a womans clothing.

Now, on to the next order of business. Since I know most of you skim over the details of a profile Im going to put this here. These are the order of my interests when it comes to relationships. Even though Im going to end up repeating myself a few times and probably will get annoying. Im going to state first and foremost Im straight. Or at least thats how I see myself. So guys, if you are looking for a CD to get really involved with. Its highly unlikely. Sorry. Okay now on to “the list”. Here are my preferences as follows. Number 1 being the most likely number 4 being the least likely. So, what I like.

1. Women. I am male, I have grown up and still see myself as straight. I love women. All shapes, sizes, races, whatever. I like women. They are my number 1 preference. So ladies. If you are looking for a hot CD or a guy who occasionally cross dresses. Hit me up. Send me a message. And if you are local we can see what we can do about meeting up.

2. TS/TV/TGs. I have never been with a trans gendered woman before. I have always been curious about the situation. I would like to meet a real TS/TV/TG if possible. And possibly have an experience with one. I would be more dominant in the situation though I dont mind returning pleasure to the best of my ability. So in second place my interest lies in TS/TV/TGs.

3. Other Cross dressers. This one is slightly complicated but at the same time also quite simple. I wouldnt mind meeting another CD. I really mean passable CDs as well. So sorry guys, if you are just going to put on your wifes or ex girlfriends panties and call yourself a CD. Thats not what Im looking for. Sorry. Also the circumstances would have to be just right. So thats number 3.

4. Men. So last but not least here we come to men. I really dont have any interest in men sexually. Thats just how I am. Sorry if you dont like it. But thats how it is and thats how its going to be. I dont mind being spoiled by men (Clothes, make up, etc) and dont mind showing appreciation by modeling these clothes and other gifts. But if you are a guy looking to have sex with, be intimate with, or use a cross dresser. Please move on.

Now, these are my preferences please respect them. Understand them. And dont ignore them. All this being said I dont mind being friends and the occasional flirting. Friends are always nice. And flirting is good for the soul. Or so Im told. But if you are male or I just dont seem all that interested. Please realize flirting is all that it will ever be.

Now men, if this seems unfair or unfriendly, please dont be discouraged. Im offering to dress up in what you buy me. Doing some sexy pics in the outfits. Sending them to you for your own personal pleasure and use. True, I will not be your little girl or your own personal slut. I wont strip down naked because personally I think the point of the outfit is to wear it (plus, as I said, I am just a crossdresser so a naked me is just a naked guy). And I know how to "show a little leg" so to speak and be sexy in the pics without stripping. So men or other potential people who might want to spoil me. Please dont be discouraged.

And now time for some stuff about me and what Im actually looking for. To give some detail to my screen name. I am a young male cross dresser who is looking to be spoiled. Mostly with clothes and similar items. To help me look and act more fem. That being said Ive been told by many I am very passable when I go all out already. New clothes or not. Shaving my face putting on make up and styling my hair. So its not that I really need these items. Just want to be spoiled and pampered a little. With all this again Im going to say dont over think or worry. For my body its very fem. I am skinny, and I mean skinny. Some would even say underweight. But I do have some fem curves and a pretty cute butt. Now being male of course what I lack is breasts. Having been dressing off and on over time Ive done everything from rolling up socks and putting them in a bra to using training bras with padding and breast enhancing push up pads to give me that look. But I would like to get something a little more realistic if I could. Which is another one of the items I may like to be pampered with. Along with items to help with my butt to make it a little more curvy and maybe give me a bit of a booty.

(You are almost halfway through the profile dont get discouraged now. :) )

Now before I go on to the means of how I would like to be spoiled/pampered and how all you out there can help me with it I want to make one thing clear. I do not ever plan to fully transition. I am not going to take hormones, get surgeries. Whatever. I may enjoy dressing up and being pretty but I also enjoy being a man and having man time. I even have a male profile here on xhamster. I plan on keeping the two separate. They are separate lives and thats how I plan to keep it. I also am going to say that part of why I wont ever transition is because I am somewhat closeted. And living where I do if it ever really got out that I dress. Well lets say it wouldnt end well. Which brings me to another point. I do have my male half of my life. And its the more dominant part. So when it comes to things like shaving my legs and always having my face 100% shaved that doesnt always happen. I have the occasional female friend with benifits to deal with and Im sure not all of them would be fond of me with smooth legs. And my family has learned to know my face as having hair a fair amount of the time. And so when it comes time most of my face pics will probably be with a mask of some sort or just not having any face pics. For the safety of my identity and because as much as Im passable when I do everything I dont always do everything.

Okay, now the moment youve all been waiting for. Or at least Ive been waiting for. Or something. Lol. If youve gotten this far into my profile I applaud you and I thank you. After much deliberation Ive decided to go with amazon for my method of spoiling/pampering. My number one preference will be that you send amazon email gift cards to


Take into consideration that if even if you want me to get a 5 dollar gift or item of some sort that I will need to be able to pay shipping and handling. So please put that on the gift card as well. (Just a side note, if I get any Emails that arent amazon email gift card related they will be deleted automatically. This email address is not for contact. Merely for amazon gifts for my spoiling). If/when you plan to send me a email gift card. Please message me here first. We can discuss the amount and that way I can confirm that Ive received it and we can discuss your ideas of what I might get with the gift card (discussing this before you even send it). Within reason of course.

If gift cards arent your thing the other option will be this. Ive set up an amazon wish list which can be seen here


Now, some notes here so you people wont get confused. And/or just wont end up being stupid (sorry, Ive just talked this over with some people and they dont seem to get the point). The items on this list can be ordered by you and sent to me. You wont be able to actually see my address (again, I am somewhat closeted and would like to remain as anonymous as possible). But what you must not do. And I will not be held responsible for. Is order this and have it shipped to you. From what Ive been told this list should automatically link the items to my address when ordered. But if you order them and have them shipped to your address. I will not and cannot refund you. I also will not give you my address so you can forward it to me. If its shipped to your residence you will just be the proud owner of whatever you ordered. Sorry. But thats how it is. If you are nervous, or even if you arent nervous. Send me a message here before you order anything. We can discuss what you are getting me and do our best to make sure that it gets sent to me properly. That and that way I can have a record of who got me what.

(Almost done, good job!)

Now Im sure you are asking yourself, if I buy these things for him what do I get out of it (Especially you guys who are hoping I will sleep with you, be your slave/pet, or owe you something just because you buy me something. Which is not how its going to be. Sorry.). What you will get out of it is probably some sexy pictures, and possibly a movie if I can get a camcorder. Of me modeling or using the items I get. Most of these will probably not involve my face. And I will probably have a mask or something on or just not show my face when these pictures are taken. Unless its something like make up. Which I might make an exception. But honestly it will probably just be some simple/sexy pictures of me with what I have received from my amazon wish list or have purchased with the gift cards I get. I wont strip down naked or anything in these pictures (as I said before me naked is just a naked boy). Though I might “show off” a little, teasing and flirting in the pics. And if the item is something like panties or a bra and the only way to get pictures is to show a little skin or whatever. Not to mention I may wear items when Im on webcam since a girl just cant wear the same clothes over and over. So you may see me on cam here sometimes with what you got me.

So, thats all I can really think to put there for now. Before you buy me anything or send me anything please just message me here so we can discuss it so neither of us ends up disappointed. Some things we might discuss are the kinds of things I will and/or wont wear (I have some surgical results for instance that make me shy to showing off my stomach, things like that). Also, ladies if you are going to get me things I trust you will know what will look good on a body type like mine. So Im open to suggestions. :) Thanks.

One last thing before I close up my profile. First I want to say I know I seem spoiled and am immature. But I want to point out Im just asking for these things. Im not demanding them. Im not saying I deserve them by any means. Again, just asking to be spoiled. Oh and before I go I want to point one other thing out. Just because Im a cross dresser does not mean Im going to be submissive to your every whim. Im a cross dresser. Not a sissy. Not a sub. Just a cross dresser. As I said earlier in my profile. I do like my male side more so than my female side. So even when Im dressed up I can be assertive and dominant. So just keep that in mind before you try and treat me like a slutty piece of garbage.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from some of you soon.
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2 months ago
Just a suggestion babe....you do your thing!!! I have no complaints!
3 months ago
i've had fun shopping goodwill and thrift stores for things like skinny jeans :)
4 months ago
hi sweetheart you r beautiful
4 months ago
Come out to Chicago baby!
4 months ago
thank you for accepting
10 months ago
Don't know either,but welcome baby.
11 months ago
Thanks for the add baby.
1 year ago
New pics are HOT hit me up sometime
1 year ago
Fare thee well sweetie! Good luck with the nuptials...but remember we are here if you need us okay? Goddess knows I tried to quit crossdressing countless times...
1 year ago
`*.¸.*´ ~~*
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) )
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ ....~(¯`*•
_____۞_ ♥♥♥ _۞
✿⊱•*´¯♥✿✿⊱╮*♥* ♥* ✿✿⊱⊱•*´¯♥
1 year ago
you are very sexy and very cute
1 year ago
Thanks for the add:)
1 year ago
nice profile! well done!
1 year ago
Wel I hope you write the next chapter soon mean while lets be friends
1 year ago
Thanks for the add baby
2 years ago
Well I read through it all.... and enjoyed it... I just love you younger trannies... from a granny tranny Yvette
2 years ago
Thanks so much for the add. You are beautiful, attractive and have a great taste in clothes - thank you xx
2 years ago
thanks for the friendship baby. kisses and hugs to you.
2 years ago
Thank you for accepting my invitation
2 years ago
I love Amazon.com. so what did you get from Amazon?
2 years ago
Your profile is so me.
2 years ago
2 years ago
I have about 20 pairs of toesocks. Wanna borrow some?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Thanks for the add!!!
2 years ago
Lovely profile hunni, you look so sexy in your pix and I just love seeing you on cam.
Stay sexy babe. xx
2 years ago
Have a grrrreat Christmas too and a very horny and sexy New Year filled with many sexual surprises!! xx

thank's for add my love....
love you pics.....

kisss from italy
2 years ago
salut bib
2 years ago
hi sweety
2 years ago
Very nice hun xxx