The Dares I Convinced Slutty Annette I. to PERFORM

Dares Performed by Annette Issian
Automobile Dares
-Ride Scooter in mini skirt w/ no panties on.
-Flash beaver to at least one person while riding scooter.
-Ride topless in passengers seat. (Holly Wood Sat. night)
-Sit spread eagle in mini skirt with no panties on as passenger.
-Give a BJ sitting as passenger with bare ass in the air near window.
-Play with pussy while in passenger seat during rush hour.
-Pulled pants/thong down to knees while parked on a local street.
-Sex in back seat with windows down in, mall parking lot.
-Sat Indian style in mini skirt, at MC Ds drive threw, for cashier to see.

City Street Dares
-Flash tits to someone on there cell phone.
-Shortened skirt, allowing easy up skirt views, while at Glendale Galleria.
-Sat on public bench un lady like, in mini skirt with bright pink thong.
-Wearing g string back wards, all day allowing various camel toe view.
-Smoke a hole cig. Nude hanging out 2nd story window of Azusa apartments.
-Sat outside busy Azusa apt. on porch wearing on large t-shirt nothing under.
-Sat out front of busy Azusa apt. with feet lounge up in skirt on porch swing.

Friends Houses
-Laying on lounge chair B walks up, hes welcomed by both her tits giggling.
-Fooled around in pool area Phil's party as B acted as our look out person.
-Fucked in pool area Phil's party B as our look out person watching as well.
-Gave BJ in pool area Phil's party B as our look out person, watching as well.
-Allowed B to fondle her tits in-front of bf while he fondled her lower half.
-Gave B BJ while bf finger/fondled her. Poolside during Phil's party.

B's House
-Gave B a BJ as she rode her bf and B sat on his bed watching.
-Gave B and her bf a sexy show.
-Grabbed a beach ball by the pool and revealed bare pussy bending over.
-Much Much MORE......
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