From manager to sub sissy

Cindy was a co-worker; well actually I was Her manager. Even though I was Her manger, W/we were very close friends. As a matter of fact I still consider Her my best friend. Everyone in the office was sure that we were having an affair, but we were just friends. I must admit that I would have loved to have an ongoing affair with Her. I know that I am not near man enough for Her and I have always know that from the first time I saw Her. Eventually after being friends for many years, I confessed to Her my desire to serve a Dominant Woman. She attempted being my Dominatrix, but could never get past the fact that I had been Her boss. It was exciting having Her know this secret, especially when I was around our Friends and was worried She would tell them but I trusted Her enough to know She wouldn’t tell. I did get to meet several of Her Friends outside of the workplace. Her friend Elizabeth was a real bitch and I always wondered what it would be like if you mixed Cindy’s beauty with Elizabeth’s attitude. It is very exciting to think about that.
It was the week before Cindy’s birthday. Her birthday is on Halloween and She loves to celebrate in costume. I had no idea what to get Her for a present this particular year. There was a surprise party at Her friend Elizabeth’s house. When Elizabeth invited me I asked Her for suggestions on what to get Cindy. She said She knew the perfect gift and we could get the gift prepared the afternoon of the party if I came by early. I thanked Her and agreed to be at Her house shortly after lunch. I asked if I needed to bring anything, but She said no. It never occurred to me that this was so unlike Her, She had never been helpful or even nice to me before. This was unusual but I didn’t realize why until the day of the party.
It was October 31 as promised I arrived at Elizabeth’s house at noon. I brought a pirate costume for the party. Elizabeth invited me in and asked if I wanted a beer, I said sure, thanks! She told me I could hang my costume up in the coat closet for now. I did and we sat down and chatted a bit. I asked Her what the present would be for Cindy. She said it was a surprise and that we would leave in a few minutes so She could show me. I finally thought to myself that She sure was being nice, but I was enjoying it so I didn’t want to do anything to change that. I figured She was just excited about the party. W/we finished our beers and got ready to leave. She said that She would drive and that I should leave my keys in case Her roommate needed to move my truck to get out of the garage. I didn’t think anything of it and said no problem. We got in Her car and headed out. I asked where we were going and She said to relax and enjoy the ride, it is a surprise. So I didn’t ask any more questions and we just talked about what was planned for the party. She went through the food and drink menu She had planned and told me about who would be there. I was glad to know that many people I knew would be attending because I do not know many of Elizabeth’s friends. She informed me that She and Cindy’s friend Norma would be there. Cindy has told me so much about Norma so I was excited to finally get to meet Her. I told Elizabeth that I was glad I was going to finally get to meet the famous Norma. She cracked up laughing; I assumed She was laughing because of Norma’s reputation. We had been in the car for quite a while and I jokingly asked if we were driving to the next state. Then I saw Elizabeth’s real self come back. She yelled for me to calm down and be patient or else. I figured or else She would nag me to death, so I was quiet for the rest of the trip. We finally pulled into a business in a town I had never been to. We both got out and I followed Her into a salon. I didn’t ask any questions because I didn’t want to get yelled at again. We walked in and She told me to have a seat that She would be right back. I sat down in the waiting area. As I looked around I realized that there were no clients in the waiting area or as best I could tell there were not any in the back. Elizabeth came back in a few minutes with another Woman with Her. She introduced me to the other Woman, it was Norma. I said, “Oh, Norma! I have heard so much about you, I am glad to finally meet you.” Norma giggled and said that She had heard a lot about me too. Elizabeth looked at me and said that Norma was ready to start on getting the present ready for Cindy and that She had to go run a couple errands then She would be back. She said I should stay and help Norma get started. I was all too happy to stay with Norma because it would give me a chance to find out if what Cindy told me about Norma being a slut was true. Elizabeth left and Norma said, “come on to the back”. I did and as soon as we got in the back She put Her arms around me and said that She wanted to “blow off some steam” before we get started. She left quickly to put the closed sign out and lock the front door. When She got back She pushed me into one of the salon chairs, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and started to rub me. I quickly got hard and She started to give me a blowjob. I thought to myself that everything Cindy told me about Norma was true and smiled. I tried a few times to play with Her breasts, but She pushed my hands away. It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum. As She felt me starting to tense up, She took it out of Her mouth. She stroked it and I exploded. I didn’t realize that She was making sure it went on my pants, shirt, and underwear. When I finished She got up and said that was fun but I was a mess. I was a little pissed because Elizabeth would be back soon and would know what happened. I told Her I couldn’t spend the afternoon with cum all over me. She agreed and said that if I go to the bathroom and take off my clothes She would wash them for me. She said that there was a robe in the bathroom I could wear while we get Cindy’s present ready. I agreed and took off my clothes in the bathroom. She waited at the door and told me to hand them out while I washed up a bit. I handed them to Her and used the washcloth She gave me to clean up a bit. When I had finished washing up I couldn’t find the robe. I yelled to Norma that the robe wasn’t in there. She said, “OOPS! It is out here, just a minute”. She opened the door and handed me this fluffy pink robe. I said, “you have got to be k**ding me”. She said, “I never k**, put it on and get out here.” I noticed that Norma’s tone had changed a bit but dismissed it. I came out and discovered that Elizabeth had returned. I said, “oh great, now I am never going to hear the end of this”. They both laughed and told me to set down because they needed to talk to me. I did and Elizabeth started talking while Norma went into the bathroom. Norma came back in a few minutes to join the conversation. They both became very stern. They said that I was going to be the present for Cindy. I said, “What in the hell are you talking about”. Elizabeth smacked my face and said to shut up. I started getting up and Norma pushed me back in the chair. Elizabeth said to be quiet and listen or I would be sorry. She pointed over to the counter and said, “See that camera?” I said yes. She told me that the camera had recorded my little session with Norma and if I didn’t want my f****y, friends, and co-workers to see it I would do exactly what they said. It was a webcam so I went over to see if I could delete the file from the computer. There was no computer attached. They both laughed and informed me that the computer was safely put away while I was in the bathroom and that Norma had gone into the bathroom and taken my wallet and locked it in the safe. They told me I was stuck in a town I didn’t know without a vehicle and without any ID. They told me that my clothes really weren’t in the wash but they were in the safe as well. So there I was naked except for a pink robe, in a town where I didn’t know anyone, no vehicle, and no ID with two women that had a video of me getting a blow job that wanted to blackmail me. I said, “I guess I don’t have any choice, what do I have to do to get them to delete the video and give me my clothes, wallet, and keys back.” They laughed and said that they thought I would never ask. They said that this is a Costume Birthday Party since it is on Halloween but I wasn’t going to be a pirate. They told me that a couple of weeks earlier Cindy had gotten a bit d***k and told them about my desires to be Dominated by Women. She told them how I wanted Her to tease, Dominate, and humiliate me but She couldn’t bring herself to do it because I had been Her boss. They told me that they devised this plan to make Her laugh on Her birthday and give Her guests a nice time at the party. I asked, “what do I have to do”. They said “Nothing but sit still and behave”. I said OK. They asked if I was ready to begin getting the present ready. I said, “I guess”. Elizabeth smacked my face and said, from now on all of your answers will be “Yes Ma’am or No Ma’am and you will not speak unless you are spoken to, do you understand?” “Yes Ma’am” was my reply. Good She said and turned the chair I was in around to face the workstation. She said, “Mistress Norma, do your magic.” I was afraid to ask “what magic”. Norma went to get a cart on the other side of the room. She parked it next to me and placed a cape over me. She leaned me back in the chair and put hot towels on my face. They felt really nice and I thought to myself that this isn’t so bad. I still had no idea what was about to happen to me but I was not concerned because I figured I was getting a shave by a pretty Dominant woman. I heard them both moving around and getting things from the cart but couldn’t see for the towels. Norma said, “ready, go” and immediately they each grabbed one of my arms and slapped handcuffs on them. I was now cuffed to the chair so there was no escape. I sat up and one of them pushed me back down and said to relax or else because there was no way I could get up anyway. Shortly after that they did the same with my legs so now I was totally secured to the salon chair. As I sat there with the towels on my face and my eyes closed I finally collected my thoughts and realized that my fantasy was coming true. Actually it was more than my fantasy; I had 2 strong Women Dominating me! Apparently Cindy had also told them about my desire to be humiliated because that was happening too. I decided to just go with it because there wasn’t anything I could do about it anyway. As the hot towels softened my whiskers, Mistress Norma told me to sit very still because I would be sorry if I moved. She took my right hand and I felt something cool on my thumbnail, then pressure. I quickly realized She was gluing fake nails on top of mine. As She pressed on the nail till the glue set, She told me to relax that the glue She was using was special and it would come right off with the right remover. She said if I held really still and cooperated She would tell me what to use to get them off. This made me feel better because I had been concerned about trying to explain to my f****y, friends, and co-workers why I was wearing these nails. She finished the right hand and called Mistress Elizabeth over. She complimented Mistress Norma on the nails but questioned if they were long enough. After a brief discussion, they decided that there was not time to remove them and put another set on. Mistress Norma moved to the other hand and made quick work of gluing the nails on that hand. They finally took off the towels and sat me up. I looked at my hands and could not believe the long bright red nails I now had. What in the world do they have planned for me I thought? As Norma put shaving cream on my face Elizabeth explained that She had to go finish getting ready for the party and that Norma would bring me to the party. I said, “Yes Ma’am”. She said, “Very good sissy”. I must have looked a bit puzzled because they both giggled. Elizabeth said, “That’s right, I said sissy because that is what you want to be isn’t it?” I looked down and She put Her hand under my chin and lifted it and said, “I asked you a questions sissy”. I sheepishly said, “Yes Ma’am.” She said, I know you do because Cindy told us about the Dom you have been playing with online that had you dress and sent pictures to Cindy. I know my face was red because it got immediately extremely hot in there. Norma said, “Don’t be embarrassed, I think it is sweet.” Elizabeth said, “Well I don’t, but we do need to name the sissy.” Norma asked, “what does your online Dom call you?” “Lana Ma’am.” Norma said, “I like it, it sounds slutty. Do you agree Elizabeth?” She said yes, let’s call Her Lana. They both laughed hard and Elizabeth came in front of me and told me not to give Mistress Norma a hard time while She goes to get the party ready. I said, “Yes Ma’am”. She replied, “good girl Lana” and She left. After Elizabeth left Norma finished my shave and asked a few questions but did not talk much. After the shave was done She asked me if I had ever worn make-up. I said, “yes Ma’am.” She asked if I was any good at applying it and I answered, “No Ma’am.” She said to pay close attention then because I am only showing you once. I said, “Yes Ma’am.” She turned the chair around so I could not look in the mirror and see myself as She worked. She began by applying a heavy foundation and concealer where needed. I was amazed at how nice my skin looked when She finished. She asked if I had any questions about what She had done so far. I replied, “Yes Ma’am, I do. What are the products you used?” She said, “oh, so you plan on doing this again later and laughed. Then She said that since I am such a sissy and have been so cooperative that She would provide me a list of all the products She used and the various colors and shades. I replied, “Thank you Ma’am, you are very kind.” She laughed again and said, “Don’t be too sure of that Lana, it is early in the afternoon” and She laughed more. Next She applied eye liner, eye shadow, and blush. Then She saved my lips for last. She applied a bright red lip liner around the outside of my lips and then used red lipstick and gloss to finish them. She said I was such a cute sissy. I blushed but I am sure you couldn’t tell with all the make-up. She explained that they had a hard time determining what color my hair should be until they remembered that Cindy had mentioned that I asked Her what color and style wig I should purchase. Norma walked away and came back with a long red wig with curls. She asked me if I ever bought the wig that Cindy chose. I said, “no Ma’am.” Norma explained that is probably why Cindy did not every humiliate me, “because you are not committed.” I said, “yes Ma’am.” And Norma explained that I would be ‘committed’ after tonight. As She was talking She had worked the wig onto my head and was styling it. When She finished She stepped back to admire Her work. She seemed pleased with Herself. She left the room for a moment and came back with a large suitcase. She opened it so I could not see what was inside and pulled out a bra and panties. They were black lace and She asked me if I liked them. I replied, “oh yes Ma’am I do!” She said, I know because I saw the pictures Cindy has of you in black lace panties. The on-line Dom sent them to Cindy. She stopped to think for a minute and said, “how are we going to get these on with you chained to that chair?” I was opening my mouth to answer and She said, “Hush, that was a rhetorical question, if you speak and I have to slap you it will ruin your make-up.” Norma told me She was going to remove the cuffs from my arms so I could put the bra on. She did and told me to remove my arms from the pink robe. I did and She removed the robe and set it aside. I was completely naked in that chair and She said, “oh, isn’t that cute, your little sissy clitty is getting hard.” You must really like this She said. She handed me the bra and I slid the straps over my shoulders. I began to fasten it when She said, stop, not yet Lana. I said, “Yes Ma’am”. She pulled two rather large breast forms out of the suit case and placed them in the bra and then fastened it. They were huge, must have been D cup or better. I immediately felt sorry for the women with huge breasts that I always look at; it must be hard on the back carrying those around all day. She asked me if I wanted to touch them and I said, “Yes Ma’am.” She giggled and said that Cindy had told Her I liked big breasts so She and Elizabeth decided to ‘go big’. I felt them and as I did the felt fairly real. I thought to myself, how do women keep from playing with these all day long. As my mind was drifting Norma said, that is enough sissy. I stopped and She said to put my arms back on the arm rest. She cuffed my arms again and proceeded to uncuff my legs. She told me to pick up my legs and She slid the panties up to my knees and cuffed my legs again. There I sat with a bra with big breasts and panties up to my knees. She stopped to think and said that She and Elizabeth had not thought this through well enough. She said that it would be impossible to dress me with me cuffed to a chair. She left and I heard Her out front talking on the phone. She came back and said that She had consulted with Elizabeth and they have figured out a plan on how to proceed. She reached in the suit case and pulled out a several pieces of plastic and a lock. She asked if I knew what it was. I replied, “No Ma’am, even though I had a fairly good idea what it was.” She said, you are lying, you know exactly what this is, don’t you? “Yes Ma’am” was my reply. What is it sissy? “It is a chastity device Ma’am.” She said, “Good answer sissy.” As She assembled the pieces She said that even though my sissy clitty was small it would not fit in there as hard as it is. She left and came back with an ice pack. She placed it on my clitty and waited till the cold made it go limp. She quickly removed the ice pack and slid the tube over my “clitty”. As She finished assembling it She said that Elizabeth had the key so once She closes the lock it is on until we get to Elizabeth’s house and She decides to let you loose, do you understand sissy? “yes Ma’am”, I said. She said good as She pushed the lock closed. She said, ok sissy, I am going to remove all of the cuffs, but you keep in mind you are wearing your new breasts and panties locked in chastity and your ID, vehicle, and clothes are with Elizabeth so you better not try anything, got it? “Yes Ma’am” was my very sheepish reply. Norma removed all of the cuffs and told me to stand up and pull those panties up. I did as commanded. I had still not seen what I look like because I was facing away from the mirror. Norma told me to turn around and look at Lana in the mirror. As I turned around I could not believe the transformation. She said that I make a fine looking slut if it weren’t for all that hair. She explained that She an Elizabeth had discussed removing all of my hair but decided they did not have time and were going to do their best to leave no traces of me being a sissy this evening. With that She pulled out some dark black hose and a garter that matched the panties. She told me to put them on, I pulled the garter belt up over my panties and I sat in the chair and pulled up the stockings one at a time. They felt so cool and nice on my legs. She told me to stand up and She fastened the garter on the top of the hose. She admired them and said that those are so dark they cover up all that nasty hair on your legs. She commented that it was a shame I was not a real woman because I had some shapely long legs. Then She said it was too bad that my beer belly was there and wasn’t as feminine as my legs. She said, “I have a solution for that though”. She pulled out a black corset and placed it around my torso and waist. She attached the hooks in the front but it was still very loose. I thought that they must have gotten one that is too big. She went around behind me and I could feel Her doing something with the back. It started to tighten a lot. She said to suck in your belly, breath in and hold your breath. I did and as I inhaled She up a foot in my back and pulled hard on the laces and began tying them. She said not to breathe until She tells me. Finally She finished and I tried to breathe. It was nearly impossible to catch my breath. She asked me if it was too tight and I replied, “Yes Ma’am.” She laughed and said, “Good that is the way it is supposed to be”. I was a bit panicked because I wasn’t able to catch my breath. She told me to relax and slow my breathing down. I did and eventually was able to regulate my breathing enough that I didn’t feel light headed any longer. Next She pulled out what looked like a black dress from the bag. It was shiny and had lots of silk and lace on it. She told me to step into the dress and She pulled it up as I worked my arms into the sleeves. It felt so nice as I slipped it on. She said, “stand up sissy”. I did and could feel Her zip up the back. Then She was doing something with the collar and I heard a click. She asked if I knew what that was and I replied, “No Ma’am.” That was a lock sissy, just to make sure you don’t try to escape the dress, Elizabeth has the key for this lock too. She pulled out a white lace apron and placed it over my head and tied it around the back. Then She produced some lace elbow length white gloves and told me to put them on. I did and could not believe how nice the lace felt on my arms. She told me to sit back down in the chair and She tied a lace choker around my neck and then put a little maid’s hat on me and pinned it into my wig. She told me that we are, “almost done.” She reached back in the bag and pulled out a pair of high heeled pumps with straps that go around the ankle. She asked me if I had ever walked in heels and I replied, “No Ma’am”. She said that I would have to learn quickly. She bent down and slid them both on my feet. I felt Her attaching the straps around my ankles. When She finished She told me to look down at them. I immediately noticed the locks on each strap. She said, “That’s right, you aren’t getting out of these either until we say so” and laughed. She told me to stand up and walk to the front of the building. I struggled to stay up in the heels, they were very wobbly. She was laughing hysterically as I tried to walk. She told me She had to go get herself ready for the party and that I should walk around until I get better at it. She went into the bathroom to get dressed while I walked around. She could hear me in the bathroom clomping around because She would yell “Don’t stop Lana”, every time I stopped. My ankles and feet were killing me already. After what seemed like an eternity She came out of the bathroom. She was dressed in leather and had a riding crop. She walked over and smacked me on the butt with it and said, “Lana, guess what I am dressed as for the party?” I said, “A Dominatrix!” She said, not just any Dominatrix, I am your Dominatrix. Well, I am one of your two tonight. She said that Mistress Elizabeth would be my other Dominatrix for the evening and if Cindy wanted to She would be the third. As a matter of fact She said that I would obey anyone at the party that gave me a command. She asked if I had any questions and I said, “yes Ma’am.” She gave me permission to speak freely and I asked what I would be doing at the party. She said, “good question, you will be the maid and servant. You will serve the drinks, snacks, and anything else that the guests want.” I must have looked concerned because She asked what was that face for? I replied, “By anything what do you mean?” She said if you are worried about sex, as long as you are a good girl and do exactly what Mistress Elizabeth and I tell you to we will protect you from being ****d. Unless of course Cindy wants to play with you, after all it is Her birthday. Do you understand? “Yes Ma’am” was my reply. She said, good, now let’s go and we went and got in Her car. I was so nervous that someone would see me but it was getting dark. She said not to worry because if nobody looked close they would never tell I was not a woman except for the way you walk in those heels and She laughed again. When we arrived at Mistress Elizabeth’s house I was ordered inside. Mistress Elizabeth met us at the front door; She was dressed in all leather as well. She told me to go stand in the living room and wait for them there. The guests had not arrived yet so it was just Mistress Elizabeth, Mistress Norma and me there. I walked into the living room and waited for about 5 minutes. I could hear them both talking and laughing in the other room. Finally they both came into the living room. Mistress Norma told me to stand up straight and push my chest out while Mistress Elizabeth inspected Her work. I complied and Mistress Elizabeth walked around me and was complimenting Mistress Norma on Her handiwork. She raised my dress to look at my panties with the chastity device making them bulge. She complimented Mistress Norma on the makeup, hair and my figure. Mistress Elizabeth asked me if I understood my place for the evening. I answered, “Yes Ma’am.” She said, good, you are almost read but we have a few more items to add and I need to teach you proper greeting and serving techniques. I said, “Yes Ma’am”. She said since I am such a sissy slut that She needed to make sure I was properly prepared for the evening. She handed me a disposable enema and told me to go into the bathroom and clean out my sissy pussy. She told me not to get anything on my outfit or panties. She went on to explain that a woman always keeps Her pussy clean and that if I was going to be a woman for the night I needed to keep mine clean. I did as commanded and that was a new experience for me, I had never had an enema and was shocked at how fast it cleaned me out. When complete, I pulled my panties back up and straightened my dress and came back out. Mistress Elizabeth asked me if I completed the task and cleaned myself up well. I replied, “Yes Ma’am.” She said She would be the judge of that. She told me to go to the living room, pull my panties down, and bend over and grab my ankles. I did and waited for what seemed like an eternity. They both finally came in and told me not to move. They lifted up my dress and looked at my back side. I felt a cold latex glove touch me, it was really cold. I realized quickly that was because it had lube on it. She spread the lube around and I felt the sharp pain of a plug being inserted in my bum. It was not my first time with a plug in, but they didn’t know that. They told me to pull up my panties and turn around. I did as commanded and they told me to walk across the room. I walked but it was difficult with the plug and the heels and they laughed hysterically. Mistress Elizabeth ordered me into the kitchen and covered with me how to serve. She gave detailed instructions on which snack trays to pass around and in what order. She showed me the bar and where everything in the bar was. She then took me to the front door and showed me where the coat closet was. She instructed me to open the door for Her guests when they each arrived, curtsey, and offer to take their coats and place them in the closet. She asked if I understood all of the instructions. I said, “Yes Ma’am, I do.” She said, very well and told me to go get Her and Mistress Norma a drink. I clumsily walked to the bar and poured the drinks they wanted. I placed them on the tray as She instructed earlier and brought them into the living room where they were setting and talking. I took Mistress Elizabeth’s drink to Her first, as instructed I placed a napkin on the table and placed Her drink on it. I repeated the process for Mistress Norma. They commended me for my ability to follow directions and that if I continued to perform well that they might find future uses for me. They told me that they had one last item to do before the guests arrived. They told me to kneel on the floor and close my eyes. I did as commanded and listened as I heard them move around the room and then one of them came over behind me. Mistress Norma told me to open my mouth wide and hold still or my lipstick would be smeared. She placed a ball gag in my mouth and firmly buckled it behind my head. She said that would keep me from pleading with anyone for help but more importantly it would keep people from starting a discussion with me which would protect my identity. I doubted that Cindy would not recognize me and was really concerned about several of my co-workers recognizing me, but there was nothing I could do about it now. The first guests were at the door. Mistress Elizabeth told me to go answer the door and properly greet the guests. I opened the door and tried not to act surprised when it was a couple of co-workers, I curtseyed as instructed and held out my arm to signal that I would be happy to take their coats. They looked at each other as to wonder who I was but handed over their coats. I took them and gestured towards the living room since I could not speak. After hanging their coats I went to the living room to get their drink order. Apparently they did not recognize me because they asked who the maid is. Mistress Elizabeth said this is my new maid Lana and that I would be happy to serve any of their needs. She asked what they would like to drink. After everyone had said what they want I curtseyed and went to the bar to fix the drinks. I returned shortly with the drinks on the tray and repeated the process of placing the napkin on the table before placing each person’s drink in front of them. I continued greeting guests, hanging up coats and bringing drinks until all of the guests were there. Shortly after this Mistress Norma left to get Cindy. I brought the first snack tray around and offered them to each of the guests. Several of the men pinched my butt and one out right slapped me on the butt. I had just refreshed everyone’s drinks when Mistress Norma arrived with Cindy. I was ordered to open the door and greet the guest of honor. Cindy’s costume was amazing; She was dressed as Xena Warrior Princess and was absolutely beautiful. Mistress Norma introduced me as Lana to Cindy. Immediately Cindy knew who I was and giggled and said,” it is nice to meet you Lana.” My face burned with humiliation. I certainly hoped that She did not drink too much tonight and tell everyone who I am. I took Cindy’s coat and hung it in the closet. I followed them into the living room where Cindy was quite surprised with how many people were there to celebrate with Her. Mistress Norma motioned for me to come over to them and She asked Cindy what She wanted to drink. I took Her order and went to the bar to fix it. I heard a lot of laughing while I was in the other room and hoped that it was that someone told a joke and not them talking about me. I finished preparing the drink and wobbled back into the living room to deliver it to Cindy. She said, “Thank You Lana” as I nodded a ‘you are welcome’ the best I could. The remainder of the party was fairly uneventful. I served drinks and snacks with an occasional comment or pinch on the butt from the guests. At one point one of the guests did ask Mistress Elizabeth where She found such a good servant and that they were having a party in a few weeks and would love to have Lana serve there? Mistress Elizabeth said that may be possible for Her to arrange, but said that they would discuss that another day but tonight is to celebrate Cindy’s birthday. I did overhear another couple ask Mistress Elizabeth if Lana was available for “other private services?” Mistress Elizabeth looked at me, smiled and then told them, “Not tonight, She needs to focus on making Cindy’s party a success.” What a relief that was, I was concerned that She might take this farther. As the party wound down and the guests started leaving there were only a few people left. My feet were killing me and I wanted to sit down so bad. I was in the kitchen and found a chair to rest in for a minute. I had only been sitting there for a couple of minutes when Mistress Norma stormed in asking what in the hell I was doing setting down, there are guests ready to leave and they are waiting on you to bring their coats to them. I got up and She smacked me hard on the butt and said, “don’t you ever set down again unless you ask permission.” I went into the living room to find out which guests needed their coats. Everyone but Cindy, Mistress Norma, and Mistress Elizabeth were leaving. I brought their coats to them e****ted them to the door and closed the door behind them. As soon as the door closed, I heard Mistress Elizabeth yell, “Lana, get your sissy ass in here NOW!” I walked into the living room and the three of them were seated side by side on the sofa. Cindy was in the middle and Mistress Elizabeth ordered me on my hands and knees in front of Cindy so She could put Her feet up and relax on Her special day. Cindy placed Her feet on my back and leaned back. As the three of them sat, they talked about the evening and the conversation soon turned to me. Cindy asked them how in the hell did they arrange this? She was amazed that they were able to convince me to do this. They explained how they tricked me and blackmailed me into it. They all three laughed hysterically as they told Cindy the story. After the conversation and laughter slowed down Mistress Norma asked, “What should we do with Lana now?” They decided to dismiss me to the kitchen to clean up while they decided what to do with me. After I finished the kitchen, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Do I go back in there or do I wait here. I decided to wait but stood in the middle of the kitchen waiting for my next command. Finally Mistress Elizabeth told me to come in the living room. She asked if the kitchen was clean. I nodded yes because the ball gag was still in my mouth. She said, I will be the judge of that. She told me to get down so Cindy could rest Her feet again while She inspected my work. As Cindy put Her feet up on my She laughed and said, “Lana, I had no idea you were willing to go this far with your submission. It is too bad you were not honest with me about all of these desires because I could have used your services many times this last few years.” She asked Mistress Norma if She could take the ball gag out so She could ask me some questions. Mistress Norma said, “Sure, it is your birthday and you can do whatever you want with Lana, She is your present.” Cindy laughed and bent down and unbuckled the strap for the ball gag and removed it. My Jaw was so sore because that ball gag had been in for about 5 hours. Cindy asked me if I enjoyed myself. Very quietly is said, “Yes Ma’am.” Oh, so you like dressing like a slut and serving others, do you want to sexually serve others as well? That was a scary question to answer. I certainly wanted to serve Her sexually but not everyone, especially men. I was uncertain how to answer. I hesitated and finally Mistress Norma smacked me on the butt and said answer the question. I said, “Yes Ma’am.” Good She said, I guess that means that tonight was just the first step in your training. If I had known you were such a submissive slut and could pass as a female, I would have begun your training sooner. From now on you will serve Mistress Elizabeth, Mistress Norma and me Mistress Cindy when we need or want you. Do you understand Lana? I replied, “ yes Ma’am, I understand.” I really hoped that they were going to have sex with me, but they did not. Mistress Elizabeth came back and said that the kitchen was satisfactory but it wasn’t perfect. She said that it had been a long night and She didn’t have the energy to show me what to fix but that we would work on that next time. She told me to stand up. She handed me a bad and unlocked the lock on the dress collar. She handed me one key and told me to take off the shoes with the key. Remove and neatly fold all of the clothes except the dress. There was a hanger in the bag and She told me to hang it on the hanger and place it in the coat closet for next time. Then I was to put everything in the bag She gave me except the wig, I was to leave that on. I did as ordered and was standing there naked with the chastity device on and plug in my butt. She asked me if I wanted to take the plug out of my butt and I relied, “Yes Ma’am.” She said, go ahead but you need to immediately take it to the bathroom and clean it. I did as commanded and returned a few minutes later. She told me to put it in the bag with the other items. She looked at Mistress Cindy and asked if there was anything else She wanted Lana to do for Her tonight. She thought for a minute and said, “no, I think She has done enough for one night”. Very well Mistress Elizabeth said and She unlocked the chastity device and removed it. I was so sore from wearing that cage all night. They all 3 laughed at the size of my “clitty”. Mistress Elizabeth told me my clothes were on the table by the back door and I was welcome to get dressed. I went to get the clothes and realized that they were still cum stained. I put them on wondering how I was going to get home without anyone noticing, but was too afraid to ask any questions. They handed me my wallet and keys when I returned to the living room. Mistress Elizabeth said that they had decided to wait to delete the video until they were finished playing with me. It would be their insurance policy that would insure my cooperation. Mistress Norma came over and took the wig off and told me to leave now. However, I still had the fake nails and makeup on. I asked if I could go wash off the makeup before I left. Mistress Elizabeth said absolutely not and pointed toward the door. As I walked out wondering where I would wash this off before going home and what about the nails, I heard the most hysterical evil laughing from all 3 of them as the door closed behind me. As I sat in my truck my head was swimming with the events of the evening and I found myself getting very excited. What have they done to me, I was dressed as a woman, plugged, and chastised and I loved it? What did they have planned for me next? How would I get these nails and makeup off before I get home?

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