I fucked the MILF next door

OK, so I live in an older suburban neighborhood, the kind where the streets are straight and form blocks, you know what I am talking about, not these newer sprawling subdivisions that you can get lost in. I have lived in the same house for over twenty years and a lot of the people in my neighboring houses have lived there even longer.

It just so happens that I live next door to two single women. The house to the left of me is Mary Lou Simmons, a widow in her late 70’s. She has lived there since 1959. To the right of me is Kelly Little, a single mom in her early 40’s. Prime example of MILF, this one is, with wavy shoulder length brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a full but fit body, just the right amount of curves, and an amazing set of tits. Her and her 9 year old son moved in a couple years ago and I have been hot for her since the day I laid eyes on her. We have been friendly with each other and she has been over to a few of our barbecues, and when I say “our” I mean my wife and mine, so in case you haven’t read any of my other posts I am married to an amazing woman and I love her very much. However, I have always had this insatiable sex drive and a wandering eye. I just can’t help it. This marriage is my second go around and I have really tried to be good and faithful to my wife so whenever Kelly had been around I had kept my indecent thoughts to myself and always just been a helpful neighbor and perfect gentleman towards her and she had never given any indication that she had any interest in me either.

One weekend, my wife was out of town visiting one of her good friends who lives in Denver. I was out in the back yard doing gardening and general yard work. It was June and hot, upper 80’s and sunny I was sweating and getting some sun, when Kelly comes up to the gate and asks if she could possibly borrow my lawnmower because she couldn’t get hers to start. I had finished with my mowing of the grass so I invited her in , and gave her the lawnmower and continued work on my garden. I saw her next door pushing that mower around in her little shorts and tank top and sneaked a peek at her sweet ass as she was walking away from me, muttering “damn” under my breath every time.

When she was finished, she brought the mower back and thanked me for letting her use it, I said it was no problem and turned to kind of push it under the deck. I turned back to talk to her some more and as I did she kind of raised her hand from her side to wipe some sweat off her brow, and as she did this she grazed the back of her hand right across my crotch. It could have been an accident. Except it wasn’t. She was closer to me than even casually necessary, and on top of that she looked me straight in the eye as she did it. Caught off guard, I managed a
“Hey, easy there!” And she didn’t say a word but moved straight in and kissed me hard. It was intoxicating, I love the feel of the first time I kiss a woman, but we were right out in the back yard with plenty of possible witnesses, so I cut it short and was like,
“We can’t do this......Here anyway.” She said,
“Let’s go inside.” My head was spinning, it had been a long time since a woman had come on to me like this, but I turned and she followed me in the back door to the laundry room. No sooner were we inside and we were kissing passionately and groping each others sweaty bodies, it was fucking hot I tell you. That kind of moment where two people just have to have each other, it was amazing. She made the first move and a bold one it was, she went straight down on me and pulled my gym shorts and underwear down to my ankles and went straight for my rock hard cock. I leaned back against the washing machine and watched her slob on my dick as if it was the one thing that nourished her, she took every inch of me down her throat and then flipped it up and lapped the bottom of my shaft like an ice cream cone. She was talking dirty too saying things like,
“Fuck yeah, I love your cock” and humming on it and moaning the whole time. I was thinking to myself goddamn this cock craving whore has been living next to me for two fucking years damn! She then worked her tongue along my taint and began to lick my asshole while stroking my cock the whole time and I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to take it before I had to blow my load so I kind of tried to back away from her amazing oral intensity and said,
“Baby if you don’t slow down you’re going to make me cum.” But that just made her work even harder and she said,
“Oh yes, yes, give it to me! Give me your cum I want it!” Stroking, deep throating, licking my balls and asshole, I just couldn’t take it any longer and I said,
“Oh fuck, here I cum!” She had certainly done a great job working a load out of me and she backed off my cock and opened her mouth just like a porn star as I unloaded the first stream across her nose and forehead, the second got in her eye, and the next three shot straight down her throat, as she smiled a satisfied smile and said,
“mmmmm, god that was so fucking hot”, and I was just splayed back across the washing machine, heaving, wondering what the fuck had just happened. I gathered myself and reached across to the dryer and grabbed out a clean towel to hand to her. She was lapping up all that she could with her tongue and then wiped the rest of the hot goo on to the towel as she said,
“Thank you!” And I said,
“Are you k**ding me that was amazing! I seriously need to return the favor. Please!”
She said,
“I think we both need a shower” as she was wiping the last bit of cum from her face.
“My boy is with his dad this weekend so why don’t you stop by in an hour or so?”
This sounded great to me and she headed out the back door with a little kiss on the mouth.

So I showered, put on some cologne, decent clothes, brushed my teeth, figured let’s make this a whole different experience, grabbed a bottle of wine, and headed next door. I knocked, and when she answered, it was not the sweaty cock craving whore that had just left my house, but this incredibly beautiful, sexy woman with her hair and makeup done, in a very form fitting black dress and heels that answered the door. I said,
“Wow”, that’s really all I could say and offered her some wine. We sipped our glasses and all the while just kind of looking each other in the eye and not saying much, and then in an instant, we were back in each others arms, making out like teenagers.
“You know I have wanted you since the day I met you.” I said She nodded her head yes as we continued to kiss.
“But you know I love my wife.” I said, and she replied,
“I just need you now.” She was just all too much and I wanted to give her the sex of her life so I made sure I paid attention to all the details. I unzipped her dress from the back and admired her as it dropped to the floor. She stood before me naked except for some sexy lacy panties. I kissed her neck and her earlobe, I rubbed her shoulders and caressed her fantastics tits without going straight for the nips, but then pinched them gently as I worked my hands down her flat tummy, kissing as I went. When I reached her soft pubic mound I brushed across it and teased a bit as I continued down her inner thighs, kissing and licking slowly. She let out a deep moan and as I came back up towards her pussy she pressed it against my face firmly and I could feel her wetness through her panties. She smelled fantastic and I couldn’t hold back any longer as I peeled those panties to the side and inhaled the sweet smell. I swear she almost gushed in my face as I saw a trickle of wetness down her leg and I dove right in, lapping up her sweetness. She responded to this with a deep moan and I pushed her back toward and on to the couch. I licked her pussy the same way she sucked my cock earlier like I needed it to live, and it wasn’t long before her deep moans became shallow pants and then.... she came. All over my face, not like a f***eful squirt but like a drenching wetness came flowing from her quivering pussy, it was something that I had never experienced before, and I lapped it all up, every last drop. As she was moaning and coming back from her orgasm she whispered,
“Fuck me” in my ear, and my cock was a raging monster as I entered her soaking wet pussy. I was ready to go and fucked her deep, hard and violently, giving her every inch and ounce of energy that I had and I’m telling you, she loved it. Her deliciously sopping wet pussy absorbed every thrust of my cock, and begged for more. It wasn’t long and she was entering her second mind altering orgasm and I continued fucking her through it until her eyes rolled back in her head and she could barely catch her breath. I eased off to a slow, rhythmic pace and she whispered,
“Did you cum?” I was like, no baby not yet and she whispered again,
“I want you to cum in my ass.” Well if a woman ever says she wants you to cum in her ass then you know damn well that’s what you’re going to do. She jumped up to the bedroom and brought back some lube and rubbed my cock down with it. Then she poured some on my fingers and I began to massage her asshole, slowly with one finger then two. We kissed deeply some more and I laid her on her back rather than from the back side I entered her tight little ass while looking deep in her eyes, which she closed and grabbed me tight as I sank deep inside her. After slowly accommodating her to my size she let out another deep, slow moan and I starting slowly pumping her tight ass getting a little faster and deeper with each thrust. The lube was working and she was not resisting so soon I was up to a faster pace and going balls deep in her tight little ass. And she was loving it. Every thrust she was grunting,
“Fuck.... Yeah....Fuck my Ass....Oh God....Fuck.... Yessss!!!” Her lustful reaction and the grip of her asshole around my cock and soon I knew I was to let her have it.
“You want me to cum in your ass right?”
“Yes please cum in my asssss!!!!” And with that I unleashed a huge orgasm of cum deep inside her and as I did, she came again for third time and her pussy convulsed even more juicy wetness down on to my cock and balls and her asshole clenched and released against my cock, draining every last bit of cum that I had, and we collapsed into each other.

I didn’t have to be at home that night since my wife was out of town so I laid next to this hot minx of a woman all night long, with her next to me and my cum leaking out of her ass. The next morning we awoke and the first thing she said to me was
“Don’t worry , this will be our little secret.”

And that was it. I put on my clothes and crossed the lawn to my house next door. Isn’t life grand?!

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Damn, that was so HOT!!!!
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Thanks Fletch, you're the man.
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Fucking HOT. I wanna come over... let's double-down on her together. GREAT story.
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nice one..
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nice, bro