Bi Fucking

I was hanging out with my buddy Jesse. We were bored so we decided to get high (like always). I have had dreams about him sucking me off before but i never thought of myself as gay or even being bi. I usually get really horny when i get high regardless of who im with. I was trying to adjust my raging hard on so it wasnt so obvious but it was so hard that it was starting to hurt. He noticed me "adjusting" myself and asked "dude what the hell are you doing." So i casually said "i have a boner and its one of those where its so hard it hurts, ya know?" So he said "Oh yeah that sucks man. Well why dont you just go and jerk off or whatever." So jokingly i said "What? Right here? dont say yes cause i will." We laughed it off, but he said "You can, you can go in the bathroom or whatever i dont care." Then he said "I kinda want to too." "Well lets just fucking jerk off then." i said.

With that we both pulled our dicks out threw some porn up on the tv and started jerking off on the couch. We caught each other starring at the other ones dick. We both reach out and gabbed the other on and jerked each other a bit. I let go and said "Idk man this is kinda weird for me, but you can keep going if you want." I was still so horny i started talking about how i wanted a blowjob so bad, from anyone as long as i could get off. He whispered "...Do you.. want me to?" I stood up in front of him and shoved my throbbing cock into his open mouth. He slowly sucked me down. He was pretty good at sucking, but i was still horny as anything. I said "Man i would love a slut to fuck the shit out of right now." With the pop of my cock coming out of his mouth he said "Yeah dude get some DP going." "Hahaha that would be fuckin hot man." He quickly got up grabbed his phone and called his friend (probably and old fuck buddy or something) and told her to come over. I couldnt believe it i was about to double team some slut.

As she arrived we had some quick introductions and soon she was on her knees. Naked, sucking both our cocks. Feeling our cocks rubbing together in her mouth was getting me so hot. She was a pro at sucking dick, she sucked our heads licked all the way up and down the shaft, even played with our balls the whole time. Before i knew it i blew my load right in her mouth and Jesse followed right after. We both looked at each other and we knew how fucking hot we all were. Both of us were still rock hard and we could tell how horny she was. Soon we had her bent over. Jesse fucked her pussy and she had my cock balls deep in her mouth. After a few minutes of sucking i said "I wanna fuck." So me and Jesse switched places. Her pussy was soaked, my cock being a bit bigger stretched her out a little. She moaned with Jesses cock in her mouth and me pounding her from behind. I fucked my cock hard and deep into her. She managed to spit out "Oh god yes!" before her throat was filled with cock again. We switched up again. She was riding Jesse hard and i stuck my cock between her lovely round tits for a nice titty fuck. I stood there watching them fuck for a bit then i decided it was time to fuck her up the ass. I got behind her ready to shove it in. As my cock hit her ass she yelled out "Ahhh no not in my ass." I said "Fine how about two in your pussy?" Jesse said "Oh yeah think about our cocks rubbing together inside you." She hesitated but gave in, she must have liked the idea after all. I tried forcing my way inside but she was just to tight for me to get it in there, "Fuck" I said a bit frustrated, then, watching them from behind i got an idea.

As Jesse fucked himself inside her i leaned over him and mouthed "i'm going to fuck your ass." His eyes grew wide, i readjusted myself to penetrate him. The girl asked what was going on and before she or Jesse knew it i had penetrated his tight little asshole. He groaned as i pushed in and the girl asked what was going on. But we all started fucking harder and harder, she seemed to be in a dazed from getting fucked so much from our cocks. She was close to cumming, and so were me and Jesse. All of us pounding, grunting, and moaning was too much for me. I shot a huge load deep inside Jesse. I f***ed my cock deep inside him as i came. That sent him over the edge too. I could see his balls pulsing from shooting his load inside her. She screamed out "Oh fuck! Dont stop i want to cum on your huge cock." Jesses dick shrunk quickly but i was still a bit hard so i pulled out of his ass and shoved myself deep inside her cum soaked pussy. I slid in so easily, feeling Jesses huge hot load inside her was getting me and her very hot. So i just fucked her as hard as i could and soon she was cumming on my fat dick. As her pussy squeezed around my dick i jizzed, for a third time, inside her. Jesse, trapped under us, got stiff again from our grunting and groaning and jerked off to us fucking on top of him. I soon felt his cock rubbing against my balls and her clit. He came quickly covering our underside with a big sticky cum load. We all collapsed in a hot mess on the floor.

Eventually we all got up cleaned off and headed out. We were all so bashful at the end, all embarrassed about how we all made each other cum so much and so hard. I will never forget this amazing sexual experience.
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Holy shit that is awesome!
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Wow, amazing story!
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Always fun!
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Great story!