Megan is a slut.

So on days off from my job ive been sitting around my house doing nothing. I had facebook open and i get a message from megan. We havent seen or talked in a while so we caught up and eventually lead to finding sometime to hang out. Well we were both bored that night and decided to hang out at my house. I was getting excited thinking about making her suck my cock again, but when i opened the door she had a friend with her. An innocent looking girl named rachel. She had a nice face good proportioned body, pretty but nothing too amazing. Megan introduced us and we went inside. After a while we got bored and popped in a movie. The girls sat on either side of me on the couch. About 220 minutes in i leaned over and said to Megan "Too bad shes here, i wanted to be in your mouth again." She shot me an angry look then smiled. She said "Well why dont you pull it out then." She knew i was hard thinking about having her on her knees. "I cant just pull it out." "Just do it." She said. Before i even had my zipper down she was on her knees in front of me. She ripped my pants the rest of the way down and my hard cock sprung out. "oh my!" exclaimed Rachel. "I told you it was big." said Megan as she started slowly massaging my cock. Rachel reached down and started playing with my balls, squeezing them gently. Megan started licking my head as Rachel dropped down in front of me and started sucking on my balls. Rachel moaned out "Ooooooh its so big and stiff." Which made me so horny that i started leaking pre-cum. Megan licked it up as the two girls pleasured my cock. "I love being on my knees." said Megan "yeah theres nothing like having a fat cock in your mouth." replied Rachel. I realized that the innocent looking girl was an even bigger slut than Megan was. They kept talking between sucking and licking about how much they loved dick. It was making me so horny listening to them talk about having some guy jizz all over the place after she had sucked him off. I knew i was about to cum all over the place. Rachel squeezed my balls and Megan jerked my shaft so perfectly together that i shot my huge cumshot high in the air before it landed back on their faces. Rachel sucked down my cock and said "He must have been saving up for us." Then winked at me before licking my jizz off Megans face. Megan agreed then did the same for Rachel. They both finished and quickly turned back to me. They made me me cum again. Almost as much as the first time. I cant believe how slutty and sexy those two are. I cant wait until next time.
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If only....
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great story
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very hot
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Nice story
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