Fucking his s****r

Last week i was at my friend Derick's house and we were bored and decided to drink a bit. We watched tv played some games usual crap to waste time. Eventually we went to bed. He went to his room and i went to the empty guest room. It was still kinda early so i wasn't that tired, but the booze always makes me horny. So i started playing with myself a bit until i was stiff as a rock. I slowly rub my cock, closing my eyes and letting my imagination wander. All of a sudden i hear the door creak open. I quickly stuff my dick back in my pants and pretend to be asl**p. Then i realized it was Derick's s****r who had come in, she must have been at a party or drank what was left of our booze cause she seemed d***k.

She climbed into my bed asking if i was awake. She climbed right on top of me and was grinding into my lap. Her rounded ass felt amazing on my already still cock. She felt how still i was right away and jumped off. As she pulled my shorts down my cock sprung out and hit her right in the face. She wrapped her hand around it moaned then shoved it deep in her mouth. She sucked me very hard, she seemed determined to make me cum right away. Then, just as i was about to shoot my load, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and slid them between her big soft tits. She was a pretty small girl but for some reason she had huge wonderful tits. I loved how good her big soft tits felt wrapped around my dick. I quickly shot my load between her breasts and up on to her face. She wiped it off then sucked it all down. before i knew it she was on top of me again but she had slip my dick inside her wet pussy. She rode me so hard i half passed out. When i woke back up she was cumming on my dick and moaning like crazy. After she came down from her orgasm she bent over in front of me and said "Now i want you to cum." So i got up and stuffed it into her from behind, i leaned down to squeeze her big tits as i fucked her good. My balls slapped her ass as we fucked for who knows how long. When i was about to cum i told her that i wanted to cum on her tits again she told me no. She wanted me to cum inside her. When i tried pulling out she just pushed harder into me. I guess i had no choice. So i pulled her as into me and fucked my cock as deep as i could inside her until i came deep in her pussy. I fell over and was ready to sl**p. She gave me a quick kiss and said "Thanks, i really needed that." Then she slipped out of the room and went back to hers. It seemed so surreal that i just passed out.

The next morning when i saw her and she acted like nothing ever happened. I guess thats that i said to myself. When Derick asked what i was talking about i just said nothing.
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1 year ago
just when you start to enjoy yourself..
2 years ago
Very good,,thanks
2 years ago
Lucky guy!