A guy sucked my dick.

I was really bored one weekend so i called around to see what my buddies were doing before i had work that day. Everyone was busy so i just headed into work. I am new at the place and it mostly k**s my age working there. I was talking to one of the k**s i had just met and we talked about how we had nothing to do. So after work we decided we were gonna go over his house and get high.

Work ended and we lit up. We were both high as fuck in no time. Now, im not gay or even bi but this just sort of happened. From his appearance he seems kind of feminine, so i asked him if he was bi or gay or anything. He said "I dont really know." and shrugged "Why? Are you?" I said no but then he asked "Well have you ever thought about doing anything with a guy?" I was a little surprised at his question but i was so high i just said what i was thinking, i couldnt really control myself. I just said "Well...not really but i guess just jerking another guy off or if a guy sucked me or something, but i wouldnt fuck or suck off another guy." he just said "Hmmm." and we smoked even more. By this point i had no control of myself we were both so fucking high.

Out of nowhere he said "Would you want to try something?" "Like what?" "Well if we jerked each other off..." his voice trailed off, i think he was embarrassed to ask. I stammered "Well...i...i guess we could try." We started off just feeling ourselves to get hard. His face was beat red as he asked "Should i pull my dick out?" i just said "yeah i guess." So we both pulled out cocks out at the same time. His dick was an inch or too shorter than mine but he wasnt a very big k** anyway. He was just staring at my cock as he slowly reached out to grab it. I turned towards him as he wrapped his fingers around my shaft. His small hands felt good as he gabbed me. He started jerking me very slowly, so i reached out and grabbed him in return. After jerking myself off so much i was used to how my cock felt, but his felt so small in my hand. But his cock was throbbing so much and it was so warm. I think he was gay, or at least bi, because from his dick i could tell he was really fucking horny. We just stood there jerking each other off. We never really looked at each other until he stared me straight in the eyes and started moving closer to me. I thought he was just adjusting his firm grip on my dick, but then he leaned up to kiss me. I backed off and asked what he was doing. "I really wanna make out, im so horny right now." I responded "I dont know, i just feel kinds weird about all this." But he leaned up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. The weed and his hand on my now throbbing cock had gotten the best of me. I pulled him close and we started making out for a while. After a few minutes i pulled back and said we shouldnt kiss anymore cause i was too horny. He asked if i was going to cum, i said maybe but i dont think getting jerked off like this will do it. His face turned beat red again as he blurted out "I could suck you dick." He quickly looked down and away as his hand stopped moving. I just stared at him and asked "Would you suck me off?" Face still red he looked up at me then dropped to his knees. He just stared at my penis for a minute or two then licked my head. I gave out a little moan cause i was so horny. He must have thought i wanted it bad (which at that point i REALLY did.) So he shoved my dick all the way in his mouth. I couldnt take it anymore it felt to good i couldnt even stand. I fell on to his beanbag chair, he immediately crawled between my legs and sucked me again. His tongue just slid up and down my hard cock as his lips swallowed me whole. I started thrusting my hips up into his mouth which he seemed to enjoy. All of a sudden he started moaning as he sucked me, i knew i was close to cumming. But he was moaning cause he had just shot his load. He just sprayed all his jizz all over himself without even removing his lips form my penis. He kept moaning as he sucked me, the vibration was to much so i moan "Oh fuck im gonna cum." He pulled my cock out of his mouth for half a second to say "jizz on my face." Then he took me balls deep back in his mouth. No more than 10 seconds later he pulled me out of his mouth and jerked me on his face. My hot sticky cum shot from my dick and landed all over his face. I closed my eyes and came so hard. It felt like i had been cumming for twenty minutes before my balls were finally empty. When i opened my eyes he was sitting on the floor with a huge smile on his face, Along with my massive cumload. "I dont think ive ever came that much in my life." Laughing he said "Thank you so much ive always wanted to suck a cock and get a big facial just like that." I chuckled and said "No problem." He leaned over and gave my dick one more big suck before it went limp. We got more high then i headed home.

Hope you enjoyed my story. :)
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1 year ago
enjoyed so much I am hard now. hope you went back! several times.
2 years ago
Me and a Friend Did that One Day After Work Out in the Garage was my 2nd Bi Experience.. It Was Hot...
2 years ago
A friend!
2 years ago
I've been fantasizing about suck a cock for years. I've taken up the ass a few times but I need it like this. Great story.
2 years ago
hot very hot
2 years ago
I did the same for a friend...
2 years ago
2 years ago
Well Done, a familiar story for me, but the mid 80's wa my time.
2 years ago
It was great, hope you followed up with him...he could be a "friend" for life!
2 years ago
Great story...thanks.