Fucking the School Slut.

During high school this girl was a fucking slut. She was always sucking cocks. People knew she liked having a big dick in her mouth. I always wanted to have her suck me off until i jizzed all over her face, but i never got the chance during high school. Near the end of this school year i got a facebook message from her. We chatted and flirted for a bit. I noticed that just the day before her relationship status was single, so i got stiff as a rock as i replied to her. Eventually we started flirting and ended up planning a day we could hang out.

She came to my dorm room and we sat on my bed and watched tv for a bit. After a few minutes we looked at each other and started making out. Her wet lips met mine as we pushed into each other. She climbed on top of me as we she started exploring my mouth with her tongue. I slid my hands down her body until they landed on her rounded ass. I pulled her into me pushing my rock hard erection into her hoping she would feel it thru my pants. After making for a while longer and feeling her nice soft tits she pulled away and said "I really wanna fuck." So i said "Lets fuck, then." We tore our clothes off as quickly as we could. Standing up in front of her naked she looked down and exclaimed "Wow your dick is big." Then she slowly started stroking my shaft as we kissed deeply.

Knowing she was a good cock sucker i told her to suck me off. She had me lie down as she took me deep in her mouth. The lips i had been kissing moments ago were now sliding up and down my hard cock. I couldn't help but push my stiff rod into her mouth even more. The way her tongue and lips slid over me together felt so good. The wetness of her mouth felt amazing as she sucked down my penis. She was a master and i knew if she continued i wouldn't be able to last, so i told her to get on top and ride me. She quickly jumped on top of me and positioned herself over my throbbing cock. It took a few tries to finally get myself inside her. For being such a cock sucking slut i was surprised to see her pussy was still very tight. She moaned "Oh God!" as she mounted me. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock very tight. Gradually she picked up speed as she started riding me. My hands went back to her ass as our lips locked again. I could feel her whole body grinding into me as my cock pushed deeper inside her. My dick felt amazing as she rode me in a way ive never felt before my hands moved to her nice soft tits as i pushed my tongue and cock deep inside her. She moaned feeling my hard dick hit far inside her pussy. I loved how sexy she was riding me like this while i felt her hot tits. I was ready to cum in no time. I could feel her hot body pounding down on me as i started moaning "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." She barely lifted off of me before my hot load started spurting all over the place. My streams of cum shot up and hit her pussy lips then shot all over my stomach and chest. I just kept cumming and cumming. I've never shot so much cum all at once. After a while we got cleaned up and fell asl**p together.

When i woke up she had her back to me. My morning wood was very hard and it was aching. I pressed my crotch right into her ass. She rolled over and started rubbing my cock through my pants. She still seemed half asl**p so i stuffed my hands down her pants and started playing with her clit. I fingered her and it wasn't long before she came. After coming down from her orgasm, she looked up at me and asked if i wanted to fuck again. Of course i did! she slowly climbed on top of me, pulled her pants down and i slid inside her. Her wetness and all her cum made it so easy to slide right into her. We started kissing again as she rocked herself on top of me. We were slowly grinding into each other as we kissed deeper and deeper. Soon i was thrusting up into her and she matched each thrust by grinding deeper into me. I wanted to cum inside her so badly, but i pulled out and shot my load all over her wet pussy. I squeezed her tits as she milked the last drops of cum from my balls. God i want to fuck her again ;)
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2 years ago
Great Story. I was lucky also and got to be
with the school "Slut". I gave Her a ride home from school. While I was driving She jerked Me off and when I started to "squirt" She swallowed My Load to avoid a mess. Just as she finished Me
I drove in front of Her house where Her boyfriend was waiting.
2 years ago
Nice, but you should have cu m in her mouth, that's what she really wanted, not the cum blasted all over her pussy and front. Good fuck no doubt!
2 years ago
OMG I'm jealous. I always wanted the school slut!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Did you do her in the ass? She likes it you know.
2 years ago
great story! that girl was gagging for it
2 years ago
2 years ago
:) !!
2 years ago
I like it very much.