Megan sucks my dick again.

So just like last time our families were up in our summer cottages. My cock had been throbbing all day watching Megan jumping around in her bikini. When i went swimming i tried to grope her again. Except this time i stood right behind her and started grinding my dick into her tight little ass. I made sure she knew i was horny as i groped her thighs and started feeling upward. She grabbed my hands to stop me and gave me the dirtiest, most sexy look ever. We quickly jumped out of the water and escaped our parents and the younger k**s. We decided the fastest place to go would be the woods behind her place (She was only 1 house away form the beach). So there we were standing in the woods, i pulled down my swimsuit as my erection sprung out. Without a word Megan dropped to her knees and gave my head a big wet kiss. Then she licked all the way up and down my thick shaft. She looked up at me with her big green eyes and said "I love sucking your big cock." Then she shoved me deep in her mouth. I had forgotten how good she was a sucking cock. I just stood still as she blew me there in the woods. Her tougne slid all over my hard shaft. She didnt stop for a second before rubbing my balls as she licked my head a few dozen times before swallowing me whole again. It was the greatest blowjob i have ever had. I was so horny i gabbed her hair and fucked my cock in to her throat a few times. She pulled back with a big gasp then went right back to chocking herself on my dick. Watching her gag on my cock sent me crazy i almost blew my load right in her mouth. I held back for a while longer before she started sucking me half way, rubbing my dick, and rubbing my balls. I couldn't take it anymore i didnt even have to try. I started cumming and cumming and cumming. String after string of my hot jizz filled her mouth. It quickly overflowed and burst out of the sides of her mouth. The rest shot over her face and down her bikini. She stood in awe at how much cum i had just shot. Then she looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back and said "Lets go get cleaned up." SO we headed back down to the beach with another great blowjob done.

I can't wait for the next one ;)
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1 year ago
Everyone needs a girl like Megan.