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I was at my friend marks house a while ago and i was going to sl**p over. Me and him had just hung around during the day and played video games at night. Usual stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. The next morning after breakfast i asked him if i could take a shower. So i went up to his room and stripped down to my boxers. When i was about to go to the bathroom i saw his mom walk out. She was about to shower. She was in some very plain and unrevealing underwear. Shes not a bad looking woman. Shes about 45 but still had a pretty nice body. Nice rounded ass, good sized boobs and a nice face. She was divorced and her ex wasnt around or anything. So, I asked how long she would be because i needed to shower. She said i dont know and took hers. I took mine after she had gotten out. Then i walked out of the bathroom.

She was standing at the end of the hallway and called me into her room. I was confused but walked right in. There she was naked and still dripping wet lying on the bed. I got hard instantly and she saw my raging boner right thru my boxers. She reached out and slowly began to stroke it. I was dumbstruck as i stood there while she worked on my dick. She looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and said "Fuck me. I need a cock deep inside me." She leaned backward on the bed lifting her legs in the air. I could see hot wet her pussy was and slowly went closer. "Come on!" She said. She was already soaking wet so i slid right into her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in closer. I was so horny from seeing her wet body i just started fucking her as hard as i could. She moaned quietly as i fucked her harder and harder. She grabbed my head and buried my face between her soft breasts. All of it seemed so surreal i just kept fucking her more and more. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock tighter each time i pushed in. It felt like her pussy was going to squeeze my dick off. I didnt know how long we had fucked or realize how horny she had been. She was cumming in no time, but said "Just keep fucking me." Her body was still wet and her pussy was soaked with her cum. It felt so good being deep inside her like that. I knew i was about to cum. She flipped herself around and said "Fuck my face until you cum down my throat." That made me 10 times harder, so i shoved my cock in her mouth and began thrusting. She massaged my balls and worked her tongue all over my cock as i facefucked her. She didnt gag once and just took my cock all the way in her mouth. It didnt take long before i felt my cum start filling her mouth. She quickly swallowed my cum as soon as it left my dick. When i had finished she moaned "Mmmm that was get out of my room." I left in a daze as i was still trying to process what had just happened. I went back to Marks room go dressed and headed downstairs. The day continued as if nothing had happened. the next time i saw Marks mom she acted like nothing had ever happened. But i really wanted to fucked her again...
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