Megans Blowjob

This happened last summer when i was up at my summer cottage. My f****y goes up every summer and we usually hang out with a few other families that do the same thing. We arent on the water but we have an aunt just down the street who is. So all the adults sit on the small beach and drink all day watching the younger k**s. The older k**s do whatever and hang out and stuff.

One day my b*****rs and i went down to the beach cause it was hot as shit out. When we got there we saw some people we had never seen before. Our cousins had some of their friends with them. Most of their friends were younger like them except the oldest. The oldest, Megan, was just a year under me. I was already excited, cause aside from f****y there werent a lot of girls around there. We were introduced and we all hung out that day. She had a nice cute face, a slender body which led to a nice rounded ass. She had nice round and perky tits. The friends were obsessed with Facebook so they added us that night. And sure enough Megan started chatting with me on there. We talked about the day and what we were gonna do tomorrow.

Eventually Megan asked me if i thought she was cute. I obviously said yeah, but then asked why. She said at the end of school some boy said she was an ugly slut. I did the usual thing guys do and comfort her so she didn't feel bad. She said thank and said i was cute too. I said thanks and mentioned we should hang out sometime... alone. She agreed right away. What i found out the next morning (via Facebook chat)is that she is a huge slut and had sucked many cocks before. We were basically sexting each other that entire morning. I said i liked her nice round tits and she asked how big my cock was. When i told her 7 inches she said she hadn't seen a guy with one that size before. I asked well how many guys have you seen? She said she didnt know(which means ALOT). I wanted her to blow me so badly.

So a bit after that everyone was down at the beach. It was a bit tough for me because i had a huge boner that whole morning and now i had to tuck it into my swimsuit. I know knew how Megan was a huge slut and i was determined to get her lips around my cock. While in the water i kept bumping into her pressing my hard cock against her soft ass. A few times i felt her give my cock a hard squeeze before swimming off with the others. My throbbing member couldn't take it anymore. I quickly swam up to her and asked if she wanted to head back. We quickly got out of the water and dried off. I told my parents we were going too get lunch. Megan whispered that she was hungry...for my dick.

The second we got to the cottage i started massaging her wet tits and i spanked her ass hard a few times. She reached down my swimsuit and started stroking my cock. She let out a small gasp and said "oh, you are really big!" I pushed her down to her knees. Without a word she took me all the way into her mouth. The way she sucked was unlike anything ive felt before. I couldn't help but thrust my dick into her mouth. Hearing her gag was a huge turn on. She pulled me out and moaned loudly before licking all the way up my hard shaft, then sucking me back down her throat. I felt her tongue sliding over the tip as she massaged my balls. She worked her tongue all over my cock. She pulled me out again to lick the pre-cum oozing from the tip. Then she quickly shoved it deep in her mouth again. She loved having my cock deep in her mouth. The way she was sucking i knew i wasn't going to last much longer. She could tell too and said "don't cum in my mouth. ok?" i said sure but i already knew what i was gonna do to her. She sucked me so hard and right before i was about to cum i pulled out and shot my load all over her face. I shot streams of my hot cum all over her face. She didnt have time to move, so i got to shoot all my cum right in her face. She screamed at me and said "What the hell?" i said you said not in your mouth. She calmed down and went to go clean up but i said wait. She looked so hot covered in my cum i was hard again right away. I asked if she could suck me off again she looked up at me and said "Fine, but don't cum on my face this time." I replayed "No problem." So she went back to work on my stiff cock. She massaged my balls and sucked my head. She was licking all over my head and pumping my shaft with her hand. Feeling her soft hands and wet tongue all over my cock felt so good. She took me deep in her mouth again and she gagged so hard on it. I knew i was going to cum in no time. She slid her lips up and down my shaft a few more times before i needed to cum. Right as i was cumming i grabbed her hair and f***ed my cock all the way down her throat. She was gagging loudly as i filled her whole mouth with cum. She was f***ed to swallow most of my cum. As i finished she fell backward i saw more cum still in her mouth. Seeing her with all my cum over her face and in her mouth was such a hot sight. If only i had a camera then. She looked up at me, I knew she was mad but before she said anything i said "You like it rough dont you? You little slut." She didnt say anything. She walked past me to go clean herself up in the bathroom. As she passed i gave her a hard spanked on the ass and said "Thanks for the BJ you little slut."

After all that we headed back to the beach as if nothing had happened. Hopefully next summer i can make her my little slut again ;)
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Very hot
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nice lil story