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[Story] Bikini Fuck

At the beach, just hanging around. Then i saw a gorgeous brunette, great slim body, tight ass wrapped in floral bikini. Her top hugged her tits together, they were almost popping out completely. I immediately introduced myself. Good thing i was wearing sunglasses because i couldnt stop staring. I quickly found out she was a huge slut. She was showing herself off to find a guy to fuck her senseless. I happily agreed, then she grabbed my hand and we headed for the changing rooms. Once inside she wasted no time dropping to her knees to suck my cock. She used her tongue to lick up and down the gir... Continue»
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Masturbation help

If you've watched my videos then you know i jerk off a lot. (And i dont record a lot of them) But does anyone have other ways of masturbating? Like a homemade fleshlight or something. Just another way of getting off. I'd like to hear what other people got and maybe try for myself.
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[Story] Musical Chairs (Not mine)

The party had been a good one. At one point there must have been 20 or 30 people milling around our house, talking and enjoying each other. As the night passed some of our friends left and others arrived. By 10 PM we were down to 4 couples. We had been sitting around making small talk and telling a few off color jokes when one of the girls suggested that we play some kind of party game.

Several different games were suggested and the teenage games were named. Spin the Bottle, Post Office, and such. One of the guys called out strip poker and then I said, "How about musical chairs, for adults?... Continue»
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Strange fantasy dream

So i had this dream and it gave me such a raging boner i felt i had to write it down.

Im at a party, everyone is wasted and having a great time. I had been dancing and flirting with some blonde chick who kept mentioning her friend and wondering where she had gone. Eventually we found her and went somewhere without a ton of people. As we were alone, the three of us start talking about sex and stuff. I had said how i usually get horny when im fucked up. The two girls giggled and asked if i was hard. I obviously was so they asked how big i was and i said do you just want to see it. They giggle... Continue»
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I Want to Fuck my Boss

I work at the deli in town and i usually see a fair amount milfs.(They do the food shopping mostly) And some are very sexy, some have clear nipple erections. But my boss a bit older than me but has a nice slim body and a pretty cute face. Lately ive just been wanting her. I want to bend her over and fuck her from behind until i explode deep inside her. I want to fuck her again and again. Also imagining her sucking my cock right before i jizz all over her face just makes my cock get so hard. Ive jerked off to her so many times already, and now will be one more.
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Link to a sexy ebonylap dance

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[Story] Bi Fucking

I was hanging out with my buddy Jesse. We were bored so we decided to get high (like always). I have had dreams about him sucking me off before but i never thought of myself as gay or even being bi. I usually get really horny when i get high regardless of who im with. I was trying to adjust my raging hard on so it wasnt so obvious but it was so hard that it was starting to hurt. He noticed me "adjusting" myself and asked "dude what the hell are you doing." So i casually said "i have a boner and its one of those where its so hard it hurts, ya know?" So he said "Oh yeah that sucks man. Well why ... Continue»
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Heard my b*****r and his GF fucking

I was just hanging out in my room. I got hungry cause i was bored and went to the kitchen. I hear a soft banging like noise and realized someone was in the shower. Then i started hearing faint moaning, and shortly after it got a little louder it quietly died down. Then i heard whispers and giggles from the bathroom and quietly walked away.
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[Story] Masturbating in the car

So i was driving home from work along the usual back roads to avoid traffic. It a nice day outside very sunny and warm. I start thinking about the busty girls i had seen at the beach the weekend before. My cock starts to get hard. I rub myself a bit through my pants and decide im going to jerk off when i get home. since i havent done it all day i knew i would shoot a nice big load. After another few minutes i cant take it anymore. My cock is throbbing in my pants, straining to get out. I unzipped my pants and my dick flew out right away. It slipped through the hole in my boxers. I didnt waste ... Continue»
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[Story] Megan is a slut.

So on days off from my job ive been sitting around my house doing nothing. I had facebook open and i get a message from megan. We havent seen or talked in a while so we caught up and eventually lead to finding sometime to hang out. Well we were both bored that night and decided to hang out at my house. I was getting excited thinking about making her suck my cock again, but when i opened the door she had a friend with her. An innocent looking girl named rachel. She had a nice face good proportioned body, pretty but nothing too amazing. Megan introduced us and we went inside. After a while we go... Continue»
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[Story] Fucking his s****r

Last week i was at my friend Derick's house and we were bored and decided to drink a bit. We watched tv played some games usual crap to waste time. Eventually we went to bed. He went to his room and i went to the empty guest room. It was still kinda early so i wasn't that tired, but the booze always makes me horny. So i started playing with myself a bit until i was stiff as a rock. I slowly rub my cock, closing my eyes and letting my imagination wander. All of a sudden i hear the door creak open. I quickly stuff my dick back in my pants and pretend to be asl**p. Then i realized it was Derick's... Continue»
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[Story] A guy sucked my dick.

I was really bored one weekend so i called around to see what my buddies were doing before i had work that day. Everyone was busy so i just headed into work. I am new at the place and it mostly k**s my age working there. I was talking to one of the k**s i had just met and we talked about how we had nothing to do. So after work we decided we were gonna go over his house and get high.

Work ended and we lit up. We were both high as fuck in no time. Now, im not gay or even bi but this just sort of happened. From his appearance he seems kind of feminine, so i asked him if he was bi or gay or any... Continue»
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[Story] Fucking the School Slut.

During high school this girl was a fucking slut. She was always sucking cocks. People knew she liked having a big dick in her mouth. I always wanted to have her suck me off until i jizzed all over her face, but i never got the chance during high school. Near the end of this school year i got a facebook message from her. We chatted and flirted for a bit. I noticed that just the day before her relationship status was single, so i got stiff as a rock as i replied to her. Eventually we started flirting ... Continue»
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Anoth Hot Video


Video of Brandy Talore with 2 big dicks.
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[Story] Megan sucks my dick again.

So just like last time our families were up in our summer cottages. My cock had been throbbing all day watching Megan jumping around in her bikini. When i went swimming i tried to grope her again. Except this time i stood right behind her and started grinding my dick into her tight little ass. I made sure she knew i was horny as i groped her thighs and started feeling upward. She grabbed my hands to stop me and gave me the dirtiest, most sexy look ever. We quickly jumped out of the water and escaped our parents and the younger k**s. We decided the fastest place to go would be the woods behind ... Continue»
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[Story] Marks MILF Mom

I was at my friend marks house a while ago and i was going to sl**p over. Me and him had just hung around during the day and played video games at night. Usual stuff, nothing out of the ordinary. The next morning after breakfast i asked him if i could take a shower. So i went up to his room and stripped down to my boxers. When i was about to go to the bathroom i saw his mom walk out. She was about to shower. She was in some very plain and unrevealing underwear. Shes not a bad looking woman. Shes about 45 but still had a pretty nice body. Nice rounded ass, good sized boobs and a nice face. She ... Continue»
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[Story] Megans Blowjob

This happened last summer when i was up at my summer cottage. My f****y goes up every summer and we usually hang out with a few other families that do the same thing. We arent on the water but we have an aunt just down the street who is. So all the adults sit on the small beach and drink all day watching the younger k**s. The older k**s do whatever and hang out and stuff.

One day my b*****rs and i went down to the beach cause it was hot as shit out. When we got there we saw some people we had never seen before. Our cousins had some of their friends with them. Most of their friends were you... Continue»
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Link to Facial Comp Video

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[Story] I'm on a boat.

This sexual adventure began on a cruise i went on last summer. The first 2 days of the 9 day cruise were boring. We didn't really do anything and i hadn't found any k**s my age yet. Until that night, i had found a whole bunch of k**s, same age, hanging out in the hot tub. I decided to join them, there were 4 girls, 2 guys, and then me. So we all hung out for the rest of the cruise. The night after i had met them, we were back in the hot tub again. Everyone was messing around splashing each other and stuff. Eventually one of the girls, Brooke, ended up sitting next to me. As things calmed down ... Continue»
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[Story] Roomate DP

Like my previous stories this happened one night after a typical college party.

Me, my roommate Matt, and Kelsey, an old friend of his, had all just been to a party and were pretty buzzed. We got back and it was pretty late so we decided to just go to bed. Matt ran off to the bathroom so i had been left alone with Kelsey. I flipped on the TV while we waited for Matt to get back. After a while Kelsey must have thought he was taking to long and started changing. She quickly slipped out of her clothes and into her pj's. I tried to make it look like i wasn't staring at her, but i definitely was... Continue»
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