lucky guy (part 1)

Ive been with my girlfreind may for around 3 years now,she was my fuck buddy until we decided we wanted a realationship.
Although we dont live together as i like to keep my apartment for a bit of space now and then.
After a while the sex dried up and we were more freinds than lovers which was nobodys fault it just turned out that way.
May had a daughter,a very spoilt daughter who was growing up quite quickly,Raynor was 21.
I had never thought of her sexually,that is until May asked me to decorate Rays room while she was on holiday as a suprise for her.
Then it happened.
I had to move Rays bed and as i did so i had to move a carrier bag with what looked like a box in it.
I was intrigued and had a peek inside,i was home alone so thought why not.
It was then that i got the shock of my life,in the box was the biggest vibrator i have ever seen in my life(even to this day).
I couldnt beleive it and whats worse was i couldnt help myself and i started to smell it!
God knows why,i was just intrigued.
I was in shock,first at my perverted behaviour and secondly wandering how the how the dildo would fit a young ladys pussy.
I tried to dismiss all perverted thoughts from my mind and put the box away and got on with the decorating,but this had set thoughts in my head.
100% (7/0)
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4 years ago
interesting start