Although I classify myself as a gay man, I have had sexual encounters with a handful of women, some more fulfilling than others. One of the horniest experiences I ever had was with a very sexy 19 year old girl and her 19 year old male work colleague, Mark. Her name was Jackie and she shared a flat with two gay friends of mine.

One Saturday night my two friends threw a party and as both of them worked in the theatre, needless to say, the guests were a pretty diverse bunch of people of both sexes and all persuasions. About three hours into the evening the party was in full swing with plenty of drinks already and still being consumed. There was a considerable amount of snogging going on: boy with girl, boy with boy and girl with girl. I had been hoping a full-blown orgy might develop, but sadly, that was not to be.

By the early hours of the morning most of the revellers had departed, leaving just the few of us who were staying the night at the flat. A smoochy record was playing (it might have been Barry White), two guys were crashed out in armchairs, our hosts had retired to their bedroom and Jackie and Mark were dancing very closely together in the middle of the room. I approached them to say goodnight as I was intending to get some much needed sl**p in the third bedroom that had been reserved for me. But Jackie stretched out her arm, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her and Mark. Without saying anything, she kissed me and soon our tongues were competing to see which one of them could reach the farthest down the others throat. I have to say I found her extremely sexy. She had the look of a young Audrey Hepburn about her and was very slim. A couple of minutes later the three of us were smooching together, going round and round slowly on the same spot in the middle of the floor. As I was kissing Jackie, I felt Mark's cheek suddenly against mine and his tongue was searching for my mouth. I was in seventh heaven - he was a very cute guy and I had been fancying him all night, not knowing whether he was straight, gay or bi. It now appeared that he was, at the very least, bisexual! As he and I kissed, I felt a hand groping my crotch and, looking down between the three of us, I could see both of Jackie's hands were feeling our ever-increasing bulges. I was getting extremely aroused and it was evident her ministrations were having the same effect on the 19 year old lad.

After a few minutes she whispered in my ear: "Let's go to my room". She whispered something in Mark's ear. It was obviously the same suggestion and we were soon in the privacy of her bedroom. There was a bit more three-way snogging, then Jackie's hands started undoing my trouser belt. I backed away slightly. "Let me watch you undress Mark" I said, sitting on the edge of the bed. She turned her attentions to the excited youth who was raining kisses all over her face and neck. His black trousers were opened up and slid down over his lovely rounded buttocks encased in a pair of tight white briefs. I shifted along the bed a bit so I now had a profile view of the couple. The bulge at the front of his briefs strained to burst through the material. Jackie's hand cupped the bulge and started stroking it; his hands were now inside the front of her top and fondling her breasts. I was doing my own fondling, playing with my now fully erected cock.

I stood up and moved behind Jackie. My hands slid her jeans down, revealing a pair of sexy see-through panties. One of her hands reached behind her, unzipped my trousers and fished inside my underpants. As I felt her hand wrap round my throbbing cock I looked over her shoulder and down between her and Mark and saw that her other hand was stroking his now exposed prick. It was as hard as mine, quite long and slender with a nice loose foreskin which Jackie was rolling back and forth over his helmet.

My hands were equally busy, one of them pulling her knickers to one side as the other one prodded and probed through a luxuriant growth of pubic hair. I felt the moistness and sunk two fingers into her cunt. She reacted quite violently to this, bucking forward and letting out a little squeal. She turned round to face me, kissing me frenziedly, both hands now cupping my cock and balls.

Not wishing to see Mark left out in the cold, the hand not busy pleasuring Jackie took over from hers on his dick and I felt it pulsating in my grasp. Suddenly, Jackie was down on her knees and I felt a delicious warm mouth engulf my rock-hard horn. She deep-throated it a few times then took Mark's equally rock-hard weapon in her mouth. This continued for quite a few minutes, then she climbed on to the bed and got down on all fours. "I want you both to fuck me, but don't cum inside me" An impatient Mark was first on the bed and knelt down in position behind her. As he pulled her panties down, I climbed on to the bed beside them. I reached up between his legs and grasped his hungry cock, guiding it into Jackie's equally hungry twat. He slid in balls deep, they both let out sighs of gratification and he started giving her full length strokes. I added to his pleasure by gently fondling his bollocks as he fucked her, though as his speed increased, I found it difficult to keep hold of them.

I turned over on my back and slid underneath Jackie who was still on all fours. I lifted my head and took one of her tits in my mouth, sucking on the erect nipple, then changing to the other breast and sucking that. My hand crawled down her body and found her hairy pussy. I could feel Mark's prick against my fingers pounding away inside her as I located Jackie's clit and started massaging it. I brought her to her first orgasm and my fingers were soaked. As Mark did an outward stroke I grabbed his length and he came out of her. Now he was fucking my cunt-juicy fist.

"My turn" I said and we changed places. Jackie turned over on her back and i slid into her in the missionary position. As I had done to Mark so did he return the compliment and I felt his hand fondling my balls as I pounded her. The situation was so horny I knew I wasn't going to hold out much longer. I pulled out of her, saying "I'm going to cum if I keep this up". Mark was kneeling beside her face and she was sucking his cock. She pulled it away and said "I want you both to cum on my breasts. Wank each other off over them". What a proposition! I knelt astride her waist, Mark shuffled closer to me so our throbbing cocks were hovering over Jackie's tits. I took hold of his prick and he took hold of mine and we both started stroking. With the added stimulus of Jackie's hand under my balls (her other one, needless to say, was fondling Mark's) I felt my orgasm approaching. A few more wanks from Mark's fist and I exploded, dumping a healthy load over Jackie's right boob. This must have triggered Mark off. He threw his head back, let out a yell, his body stiffened and the first jet of spunk cannoned out of his helmet-eye, across Jackie's torso without touching her, and splattered on the floor beside the bed. Still tossing him off, I quickly guided his prick downwards and this time he hit the target, giving her left tit a real glazing with several more spurts.

I must admit, Marks spunking put mine to shame, but between us we liberally coated Jackie's breasts and neck. To show our appreciation we both finished her off to another shattering orgasm with our fingers, Mark's on her clit, mine buried into her cunt.

The next morning, when Mark had left, Jackie told me that before last night's encounter, the 19 year old boy had been a virgin. Wow! He certainly had an initiation to remember!

COMING SOON: Mutual Masturbation With Jackie.
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4 years ago
Great story (he said, cock in hand)
4 years ago
Very nice. brings back some great memories!
4 years ago
Great story, loved it!
4 years ago
exactly my fantasy
4 years ago
Very hot
4 years ago
top storie