This story follows on from: My First Bi- Experience.

After my horny session with Jackie and Mark at the party I decided I needed to sl**p and subsequently crashed out in the bedroom my friends, our party hosts, had sorted out for me. I stripped off to my underpants and slid between the sheets. I slept very well and with no alarm clock to wake me would probably have still been in the arms of Morpheus well into the Sunday morning. But I was awakened by a body slipping in my bed beside me. Then I felt a hand gliding over my briefs and gently cupping my semi-hard bulge (well, it was early morning and I usually woke up in that state anyway!).

At this moment in time I had no idea who it was giving me such a pleasurable alarm call - was it Mark, was it Jackie, or perhaps one of the other left-over guests from the party? I f***ed open one eye, turned my head sideways and was greeted by the smiling face of the 19 year old girl I had enjoyed a hot three-way session with the night before.
"Good morning" she whispered, then her hands got down to some serious work. One of them fished inside my briefs and gently grasped my now fully erect prick. Her other hand pulled the waistband of my pants down and under my balls. The hand stayed there and fondled my bollocks as the other one stroked up and down my cock.

I laid on my back, eyes closed and submerged myself in the sensations her ministrations were providing. They were so pleasurable I knew I wasn't going to last long. I was right. Her grip was high up my shaft, just under the ridge of my helmet and each downward stroke rolled the foreskin off my knob, then back over it with each upward stroke. It only took a minute of this and I felt myself near the brink. I stretched my legs down the bed, my stomach muscles tightened and I arched my lower half upwards, letting out a groan. My spunk shot out of my cock all over my navel and up to my chest - and no doubt all over Jackie's hand. She kissed me lightly on the mouth and left the bed without saying anything. I went back to sl**p, still soaked in my own jizz.

I was to encounter Jackie on two more occasions and discovered her main thrill was mutual masturbation, more so than fucking. She also loved watching guys toss themselves off while she frigged herself. This is what happened on our next meeting. I had been visiting my two gay friends one evening and was thinking about leaving when Jackie returned home from the cinema. The boys went off to bed as they both got up early for work, leaving me to chat with their female lodger.

I asked Jackie if she'd had any more sexual encounters with her 19 year old apprentice hairdresser colleague. She told me that she had, including a risky occasion when she had wanked him off in the stock room after work and was nearly caught by one of the other hairdressers who had come back to the salon to pick something up she had forgotten. Jackie said how much she had enjoyed our threesome at the party and I thanked her for pleasuring me the morning after.
"I love doing it to a man" she said, "I love the feel of his hardon in my hand and the power it gives me knowing I'm in control."
"Christ!" I said, "You're turning me on again, you randy cow. I'd better go."
"Can I watch you wank yourself off before you go?" asked Jackie.
"Only if you bring yourself off at the same time." I replied.
"OK" said Jackie, undoing her belt and hoiking her jeans down, then kicking them off. She unpeeled her tee-shirt and sat down in the armchair in just her bra and panties. By now I had removed my jeans and tee-shirt and stood facing her in my briefs. I was about to lower them, but she asked me not to.
"I want to see your hardon inside them while you play with yourself."

I started fondling my rapidly stiffening cock through the pale blue material, watching her eyes focused intensely on my crotch. She had one hand on her tits, stroking them, the other one was inside her panties. I could see her knuckles through the flimsy, semi see-thru material working away on her clit. My cock was now at full mast and I slid my pants down. My prick sprang out and pointed rudely at her. She like what she saw. She stretched out her hand that had been fondling her breasts and cupped my hanging balls, making me shudder with pleasure. She squeezed them a little then released them and returned to her boobs. Jackie removed her bra. I liked her tits. They weren't very big, but they were a nice shape, very pert and her nipples were hard.

My right fist was gripped tightly round my dick, my left one stroking my balls. I slowly peeled my foreskin back from the purple head, watching her eyes again as they stared lasciviously at the sight before her. I started slowly wanking myself, my legs apart as I stood about a foot in front of her. She raised her bum off the armchair and slid her knickers down. The hairs surrounding her cunt glistened with moisture. She was as excited as I was. Two fingers buried themselves between the lips and she started frigging herself. As my strokes speeded up on my cock I asked her: "How many guys have you done this with?"
"Quite a few."
"Any really big cocks?"
"One or two. One of my customers is a hunky married guy who chatted me up one day and we ended up in his car. We found a quiet place and I wanked him off in the back seat. He was enormous!"
My strokes got faster, my balls were churning now.
"Did he cum a lot?" I panted.
"All over the place," she said, her fingers working her pussy more furiously. "He shot right up my arm and made a hell of a mess on his trousers. I hope he got cleaned up before he went home to his wife."
My knees were beginning to buckle with the excitement of it all.
"I'm getting close," I said.
"Spunk on my tits," she said.
Fuck! But I loved it when she talked so dirty.
"Go on - work that clit, you hot bitch! I want you to cum when the first spurt of my spunk spatters over your tits."
"Oh my God!" she squealed as her fingers almost became a blur, working her clit and cunt at the same time. As her orgasm took over she wrapped her legs round my hips and pulled me towards her just as I was unloading. My cock was only about three inches from her breasts as the first jet hit her in the cleavage. I directed the second and third spurt on each of her tits. She was quite a mess by the time I'd finished. And she had made quite a lot of noise in the process. To such an extent that one of my friends came out of his bedroom to see if Jackie was alright. He saw me, virtually astride her, a string of semen connecting the head of my still hard cock to her left nipple. He was quite taken aback.
"You dirty fuckers!" he said. "You could have told me what you were doing and I'd have come out and watched."
Then he went back into his room.
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nice sequel - ready for a wank now ...
4 years ago
thank you, now my cock is hard again and I can jerkoff
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