At the beach

There's a beach that often go to that is clothing optional.
This one visit, I went to the dunes and found an attractive guy all spend out naked. I went over and without any problem started to play with his cock. He loved it. I striped and jerked his cock till it was really hard, then it was time to suck it.
What a nice hard cock and he started to fuck my mouth.
Just then I could see out of my eye something and it happened to be so beautiful woman.
She was watching me suck this guys cock.
She came over and took her cloths off and started masturbating. My new freind was unaware as I was giving him a great blow job.
I tryed my best to suck and watch this women fuck herself.
My cock was so hard, I hard to fuck something.
I had a better idea.
I told by blow job guy to fuck me. At this point he saw the older womand and just when for my ass.
He started fucking my ass and I aske the woman to come over so I could eat her pussy.
She did and it tasted so good.
She stopped me and presented her pussy for me to fuck.
So, I'm getting fucked in the ass and I strat fucking her in her shaved cunt.
It was hard to keep the rythum, but we did.
Next I feel a load of cum in my ass. Oh it felt great.
So great I blew my load in my new female friends cunt.
She loved it.
THen she told me she wanted to suck the cream from my ass and my ass fucking buddy could eat the cum from her pussy.
We had dinner, except I didn't get any cum at that point.
I didn't realise that some other guy had been in the bush's watching and strocking his cock and hadn't blown his wad yet. I saw him a told him to come over right away and let me suck him. He did and as the other 2 watched and masturbated, I had this guy cum in my mouth. So much that I couldn't take it all.
My new guy and girl helped me eat it all.
I love the beach and clothing optional means fucking ass and pussy.
When I walked back to my vehicle, I saw 4 other couples, gay and straight have all kinds of fun. I stopped to jerk off watching this young girl getting fucked you this guy that was hung like a horse. I couldn't have taked this one in the ass or even sucked it, it was so big.

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3 years ago
I have got to find a nude beach to go to.