Office sex

Years ago, I got together with my bother and we went on a terror. At the bar we met up with some woman he knew from the pass and her girl friend.
After several drinks we went back to the girl friends place.
We drank some more and were have a good time and then my b*****r and the chick he knew disappeared.
I was with this attactive 30 something brunette, great body and me horny as hell.
We got into it and she said lets go up stairs to her bedroom. Once there all the cloths came off and she went straight for my cock. Man, she could suck.
I switched things around so I could eat her pussy and she continued to suck me cock. After awhile I said I wanted to fuck her and she presented her cunt missionary and proceeded to fuck her like crazy.
Within no time she was bucking like a bronco and came. I wasn't there yet and keep pumping away. Her pussy clamped on to my cock and with in seconds I was cumming in her like there was no tomorrow. What a time.
We settle down wrapped around each other naked bodies and rested.
Well, when we were talking earlier, she mentioned she need a job.
I needed an employee. I hired her. The first week of training was interesting.
We spend time going over the products and then her hand was on my croch kneading my cock.
I had a private office, so as I got hard, I took my cock out and she started sucking it. This was great, the fantasy come true, getting blown in your office.
Once I blew my load, that was the end of training for the day. She went home.
The next day was similar to day one. We went over products and within no time my cock was in her hand and she was jerking me off.
This time I took her cloths off and sat her on my desk.
Lowered myself and started to eat her wonderful pussy. She was bucking again against my tongue and mouth. She came right away.
I was as hard as I've ever been and stuck my cock in her pussy.
It was so wet and warm. We fucked for a very short time, before I came.
She had another short day at work.
The following day we didn't even look at products, we just fucked, sucked and I ate her pussy.
This went on for a week and when she finally had to work I found out she as useless.
Having to fire her was a tough discision. I have missed the daily fucking and sucking not to mention that tasty wet pussy. Don't get me wrong, she was a really nice person.
It was her ass or mine and as great of an ass she had, I had to let her go.
The next one I hired was stickly business. Too bad.
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4 years ago
Good story see you can't mix sex and employees it dos'nt work but give her an apartment and ou can have her every day with no problems. Thanks