Glory hole

As I posted before, I travel alot on business.
I had driven by this adult store a few times and decided to go in.
They had the usual items on sale, from videos to toys and mags.
There was an entrance to a back room with a guy at the counter selling tokens.
I bought 5 buck worth and entered. It was very dark and it took awhile for my eys to adjust to the darkness. That's when I could see that there were small video rooms lining the walls and what was creepy was a bunch of guys standing around in the dark.
I soon found out why. I entered one on the booths and popped in the tokens. The screen lite up and you could chose form about a dozen videos. Gay, TS, Lez, straight hardcore etc.
There were also 2 glory holes on the wall.
After inserting the tokens, I droped my pants and started stroking my cock. I switched from video to video, enjoying them all.
I could see someone in the booth next to me doing the same. That was exciting, about a foot away on the other side of the wall was some prev masturbating just like I was.
I watched the videos and the guy next to me.
Then a finger came throught one of the holes, but being a newbie, I didn't know what this meant. I just continued to jerk off until I came.
I left right away thinking I'm not going to do that again, but later I thought that was kind of fun.
I visited this place a few more times when I was in town.
By now I understood the finger invite through the hole. I did the usual, putting in the tokens, droping my pants and watching the different videos and the guy next door. On this one occation I though what the hell, a blow job is a blow job and I stuck my cock through and this guy start to give me fantastic head.
Before I was going to cum in his mouth, I pulled out and finished myself off. It was great.
I turned to the other wall and there were two more glory hole to the booth on the other side. I saw another guy jerking off.
I thought what the hell, when in Rome...
I motioned this guy to offer me his cock and without hesitation, there it was.
First I stroked it for a bit, then I took his cock in my mouth. This was my first time sucking a cock and it was pretty good.
I must have been a good first timer, because this guy didn't last long and pulled away and shot is cum all over. Some even shot through the hole.
He quickly pulled up his pants and bolted.
The thought, getting off with someone you don't know and will never meet face to face is really exciting in it's self.
I doesn't matter what they look like, as long as they want to suck or be sucked.
This is something I do once in awhile to get off for cheap, but I will have to tell the story of the mature female flight attendant some other time.
Hope you enjoy this true story. Comment if you wish.
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2 years ago
Well Done.
4 years ago
Oh yeah, loved it man. If you've taken the time to read my glory hole story, then you know just how much I truly love glory holes and sucking off nice, big, thick, horny, cum filled, stranger cock through them!!! You are so right when you speak of how exciting and exhilarating it can be to suck off and or be sucked off through a glory hole. To this day it's nearly impossible for me to NOT go into an adult book store if I happen upon one while traveling around. Well, maybe I should put that a bit differently... It's nearly impossible for me to NOT search and seek out an adult book store, with hopes of it having tons of big glory holes and tons of big man cocks being shoved through them when I'm traveling around.. HAHA. :)
4 years ago
Hey yoyu sound like my first time thanks
4 years ago
Got me horny. Had some great glory hole experiences years ago, good fun.
4 years ago
Good story liked it
4 years ago
great story love sucking in a glory hole