Getting caught

Firstly, I'm in my 50's and travel alot. Maturbation is my biggest stress releaver.
At home I get sex once in awhile and it's just OK.
On the road I have found a friend that will suck and fuck anytime.
His name in Gerry.
Gerry was visiting town and we met up for a few drinks. My wife was seeing some friends that evening and was expected home till midnight.
Feeling horny, I invited Gerry back to my house and we drank some more.
As this went on, I got bolder and striped off my cloths and sat naked with my friend. He came to me right away and started sucking my cock.
I tld him to get nude and he did. He returned to sucking me while strocked his cock nice and hard.
We were so caught up in the moment that we didn't hear the door open and the wife walked in while I was stroking Gerry and he was sucking my cock.
I saw her and almost shit myself. I'd been caught.
Gerry got up quickly realizing something was wrong and saw my wife. He grabbed his cloths and tried to make a quick exit, but she stopped him.
She grabbed his still hard cock, brought him over to me and told me to suck it.
I couldn't believe what was going on.
I thought I was fucked and not by Gerry or my wife, if you know hwat I mean.
I did as I was told and started sucking Gerry's now semi hard cock and in no time he was rock hard.
I looked up at my wife and she looked back an said " how long have you been sucking cock", I stopped for a moment of sucking and told her.
She smiled and asked if I took it in the ass, I said yes.
She told me to scomtinue to suck and as I did, she started removing her clothes.
Next time I see is her naked and walking out of the room. I didn't know hwat to do, nor did Gerry.
Within seconds she returned with a tube of lube in her hand.
Again she told me to continue sucking, but as I did this, she squirt some lube on her hand and smeared it on my ass hole.
If felt fantastic.
Gerry was still hard, so she grabbed him this time by the balls and directed him behind me. She told him to fuck me. He hasitated for a second, but because we were both in deep shit, he did what he was told and eased his rock hard cock to my ass.
My wife on the other hand, move around so her pussy was right in front of my face.
She told Gerry to fuck me and for me to eat her.
We both did as we were told and as soon as Gerry entered my ass I almost came. but didn't.
Eating my wife with a dick up my ass was unbelievable.
This when on for awhile and Gerry told us both that he was going to cum.
She told him to cum on my face, which he did. All the hot cum squirting all over my face.
My wife told him to lick off the cum that I didn't get in my mouth and he did.
After that was done Gerry and I looked at my wife wondering what was going to happen next.
She told use that now I had to fuck Gerry.
Within no time I was in Gerry's ass fucking away and ready to blow my load.
She told me to do the same to him as he did to me and lick the cum off his face.
I came and licked all the extra cum off of him.
Right there and then she began sucking on Gerry's cock and finguring his ass.
I couldn't believe what was going on.
She told me to stroke my cock so that I would get hard and in no time I was.
She then told me to lie on the floor and lowered her really wet pussy on my now hard cock.
We fucked and she sucked.
When she came and I still hadn't she got off and told me to get in a 69 with Gerry. I did and we both came in each others mouths.
We got up cocks dangling and waited for her to speak.
She finally said that she had an idea that I was fucking some guy and she was so happy that she caught us.
We were so relieved in more ways then one and then she told us that this was the most sexual fun she's had in her life.
She likes being the boss and wants this to be an at least once a week party.
We Gerry and I relaxed and said of course we would.
We will start our get togethers next week.
Gerry has a fuck buddy chick that he wants to get involved down the road.
Can't wait.
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4 years ago
Love it, wish my wife were so understanding and eager to join in my Bi fun.
4 years ago
Hott story got me very hard
4 years ago
Good story , do let us know what happems the next time the 3 of you get together
4 years ago