Glory Hole

I discovered a pron shop that had a back room with private booths. Bought my tokens and when in. They had to sides ( as I found out why ). One side was private and the other side had glory holes in the booths. All had a great varity of videos with several channels to choose.
I first when into the side for my privacy so I would drop my pants and play with myself. Sometimes I would her some guy saying he wanted to suck my cock, but would ignor him and keep stroking. I would make lots of noise on perpose slapping away.
I would cum on the flood and leave quickly.
After several visits, I decided to try the dark side.
Going in, sitting down, inserting the tokens and watching the porn on the tiny screens.
Droping my pants to stroke my cock was fun, but when I looked through the holes in the walls there were a guy on each side doing the same.
The first time, this guy stuck his finger through the hole, but I didn't know what it meant, so I asked him and all was silent.
Next time the same thing, I was in the booth watching the other guys playing with them selves and me with my pants down stroking my cock, when the figure motioned me again. this time I figured, what the hell and I stuck my hard cock through the hole.
Wow, these lips took my cock and sucked me to a fantastic cum shot.
I quickly pulled up my pants and left.
Next time I went through the usual, but after watching guys stroking on either side of the walls through the holes I decided to try it.
I motioned with my finger at the hole and sure enough a nice hard cock was there.
I started by stroking it, getting the feel for the first time I'd ever handled a cock other then my own, the I thought it's time and I put it in my mouth.
I started to give this guy a blow job. I had never done this and I thought I was getting really good, because in no time he withdrew and spewed all over his booth.
I turned a did the guy on the other side he did the same thing. Came all over.
I was a bit disappointed, because I had never tasted a load. I was reluctant to do so, but if it happened I woulded have a choise, I would have to take it.
The guys that came, left and they were replaced by others. Sinse I hadn't cum yet, it was my turn. In no time I had my cock through a hole an a guy was giving me one fantastic blow job.
I was about to cum, but I pulled away.
The I stuck my cock in again and he jerked me off.
I tell you, if you want to get off and not feel bad afterwards or look anyone in the face, this is the best way to go.
Still haven't had a mouth full on cum, but that will cum.
Also, reading stories, on xhamster, I may offer up my ass to get fucked.
Don't know if I can do this yet ( have had dildos up my ass ), but I'm open minded.
I hope you enjoy this and jerk off for me.
89% (35/4)
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2 years ago
The first taste will make you go back!
4 years ago
glory holes...a teenagers best friend!
4 years ago
any boothes like this in thee u.k anyone?
4 years ago
Yeah had a good wank for this! Would love to fuck a guy through a gloryhole!
4 years ago
i jerked off
4 years ago
i jerked off too this :D
4 years ago
dam good i hope tere more to come and yes i did jack off think s
4 years ago
Dildos are vine but when you have the real thing you will find it very a=hard to go back to a dildo the voice of experence thanks