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White gurly male,cd/tv, dick gurl:) 5'8',170lbs, blue eyes, three tats, average build, little-no body hair, nice size package and a clean hungry hole. I enjoy anything from gentle erotic play to kinky wild play. I can be an angel or a naughty lil devil depending on my mood. I love to give oral. I also enjoy role play, light bondage, blindfolds,toys,anal play, anal sex, strap ons, taking pics and videos, cross dressing, sexy clothes, high heels, water sports, and much more. Open to males, females, couples, trannies, cd's and groups. I'm just a horny little gurl, what can I say :). I do love my sister gurls most of all though.
love n kisses, beth

Wow, I thought I made it pretty obvious but I was wrong. To clear the air, yes I am a male that wishes he was a female. Every chance I get is spent dressing and acting as a g I would love to be a full time gurl, maybe one of you multimillionaires I keep seeing on here would like to help me with that ;). If you no longer want to be my "friend" I will pout, but understand.

To my friends.... kisses, licks & nibbles.

A note about invites.....

I look at every ones profile before I accept or deny an invite, I really do. If you don't have an avatar pic, preferably one of yourself, chances are I will deny it. If you don't have any content, pics, videos, favs, or have never made a comment, chances are I will deny it. I like exchanging comments with friends so if you have hundreds or thousands of friends and never make comments I will deny your invite. If you're only here for the porn that's cool (I like porn;), but if you want to invite a bunch of friends why not put a lil effort into it, right? wrong? I don't think anyone reads down this far. I could probably keep saying blueberries blueberries blueberries and nobody would know it:).


"They call me a slut, they call me a whore, but they call me and call me and call me..."

*I keep getting messages, everyone wants to see more videos. I try to keep all my fans happy, I post videos and pictures every chance I get but thanks to our friends at hamster my last two videos were deleted, four total since I've been here grrrr. I feel your pain, I really do. I will keep trying and I hope you keep the comments coming, you know how to make a gurl feel good. Love you all xoxoxo *

Oh and by the way...blueberries:) So I've gotten a few e-mails about this, I should probably just make a blog post instead of making my profile even longer but whatever it's my profile and who's gonna read down This far:) so.... "What's the deal with blueberries anyway?" "Strawberries are better." First of all you kinda missed the point but...I happen to love strawberries, mixed with blueberries and a lil whip cream on top, and on my cereal and a few other ways too;) but anyway..... I think blueberries kinda rolls off the tongue better, and if you say it like 20 times really really fast it kinda sounds like boobies:) and boobies are pretty awesome. I love boobies. So there:) blueberries.

"You will find a girl prettier than me, smarter than me, and funnier than me, but you will never find a girl just like me. “Unknown”"

**UPDATE** OK I didn't think I'd have to put something like this here, but I was wrong.... Any of my "hamster" friends can add my pics or vids to their favs if they want to (and I'd be flattered you'd like them enough to do so)but you are not allowed to re post them as your own, or use them in any other way without my permission... that is just wrong, childish, pathetic. I mean really, post your own damn pictures!***

Warning: blah blah blah, this page will self destruct in 30 seconds.

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3 hours ago
Thanks for the add Beth sweetie , kisses !!! XXXXX
1 day ago
thanx hon:)
2 days ago
Nice profile sweetie!! :) XXXXX
4 days ago
brrrr,..... the best way for the hot masterbation session!!!!!! in a warm house!!!
6 days ago
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___________________u r so sw
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¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨)
(¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥ You are soooo SEXY!! ♥.-´¯`-
7 days ago
A lot of thanks for your nice comments on my pics, cutie... I'm flattered.
Receive a wet and hot kiss where you prefer!.
8 days ago
Thanks for the add
10 days ago
thanx hon:) love yours too. xoxo
11 days ago
Spectacular... as ever!.
I love your profile, kisses from your friend, Cristina.
15 days ago
ohhhh I adore all your masturbations!!!!!
19 days ago
Thank you for the add sexy :)
20 days ago
Thank You for add
20 days ago
hi thx for adding. you are perverted cd that your art turn we crazy. my bitch Hammy and i cuckold bi Leon, both kiss you hot.
21 days ago
Sweet Beth for your sweet comments, I went back and fav'd every pic I commented on. Love you. Sam.
26 days ago
thank you:)
26 days ago
Great pictures, you are one sexy girl. Love the blonde look
27 days ago
Here's hoping you have a fun, frolicsome, and fantastic New Year!
27 days ago
Happy New Year to you too sweet Beth...I luv your vids and wish you would make another ;)~~~~~
27 days ago
thank you Sir, your comments always make me smile. kisses
28 days ago
Thank you! *hug* Happy New Year!! :)
28 days ago
Happy New Year to you also, beth. May you enjoy Health, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity and Love, now, and always.

Spanks and kisses,

Master Padraig.

29 days ago
soo beautiful
1 month ago
Love your eyes sweety!!!
1 month ago
Love your vids! Boobies and strawberries are awesome
1 month ago
Loved your galleries and videos, you are such a sexy gurl!
1 month ago
Hey, I love your 'sexy bitch' vid! So hot!!x
1 month ago
wow you sexy sexy girl. mmm. i will shoot a big load looking at you
1 month ago
you are too sweet, thank you:)
1 month ago
You are perfection. So pretty. So sexy.
1 month ago
Crazy!sexy!cool! xx
1 month ago

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