The Power of Pantyhose

Any man or woman for that matter who has a pantyhose fetish certainly knows that there is a power in pantyhose that is hard to explain. I know this even though, I am a woman of a mere 32 years of age. But I'm married to a man who absolutely adores me and all women in pantyhose. His fetish is so strong that even a man in pantyhose is appealing to him.
He's 33 and has been a life long admirer and wearer of pantyhose. Until I met him, pantyhose was just something that women and girls wore, there was no sexual connection attached to pantyhose.
That changed when I met Tony. I was 19 and a swimmer, he was 23 and a rugby player. He said he noticed me in a skirt, with tan pantyhose, T-shirt and flats. He said my legs mesmerized him. I'm 5' 3 127lbs, with strong legs and toned butt. He was 6' 2 220 lbs, mostly muscle.
He was so nervous when we first met, I noticed he would steal glances at my legs quite frequently. I've never had a man do that, usually it's my breasts(was and still is a 34c in case you were wondering).
As we dated, if I wore pantyhose he would always be more attentive and would "accidentally" touch my legs. If I didn't, he would not be as touchy feely with me and would be somehow different around me.
During the next 2 months, we dated regularly, but kept anything sexual limited to just some kissing and feeling each other up. During that time I wore pantyhose and would gauge his reaction each time. It was quite evident that he was enamored with me in pantyhose.
The night I decided I wanted to make love with him(2months), I knew the outfit I was going to wear. A white silk blouse, navy pleated skirt, suntan Leggs Sheer Energry Pantyhose with 3 inch stilettos.
We were all over each other and he payed a lot of attention to my pantyhose encased legs. Rubbing them gently, feeling my butt, my hips, really concentrating on caressing every part of my legs. It felt great to be completely felt all over. Men would focus on my breasts and my pussy, but not him.
He simply couldn't get enough of my legs in pantyhose. At one point I started to take them off, he quickly grabbed my wrist and said "please keep them on, please." I was on my back and he got in between my legs to lick me through the pantyhose, but he put his face down there and then grabbed my legs and squeezed them together so his head was being crushed. I could hear him whimper and moan with ecstasy, he kept feeling my legs and rubbing his face between my legs. He was lost in his own world at this point.
We spent the next few hours exploring each other, him worshipping me and giving me so much pleasure, my heart never stopped racing.When we were done, I asked him how long he had his pantyhose fetish.
He finally told me everything. " I first realized it when i was 12, oh sweetie, just the sight of a woman or girl in pantyhose gets my attention. I stare at them and really concentrate on the nylon I can see. To me, pantyhose enhances a woman's beauty. All types of women, young, old, skinny, chunky. It will literally take my breath away sometimes, if her pantyhose legs and her outfit look really good on her. I have been at malls and followed women around who were wearing... kind of stalking them. Seeing you wear them excites me more than any women I have ever seen, your powerful legs and the clothing you choose to wear, compliments the pantyhose so have no idea. When we are driving I always look at your legs. That's why I alomost hit that cat in the road the other day, I was so distracted. To see you tonight in your pantyhose and the outfit you wore excited me so much, I was shaking. To have a woman like you in my life who wears pantyhose, well, it's the realization of a dream, one that I was never sure would come true".
We had just gotten done making love for numerous hours and with both being athletic, we really got quite physical with each other and pushed our bodies as far as we thought we could take them .
But as he was talking, he got hard again, his cock sticking proudly out, you could see it throb, leaking a bit of precum. I even got wet seeing him get aroused once again.
So I told him, "well since it seems your cock is ready again(for the 5th time in 4hours), how about if I get a pair for you to put on for me." he looked at me, blushed and I could see his eyes watering with joy and he said simply and quietly, without lifting his head said, "yes please".
He's on the bed as I hand them to him and tell him, "put them on right there". I get on the bed and stand by his feet. For some reason it felt like a natural position to view him putting on the pantyhose.
You could feel the dynamic in the room change at that moment. Me standing above him, him sitting on the bed, shaking, breathing heavy, sweating a bit, and leaking a lot of precum.
Here is this large man putting on pantyhose as this tiny woman in comparison is towering over him. He seemed so weak and vulnerable, but he was so turned on and so was I. I loved seeing him do this in front of me, he was very particular on how he put them on, taking his time, but with shaky hands.
It got to the point of getting the pantyhose over his cock, but he started to lean back on the bed and i told him..." no, I want you to kneel and finish putting them on." He got up on his knees and finished putting them on and looked up at me and said...I'm so happy and I can't believe I've found such a powerful and sexy woman to help me realize I could be the person who I only dreamed I could be...I love you!! And, that everyone, is The Power of Pantyhose.

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1 year ago
Awesome! story my friend
1 year ago
that was a great analysis of the pleasure some of us derive from being encased in nylon.
1 year ago
love this story, thanks!
1 year ago
You are so correct. Pantyhose have a power that can not be understood by any body except by pantyhose lovers.
2 years ago
I am so happy that your husband set you straight now to get you wet and swimming in pantyhose
2 years ago
I truely envy your husband. What a lucky man to find such an understanding woman.
3 years ago
Wonderful story!
3 years ago
Sounds like our story, but hubby was the one who told me he wanted to wear hose and I loved it! Soon we were shopping for matching hose to play in! Pantyhose sex is truly amazing!
3 years ago
incredible!!! please post more.
3 years ago
Wonderful! Pantyhose are the most underated sex toys!
3 years ago
wow i did my hubby the same way and we both love it
3 years ago
pantyhose are my fetish........mmmmmmmmmm...... great cock is ready ;)
3 years ago
wow, thanks for sharing and well done. looking forward to the next piece
3 years ago
This was an amazing story.
3 years ago
I'm surprised when you were dating on how observant you were and even performed little tests to see what his reaction would be or not if you were wearing pantyhose. Well done. Cheers !
3 years ago
Pantyhose do rock the world.
3 years ago
very good