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Hello , I am Bisexuel but my only experience is to fuck a horny female Gay, to be sucked off sometimes by a Guy and play myself with my horny Ass . Since a couple of years now , I go crazy for Daddies , older Senior Gays with Belly and nice big Cocks . I want to learn to suck really good a Cock ( I try with Dildos ) I want to swallow sperm , to feel it on my tongue and to swallow down to my Throat . I want to feel a big Daddy Cock in my Mouth , to caress with my tongue , to caress his Belly and his Balls , to feel he goes deeper and deeper inside my Throat , he hold my Head in his Hands and r... Continue»
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[Story] Extreme Anal Insertion

wow, today i had a shower and i feel so horny, i cream my Asshole with neutral shower Gel and fingering my Ass slut, it goes more and more opener and i entry my Hand full inside, mmmmmm so hot!!!! After I try a aubergine (eggplant) 8 cm of diameter and 27 cm around , it whas so easy to insert this big thing!!!! i let it inside, walk in my home around for 1/2 hour, stroke my horny cock in the same time but not cumshot, i want to hold this crazy feeling in my head. By... Continue»
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[Story] Bukkake/Gangbang

I have a Dream, i want to be in the middle of 100-200 naked guys, in a Gyno chair, they jerk off her cocks in my mouth and in my face, I hold the sperm in my mouth to drink when it's full!!! in the same time they begin to fuck and fist my Asshole, they fill me up with liters of sperm in my Ass, wow another hand inside with a lot of spermcream and more and more guys shoot her sperm inside my Ass and my Mouth!!!! Maybe 200 is not enough sperm for me ??? My Mouth and Ass slut need maybe more of 300 Cums inside, Crazy ??? I dont know, it's my Fantasm and make me shooten my sperm in my own mouth!!!... Continue»
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