naghty girl

Today is soo boring my last period my teacher handed me my quiz that said i had not gotten any right the teacher miss Suzanne she was hot she had a big ass huge tits her skins was a caramel color her skin was really soft and she talk very soft so the class was quite most of the time her leg where long smooth and tanned she had black eyes with black hair curly she was my favorite teacher because she always got my panties wet she told me to stay after class she wanted to talk to me about my writing because i was awful at English class then the bell rang my second day at school finish i was about to leave but miss Suzanne caught me before i left she said '' no no your not leaving we have to talk about your English then she handed me a paper that said i can get tutoring in her house and then i thought maybe i can get her to fuck me so i went home quick so my mom could sign it i went the next day miss Suzanne was wearing a red dress she came close to me then she ask for my paper i said yes i drop it in the floor she bend over and i saw her ass it was a bubble ass so big it got me really wet then she got closer to me and her big d cup tits where so close to my face she whisper in my ear if i got the paper she give me yesterday i said yes she got from her hand touch my hand it felt so good i had an orgasms and when i got home i change my panties because there where soaking wet with cum i look at myself i was ginger my butt was an apple but my boobs weren't that big they were a b cup i shave my pubis of the next day i wore a thong and no bra with the tightest jeans i have and a white shirt and a sweater i want to look like a whore to miss Suzanne but not to other people so i wore lose pant over my tights jeans and a big sweater so no one could notice my boobs after school miss Suzanne took me in her car to her house i try to finish fast so we can talk and we did my mom wasn't going to pick me up for an other 2 hours so we talk it was getting really hot it was at least 100 degrees i took of my sweater i was sweating a lot and she was able to she my boobs she told me and i was like i dont have an other shirt so can i just take it of she said yes i told her if she could take of her because i feel alone her she said yeah her breast where big tan her nipple where big and great then in a half hour it got hotter i told her if i could take of my pant she said yes i took of jeans and all i had was a small see through pink thong she could she my vagina then she took of her pant she was beautiful she had a black thong then i took my off and she did too her leg where long and her ass was tan like her ass she had a smooth vagina it was tanned her whole body was tanned she had great curves i got closer to her then she kiss me i kiss her to i french her i start to grab her big ass i spread apart and put my finger up her anus and then she did the same to me i felt her smooth boobs against my breast i took me finger of her anus and she went into her room and she came bock with 5 dildo and she was wearing a strap on i got one of the dildos she hug me and left me up she slowly put my vagina in her strap on i started riding her i cum quickly and a lot so after two up downs i cum all over her strap on and you can hear the squishy noises of cum and i started to french her i put the dildo i grab in her asshole she scream a little i moan she moaned then she pull me of and start licking my pussy then she lick my clint then she put her finger up my vagina and rub my g spot and lick my clint at the same time and i start cumming it felt like heaven then with her other hand she fisted my asshole it hurt so good then i had i full orgasm and i was squirting like crazy all over her face she was licking up all the cum and swallowing it i was sweating and breathing heavily she was feeling good too then i put the strap on and i start humping her asshole untill i the strap on cum inside and a got a butt beads put it in there and make sure the cum didnt come out her asshole and then i did her vagina hard until she cum then i took of my strap on and started double dildo scissoring i cum on her vagina and she cum on my vagina i cum all over her body and then she did the same to me and then i fist her vagina as deep as possible i grap g spot then with my other hand i rub her clint slowly then fast until we both orgasm we cum on each other as much as possible and i unplug her asshole plug and a bunch of cum came out and i started licking her asshole and then we both cum on each other again until we got tired at the end we both where left sticky with cum then we start making out then my mom came i put all my cloth back on and said let do this again some time
69% (5/2)
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2 years ago
i now karma i was writing it quick
2 years ago
Nice story but you were right about your English. No punctuation makes a story difficult to read no matter how hot it is.