My Tickle Dream Cum

It starts out, with me staying with an old friend of mine. He lived in West Virginia, with his hot wife and his teenage daughter. Her name is Mckayla. I was staying there for a few weeks to house set for them so he and his Wife could go on Vacation. Mckayla was going to spend the week with a girlfriend down the road. I do a lot of House setting for people, and love it when they have a younger daughter.
Cause they have the most wonderful panties. I would spend the week masturbating with and into them. Sometimes taking videos of my sessions but one night I was just setting around when I heard the front door opening. I hopped up to see who it was hoping they had not come back early. To my surprise it was Mckayla, with her bags under her arms. I greeted her asking her if everything was alright and asked her way she was back from her friend’s house. Mckayla said that her friend’s father had a s****r in another state that was taken ill and they had to all leave. She said she had called her parents and since I was a close friend, they said if she felt alright with it that she could stay with me until they returned. She loved the idea, as we have always had fun together. I was the fun and exciting Uncle she never had. So we made plans to spend our nights watching either funny or scary movies. Eating popcorn and or Ice Cream We would also get into these tickle games that would have both of us screaming with pleasure. Till one night, it all got way to close and way to full of pleasure for the both of us.

It started innocently; we were watching the Movie the” Island” with Scarlett Johansson, who is very hot. Mckayla asked me if I thought Scarlett was pretty and I jokingly said yes, but not as pretty as she was. Mckayla laughed and jumped up on my lap and started tickling me. Well the first thing I noticed was she had her legs spread around me and she was only wearing a tee shirt and some white cotton panties. As she squirmed around tickling me, rubbing her pantie covered crotch all over my sweat pants. I could feel my fast hardening cock springing to attention. I tried to get her off of me as not to scare her with what was happening to me, I tickled her but she just squirmed more and more. I could tell by the look in her eyes she could feel my hard cock against her soft panties. She started to rub it harder back and forth. Showing her pleasure in her face I grabbed her thighs to try and stop her but found myself helping her rub her wetness harder and harder, faster and faster until I could see she was about to cum. She humped and humped harder and harder until she finally moaned and groaned as she came.
This set me off, I had been trying to hold off, to take my mind off of what was happening but when she came on me, my hard throbbing cock exploded Cuming all inside my sweat pants. She slumped over me, and I grabbed her and picked her up off of me and set her on the couch. She said what happen. Why where my pants wet, knowing all along what had happen. I told her that when she was tickling me I must have peed in my pants and that I had to go change. I did and she was off to bed.
Wow! that was one hot night, but how would this play out, would she use it against me.
The next day we both acted like nothing was wrong or different. She did ask if she could pick out tonight’s movie. So far so good, I could not let that happen again, so I planned on having a Jack off session before the night started so I would not blast off again. I found the panties she was wearing the night before, they were still wet. I smelt her sweet pussy aroma, and stroked and huge load into them. Leaving them on her floor of her bedroom, hoping she would find them and get excited again.
Well that night finally arrived and we did as usual watched a little of the movie she picked and ate some popcorn. Then she started talking about one of her friends joking around which lead directly to us tickling each other. She again hopped on top on me and I started giving her a real good ticking. She was trashing around and rubbing all over my hard cock. She was screaming with excitement and them it happened. She lifted up from me and without any warning she started peeing in her sexy shear panties, peeing all over my raging hard cock. She stayed that way until she had totally drenched her and me with her warm wet pee. Then she sat back down on me and asked how I liked that. I had no words, so I grabbed her, kissed her and started grinding my cock into her wet pussy.
We both started to get cold in our wet underwear, so she went to the bathroom and I took my pants of and got into my robe. She came back and asked me where we left off. Hopping back on my still hard cock. It’s a good thing I had already masturbated earlier, or I would have come while she was peeing on me.
She rubbed some more against my cock and in doing so she worked my robe apart, when we both noticed that neither of us had put underwear back on. So here we are with my naked hard cock pressed against her very wet naked bald pussy. Oh my I said. She pushed me back into the couch, and said let’s play some more. Then started tickling me around my stomach I grabbing her around the knees which got her started with her squirming. Feeling her wet pussy spreading over my throbbing hard cock, was almost too much for me, but I let her continue, she rubbed and rubbed, and started Cuming again like the night before, she jerked her hips back and forth sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. And at one time almost sliding my cock up inside of her teenage pussy. I picked her up and laid her on her back. I asked her if she likes to masturbate, and if she would let me watch her. She said she had been playing with herself all week, with panties she found full of my crusty cum. She said she would let me watch only if I would jerk my big cock off with a pair of her panties. While she watched me
Of course I agreed, she ran off to get her freshly peed in panties, then laid back and spread he tight little pussy. Sliding two fingers into her dripping wet pussy she rubbed her clit up and down soon faster and faster, all the time telling me to stroke my cock for my little girl, asking me to cum all over her sweet bald pussy. It didn’t take long before she was Cuming again, screaming with pleasure, sending me into rocket mode, I had her wet panties wrapped around my cock, sliding them up and down my shaft. I told her I was going to cum and she spread her legs wider apart and said cum on me Daddy, cum on your little girl. With that I was shooting my hot white man juices all over and in her wonderful teenage pussy. Covering her smooth young bald pussy with my creamy cum what a sight that was we both laid there for a few minutes gathering our breath. She reached down and rubbed my cock against her cum covered pussy and her hard little clit, rubbing herself to another climax, oh my, that felt and looked so hot she thanked me for the experience. She said next time I want Daddy to be inside his little girl and cum deep up inside of her.
I about past out

Thank you my make believe Daddy,

Love Mckayla
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1 year ago
wow.....a had to wank while reading that one.
1 year ago
What fun
1 year ago
Its just a dream, of coarse see would be of legal age, what the heck
1 year ago
That was hot!
1 year ago
Holy shit that 's hot!!!!
1 year ago
Wow, we need to hear more
1 year ago
very good & yes more
1 year ago
Wow, that was so fucking hot