Measuring my cum 3

The next two days, which were a Thursday and Friday, followed a very similar routine to the first day of mom helping measuring my cum.

Mom would take one specimen first thing when I got home, coming into my bathroom after I showered, whilst I stood naked in the bath. The other two times each evening, she would wank me off into the semen beaker whilst I lay on my bed.

Mom would take her bra off during our 'sessions' in the bathroom. Even better, she had also got into the habit of removing it and showing me her boobs whilst she wanked me off on the bed. I had requested this during one of our earlier sessions on the bed, although we hadn't started off that way, and she seemed to be happy to continue with that extra bit of stimulation for me. It was incredibly exciting for me, watching her boobs jiggle and wobble whilst she wanked me off. She would let me touch them lightly, but only for a moment or two, until I became rock hard and virtually ready to cum straight away.

Just a few other things worth mentioning about our sessions, as the week had gone on.

Firstly, when mom came in to wank me off in the bathroom, she would always insist on 'making sure I was clean', as she would put it, even though she knew I would only call her in after I'd soaped and rinsed myself all over. She would rinse my dick and balls, taking the showerhead in one hand and spraying warm water over me whilst she stroked my cock, which would be hard or semi-hard by then, and then move on to my balls. After that, she would ask me to turn around so she could rinse my butt. Now, I don't know for sure why she asked me to do that, because she didn't need to do it for wanking me off, but I would comply, and she would always rub my buttocks up and down well, getting a good feel of them. I was sure she was doing that on purpose, because she enjoyed it, but I never said anything. It kind of turned me on to know she might be getting some pleasure out of it, if my suspicions were correct.

Secondly, when she would wank me off on the bed, although she always wore panties which were large enough to cover her pussy well, she would push the fabric at the back of those into her butt crack, so as to expose more of the flesh of her ass cheeks. Again, I used to find this extremely arousing. It got me thinking that, as she was doing this anyway, perhaps I could suggest she wear something like a thong, or g-string which would have the same visual effect, in a better way, but I hadn't felt confident enough to say that so far. In any case, I didn't know if she owned anything like that, or had worn such an item, even for when dad had been around.

Another thing was that, as the week had gone on, she seemed to have become much more relaxed about the whole thing. Originally, when Dr. Taylor had suggested mom help me get samples of my semen for accuracy in collection, she had been a bit twitchy and reluctant. But as each day went by, she became a bit more easy going with me. And not just about doing that, but also in our day-to-day conversations and how she behaved at home. She had become a bit less moody and temperamental. Also, she seemed to be wearing a bit more make-up around the house, and her hair seemed better kept, which I'd never noticed before.

She seemed to be changing. Maybe it was just a co-incidence and nothing to do with our cum measuring sessions. Or maybe it was.

As mom's mood improved, I had also kept on thinking about how I might be able to push things a bit more in our sessions. I had become much less self-conscious about my body and being nude in front of her, and her seeing my erect dick. I desperately wanted to suck on her nipples and tits and kiss that wonderful backside of her's. But I just couldn't hink of a way to suggest that. And I didn't want to push things too far, too quickly, just in case it all went wrong.

Although I had an inkling that mom might be getting some kind of secret sexual gratification out of our sessions, I couldn't be sure, and didn't want to ruin things in case she got angry with me, and stopped the whole thing. So I decided not to push it. I was still enjoying our sessions anyway. After all, how many son's get the chance to actually see their mom semi nude, topless, wearing only panties, and feel up her tits and ass whilst she wanked them off! I should be grateful for what I was getting!

It still bothered me, though, why I had the ache in my balls everyday, until I had cum several times, and only then felt normal by the end of the day. I guess Dr Taylor would let us know after she had all the results. Mom had been keeping a daily note of how much cum I had been producing, noting down the measurements from the lines on the sides of the semen beaker, after each of our sessions. From what I remembered, Dr Taylor had said she would let us know the results of the bl**d tests early next week.

During our last session on Friday evening, after I had cum, but before saying goodnight mom said "We'll have more time over the weekend," kissed me on the cheek as she normally did, and went off to bed. As I drifted off to sl**p, I kept on thinking what she had meant by that. Time would only tell!


As I awoke next morning, sl**pily, I looked at the lock radio on the bedside cabinet. It was 8.00 am. Feeling my semi hard-on, I realised mom hadn't come in like she had been doing the last few mornings. Then I remembered it was Saturday. She must be having a lie in, like she normally did on weekends.

I turned over, nuzzled my face into the pillows, pulled my duvet up so it covered my face and curled back into the warmth and comfort of my bed. It was the best part of waking up on weekend mornings, nuzzling back into bed after just waking up.

I think I must have drifted off to another gentle sl**p for a while. The next thing I knew, something was touching my arm and I heard my name.

"Jacob, come on sl**py head."

I turned, opened my eyes and saw mom standing over me in her dressing gown and holding a mug in one hand.

"Morning, young man," she said with a smile.

"Morning, mom," I replied, smiling back.

"I've bought you some tea. As it's the weekend, I thought we could do our first session in the bathroom whilst you shower."

"Ok, mom" I replied. "Thanks for the tea" I added, sitting up and taking it from her hand. It had been ages since she had bought me tea in bed. Maybe this was sign of a good day to come.

She sat down on the bed next to me. "I'm going shopping after breakfast, so I'll be out until about mid afternoon. What are you doing today?"

I hadn't got anything planned so I said "Not much. I might go out later and meet up a few friends, but that won't be till late afternoon, if I manage to get hold of someone on the phone. Why?"

"Oh, I just wanted to plan our sessions for today," she said, looking at me hard in the eyes. "As I've got a bit more time over the weekend, it just makes it easier time-wise."

Like last night, I wasn't quite sure what she meant by that, but my dick was stirring under the duvet.

"And I just wanted to have a talk with you about how you were feeling now, and if your condition has improved any? Be honest with me now."

"Well," I said hesitating a little, "I still have these you my ba...I mean testicles," I said.

"It's ok, you can call them your balls," said mom, picking up on my stammer. "I don't mind if you use normal slang words for our body parts -- I did mention that to you before," said mom reassuringly.

My dick stirred again.

"In my balls I mean," I said, going along with her.

"And do you still feel better after cuming several times by the end of the day?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Well, let's see what news Dr Taylor will give us this week. You know she is going to let us have your bl**d tests results on Monday or Tuesday, don't you?"

"Yes, mom," I said. "I remembered this morning about that."

"Good," she replied. "Lets see if we can get some more samples this weekend then, and make you feel a little better," she added, with a slight look of concern, but smiling reassuringly too. "I'm sorry I had a go at you earlier in the week about not believing you."

"That's ok mom," I replied, a little surprised and touched by her sudden apology.

"Call me when you are in the shower. I just need to do something downstairs in the meantime."

"Ok, mom" I said. "Thanks."

Mom got up and left the room. I couldn't help watching her ass sway under her dressing gown as she walked away.

I sipped on my tea for a while and thought about what mom had said. She seemed quite concerned and keen to help me. It was nice to see her like that. Being the way she was normally -- which was quite temperamental and moody, and not expressing much love to me, it kind of mellowed my heart a bit to see her apparent warmth and concern. Her mood certainly had improved during the course of the week.

I did have a problem of sorts, and I hoped the doctor would let us know if there was anything to be really concerned about, or whether this was just one of those 'growing up phases around puberty' that she had mentioned it might be. But also, out of all this, I was getting some real sexual turn on and relief. Ok, so my balls ached a bit at times and I needed to spurt out a lot of cum, but, hey, I was really enjoying doing it by the way mom was helping me!

My dick stirred again. I wondered for a moment what mom had really meant about 'having more time' over the weekend. I looked over at the clock. It was 9.30 am. I decided to shower. I was dying to see mom's body again.

I gave myself an extra good clean all over and then shouted down to mom.

My dick was already a little hard thinking about what was to come. By now, I was much more comfortable about her seeing me nude as well as my hard on in all its glory, so I just stood there, wiping my face with the towel and rubbing my hair dry. I knew there was no point in drying the rest of my body, as mom seemed to insist on rinsing my cock and butt whenever we had a session in the bathroom.

I heard her come up the stairs and walk into my bedroom towards the en-suite bathroom.

She knocked on the door like she normally did.

"Ok, hon?" she said, from the other side of the bathroom door, which was only a few inches ajar.

"Yea, come in mom," I said, in a happy tone.

Mom came in. She was still wearing her dressing gown, which was one of those made of towelling fabric, with a belt tied by a knot in the middle. She was holding the semen-measuring beaker in one hand as usual.

She looked at me, and then down at my dick, which was semi hard as usual at this time in the proceedings.

She licked her lips again. She had done this a few times, and I was certain she was not aware she was doing it.

"As I mentioned earlier, " she said looking at me, "I've got more time over the weekend, and as I haven't showered yet, I thought we could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, if I joined you in the shower. I can take your sample and shower off as well. And we'll save a bit on the hot water."

I stood in silence looking at her, trying to take in what she had just said.

Then, she undid her robe, pulling on the belt so it untied and fell loose, pulled it off over her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. It was only when it had dropped down fully, that I saw she was completely nude, as my eyes dropped to her crotch area and saw the hairs on her pussy. Fuck!

I blushed, like I never had before. A deep red streak must have shot along my neck and cheeks.

Mom had not looked at me whilst she took off her robe, and in a 'matter of fact' way she said, "You've seen me half naked anyway over the past few days, so I guess, it doesn't really matter if you see me completely nude. Naturists do it all the time. Move along a bit."

She waved her forefinger at me to move towards the tap end of the bath. As I did so, she held the semen beaker in one hand, and with her large hanging tits rolling freely from side to side, she lifted one leg up and over into the bath, followed by the other, and stood in front of me in the bath, completely naked.

As you might imagine, by now my dick was raging up. I looked at mom's wonderful boobs momentarily, and then my eyes automatically went down to her pubes again. I could see a neatly trimmed patch of hairs covering her pussy!

She saw my straining cock and said, "Well, at least you are well and truly ready for your morning session."

I gulped.

All this had left me truly speechless so far, but trying to compose myself, I said, in a hesitating, high-pitched voice after clearing my throat a little, "Yea, mom, I think I'm ready." It was all I could think of!

"Grab the showerhead for me will you," she said. I turned around and pulled the detachable showerhead off the wall bracket, switched the water on, and turned back around, handing it to mom as I faced her.

My dick was sticking out rock hard in front of me. I was dying to cum.

"Let me give you a quick rinse," she said. And with that, she sprayed the water over my straining prick, running her free hand along the shaft, and then moved down to my balls, cupping and feeling them as she did so.

"Turn around," she said.

I did a quick u-turn and faced the tap end wall.

I felt her spray my back and then my buttocks.

"Hand me the shower gel will you dear," she said. I'd never heard her ask for that before, as she would normally only rinse me off, but I picked up the bottle and moved my hand backwards, passing it to her without turning around.

Momentarily, I heard her let the showerhead fall down into the bath with the spray still coming out, and then she said, "I do like you to be especially clean all over, so I'm just going to rub some of this shower gel along your butt crack towards your balls. Bend forward for me a little."

I couldn't believe my ears! I turned my head to one side as if to turn around and mom said, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle. It's not as if I haven't done this before young man. Who cleaned your butt crack when you were much younger?"

Jesus, I couldn't quite believe what mom had just said, but I complied with her instructions.

I felt her run a finger along my ass-crack, making me flinch a little as she ran over my asshole and then touch my balls, rubbing some shower gel along there.

Then, I felt her rub my buttocks up and down, giving them a good feel.

Finally, she grabbed the showerhead again, spraying my butt and up between my ass cheeks, rinsing me off under there.

"There, that's better," she said after a minute or two of rinsing me off.

"Turn off the water and turn around now," she continued.

I did so, and she looked down at my raging hard-on jerking up at her.

"It will be easier to take the sample if I kneel down in front of you," she said. Then to my further amazement, she knelt down in the bath so that her face was virtually level with my dick and balls, and started stroking it. I could almost feel her breath on my piss-slit, it was so close to her lips. God, I felt like sticking it in her mouth there and then, but controlled myself!

Her right hand wrapped my dick firmly as she pumped me. As I looked down, I saw her glorious boobs wobble and jiggle as she did so. Fuck! What an amazing sight!

After all that had happened so far, and seeing mom knelt down in front of me, naked and pumping my hard cock for she was worth, I felt the spunk rise in my balls and let her know as normal.

"I'm gonna cum, quick, mom," I said.

She grabbed the semen beaker, which she had placed in the bath next to her, with her free hand and positioned it so the tip of my prick was pointing into it, and with her other hand continued pulling on my cock, hard and fast.

"Uh..Uh...Ohhhhhhhhhh," I said out loud as I came. My eyes closed, but I could feel thick wads of creamy white spunk spurting into the semen beaker.

As usual, mom milked every last drop from me, until I went limp. I opened my eyes and I saw her wipe the tips of her fingers into the beaker as normal, making sure she got every last bit.

I was on a real high and sat down on the edge of the bath to compose myself.

"Feeling better?" mom asked questioningly, holding up the semen beaker for me to see. "Look at that."

I looked up and saw the beaker was almost a third full, which seemed a lot, considering the size of it. I'd kind of got used it by now.

"Yea, that was really good mom," I said truthfully. "I do feel much better now."

"Good," she said, placing the beaker on a glass shelf above the end of the bath.

"Now, I'm going to use your bathroom to shower as I said before, whilst I'm here, but before you go, there's something you can do for me."

"Ok," I said, hesitatingly, not sure what to expect.

"At my age, it's getting harder to reach all my body parts, so just soap up my back for me, and then you can go. That will be helpful."

"Sure, mom," I said, pleased to be able to help her in some way. I stood up again in the bath. As we were standing, I was still at the tap end.

Mom said, "I'd need to swap places with you to be near the shower end. You don't have to get out, I think we can just squeeze past each other in here."

My bath was a fairly large one, but two people could not stand side by side in the width part without touching each other, but there was just enough room to get by. As mom moved herself so she was sliding along, facing me, I did the same, facing her, and our bodies touched. Her boobs squeezed along my chest and I felt her nipples rub into me. Even more tantalisingly, as I held her shoulders for support, because we were about the same height, my pubic area and cock, which was still limp, brushed across her pussy mound! Fuck!

She did not say anything and neither did I, but as she turned so as to face away from me towards the shower, I felt the bl**d rush to my prick. I was still not quite erect, but the effect of the manoeuvre we had just performed, and touching her pussy area with my dick, had been like an electric current through me.

In all our activity in the bath so far, I had not managed to see mom's fully naked ass clearly due to our positions. Although I was now standing behind her, I still could not see it 'full on' as I was not at, or near, eye level, with it. I looked down and saw the milky white globes of her buttocks as they arched outwards and curved back towards her thighs. Her ass was large, but not too big, and it still retained a good round shape and form with taught skin. It looked fucking hot as I looked down! Despite the fact I had cum just a moment ago, my dick started to get slightly hard again, although mom could not see that, as she had her back to me.

I grabbed the shower gel and started rubbing it on and around mom's back in wide swirling motion. I moved from her shoulder blades, to the centre of her back, and down to the tops of her buttocks. I was hoping my increasing hard on would go back down, but, as I moved my hands to mom's lower back, I just couldn't help let the tips of my fingers slide over the top part of her buttocks, and that just made my cock spring up a touch more, although it was not quite a semi hard-on yet.

Mom had not objected when I touched the flesh over the top of her buttocks.

I moved my hands back up to her shoulders and lathered in the soap a bit more, almost as if was massaging her shoulders and upper back area.

"Oh, that feels good," said mom in a grateful tone. I felt her relax her shoulder blades down as I did so.

Feeling encouraged by this, I carried on massaging the soap into her back. Then, I decided to take another chance. As the tips of my fingers went to her lower back and reached the tops of her buttocks again, I let both my palms slide gently over each butt cheek, one in each hand, as I rubbed soap into the deep, thick flesh there. I was careful not to let my fingers go anywhere near her butt crack, as that would probably have been going too far.
Mom did not make any disapproving remarks as I did this. So as not to seem like I was lingering on her ass, but just making sure I was soaping her up properly, I slid my hands slowly up again, onto her back.

Then I repeated the whole thing, massaging her back and lathering in the shower gel, and finally again sliding my hands down over her ass cheeks, this time cupping a full deep handful as I squeezed the flesh there whilst rubbing the soap in.

Although mom had not said anything so far about my soaping up her ass 'unasked', the net effect of all this was that my dick had just raged up again. Mom could not see it, but I was fully hard again now, and desperately thinking what to say, and trying to avoid touching mom's ass with the tip of my dick, by moving back a few inches!

Then, quite unexpectedly mom bent forward a little to pick up a sponge and as she did so, the centre of her butt crack went over the tip of my stiff prick, going into it a little way.

"Oops, ....was that your finger?" she said, as she straightened up suddenly.

"," I said hesitatingly. "Er.., I'm sorry but I think soaping you up has made me hard again," I added. There was no hiding it now.

Mom turned around at saw my hard-on, sticking right up towards her.

"Goodness me" she said, "How did that happen so quick? You've only just cum!"

"Er...well...I think it was seeing your ass mom," I said, deciding to be completely honest. There was no point in hiding what was happening.

"You only just rubbed some soap in," she said, almost aghast.

"," I said hesitating again, "It's just that find your body really arousing and ...well...especially your ass."

"Well, really," said mom in a tone that treated what I had said as c***dish, like I was a k** who didn't know any better.

"This will never do. We'll have to get this c***dish, teenage, sexual excitement worked out of you, so we can collect your samples in a more adult way!" she continued, a bit more sternly.

I looked at her slightly confused, not knowing quite what she meant, with my dick still poking out towards her.

"I know I need to stimulate you to get your samples, but this is ridiculous!" She looked at me hard in the eye.

"Well, I guess you need to cum again?"

"Yes, I think so," I said. "But, although I'm hard, I think I need more stimulation to get the cum out as it is so soon."

"It's not stimulation you need, I think. More like sex, young man," she replied. "What are we to do with you, young man?" she continued, a little exasperated, and again in a tone like she was dealing with a naughty c***d, but not really sounding too annoyed

"Err....," I said, turning red in the face and completely confused now at what to do or say at her remarks.

"Never mind," said mom, seeing my confused, helpless state. "Ok, well first hand me the semen beaker," she continued.

I turned around and picked up the beaker from the shelf. It still had my cum in it from the previous time.

Turning back around, I handed it to mom. I had become a little soft again due to mom's rather brisk exchange of words.

Mom noticed and said, "It's gone soft again. Are you sure you need to cum?"

"I am," I said, feeling a slight ache.

With a bit of a sigh, mom said, "Ok, then, you might as well touch my ass again as you find it so interesting, and then we can get this over with, so I can finish my shower. Just tell me when you are ready to cum so I can get the beaker into position.

Holding the semen beaker in one hand, mom turned around, showing me her back and ass again. Then, as if to offer her ass to me better, she bent forward just a little, placing her free hand on the tiled wall in front of her for support.

I started cupping and feeling mom's still soaped up, wonderful, large buttocks again. The feel and sight of her glorious ass was extremely arousing, and in no time my dick was fully hard again, sticking out towards her butt cheeks.

I felt an instinctive desire to ram my cock along her butt crack and up into her pussy, but I knew that was completely out of the question.

Instead, I thought of something else quickly. "Mom, would you mind if I just slapped your butt cheeks with the cock a little. That would be really helpful, and I'm sure I'll be ready to cum quick then.

"Oh, go on then," replied mom, in a tone that sounded like she was saying 'let's get this over with'. "But mind you don't stick it into my ass crack."

With my lust raging now, mom's words were music to my ears, and I took hold of my prick with my right hand and slapped mom's buttocks a few times with the tip of my dick, and rubbed the piss-slit over the flesh of her ass cheeks, wiping my pre-cum on her.

"Oh, that feels good mom," I said savouring the feel of her ass flesh on my stretched cock-head, and seeing the way each buttock rippled and indented with each movement.

"I felt the cum rise in my calls after a just a few moments of doing this, and knowing I could not last anymore I said, "Ok, mom, get the beaker ready."

Mom whipped herself around quickly, knelt down, and seeing I was holding my prick already so she needn't use her own hand, positioned it so the head of my prick went into the beaker. I wanked myself off into it as she held it correctly in position, watching me spurt my thick, creamy cum.

"Uooooohhh......," I grunted, loudly than ever before, as I came. I hadn't wanked myself in front of mom before, and just doing that added to the excitement of the moment as well.

She held the beaker in place whilst I pumped myself for as long as I could, until the cum waves stopped.

Mom stood up after I had finished and looked in the beaker again.

"This is amazing," she said looking at it. "It's just over half full now."

I had sat down on the edge of the bath, as I'd become slightly light headed. As I recovered and looked up at the beaker, I saw what mom meant. It looked like I'd produced almost the same amount of cum as a few minutes ago, and so soon!

All I knew was that I felt much better, and the ache in my balls had eased up.

"Satisfied for now young man?" said mom looking down at me, and in a tone a bit like she was talking to a k**.

"Er...yea mom, thanks," I replied, and actually feeling a bit like c***d who had wanted to play with a toy.

"Give yourself a quick rinse and then go and get dressed, and leave me to finish my shower," she said, handing me the showerhead and turning the water on.

I gave myself a quick wash and stepped out of the bathtub.

"I think we need to get as much cum out of you as possible, Jacob," said mom, in a stern, business like manner, as she stood naked in the bath looking at me, whilst I dried myself off, "So that Dr Taylor knows exactly how much you are producing. I think we should modify the frequency of our sessions a bit just to see just how much we can get. I'll have to think about how we should proceed, and," she paused for a moment, "How to deal with your now obvious sexual desires towards my body." And with that, before I had the chance to say anything, she drew the shower curtain across firmly and turned on the shower.

Not quite understanding what she had just said, I walked back into my bedroom and lay down on the bed, still naked, and closed my eyes. I was still half in a daze from the high of my orgasm and seeing mom completely nude for the first time. Fuck! That had been amazing!

I felt something slap against my butt cheek, and then again a couple of times. It felt like a hand. I woke up with a jerk. I had drifted off to sl**p, only for a few minutes it seemed, as I lay naked on my bed whilst mom had finished her shower. Now she stood over me next to the bed. She had a bath towel wrapped around her, and had been slapping my naked butt with her hand to wake me up.

"This will never do young man," she said sternly. "It's almost 10.30. Why haven't you put any clothes on?" I had drifted off to sl**p on my side, so mom must have had a good view of my ass and back whilst she slapped me. As I turned on my back, to now face her, I saw her looking at my balls and dick again, which, for now, was still limp. She licked her lips again. As before, I was sure she was not aware she was doing this and it was almost an involuntary action.

"Oh, sorry mom," I said, apologetically. "Must have drifted off to sl**p. I felt a bit sl**py after cumming twice in the bathroom, and lay on the bed for a few minutes to recover, that's all."

"Oh," replied mom more calmly, apparently pacified at my explanation.

"Well, I hope you remember what I said in there. We have some serious talking to do later. I'll probably think things over whilst I'm out. Make yourself breakfast after you put your clothes on. I'll be going straight out when dressed."

As she spoke about dressing, I had a sudden idea.

"Mom, I'm not really in the mood to go out today, now. I think I'll just stay at home all day. I was I'm going to have to dress and undress a few times later when we have our, know...sessions, would just be easier if, ...I mean, ...if I just wore say, my boxer shorts, and that dressing gown I got a couple of years back. You know, the one I've hardly worn. Maybe I could wear it around the house with just my boxers on underneath to save bother. After all, you have seen enough of my body by now."

Mom looked at me in silence for a moment, as if she was considering what I had just said. After a pause, she said, "Well, I guess it doesn't matter if you do, and it would save us some time. As long as we've got no guests coming over, I'm ok for you to dress like that. But only whilst we are having to do our sessions mind, and back to normal after this is hopefully all over," she said in a firm tone. "And, I guess it will save a bit on the laundry," she added, in a more relaxed way, and as if she was giving herself another reason to agree to my request.

With that she started walking out of my bedroom, still with the bath towel wrapped around her.

I lay back on the bed for a moment again. I didn't know where I'd got that idea all of a sudden, and the courage to say it! It just seemed to happen!

I was referring to a 'house-gown' I had bought a couple of year's back -- one of those impulse buys. It was like a dressing gown, but made of fine, smooth fabric, which I couldn't remember the name of, dark blue in colour with an embroidered design over the back. It was really designed for the 'man' who liked to lounge around at home without much on underneath after a shower or bath. Looking back, I don't know why I'd really bought it, except it looked nice in the shop. Mom had refused to let me wear it around the house when she was around, being the prude she was (or I had thought she was), so it had ended up folded up and unused, in my cupboard.

But now, it seemed appropriate enough to wear it, and the circumstances were right! Mom had agreed, and that was great. I got up, slipped on a pair of loose fitting, comfy boxer shorts, and rummaged around in my clothes cupboard until I found the gown.

I put it on and looked at myself in the long mirror in the corner of my room. The gown still fitted me well, going down to just above my knees, and was very comfortable, with a tie-belt around the middle. The fabric was not quite silk or satin, but still smooth and luxurious feeling. The dark blue colour was quite alluring and stylish! I almost looked like some rich guy lounging around at home! I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and posed a bit, and then decided to go down to get some breakfast.

Mom came into the kitchen not long after. She was fully dressed with some make up on, looking ready to go out. She was wearing a beige coloured, fine corduroy skirt, and light brown, lambswool, v-necked sweater, which was quite clingy and showed off the size of her large boobs well. Although the sweater was a v-neck, it sat quite close to her neckline, so only a little part of bare skin under her neckline showed. I could make out the top of a fine gold necklace around her neck, which she sometimes wore when going out. She looked quite nice and 'lady like', and it excited me to see her like that, knowing that I had seen her completely naked not long before.

She looked at me up and down in my house gown for a moment, but didn't say anything, and then put some money on the kitchen worktop.

"I have to do some shopping," she said, pouring herself a short coffee. "I had something to eat earlier, so I'm off now. Here's some money for lunch. Order yourself a pizza or something," she continued. "And see if you can tidy up a bit whilst you're at home, instead of being lazy. Bye." And with that, she took a final sip from her coffee cup, turned and went.

"Bye, mom," I said, as she walked down the hall.

I heard her slam the front door shut and the car starting.

As I sat at the kitchen table, I thought back to what mom had said in our session in the bathroom. It had been a real turn on for me, seeing her completely nude for the first time. And she had let me play with her wonderful butt for a few moments! Fuck! But she had also sussed out my desires towards her body. I felt a little like I had been caught thinking something I shouldn't have. But I just couldn't help my sexual urges! I was a red bl**died male at 18 and seeing her nude body was just a complete turn on for me! The fact that it was my mom...well that just seemed to make it a little more exciting for some reason. Maybe it was the closeness and trust of the relationship.

I wondered what she would do now, and if she would become more strict. But she had also said something about increasing the frequency of our sessions to see just how much I could cum. It was confusing, and felt a slight headache come on as I thought about it. I decided it wasn't worth getting a headache over. There was no point, and I guess I'd find out soon anyway what she was going to do about our sessions when she got back home.

The ache in my balls had eased a bit as I'd cum twice that morning, but I knew it would start up again in an hour or two and I'd be ready to cum with mom, hopefully, still helping. My dick stirred a bit at the thought.

The next few hours seem to fly by. I did a bit of tidying up in the kitchen and living room as mom had asked, as I thought it best to get her in a good mood for when she came back. Then I ordered a nice large pizza and a bottle of coke, all to myself.

After eating, I watched TV. A couple of friends phoned whilst I was watching, and we chatted about this and that. They had no idea what was happening between me and mom at home, and it was going to stay that way.

At around 3pm, I heard mom's car pull into the driveway. I didn't fancy going out in my gown to help her with the bags (and she probably wouldn't want the neighbours to see me like that), so I just opened the front door and picked them up to take into the kitchen, as she placed them inside our porch. They looked mostly like groceries, but there were a few other nicer looking bags, which I didn't see into, which looked like mom had gone downtown to the main shopping mall to buy something.

Mom came in and closed the door. She had a serious look on her, but looked pleased when she saw I had tidied the place up a bit.

"You've done some housework I see, Jacob," she said, looking at me up and down in my gown like she had done earlier in the morning.

"Yea, mom, it's the least I can do right now, as you've know."

Mom looked away from me and got on with sorting out the groceries and her other bags. "I'm going to make myself something to eat," she said, all serious again. "Do you want anything?"

"No," I replied. "I ordered pizza while you were out."

"Well, go and do something for a while and I'll give you a call when I'm ready for our little chat I mentioned we'd have."

"Ok, mom," I said a little nervously, and went off to my room.

I decided to read a book to take my mind off things. After about an hour, I heard mom call me.

I went downstairs and found she was at the kitchen table.

"Sit down" she said.

I pulled up a chair next to her at the table and sat down.

My eyes wandered to her boobs momentarily as they stuck out of her tight fitting sweater, and then back to her face. I think she noticed.

"Jacob, I had a good think whilst I was out today," she started. "Although I had initially agreed to give you some stimulation to help you to cum for medical reasons, it seems that seeing my body has raised some sexual urges in you."

She paused for a moment.

"Now, thinking it over," she continued, "I realise it's only natural for you to react like that, seeing a woman's body in real life for the first time, even if it's the body of your mother. If we hadn't had to go through this routine as Dr. Taylor had suggested, I'm sure you would not have developed such urges towards me, as I am your mother."

I nodded in agreement, going along with what she had said. It sounded good so far, and better than I'd expected. And I wasn't stupid enough to say I had lusted after her body for some years. Not at this point, anyway.

"So," she continued, "I've decided that I am prepared to continue giving you the stimulation you need."

"Thanks, mom," I said, smiling at her, and feeling slightly relieved.

"However," she continued, "From our session this morning, I can see that you do need to work out some of these urges, and it may be of some benefit to include in our sessions some extra activities which will help you to cum." She paused again, letting what she had said sink in.

I was still not sure what she meant.

"I think in order to be able to give Dr Taylor as much information as possible, we need to try to make you cum as much as we can, just to see where your limit is. So far we've stopped our sessions when you are comfortable, rather than seeing how many times you can actually cum. And also it's been a bit awkward during the week, as I'm at work and you're at college."

I looked at her still confused. "So, what do you mean mom?" I said a little hesitatingly.

"What I mean, is that, in order to stimulate you and help you cum as often as possible, over this weekend, I am going to give you constant visual stimulation."

I gulped.

"Er....ok," I said, again not really sure what she meant.

"Which means that I am going to wear clothes and other garments appropriate to do that. I went to some lingerie shops today and bought a few items that may help with our sessions."

Fuck! I couldn't believe what I just heard. A lump developed in my throat, I gulped again and my dick stirred.

"Oh," I said, all innocently.

"I may not wear the lingerie all the time, but I have some other clothes that may do the job in stimulating you," she continued.

My dick was coming to life as she spoke, tenting up in my boxer shorts a little, and because I was just wearing the gown and no jeans, I realised it would soon show. However my crotch was partly under the table, so mom could not see it yet.

"And, it may also help you to cum, to go along with some of your natural urges with regard to my body," she continued.

"Er, what way mom?" I managed to say meekly.

"Well, you tell me what you might like to do when we are having our sessions and I will let you know if that is acceptable to me."

"You mean about touching you," I said.

"Yes, and perhaps a few other things which you may naturally feel like doing."

I swallowed again and my mouth was suddenly feeling very dry. My dick was semi hard now.

"But," she continued, "One thing is totally off limits. You may not ever penetrate me. That would be completely wrong."

I blushed deeply at her words, knowing that she had thought I wanted to do that to her. Fuck, yes I did, but mom knowing that at this stage, felt deeply embarrassing.

"Ok, mom," I said in a high-pitched, embarrassed tone, trying to make out it was no big deal. I felt a tinge of disappointment run through me.

"And one other thing, is that I may do or suggest other things which women normally do to turn men on, which will also help you to cum," she added.

"Like what? "I said, curiously.

"Well, we'll see," she said, a bit mysteriously. "Why don't we wait for our sessions and then it will be more stimulating for you."

As she spoke my mind became flooded with things I'd seen in porn movies or in pictures and I just couldn't imagine for a moment that what I had known as my 'prim and proper mother' doing those to me.

I blushed again and my dick was now raging up.

"Do you feel like you need to cum now Jacob?" said mom, looking down towards my crotch area under the table.

" just so happens mom, know....talking about this me going again," I replied.

"Well don't hide it," she said, standing up and pushing her chair along the floor a little so she could sit a bit closer to me and see my crotch area better.

"From now on, you must tell me whenever you are becoming turned on and hard by looking at my body, especially as I will be dressed more appropriately to stimulate you. You must tell me as soon as you get aroused, so that we can do what we can to try to get a sample. We must get as many samples as we can for Dr Taylor, to show her just how much semen you are producing. Is that clear Jacob?"

"Yes," I replied obediently.

"Now, take that gown off."

I stood up in front of her as she sat about a foot away from me. She immediately saw the tent under my gown where my dick was. I undid the tie in the middle of the gown and let it open at the front. My dick burst out, through the gap in the front of my boxer shorts, and pointed directly up at her, the piss slit showing.

She looked at it hard, leaned across and stroked it gently. "That looks nice and ready," she said smiling a little, but still quite business like.

I pulled my gown off completely, and put it on the back of the chair I had been sitting on.

I was now standing with just my boxer's on, and my hard cock pointing through them.

"As I am going to be giving you visual stimulation at all times everywhere around the house, there's no reason we should not be able to collect your samples anywhere too. I'm going to get the semen beaker."

Mom had kept the beaker on a shelf by the kitchen window. She walked over to it, picked it up and came back and sat on the chair in front of me.

"Take off your boxer's," she said in an almost schoolmistress sort of tone.

I pulled them down and kicked them to one side, and my hard cock raged up, as I stood naked in front of her in our kitchen. This really turned me on, being in our kitchen like this, even though mom still had all her clothes on!

"I'd don't want you to cum on my sweater or bra just in case I miss catching it, and we do need to give you as much stimulation as possible, so I'm going to take them off," she said, much to my pleasure.

Mom put the semen beaker down on the table next to us and pulled her sweater off over her head, and put it on the back of her chair. I saw she was wearing a black bra. Then still standing and facing me, she unclipped her bra from the back, putting on the chair over her sweater, and exposing her large hanging boobs, which flopped a bit as she did so. The fine gold necklace which I had noticed earlier, was still around her neck, and it made her look a touch more sexy, as her large swaying boobs hung down below it.

Seeing her like this in front of me, caused my prick to rage up further.

Then she sat back down on the chair so my cock was almost level with her face. Mom started stroking it up and down. As she did so I looked at the nipples on her boobs and the wide areole surrounding them. Boobs like that had always turned me on enormously in my porn collection, and here they were in real life. Fuck!

I wanted to suck on them, but I was still hesitant to do anything different to our routine so far.

"I did say to tell me what you naturally feel like doing from now on," said mom, taking her eyes off my straining cock for a moment and up at me.

I looked down at her, blushed a little, and said, "Er, ...well, ...I'd sort of like on them a little, ...if that's ok with you."

"Well, that sounds quite normal and natural," she said. "You may do so, as long as you don't bite hard on them. Be gentle."

I knelt down so as to be more at eye level with mom's wonderful hanging boobs, and firstly, squeezed and cupped them softly with my hands. Then, I gently licked around her left nipple and sucked on it, taking more of the boob into my mouth as I did so, whilst my right hand caressed her right boob. It felt fantastic and my dick jerked up even more.

Then I moved my mouth over to her right nipple and did the same, this time rubbing and caressing the left boob with my left hand as I sucked on the right one. Fuck! The sensation was mind blowing!

I had heard mom gasp a little whilst I sucked on and played with her tits. "You haven't done this for around 18 years," she said softly.

I was too busy sucking and licking on her boobs to reply.

Then, after a minute or two of this, she said, "Ok, that's enough for now, let me stroke your cock again."

I stood up and poked my hard on towards mom's face.

She licked her lips again. I wanted to ask her to suck my knob, but still felt too embarrassed to do so. Her mouth was close enough for me to feel her breath on the end of my prick. She seemed to be concentrating on my piss slit as she stroked along my shaft.

Then, although I wasn't feeling brave enough to ask her to suck on my dick yet, I had another idea, which I did feel brave enough to say. " can I rub it between your boobs?"

"Yes, that should be ok," she said, almost straight away, much to my relief.

She moved herself forward a bit towards the edge of the chair and held her boobs up towards me, one in each hand. I grabbed my cock with my right hand and started stroking it between the flesh of her boobs in her cleavage. Mom held each tit carefully and firmly in position, squeezing the flesh around my dick and looking down watching me slide my cock between them, and up towards her chin. Fuck, this was great!

As I continued, I could see pre-cum at the tip of my prick, and some of it went on her boobs as I slid between them.

"Go on Jacob, fuck my boobs and cum," said mom encouragingly, all of a sudden.

Fuck! I couldn't believe my ears! I'd never heard her use language like that, and it was really arousing.

I continued fucking mom's beautiful full boobs, watching my pole slide between the fleshy mounds, whilst she held them tightly over my prick, almost like she was making a tit-pussy for them!

"Go on fuck them," said mom again, encouragingly.

It didn't take much more of this, and before long I felt the cum rise in my balls.

"Ok, mom, I'm gonna cum....," I said out loudly to warn her.

Immediately, she let go of her boobs, and grabbed the semen beaker with her left hand. With her right hand, she started pumping on my dick, which was at full stretch, pointing it into the beaker.

The feel of her hand on my dick was ecstatic, and after just a few firm stokes I felt myself spurt.
"Uhhhhhhh......," I said out loud, as my cum flooded into the beaker.

Mom carried on pumping me, gripping my dick firmly and milking as much cum out of me as possible, whilst I was still hard.

After what seemed like ages, the cum waves finally stopped, and she let go of me. I flopped back onto the chair, feeling light headed and like I needed to sit down due to the high of my orgasm to recover.

"Fuck, that was good," I said with my eyes half closed, and almost automatically. Then, realising I had sworn in front of mom, I opened my eyes and said, "Oops, sorry mom, I couldn't help saying that."

"That's ok," she said, still looking at the semen-beaker. I can understand your relief. I don't mind, as long as you don't get too crude. It is natural. And I did encourage you in a similar way too, which is what women do sometimes to help men cum."

It felt great to hear mom say that and I relaxed a bit more. then I looked at the beaker like she was doing. It was about a third full again. I seemed to be cumming about the same amount each time, even though this was my third session of the day.

"I can't believe you're still producing this much, as it's your third time today," she said. "It's not biologically possible. Surely, you must end up producing less each time by the end of the day? As we've only had 4 sessions per day so far, whilst I was working in the week, I'm sure we can manage more, as it's the weekend. And I'm sure you'll dry up by the time I've finished with you today."

I listened in silence, still recovering.

"Well, I'm going to change into something suitable to keep you stimulated whilst around the house, she said. "Clean yourself up and keep just your boxer shorts on under your gown. She got up, still topless, her boobs swinging freely and sexily in front of her, grabbed her sweater and bra from the back of the chair, and started walking out of the kitchen to go up to her bedroom

"I won't be long," she added as she left.

I watched her ass sway in her skirt as she walked, and I gulped again.

Wondering what mom would come down wearing to stimulate me, and hearing she was going to be like that all weekend was enough to get me going! Fuck! This was all just so awesome!

To be continued...
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You have to...just have to tell me when part 4 is released!!! I WANT MORE!!! :)
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Absoluetly superb very stimulating story - very well told
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