Meeting the Maddisons 2

For the rest of the dinner I had trouble keeping my eyes off the delicious Laura Maddison. Every time I looked at her I could imagine streams of sperm streaking her face. I could see her breasts with rivers of cum running over them. I saw her mouth open wide to take in a huge cock. What I'd seen in the photos just wouldn't get out of my mind.

I tried hard to keep my attention on the attractive lady opposite me. Her breasts were clearly unfettered by a bra and I knew her dress left her back completely bare, all the way down to the start of her ass crack. I wondered if her ass cleavage showed when she was sitting down.

We talked of university and I learned her name was Sophie Anderson and she was a physiother****t. I thought she could manipulate my muscles any time.

Stop! I gotta get this sex thinking under control.

Mark and Andy joined in the conversation and the talk shifted to some of the crazy things they got up to at uni – pranks in the lectures, booz parties, nude runs through colleges, crazy traditions. I was really looking forward to university now.

"Then of course there is the sex," said Sophie.

I was a bit shocked by this statement from someone only slightly younger than my parents. It must have registered on my face because she laughed.

"Oh please Jim, I didn't mean to shock you. But look, it's a big part of life and an even bigger part of uni life. It's the time to experiment. You'll meet so many new people. I met my husband Tony at a party at uni. It was a very special party some friends had thrown for his birthday.'

"Was there sex at the party?" asked Mark, who didn't seem to care what he said.

Sophie laughed. She had a delightful tinkling laugh, and her unfettered breasts jiggled as she laughed.

"Let's just say it was uninhibited," she smiled. "And I won the contest, which really impressed Tony. We've been together ever since and we have three k**s now."

"Oh, and what sort of contest was it?" I asked innocently.

The twins looked at each other grinning.

"I think we can guess what the contest was, Sophie," said Andy with a laugh.

"Yes, well, best keep that to yourself for the time being," Sophie replied, giving them a playful frown.

Obviously it was something they weren't willing to let me in on.

After dinner we all got up and moved back into the living room. Sophie was walking arm in arm with her husband Tony in front of me and I was fascinated by the butt cleavage revealed by the totally backless dress. There's no way she could be wearing any underwear. When she leaned back to kiss her husband the dress opened up and I could see all the way down her ass cheeks and there was nothing except smooth coffee coloured skin.

Tony turned around and saw where I was looking. I was terrified this big black guy was going to take offence and call me out.

"Hey man, didn't get a chance to say hi before dinner," he said cheerfully, holding out his massive hand for me to shake.

I shook his hand as Sophie introduced us.

"I see you like Sophie's dress. Or what there is of it from behind," he grinned.

"Er, yes, she's, uh, stunning," I stammered.

"Don't worry Jim, this is one of her more conservative outfits. I'm proud of her when people stare at her. She's a very beautiful lady with incredible skills."

Sophie kissed him on the cheek. They were clearly very much in love.

"Yes, and I knew I had to dress in something special when we were invited to the Maddison's for dinner. Laura will always try to be the centre of attention and she's achieved that with her black almost frontless dress. So I had to go backless, didn't I Tony?"

"Yes you did honey, and I love you for it."

Just then Mr Maddison came over.

"Hello Tony, Sophie. Jim, I hear you will start studying architecture next year at uni."

"Yes, Mr Maddison."

"Oh please call me Charles. Schools over. Look if you are doing architecture you are going to have to know something about photography. You'll have to study buildings and urban planning and you'll have to do a fair bit of photography. Have you done any black and white photography?"

"No, just happy snaps – you know, f****y and friends."

"Well come over here and I'll show you what I mean. Please excuse us Sophie, Tony."

With that he led me over to the picture of his wife lying nude over a log that hung over the fireplace. He pointed out to me the importance of using light to get shadows that highlight the form and shapes.

"I was trying to get the contrast between the smooth softness of her skin on the rough bark of the log. Then the shadow cast by her breast on her chest, and even using the light to bring up the outline of her ribs as she stretches her arms up over her head........."

I wasn't really listening to the details of what he was saying. I was more struck by the weirdness of Mr Maddison explaining in great technical detail what he'd done to bring up the nakedness of his wife and the beauty of her amazing body in this blow up photo displayed to anyone who entered the living room.

".....And then if you look closely you can see I used a bit of oil on her bare pubic mound to make it shine, almost like a beacon. That's the good thing about Laura being completely shaved, it makes for so much better pictures....."

"Oh Charles isn't going on and on about his photographic technique to you is he Jimmy?"

I looked up and there was Mrs Maddison – Laura – standing behind me. Again I must have looked a bit embarrassed at being caught looking so closely at the photo of her naked body.

She smiled and moved around to stand beside her husband, and we all looked at the photograph.

"How long ago did we do this one Charles? Must be three, four years...

"Yes, but you haven't changed a bit love, if anything you are better than ever," he said and kissed her softly on the lips. As he kissed her, his right hand reached out and hefted her right breast, lifting it and lowering it several times. I was stunned he was doing this right in front of me.

Mrs Maddison's eyes moved from the photograph to mine, looking me straight in the eye as her husband continued to caress her breast through her deeply cut black dress. She didn't move. She made no attempt to stop her husband caressing her right in front of me. My eyes moved to his hand lifting and caressing her breast, his fingers brushing her nipple bringing it to its own erection pressing against the thin material. I felt I couldn't let her see I was watching so intently, and I looked back to her eyes. She was looking right into me, not caring that I could see her husband massaging her breasts in front of me.

She kept eye contact with me for a good 30 seconds as the caress went on and on. Then she smiled and said softly to her husband: "Charles, I think this is unfair to Jimmy. He's getting uncomfortable. I don't know if he's quite ready for this yet."

She looked down at my groin and could clearly see my dick making a pyramid of my pants.

"Oh dear, yes I think he is ready, but I think not here, not right now."

Charles dutifully gave a last affectionate squeeze of her right breast, quickly hefted the other breast and kissed her on the cheek before withdrawing his hand.

"Sorry Jim, we are pretty uninhibited in this house and sometimes I forget that others might not be ready for our way of life," he said.

I shook my head. "No, it's er fine. I was just a bit surprised."

"Jimmy, I've always admired you," said Laura Maddison. "You were the smallest person on that rugby team, a year younger than the others too. Yet you went in with all you had and you tackled hard and right around the ankles bringing down lads that were almost twice as big as you. I admire that sort of courage, that sort of determination to do your best. You are a real fighter and competitor."

She reached out a hand and stroked my cheek. Her dress shifted when she moved her arm and a sizeable portion of her left breast left the covering. I could see a large part of her dark pink areola, but the nipple seemed to be held under the thin material by the seam. She could see my eyes had travelled to the sight of her almost exposed nipple, but she made no attempt to cover it up.

"I hope we'll be seeing a lot more of you in our house Jimmy," she said. "You are always welcome here."

"Well actually dear I was going to ask Jim if he'd like to come around for photography lessons. It could be useful to him in his architecture studies."

"Oh, that's a great idea. I look forward to seeing you again soon then Jimmy," she smiled, and leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. As she did so the seam on her dress slipped over her nipple and there it was in all its glory – erect, pink and perfect.

She leaned back after kissing me, glanced down and saw her nipple was exposed to my gaze.

"Whoops, naughty girl!" she said with a laugh, but made no move to cover up. She stood still for a few long seconds, winked at me and slowly pulled her dress back over her nipple. She slowly turned to go back to her other guests.

Charles chuckled at the expression on my face.

"She looks even better in the flesh than in the photographs doesn't she," he laughed.

"Yes, she certainly does," I replied. Christ, what an amazing f****y.

"So, how about you come over next weekend and I'll go through some basic photography with you. Alison will be back from medical school then. I'm sure you'll like her."

"Sure, Charles. Thanks, I'd like that."

Truth was I couldn't wait to see more of the amazing Maddisons, especially Laura. I wonder what Alison is like. She'd posed nude too, and although I'd only seen her pictured from behind, I couldn't wait to meet the front.

"So, lunchtime Saturday then," he said.

Mark and Andy joined us.

"Jim's coming over next Saturday to learn something about photography," Charles told the boys.

"Oh great, is that nude photography?" said Andy.

"No. We'll be looking at urban photography, buildings and streetscapes, things like that to help in his architecture studies. Light and shadow play a very important role in architectural photography."

"Bad luck Jim," said Andy. "Still, maybe you'll get to see some of the f****y's photo album."

Andy winked and I had a pretty good idea what sort of photos he was talking about.

Mum came over, her breasts wobbling as she walked. I felt proud that she wasn't going to let Laura outshine her. Charles told her I'd been invited to come over to learn something about photography.

Mum looked at the giant blow up photo of naked Mrs Maddison d****d over the log.

"Oh, what sort of photography?" she asked suspiciously, her eyes examining the nude portrait in front of her.

Charles told her it was all for my architecture studies, and she seemed assured by that.

But in the car on the way home mum seemed to have second thoughts.

"I don't know about you going to the Maddisons all alone for photography lessons," she said.

"Oh come on dear," said dad. "Charles is a renowned photographer and it would be great for Jim to learn how to use a camera properly. He'll get a head start on the other architecture students."

"But those pictures of Laura he had on the walls........I'm just a bit concerned about what Jim might be getting dragging into."

I thought 'dragged? Who's being dragged?' I must admit I felt a bit nervous about the overt sexual displays I'd secretly found in that house - the photos of Laura Maddison's face dripping with sperm, the silhouette photo of her sucking dick, and of course the shock of her husband openly caressing her breasts in front of me and her nipple finally falling out of her plunging dress. Still I couldn't tell my parents about that, and I was really keen on finding out more about the amazing Maddisons and how far things could go.

"I'd really appreciate the chance to learn photography properly," I said from the back seat.

Mum turned around from the front passenger seat. The movement opened up her substantial cleavage and I struggled to keep my eyes from drifting down to her substantial breasts that were now quite exposed to the nipple. I'd never seen so much cleavage in one night.

"Well dear, if you feel comfortable going there by yourself," she said.

"Yeah Jim, I hope you didn't feel intimidated by Mrs Maddison. She can be quite overpowering," said Dad.

"No we had a talk – she said she really admired me from the football team. She said I was the bravest as I was the smallest one in the team."

"Well that's great. I know she's got a huge competitive spirit. After she had to pull out of athletic competition because she was pregnant she tried synchronized swimming. But I hear she was virtually blackballed by the coach and team members because she stood out too much being so tall and strong and curvaceous. No one was looking at the rest of the team, only her."

"And I noticed you doing the same tonight George. You couldn't take your eyes off her in that dress."

"Oh come on honey, she was almost popping out. In fact I think she did once or twice. And then I had that giant photo of her topless on the wall in front of me all dinner."

"Yes, you didn't know where to look did you? And what about that backless dress of Sophie's – it was almost bottomless as well."

"Honey, you weren't doing so bad yourself – I noticed Charles and Tony and the twins for that matter taking long looks at your cleavage. You were quite a bit on display tonight as well."

I couldn't let this descend into an argument over whose eyes were where as I feared it could lead to mum covering up her own cleavage and not letting me go to the Maddisons.

"Mum I thought you looked absolutely beautiful tonight," I said. "I know the twins were full of admiration for you. They said you were really hot."

Mum swiveled in her seat, turning to me with a huge smile. Once again her deep cleavage opened up. From my back seat I could seen an entire half of her breast almost to the nipple, the rest of her tits pressing against the material of her dress. I tried to keep eye contact with her.

"Why thank you dear, that's a nice compliment. I thought nobody would get any attention beside Laura."

Dad piped up: "Well they've seen photos of their mother nude hanging over the fireplace and that massive topless photo in the dining room so they've probably got used to seeing her being so uninhibited and hanging out like that."

Mum was still side on to me in her seat, her cleavage on full display as she turned her head to the front. Could she have known I could see a profile of her entire breast and was allowing me to get a good look?

"I don't think so dad," I said. "They're very proud of her. They just admire beautiful women."

Mum turned her head back to me and caught me peering at her half exposed breasts. She didn't move, just smiled at me.

"You are quite a charmer young James," she said. "I love you very much." She shifted a bit and even more of her breast toppled out. She saw my eyes quickly flick to her breast and back to her eyes. She smiled and gave a tiny nod indicating it was fine for me to look. I looked back at her bulging breasts pressing out of her dress and smiled back at mum. She blew me a kiss, kept her position for another 15 seconds allowing me to get a good long look, then slowly turned back in her seat to face the front.

"Don't be afraid of Mrs Maddison, Jim," mum said. "She's obviously not worried about showing off her body. It's her choice, so just appreciate it. Her f****y don't seem to mind either, so I think you should just go with the flow."

"Lucky boy," said dad, and he winked at me in the rear vision mirror.


I couldn't wait till Saturday rolled around. On one hand I was really excited about what might happen with the incredible Laura Maddison. On the other hand I was very nervous about what might happen. Dad was going near the Maddison home that day on his way to golf so gave me a lift.

"Good luck son, give me a call and I might be able to pick you up on the way home."

"Sure dad," I said and waved him goodbye. I walked up to the front door and pressed the bell, hoping Mrs Maddison would be the one opening the door.

The door opened, but it was Andy.

"Hi Jimbo, how they hanging?" he said in the old school greeting.

"Darn low, Andy, very low," I replied.

"Come on in."

He showed me into the living room where sitting on the lounge was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen – blue eyes, long straight blonde hair, her body sleek and svelte in her shorts and singlet. And she greeted me with the most wonderful smile as she jumped up and ran over to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"And this is my s****r Alison," said Andy.

"Oh, hi Alison," I managed to get out, before she kissed me on the other cheek, her pert breasts thrusting into my chest.

"Jim, I've heard all about you. I've been so looking forward to meeting you since the boys told me you came for dinner. Sorry I was away but uni calls and I only get home on weekends."

I realized this was the naked girl in the picture hanging in the dining room. It was taken from behind, so this was the first time I'd seen her face. She was bouncing with energy and enthusiasm. I instantly liked her.

We sat down and Alison told me about her medical studies and the three of us started talking about university.

"You'll love it Jim, great parties, great people, and great sex...." Alison said

with a laugh.

Her father came into the room and gently chided Alison. "You're leading him astray already......give him a chance to buy his text books before you corrupt him with your party stories," he said.

"So Jim, want to get started?"

Just then Mrs Maddison came down the stairs. My eyes must have popped as Andy and Alison both grinned. She was wearing a gym outfit, but not like any I'd ever seen. Her skimpy sports bra top was tight and her nipples poked through the lycra, while her skin tight lycra shorts produced the clearest camel toe possible. The shorts stopped four inches below her navel and her bare flat stomach revealed a tight six pack. She strode over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Hello Jimmy, nice to see you. I'm just off to the gym and sauna we've got set up downstairs. Twice a day Jim, it's the only way an old bag like me can hope to stay in shape."

"But you'r certainly in shape Mrs Maddison – er Laura – you look like you could be competing in the Olympics."

"It's nice of you to say so Jimmy, but as they say 'no pain, no gain'. You're off to the studio with Charles. I hope to catch up with you later."

She called out to Mark who came rushing down the stairs in an old school singlet and shorts.

"Hey Jimbo! Gotta help mum with her work out. Catch you later," and he raced downstairs following his mother.

"One of us always has to go with her to help her with the weights and things, but she exhausts us so we take it in turns," explained Andy. "I've got the evening shift today."

"Come on Jim, let's go up to the studio and get started on the lessons," said Charles.

I said goodbye to Alison and Andy, and went upstairs with their father.

We walked past the bathroom and I wondered if the picture of Laura Maddison with a dick exploding in her mouth was still there. I'd have to sneak down to have a look later.

But at the foot of the winding stairs leading up to the attic where Mr Maddison had his studio was another photo of a nude Mrs Maddison. It was a dark silhouette of her taken from behind. The soft contours of her hip, back and shoulders were outlined in darkness, while offering a mere hint of the crease her bottom and the junction of her legs. It was almost demure by the standards of what I'd already seen. But as we went up the stairs there were more photos. The next one was in full light, again from behind. She was seated in a chair, her legs astride the back. She was leaning back and the muscles in her back showed tremendous definition.
Mr Maddison said nothing as he led me up the stairs past this little exhibition of nude portraits of his wife. But I noticed he was going slowly, giving me plenty of time to look at the pictures.

The next photo showed more. Laura was standing naked leaning up against a rough sandstone brick wall, her arms over her head lifting her heavy breasts. Her shaved mound stood out prominently. I leaned in for a closer look and realized I could just see the start of the gash of her cunt. Charles was stopping, waiting for me to move on.

In the next photo she was lying on her front on a rumpled bed. She looked as though she'd just been fucked, one leg spread wide, the other straight down, her ass slightly raised. From the position the picture was taken I could see the lips of her shaved cunt glistening. I couldn't quite see her asshole between her cheeks, but the look on her face as she looked back at the photographer was inviting.

Mr Maddison was climbing the stairs very slowly, knowing I was examining each of the photos carefully as we went up to the studio.

At last her asshole was revealed in all its glory in the next photo. She'd moved up on her knees, her chest down on the bed and her face looking back over her shoulder with a huge smile. Her skin shimmered with oil, and I could clearly see her rosebud asshole smiling at me. The lips of her cunt were slightly open and I could see a small black hole where her vagina was partially open. It was incredible that her husband had these pictures on the wall where he knew I must see them – and the rest of the f****y could see them for that matter. At that point he turned around and saw which photo I was staring at.

"Jim, I hope you aren't embarrassed at seeing these pictures. I thought maybe I should take them down knowing you were coming today, but Laura said to leave them up. She said you were grown up enough to see them, and she insists she has nothing to hide."

"No Mr Madd... er Charles. I think she looks very beautiful. And I was admiring the use of shadow and light to bring up her curves. They are more art than .... well you know."

"Porn – you can say it Jim. No, they're not porn. I don't take porn pictures of my f****y. They are articistic nudes, sometimes erotic nude studies. There's a distinct line between porn and erotica and I don't cross it. Here, have a look at this next one and you'll see what I mean."

I stepped up to stand in front of the photo he was pointing to. Laura Maddison was lying on her back, her legs spread wide with her fingers playing with her completely shaved cunt, two fingers buried deep inside her vagina. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy.

"Now this photo is all about capturing the moment of joy and passion of orgasm. It's not about exposing her naked for the purpose of masturbation. That's the difference."

Well I thought I could whack off to that picture of the lovely Laura Maddison any time, but I wasn't going to tell her husband that.

"Now these next photos include a few other people, so I hope you won't feel shocked."

"No, no problem Charles."

I climbed a few more stairs and there was Laura naked, covered in sweat, lying on her side on an old fashioned chaise lounge, her breasts flopping across her chest and one leg raised, bent at the knee. A small stream of goo was leaking from between her legs. But the surprise was to see her two sons standing behind the lounge, both sweaty, smiling and laughing, completely naked, their semi-erect dicks hanging down just inches from their mother's arm which lay across the back of the chair. The erotic element in the picture was the obvious question – had they just finished fucking her?

We moved on to the next photo. Charles was looking at me to gauge my reaction.

It was the photo I'd seen in the boys' room – Laura smiling into the camera with cum on her face while the two wet large dicks of her sons hung beside her face.

"Holy Shit," I said.

"You OK Jim? It isn't too shocking for you?"

"No, I think it's fantastic. She looks absolutely unbelievable, just amazingly beautiful." I could swear my heart was about to burst through my chest.

"I hoped that would be your reaction. I could sense you had an eye for beauty. I think it captures a moment of absolute happiness in Laura. She gets a great sense of achievement from bringing joy and pleasure to others. You see the way the semen glistens in the light on her face. It makes the photo come alive, and the boys standing behind her like a trophy she's been awarded. It's one of the f****y favourites."

"The whole f****y?" I asked.

"Yes, we have no inhibitions or limits in our f****y. You might like to see this next one."

And there they were, all of the Maddisons naked, even Charles. This time Alison was the centre of attention. It was taken from behind and she was looking to her left. She was astride her father, his dick firmly planted in her cunt. Mark stood on her left, his dick deep in her mouth. Laura was between her spread legs, her hands spreading her ass cheeks and her tongue licking her asshole. Andy was squatting over his mother's head, his dick poised to enter Alison's ass as soon as his mother moved aside.

I almost fell backward in surprise. I hadn't heard Alison come up the stairs behind me, and I jumped as she put her hand on my shoulder.

"Ah Jim, I see dad's left up our f****y circus photo. What do you think?"

" shit...fuck" I stammered. I felt the bl**d draining from my head and felt a bit faint.

Alison reached out a hand to catch me, and she and her dad helped me to the top of the stairs.

"I told you the circus pic was too much for him at this stage," Alison said.

"But your mother thought he was ready," her father said. "He's seen the facial cum photos and seemed OK with it."

"I'm alright, believe me," I said as I stood on my own. "I was just a bit surprised. I'm really glad you trust me enough to let me share in seeing your f****y photos. I think it's fantastic that you are all so open with each other."

"We've not had any secrets in our f****y since the k**s were old enough," Charles said. "We believe sex is wonderful and we see no reason not to share the pleasure and joy our bodies can give us."

"Sure, and it means sex is always available in a loving f****y with no hang-ups and break-ups and all the confusion that goes on with having boyfriends and girlfriends and secret lovers," said Alison. "I love my dad and my b*****rs dearly, and having them make love to me and me making love to them is only natural."

We'd moved to a couch to the side of the photographic studio. I looked around.

On one wall of the studio were more nude portraits of members of the Maddison f****y. I could see in one sequence of framed photos Laura Maddison taking a big nine inch cock deep in her mouth. The first photo had her on her knees in front of the man, sinewy muscles on his thighs straining as his erect dick thrust out in front of him. Her mouth was open wide, her tongue sticking out to lick the head of his prick. In the next photo she'd wrapped her mouth around the cock head, her fingers holding the man's balls. But it was the next two photos that revealed what Laura Maddison was capable of. She'd obviously been sucking the cock for a while as it was extremely wet, her lips and chin dripping in saliva. A dollop was falling from the base of the cock which was buried about two thirds in her mouth. The head must be in her throat as there was no way it could all fit in her mouth. The last photo made me gulp. Her mouth was buried deep in the man's groin. His entire nine inch cock was engulfed in her mouth and throat. Incredibly her tongue was protruding, licking the underside of his balls.

"Wow!" I said, as I got up to take a closer look at the photo sequence.

"Yes, that's Laura's famous deep throat," Charles said proudly as he joined me in looking closely at the photo. "We're all very proud of Laura's deep throat abilities. She's yet to meet a cock that she couldn't get down all the way. Nine inches, doesn't seem to matter. She meets everything as a challenge."

"What about me, dad?" cried Alison in protest. "Why don't you show Jim the photos of my speciality?"

Charles laughed and went over to a filing cabinet and drew out a file of blown up black and white photos.

"Come on dad, strip off. You too Jim. I want to see the effect my pictures have on you."

Alison was already stripping off her singlet and shorts. She wore no underwear and was completely naked in a second. She was slim and gorgeous, completely shaved down below just like her mother. Her tits were perky and perfectly shaped. Charles laughed and stripped off his shirt and shorts revealing a sizeable dick. He was half erect and he too had shaved around his prick, making it look bigger. Strangely, I didn't feel embarrassed at this display of a naked adult man. I'd seen plenty of naked men in sport changing rooms and it never bothered me. It was just part of who we are.

"Come on Jim, fair's fair," said Alison.

I thought I'd be crazy not to join in this f****y's i****tuous games with a naked Alison in front of me. I took off my shirt and dropped my pants. My dick was straining against the boxers, making a pronounced tent. Alison laughed, and motioned me to drop them too. I did, my dick catching the boxers as I lowered them and then slapping up to hit my stomach as it was released.

Alison giggled and gave a gasp of happy surprise as she gazed openly at my dick.

"Oh, it's beautiful. Jim you are going to be a happy addition to this f****y's games."

She reached out one hand and hefted my balls, her other hand gently caressing my dick. She motioned me to sit beside her. She let go of me as she turned her attention to the photo file on the coffee table in front of us. Charles was sitting in an armchair to our side.

"OK Jim, let me show you the pictures dad took of me and you tell me what you think."

She opened the file and the first photo was of her face down on a bed and her ass high in the air, her asshole open to the camera. Two pairs of hands were on each cheek, pulling them wide apart revealing the rosebud of her asshole.

The next photo showed one hand on each side gently inserting the tip of a finger into her asshole.

"This is how we warm up. It gets better," said Alison with a giggle.

The next photo showed each hand inserting an entire finger into her asshole, pulling it apart. You could see a black hole about the size of a nickel as they stretched her sphincter.

Andy's face was leaning into the next picture, licking her asshole. Alison's face could be seen slightly out of focus, but the expression of joy on her face was unmistakable.

The preliminaries over, the next photos got into some serious ass fucking. Alison was up on her knees, her ass pointing to the sky as first Andy and then Mark ripped into some solid anal sex.

"This is my speciality. I just love anal sex, all types of anal sex," said Alison, smiling at me as she explained what she was doing in each photo.

She help up one photo where one of the twin's big pricks had just been removed from her asshole leaving it gaping wide. It had to be gaping at least an inch across.

"I know I can get it to gape even wider than that," Alison said examining the photo closely. "What do you think dad?" she asked, and looked up at her father who was still sitting in the armchair watching her show me the photos. It must be turning him on because, like me, he had a full erection.

"Sure dear, it's just a matter of practice."

"Ah, bless you dad. You too Jim. Good to see you appreciate an artiste at work."

She reached over and started caressing my dick. She put a hand on my chest to push me to back on the couch and lowered her head to my dick. I was taken aback as she took me into her mouth, her father watching only a few feet away.

She purred as she started giving me a wonderful blow job. I wasn't going to protest at her dad being there. In fact I was a bit worried that he'd want to join in. I heard him get up, and looked to see him standing with his stiff prick standing out in front of him.

"Show Jim what you can do Ali. I'll get the camera."

As Alison continued to suck me deep into her mouth her dad walked to the other side of the room and came back with a camera. He returned to his chair and took a few photos of his daughter sucking me off.

"Come on Alison, really get stuck in. You know what'll turn him on."

"Sure dad," Alison said and motioned to me to lie on my back, side-on to the couch. She was between my legs licking the length of my dick. She then dropped down to my balls, sucking them into her mouth one by one. I could hear the click of the camera as Charles captured the moment.

Then Alison surprised me by putting her hands under my legs and raising them high in the air, giving her easy access to my asshole. Bit by bit her tongue licked lower and lower from my balls until I suddenly felt this warm wet sensation on my asshole. She was licking my sphincter! I'd never had that done to me before and I must have jumped a bit as Alison giggled.

"I think we have an anal virgin here dad," she laughed and looked up at her father as he moved in for a close-up.

"Show him dear, you know you are the best at this."

Alison lowered her head and resumed licking my ass. It was incredible, feeling her warm wet tongue go up and down and around and around my asshole. Her hands pulled my cheeks apart giving her even more access. I felt what must be her tongue go firm and straight as it darted in and out of the very opening of my asshole. Then suddenly she was inside my ass, gyrating her tongue around the rim before darting in and out, seemingly seeking out how deep she could probe her way into my ass. It felt wonderful.

Charles was over the top of me trying to get a clear shot of Alison rimming me. But he must have felt he wasn't getting what he wanted as he stood back and asked me to raise my backside right over my head so that my feet were over the arms of the chair.

Alison must have known this new position because she helped me roll up so that my ass was pointing straight up in the air. She lowered her face to my ass and her tongue lathered my asshole. Charles seemed much happier with this position because he could clearly see Alison's face, my asshole and her hand reaching round to caress my dick. His camera went into overdrive as Alison looked up at him smiling as her tongue protruded through my sphincter, her hand tugging on my cock.

The only problem for me was that my dick was now pointing straight down at my face, and I didn't want to cum on my own face. I laughed to myself. This was incredibly kinky, breaking just about all the taboos possible, and I was worried about cuming on my own face.

"I see Jim's enjoying this, Ali," said Charles.

Alison lifted her head and smiled to her father.

"So he should. I love anal sex – giving and taking. I'll have to become a proctologist."

Both Charles and I laughed at that. Alison moved on to all fours on the floor, her head on a pillow. Charles brought over a tube of lube and spread it all around her asshole.

"Thanks dad," Alison said breathlessly. "You can never have too much lube. Lube is the secret to successful ass fucking. Put some on your cock Jim so it slides in more easily."

I spread some of the lube along my cock and squatted behind her like I'd seen Andy and Mike do in the photos. I slowly lowered my dick until it just touched her asshole.

Charles crawled on the floor underneath me, his camera clicking as I slowly pressed my dick head into her asshole. It seemed so small it was amazing it could take my dick into her. There was only the slightest resistance and then her sphincter relaxed and seemed to open like a flower. The head of my dick just slid in. The tightness around the head was amazing and the warmth of her anal tract was welcoming. I left it there for a few seconds to let Alison relax even further. But that seemed unnecessary as she pushed back, indicating she wanted more of me inside her. I pressed forward and my dick – a good eight inches – slid inside her anal tunnel. Alison let out a groan and took a deep breath. She was in ecstasy. She was moving the muscles inside her anus like a wave, caressing my dick that was buried inside her. I don't know how she could have that much control. But it was a plea to go ahead and really let loose and fuck her deeply in the ass. I started slow, going in and out almost the entire length of my dick leaving only the head inside her stretched sphincter. I steadily sped up until I was really driving into her f***efully, trying to get as far as I could inside her. I guessed Charles was getting good close ups as he clicked away because occasionally my balls slapped the lens of his camera as I pounded into his daughter's ass.

At last I felt I couldn't hold back any longer and I gave one huge lunge deep into her, forcing her head hard into the cushion. My sperm blasted deep into her ass over and over. Both of us were dripping with sweat as we got our breath back. I stayed in her until I felt my dick start to deflate. I slowly pulled out, looking down as my cock emerged from her asshole. I was amazed as her sphincter was staying wide open as my cock rested just outside her asshole. The diameter of the stretched asshole had to be more than an inch wide, maybe an inch and a half.

"Holy shit, Alison," said her dad as he clicked away furiously. "That has to be the biggest gape yet. Fantastic. You'll get to two inches easy if you keep this up. Well done Jim."

Alison collapsed on the floor, a big satisfied smile on her face. I collapsed back on to the couch.

I must have fallen asl**p for a minute or two because when I became aware of my surroundings again Alison had gone and Charles was working on his computer. I felt a bit embarrassed at what had happened, but when Charles saw I was awake he beckoned me over. He was editing the photos he'd taken of me with Alison.

"There's some great stuff here Jim. Alison really demonstrated the joy she feels from anal sex and I think I've captured it. Here, look at these."

I looked over his shoulder and must admit I felt very strange looking at close-up photos of Alison licking my ass and my cock pounding into her asshole. I'd never seen my own asshole, let along seen it captured on film with a beautiful woman sticking her tongue into it.

"You might have to get to work with the razor Jim. As you can see, soaked pubic hair doesn't look nice on film. It's hard to reach those spots so you'll probably need some help."

'Sure Charles, no problem."

"Lets go downstairs. Time for lunch and you'd probably like a shower."

I got dressed and we went downstairs to the kitchen. Andy was there making himself a sandwich.

"Hey Jimbo, I hear Alison just broke your anal cherry," he laughed.

"Word travels fast," I replied, still feeling a bit nervous facing my schoolboy football hero after just fucking his s****r in the ass.

"She was down here all pleased with herself before she went back upstairs to take a shower. She said you opened her up to gape an inch and a half."

"Yes, Ali was quite proud of herself," said Charles. "Got some good pics to prove it. I'll make lunch. Jim needs a shower. Andy, could you take him down to the gym shower. He needs to do some work with a razor."

"Ah, you've come across Dad's obsession with clean pictures," Andy said as we headed for the stairs. "He hates pubic hair getting in the way of a good shot. Come on then. Mum and Mark should have finished their workout by now. Plenty of space in the gym shower room."

We went downstairs to the cellar where I was amazed at the sophisticated gym the Maddisons had set up – weights, workout machines, running machines, the works. Laura Maddison smiled and waved when she saw us entering the gym. She was on her back, Mark holding her feet as she did sit-ups.
"Come on mum, just a few more to reach 200."

We left them to finish their work-out and Andy showed me the shower room. It was huge, big enough for several people with a bench along one side to sit on. There were three shower nozzles to blast from every direction.

"Why not shower and then join me in the sauna over there," Andy said pointing to a wooden door with a glass window. "Mum likes to relax in the sauna after her work out."

I showered, washing myself thoroughly. The blast of hot water made me feel relaxed and without drying myself I went to the sauna door, opened it and went in. Andy was lying naked on one of the upper benches. I placed my towel on the upper bench opposite him and sat down. The hot dry air made it hard to do anything in the sauna except sit still. Within a few minutes the door opened and a naked Mark came in, his towel d****d over his shoulder. Behind him was his mother, her towel wrapped around her. Mark grabbed an upper bench as lay down. Laura looked around and saw I was sitting on the only available upper bench.

"Move over Jimmy, those selfish lads have taken the other benches up top. I'll take this lower one beside you."

With that she unwrapped the towel revealing herself completely naked. Saunas aren't an unusual place to see naked people. I'd been in one before in Sweden when I was a young boy and all sorts of people spread themselves out naked and nobody cared. But when I saw the beautiful naked body of Laura Maddison unveiled just a couple of feet in front of me as she spread her towel on the hot wooden bench I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was stunning. Her large full breasts stood firm and proud on her chest. She was super fit and I could see the outline of the ribs on her chest despite the fullness of her breasts. No fakery in these tits, I realized. They moved when she did. She bent over as she straightened her towel and her breasts fell forward. She stood up straight, looked at me, hands on her hips, and smiled. Her firm stomach was dead flat, with an indication of a ladylike six pack. Her long legs looked strong and muscly, but not overly so. She was built like an Amazon, but there was nothing masculine about her.

Her pubic mound stood proud and bare, completely shaved as I'd seen in the photographs. I was sitting pretty well level with her breasts which were within an easy arms reach. I didn't bother hiding the fact I was staring at her body in wonder, examining it closely just a few feet away. I could see the start of her cunt crack, and she made no move to stop me looking.

"Like what you see Jimmy?" she asked, an amused smile on her lips.

"Oh, sorry Mrs Maddison – er Laura. I didn't mean to stare but you are an incredible beautiful lady," I stammered.

"Mum, he's seen your photos and he made love to Alison's ass this morning so he knows all about our crazy f****y adventures," said Andy.

"Oh he has, has he?" Laura smiled, gazing down at my semi-erect dick that was hanging between my legs as I sat on the bench.

"Yeah, and dad said he needs to get busy with a razor in places he's never shaved before," laughed Andy.

"Yes, I can see that," she said cocking her head slightly to one side to get a better look at my cock.

She laughed and tousled my hair as she lay down on her back on her towel. Her head was next to my feet and her sweaty naked body was spread before me. Her arms were lying beside her, making no attempt to cover up. Her large breasts lolled to the side of her rib cage and her hard belly dipped into a hollow as she relaxed, rising to her hips where her bare pubic mound was coated in a thin film of sweat from the effect of the heat in the sauna.

My dick started to rise as my eyes wandered over the perfect naked body laid out before me. Mark looked over and chuckled as he saw the effect his mother's body was having on me.

"Don't move mum or Jim'll shoot," he said.

She tilted her head back to look up at me and from her position below she had to see my balls hanging below the bench and my dick sticking in the air. She laughed.

"Good to see you're enjoying yourself there, Jimmy."

The heat was having an effect on us and for several minutes we all stayed silent. Sweat was dripping off me and I was worried about dripping sweat on Mrs Maddison's face lying just a few inches below me at my feet. Her body was glistening in sweat, a small pool collecting in her hollow belly and I could see small rivulets running from her breasts on to the towel below her. I decided to move and got up to rest my back against the sauna wall. I laid my towel behind me so I wouldn't burn from the heated wood. I could see Laura Maddison and her two sons clearly now as they lay on their backs, their nakedness displayed unashamedly. Mark's cock lay on his belly. Andy's cock was lying sideways on his hip. Both had to be seven inches even when flaccid.

I wondered what sort of f****y this was that freely had sex with each other, and didn't care that I knew all about it. Hell I'd just fucked the daughter in the ass in front of her father while he took pictures. And they were proud of it! They hung photos of themselves naked in their dining and living rooms where anyone visiting the house could see them. In the rest of the house they proudly displayed pictures of themselves fucking each other. Why were they letting me in on all this? Were they worried I would tell others?

I looked down at the sweaty naked body of Laura Maddison and thought I'd give anything to fuck her, have her suck me off like I knew she'd sucked off her own sons. Yeah, I wasn't going to do anything that would stop that happening. Maybe that was their trick. Maybe they knew it was the prospect of me joining the Maddison f****y in their sex games that would keep me silent. Yes, they're right there. I hoped something was going to happen with the amazing Mrs Maddison and I couldn't wait to run my hands over her incredible body, to hold those large tits and stick my fingers in her shaved cunt.

We were in the sauna about twenty minutes when the door opened and in came Charles and Alison, both naked with towels over their shoulders.

"Hi folks, bit cramped in here," said Charles.

"I've had enough anyway," said Mark, as he got up, gathered his towel and patted his s****r on the butt as he left the sauna.

"Me too," said Andy.

I got up and joined them leaving the sauna.

"I'll be out in a second, just get that shower going," said Laura.

The twins and I went to the shower and there was enough room for all of us as the three showerheads thundered out the hot water.

"So Jim, what'd you think of Alison?" asked Andy.

"Yeah Jim, she's pretty amazing isn't she," said Mark.

I looked at them, nervous that they might be upset with me. But to the contrary, they seemed genuinely pleased I'd fucked their s****r.

"She's really amazing," I said. "I couldn't believe it when your dad started taking pictures of us."

"Dad is a bit obsessed about capturing the moment, " said Andy. "But you get used to it, and I reckon its great to look at the pictures later and relive the fantastic moments."

"What did you think of the pictures of mum with us?" asked Mark.

"I thought my heart would burst when I saw the pics of her with you guys. I couldn't believe it."

"Yeah, mum is sensational. She seems intent on being the best cocksucker in the world. Did you see the deep throat photos?" said Mark.

I nodded.

"Yes, well she's going to try for the record. The deepest throat in the land. There's a Sex Olympics coming up in a few months and she's in training. You just wait."

I wanted to ask what a Sex Olympics was but stopped when Laura Maddison came into the shower room.

"Talking about me boys?" she said laughing. She saw me looking a bit stunned as she lathered up her naked body. "Well, as they say the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Now Jimmy, come over here. Charles says you need a bit of hair removal."

She reached for a ladies razor and waved it at me, moving to the bench.

"Oh, ho, you're for it now Jimbo." said Mark. "Hang on to your dick."

"Don't listen to them Jimmy, it's painless and I promise to be gentle."

I moved over to where Laura was sitting on the bench that was on one side of the large shower room and stood in front of her.

"Will it grow back?" I asked. "I don't know how I'll explain it to my mum and dad if they see me."

"Oh don't worry, everybody is going Brazilian these days," she said. "It's the height of fashion. It also feels fantastic, so you'll probably want to keep it going. Alison gets waxed, but I couldn't do that. I don't like pain. Besides it adds to the fun to get someone to help you reach the awkward bits. Now Jimmy turn around. I'll start with the back."

I turned around and she put a hand on my back to have me to lean forward. She ran her soapy hands over my back and down to my buttocks, then her soapy hands ran right inside the crease of my ass. It felt really good as her fingers slipped over my asshole. She soaped me up, and then I felt her drag the razor over my ass cheeks.

"Reach back and spread your cheeks for me Jimmy. I want to get right inside there."

I did as she said and I felt a bit nervous as she dragged the razor over the inside of my ass cheeks, getting right in beside by asshole. She ran her fingers up and down, making sure it was smooth and she hadn't missed anything. She was being quite businesslike about the very intimate thing she was doing to me, and I relaxed a bit. Then she reached between my legs and softly caressed my balls, lifting them one by one and running them between her fingers.

"Is that alright with you Jimmy? I love it when a man's balls hang down real loose and relaxed."

"No, that's nice Mrs Maddison."

"That's Laura dear, specially when I'm holding your balls in my hand."

"Oh yes, Laura, sorry."

She laughed and had me turn around so I was facing her. I had a full-on erection and it was pointing right at her face just inches away. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Wow Jimmy, quite an impressive organ you have there."

I stammered my thanks. The twins were watching us intently from the other side of the shower room. Them watching didn't worry their mother as she reached up to lather up my pubic hair. She got busy with the razor, clearing away the pubic hair above my protruding dick. It took a while as she was being very careful not to nick me anywhere. She used one hand to move my dick out of the way as she shaved me close to the base of my dick.

"Now don't worry Jimmy, I know what I'm doing. I've done my sons and husband many, many times and never drawn any bl**d. Well not much."

The twins laughed at the expression on my face.

"Don't worry Jimbo, Mark's had his dick sewn back on three times and it works fine," said Andy.

"Hush now boys," Laura said. "Don't listen to them Jimmy. Now I'll have to move you around a bit to get to the hair around the base."

She moved my erect dick to the left and sc****d the blade down the right side of the base of my cock. She did the same to the left side and then held it straight up against my belly and shaved underneath. She let it go and ran her fingers all over the base of my cock making sure I was completely smooth.

"Now this is the difficult part so stand very still. Spread your legs apart. You might like to steady yourself by putting your hands on the wall behind me."

I did as she said, and I gasped as she held my balls in one hand while gently dragging the razor over the ball sack with the other. It took some time as she shifted my balls around, diligently working the blade, shaving every last bit of hair off my scrotum. She lifted my balls up against my belly with my cock and shaved beneath right between my legs. Her head was very close to my cock and when she let me go it banged her on her head. She looked up and laughed. She pursed her lips and kissed my dick.

"Kiss it better for you Jimmy?"

I heard Mark and Andy give a small cheer.

She kissed it again, then ran her tongue and lips all along the length of it, before looking up at me smiling.

"Let's finish this first," she purred. "Put one leg up on the bench so I can get to that hard to reach spot."

I put my leg up beside her and she ducked underneath. She soaped me up between my legs in the gap between my balls and my asshole. She ran her finger along the little ridge that I'd always thought was the spot where my body was sewn together.

"This is your perineum, a very sensitive spot and terrible if you cut it shaving. It's a spot I rather like and it's important to get all that ugly hair off it. Now hold still."

Softly, she ran her finger along the little ridge right to my asshole. I shivered from the thrill of the feeling.

"Hold still I said, Jimmy. I don't want to cause you any damage."

She reached up with the razor and ran it gently along either side of the perineum. She went up and down, sweeping it from the ridge to the inside of my leg. I looked down at her and underneath my stiff dick I saw her concentrating on this magic spot underneath my balls that I had never seen. She seemed to find it fascinating and I let her keep on shaving and stroking me down there. She could inspect me anyplace she wanted, but my leg started to shake from the strain of holding it up so long..

Finally she was satisfied and leaned back.

"OK Jimmy, you're officially bald down here. You can put your leg down now."

I did so with a little relief, but my dick was now pointing once again straight at her face, and the head was just inches from her mouth. The twins had come over and were standing beside me, so she had three young dicks right in front of her. I was fully erect, while both Mark and Andy were about three quarters erect.

Laura Maddison looked up at me and stared into my eyes. Without another word, she opened her mouth and keeping eye contact slowly, ever so slowly, moved forward and took the head of my dick into her mouth. I groaned. She looked absolutely beautiful, her long blonde hair d****d over her shoulders, her magnificent full breasts in full view. I reached down with both hands and caressed them. She didn't break eye contact as she moved her mouth further down my dick until it was half way in. I felt the head hit a slight barrier at the back of her mouth, but she didn't hesitate, just kept on going down. It was now three quarters of the way in her mouth and she still hadn't broken eye contact. I was having trouble keeping my balance and had to let go of her breasts to hold myself up against the wall behind her. Still she wouldn't take her eyes off mine as she moved even deeper down my dick. There was a slight shake of her head as she went for the last inch, and then she was down all the way, right to the freshly shaved root of my dick. She stayed there as I reveled in the tightness of her throat around the first half of my dick. It was an incredible feeling. She reached her hand up and held my balls, then I felt her slip her tongue out and lick my balls. Was there nothing this incredible woman couldn't do?

She eased back inch by inch until my cock emerged from her throat and then her mouth. Finally she let me flop out from between her lips, a string of saliva linking her mouth to my cock.

"Oh my God," I cried out, desperate to be back in that incredible warm wet mouth and throat.

"Come on mum, show him what you can do," urged Andy.

"Yeah mum, get it down deep," added Mark as both their cocks reached full stiffness.

Laura Maddison couldn't resist a challenge and loved being cheered on by her supporters. With her left hand she felt my balls, rolling them like a pair of eggs. Her right hand went around to firmly hold my ass cheek, pulling me in towards her waiting mouth.

Her lips opened and in one uninterrupted lunge, moved forward and took me down deep into her throat. She was picking up speed as she dived in and out the length of my cock. There was no perceptible barrier now as she took me straight into her throat each time. It was like her mouth just went on forever. Everything she was doing was to give me the ultimate pleasure. Her hand on my ass pulled me in harder to her, her fingers reached further to caress my asshole. I gave a slight start as one of her fingers slipped past my sphincter. It seemed to hover at the entrance for a while before plunging deeper, past the first and second knuckle.

Her mouth was really pistoning on my cock now. It was like a powerful machine had been turned on and geared into full strength. Her eyes alternated between looking into my eyes and then at my dick as it emerged from her mouth, dripping in saliva. My balls were coated in the goo.

"That's it mum, you're really powering now," said Andy. "Come on, bring it home."

I couldn't take this for much longer. I had to cum. She must have felt I was close because she leaned back and, as a stream of saliva dripped from my cock on to her breasts, looked up at me uttered the four greatest words in the English language:

"Cum on my face."

She took me down her throat once again and my first spurt went straight into her gullet. She felt the familiar swell of my cock ejaculating and brought me out and pointed my cock at her forehead. My next spurt hit her above her right eye, the next across her nose. It was like she was directing a fire hose. Her mouth was wide open and my next two spurts went into her mouth, dribbling out on her bottom lip and down her chin. I gave two more bursts of sperm on her cheeks before my balls were drained. She kissed the head of my dick as it started to subside, looked up at me and smiled. Her cum covered face was a vision I will never forget.

Andy tapped me on the shoulder.

"Move aside Jimbo, she isn't finished yet." Andy moved in to take my place in front of his mother, his cock pointing straight at her mouth.

She got to work again, taking Andy's nine inch cock right down to the roots in one motion.

I heard talking behind me and turned to see Charles and Alison had come into the shower. Charles had his camera ready and motioned me to move aside so he could do his thing and capture the beauty of his wonderful cum-soaked wife giving sexual pleasure to her son.

Laura kept up the pace of slamming her mouth and throat down on Andy's cock, each time hitting the root of his cock and pressing her face into his shaved groin. With her face already covered in my cum it was an amazing sight. Charles camera was in over drive, clicking rapidly like this was a great sports event.

When Andy was ready to come his mother gripped his ass fiercely, forcing him deeper into her throat.

"Ah mum, I'm cooommiing," he cried. She didn't pull off this time, but took all of his cum spurts deep into her throat. I could see her throat swallowing vigorously, taking it all in. When he was finished he backed off and she took a deep breath. A small stream of cum followed his dick out of her mouth and tumbled from her lip over her chin. Charles focused on the cum trail as it gathered on the point of her chin before dripping in a long stream on to her chest and breasts. She was covered in sperm.

But the deep throat blow job session wasn't over. Mark now moved in. He had his mother lie down on the bench and tilt her head back over the edge. He was going to fuck her mouth. She opened her mouth wide, the sperm from me and his b*****r leaking out over her top lip. Mark positioned himself so he could drive his cock straight into her mouth and down her throat in a straight line.

Laura gave a small nod to indicate she was ready and Mark reached forward to hold her under her armpits to keep her steady. Her hands were now on his ass cheeks so she could let her son know when to push in and when to pull out to let her breathe.

Slowly Mark thrust forward, moving past her lips and into her mouth. He kept moving right into her mouth and down her throat. He didn't stop until his balls were resting on his mother's nose and her bottom lip was firmly pressed into the the base at the top of his cock. Laura seemed to be in another place, her chest rising and falling despite her throat being completely blocked by her son's dick.
I could see her throat expand to take in Mark's cock. I thought I could see the ridge of the head of Mark's cock through the skin of her neck. Charles was clicking away furiously. Alison had grabbed a small video camera and she was filming alongside her father as both captured the moment for posterity.

Laura moved her fingers slightly on Mark's rump. It must be a signal they'd developed over much practice for when she needed to breathe. Mark withdrew and Laura lay gasping for fresh air before she once again pulled Mark towards her. He thrust his dick down her throat once more, then moved into a pistoning motion as he drove in and out of her mouth and throat. Saliva was pouring out of Laura's mouth every time he withdrew, covering her cheeks, eyes and forehead. Even her golden hair was becoming soaked in the mix of sperm and saliva.

Mark steadily increased the tempo and he was now fucking his mother's mouth and throat. There was no restriction or hesitation to his thrusts, driving in and out of her as though it was her vagina rather than her throat. Laura was not signaling for him to slow down or give her a break. She tilted her head even further back. With a huge bellow Mark suddenly thrust deep into her even harder and came, then pulled out spurting the rest of his come over her face.

Charles and Alison got in close to get as much detail as they could.

When Mark was finished he gently lifted his mother up into a sitting position, her back against the shower wall. She was absolutely drenched in cum. Her face looked like it had a bucket of goo tipped over her. Laura's chest and breasts were glistening in the streams of cum that flowed over her. She opened her eyes and looked around at us and a big wide smile spread across her face. I'd never seen anyone look so happy.

Charles handed his camera to me.

"No time like the present to start learning the art of photography Jim," he said.

Charles stepped up on the bench, his feet either side of Laura's legs so that his cock was directly in front of her face as she rested her head on the wall behind her.

Laura looked up at him and even though she was starting to get worn out she opened her mouth one more time. Charles thrust his hips forward and, like his sons before him, shoved his cock deep into Laura's throat. Laura reached around to hold his ass to control his movements. But she wasn't slowing him down, rather she urged him on to thrust even harder into her maw. Charles slammed away, his hands holding her cum soaked head. Alison filmed video on one side as I took pictures on the other. I tried to keep the focus on her lips as I thought that was the most erotic sight – his prick driving into her mouth like a train going into a tunnel.

Charles didn't last long. He withdrew and fired his sperm all over her face. Laura gave a moan of pleasure as his spurts landed on her cheeks and around her mouth. Her eyes were closed as they were covered in cum.

"God, you look fantastic mum," cheered Mark.

"Oh mum, this is one of the best," cried Andy.

I stood dumbstruck, unable to believe the debauchery in front of me even though I had been the first. And it wasn't over. Alison handed the movie camera to Andy and moved in to kiss her mother firmly on the mouth. Andy filmed as Laura opened her lips and Alison gave her a deep French kiss, her tongue exploring the depths of her mother's cum filled mouth.

Alison gently put her hands behind her mother's shoulders and laid her down flat on the bench, still kissing her deeply.

"I love you so much mum," she whispered to her mother, and she slowly kissed her way down her cum drenched body. Alison licked and sucked on her mother's nipples on both breasts before going lower, kissing and licking her flat stomach until she reached her shaved pubic mound. She got between her mother's legs and spread them wide so that one leg was off the bench and the other lay next to the wall. Alison then slowly kissed her way across her mother's bare mound and to the tip of her cunt, licking up and down her gash. She used her fingers to separate her cunt's lips, and then dived her tongue in deeply, licking all around the place she had emerged from 23 years earlier.

Laura was breathing heavily, her arms over her head, her magnificent and toned body open and available for her f****y. Alison tried to get her tongue as deep into her mother's vagina as she could. Charles moved in to get an extreme close up, his lens only inches away from Alison's lips and tongue which she swirled in her mother's juices. Laura's breathing was getting heavier, her chest heaving and her breasts rising and falling. Her flat stomach was straining as she clenched and unclenched her muscles. Alison dug deeper to try and reach all she could of her mother's vagina with her tongue before bringing it up to concentrate on her clitoris. Alison's face was soaked in her mother's juices, and her eyes had gone dreamy as she concentrated on giving her mother the best orgasm she could.

Her tongue swirled around the clitoris that was now sticking out quite a way. She lowered her mouth and sucked her clitoris up and down like she would suck a man's cock. Laura was fast approaching her orgasm. Her breathing increased and she moaned loudly, her mouth wide open despite the pounding it had taken from four cocks. Alison picked up speed and grinded her lips and tongue into her mother's carefully shaved cunt, licking from one end to the other. Once or twice she slipped down to lick her mother's ass. Alison inserted a finger into Laura's asshole, then a second and a third. They were all in past the second knuckle. It tipped Laura over the edge and with a loud cry her body rocked, her back stiffened and she tilted her head way back. She let out a scream of ecstasy that went on and on. Alison didn't let up as she screamed. Her hands were wrapped around her mother's thighs, holding her in close to her mouth as she worked furiously up and down, lathing the bare cunt in front of her in licks, sucks and kisses as juices poured from her mother's vagina.

Finally Laura was fully spent. Her cries slowed and at last stopped. The strength of her orgasm hadn't surprised her f****y, but I must admit I was rocked by the f***e of it.

One by one we sat down and got our breath back. Laura continued to lie on the bench, a dreamy grin on her face as she dozed. Alison was sitting up breathing heavily like she had just run a 100 metre sprint. Charles was checking his camera and giving happy cheers when he found shots he liked. I joined Mark and Andy showering.

"Well, what do you think Jimbo?" asked Mark.

"Unbelievable. How often do you do this?"

"Oh, not that often. Every week or so. We like to get a new person in every so often to freshen things up. It turns mum on to initiate someone to our f****y games, and we're not complaining."

"Mum encourages us to have sex whenever we feel like it, and she's pretty well always ready for it," added Andy.

"Well I'm glad you brought me in," I said. "That was the best ever. Your mum is incredible, the way she can deep throat everyone like that, no problem at all."

"Yes, it's lots of practice. She's in training. She's going for the deep throat event at the Sex Olympics along with a few other events."

"You're k**ding. What's the Sex Olympics?"

"It's a group of swingers who get together every few years for sex competitions. People come from all over the world. Mum's been in two and did really well but she was pissed off last time when she only won silver in the deep throat event," Mark said.

"Yeah, her main rival is Sophie Anderson," said Andy. "She was at the dinner the other day – the one with the backless dress that showed half her ass. She's the deep throat Olympic champ. I've never seen her in action, but if you thought mum was good, she's apparently mind blowing."

"I hear she's got an advantage," said Mark. "Her husband's got a 12 inch cock and she gets to practice on it all the time. Mum hasn't found anybody that big and she reckons she's going to struggle to beat Sophie unless she can find a 12 inch cock to practice on."

"Hang on guys. I don't know how this could work, but my dad's got a massive cock. It has to be at least 10 inches. I haven't seen it erect, but I've seen him in the shower at home and naked around the house and it looks huge."

By this time we had finished showering and got dressed. We went upstairs to get something to eat and drink.

"Whoa, that would be great," said Mark. "But how could we get your dad to join in our f****y games? Do you reckon he'd be in it Jim?"

At that moment Laura, Charles and Alison joined us in the kitchen. Charles and Alison had pulled on shorts and t-shirts. Laura was in a bright cotton dress that left her breasts half exposed and it was obvious from the way they swayed as she moved they weren't contained in a bra. We made some sandwiches and got cold drinks and sat around the kitchen table. Laura looked at me as she held up a chicken leg to her lips.

"So Jimmy, what do you think of our crazy f****y? Didn't scare you did we?" she asked as she inserted the chicken leg suggestively into her mouth.

The Maddison f****y all burst out laughing.

"Come on mum, stop teasing him," said Alison. "He did real well today."

"Yeah mum, you looked pretty pleased with Jim when you took him down your throat," said Mark as he leaned over and slid his hand down the front of his mother's dress to fondle her right breast. He kissed her playfully on her cheek.

Charles moved to stand behind his wife and slid his hand down Laura's dress to caress her other breast. Laura just kept looking at me, cocking one eyebrow as she waited for me to reply.

I felt I had to stick up for myself.

"Look, I'll admit I was knocked out today with what happened. I was turned on by the naked photos you have up in the living room and dining room, but I didn't dream anything like this was possible."

I looked into Laura's eyes, meeting her challenge.

"I'm really glad you allowed me into your fun and games, and I feel honoured you would let me be part of what you have going here. I'd love to be included another time if you'd have me back again."

The twins and Alison cheered. Alison jumped around the table and gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips. Andy gave me a high five.

"Well young Jimmy, I reckon you passed the test," said Laura. "What do you say Charles?"

Charles took his hand out from the front of Laura's dress and leaned over to me to shake my hand. I shook his hand, still warm from holding his wife's breast.

"You know Jimmy, I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship," he said in his best Humphrey Bogart Casablanca impersonation.

"There's just one thing Laura," I said to her as Charles resumed fondling her breast alongside Mark. "Can you please call me Jim instead of Jimmy. Nobody else has called me that since I left school, and since we've done what we've done I reckon I'm a Jim not a Jimmy."

Laura looked horrified.

"Oh no, was I calling you Jimmy? I'm so sorry. I didn't even realize. It's what I remember calling you when you were at school. Of course it's Jim. With a cock like that you are definitely a Jim, not a Jimmy."

Mark leaned down to speak to his mother, his hand still caressing her breast.

"Mum, speaking of cocks, Jim tells us his father is hung like a horse. A real 10 incher he says. What do you reckon mum? Would a big cock like that help you in training?"

Laura nodded enthusiastically.

"It sure would. It's fine with you boys and Charles, but none of you are that big. I reckon Sophie's practicing swallowing Tony's 12 incher every day. I'd really like to beat her this year. But hang on. How do you feel about all this Jimmy? I know you liked the sex we just had, but how do you feel now as we sit here talking about getting your dad involved?"

"I feel fine about it," I said. Who wouldn't? "No really, I feel as though I've been liberated. I love being with you guys. I don't see why my dad wouldn't like it, but I don't know how we could get him involved without my mum knowing about it."

We talked for some time how we could get my dad to volunteer his cock for Sex Olympics training, but we all figured it couldn't be done without involving my mother too.

"How about I get them to come over here and we can just see what happens," I suggested. "But I think you'll have to go easy with mum. Don't let her see the sex photos. I think she'd flip."

"Well, we could take down some of the more revealing pictures," said Charles. "But I must tell you Jim we don't hide from anything we do in our own home. We aren't ashamed of what we do, and we're proud of the sexual achievements of Laura and Alison, even if the rest of the world might be shocked."

"Oh come on dear," said Laura. "We don't put the hard sex photos up for display on the ground floor where casual visitors could see them. We just have to ease Jimmy's parents into it gently, bit by bit."

Charles thought for a few seconds.

"Tell you what Jim. How about we go and do some serious landscape and streetscape photography and then I could invite them over to see what you have done."

So that's what we did. Charles and I got into his car and went out around town taking pictures of buildings and streets. It was nowhere near as exciting as taking pictures of Laura Anderson sucking cock with sperm all over her face. But I was learning some valuable lessons in photography for my architecture studies. By the end of the day I felt I had learned more than I ever had.

Charles said he'd develop some prints and make up a portfolio for me. He dropped me off at home and told my parents I had been a great student.

"You should come and see what he's done some day," he told them.

They said they would, and I waved goodbye to Mr Maddison after the most amazing day of my 18 years of life.

"So how was your day," dad asked later as we sat down to watch a movie on TV.

"Great dad, I learned a lot. Mr Maddison is a great teacher. I had a lot of fun with the f****y too. They're really amazing."

"And did you see much of Mrs Maddison," he whispered when mum was out of the room.

"I sure did dad. She is one incredible lady. You should see the photos they've got upstairs. They're even better than the nudes we saw downstairs."

"Is that so? What sort of photos?"

I knew he was hooked.

"Well, maybe you could see them when you come over to see my pictures I took with Charles."

"And what sort of pictures were they?"

"Mostly buildings and streetscapes, but I did take a few pictures of Mrs Maddison," I said.

"What sort of pictures?"

"Oh, I can't really explain it. You'll have to see for yourself."

"Hmmm. You're hiding something Jim."

At that moment mum came into the room and sat down on the couch next to me. She was in a loose short blue cotton summer dress, looking very nice and quite sexy. She curled her legs up under her, revealing her shapely legs to the upper thigh.

"Who's hiding what?" she asked.

"Jim said he took some pictures of Mrs Maddison but he won't say what type of pictures," dad said, looking sternly at me.

"Were they like what we saw in the Maddison's living room and the dining room?" asked mum, looking intently at me.

"No mum, not like that," I answered truthfully.

"Well then George, there's nothing more to say is there. As we agreed, Jim is 18 and old enough to make his own decisions about what he does."

Mum and dad worked out an evening next week that was convenient to visit the Maddisons and dad rang to make sure it was OK with them. It was. In just over eight days I would be back at the Maddisons with my mum and dad, and hopefully dad would offer up his sizeable cock to help Laura Maddison's ambitions in the Sex Olympics
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5 months ago
this series is incredible! loving it so far
5 months ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
5 months ago
OMG i loved it very much I would love to read more for sure
6 months ago
Looking forward to reading more.Would have loved to have been brought up in a family like that.
6 months ago
Very well written -- can't wait for the next episode!