An unusual f amily 3

Liv came over the next day, after I had gone the entire day at school without seeing her. I was honestly surprised she came over to my house, but I worried that she felt she needed to break up with me here rather than at school. That would explain why she avoided me all day.

But to my delight, she was not breaking up with me.

"I love being with you," she said, as we sat out back on the patio. I was on my best behavior, unlike last time.

"I love being with you too," I said. "But I'm very sexual, and I don't know if I can keep myself from expressing that when we're together. Even if it's in front of my f****y."

She nodded, carefully considering that. She knew I jacked off in front of my f****y, but she didn't know that I had fucked both my s****r and my mother. That would come in time, if we continued dating for that long.

"I thought a lot about that," she said, fidgeting in her seat. "I guess part of me just can't get used to it, until I see it."

What exactly was she saying? My face must have shown my confusion.

"I'm kind of interested in seeing you do...that," she continued. "In front of your f****y. It turns me on to think about how open you all are."

I was starting to get hard, but I resisted the urge to whip it out and start beating off. If it was just me and my s****r, then I definitely would have.

"You want me to call my Mom over?" I laughed.

She smiled, still a bit nervous. "No, no. I just mean, I want to hang out more with you. Here. And if you guys are naked, and you masturbate, then that's fine. I'm very curious about it all."

I kissed her, very grateful that she was so accepting of this. My Mom was right, if we found someone to share our lifestyle with, then we had to hang on to them. Friends like that were rare.

"You said you had friends that were nudists," I said, referring to something she had said last time we talked.

"The Christiansens," Liv nodded. "I'm friends with one of their daughters. Becca."

Christiansens! They were the nudist f****y that was hosting the party on Friday. And Becca was really hot, I had beat off to the image of her sucking on my dick many times. I had even told Stephie once while I was masturbating next to her that I was thinking of that. She had been very intrigued, and dare I say aroused when I shot off a nice big load a few moments later.

"We're going to their house for a nudist party on Friday," I said. "Have you ever been to one of those?"

Liv shook her head. "No, but I knew they had them. Becca talks about them, and how there's no young guys that go to them. If you're going, I may have to keep an eye on her."

Now I was really excited to go, since it sounded like I would be the only young guy there.

Liv and I talked about it for a while, and then she had to go home. I walked her to the door and kissed her goodbye, and when she was gone and I closed the door, Stephie appeared behind me.

"How'd it go?" she asked, perhaps anticipating that I would want to talk to her about my relationship problems again, which generally meant she would see me jerk off.

"Great," I said, not oblivious to her desires. "She sounds like she might want to hang out with us more."

Stephie seemed interested. "Really? She's not grossed out by what we do?"

I shook my head. "I think it's starting to turn her on. And it turned me on a lot hearing her talk about it."

She smiled, and cocked her head a bit. "Do you need me to suck your dick? To relieve the pressure?"

I swallowed nervously. She had never been so forward, though after last night, there were certainly no inhibitions between us anymore. I just nodded dumbly.

"Let's go upstairs," she said, taking my hand and leading me to my room.

Dad came home a few minutes later. I heard him downstairs while Stephie was deepthroating me. Her chin was resting against my balls, and her saliva was dripping down them. I held her head firmly against me, literally mashing her against my crotch. I fucked her throat slowly, probably choking her a bit. She never made a sound or complained, she held herself down on my dick obediently. I finally let her off, and she excitedly gasped for air and went for my balls, licking and sucking on them while I jerked my cock over her face. I came heavily onto her forehead and nose, coating her lovely features with my thick cum. She moaned in appreciation, enjoying the warm feeling of my fluids painting her skin. Her mouth found its way back onto my dick and she sucked on me for a good few minutes afterward, while I leaned back and enjoyed the relaxing sensations. God, I loved her.

After cleaning her face up, we both went downstairs completely naked and greeted our father. Mom was making a nice big dinner which smelled great, and for some reason my Dad smiled really big when he saw me. He slapped me on the shoulder like he was congratulating me for something, but he never said what. He just acted genuinely happy. Mom just winked at me when I looked over at her, and I figured she had already informed him of the latest sexual developments in our house. I think she knew Stephie had been upstairs sucking my dick.

After dinner, I noticed Mom excused herself. I knew she was going to change into my Dad's favorite sexy robe of hers, just like she always did when he came home after being away. I felt genuinely happy for him that he was going to get really laid tonight, I wasn't jealous like I thought I might be. But I did have a delicious idea.

I went upstairs to my parents' bathroom and found the door wide open, and my mother pulling her robe over her shoulders. She saw me in the mirror and smiled.

"Don't get any ideas," she said. "I've been doing Kegels all day to get my pussy tight for your father, and I don't want it all stretched out by your big cock."

I just shrugged. "I don't have to stretch your pussy, I can stretch something else."

She raised an eyebrow. "You've been playing with Stephie, haven't you?"

I nodded. "Have you ever done it?"

Mom turned and faced me, her robe totally open in the front exposing her gorgeous naked body. "Go get the lube from my drawer."

I excitedly ran to her nightstand and fetched the bottle of lube, which was almost empty. Were Mom and Dad freaky? Good for you Dad, I thought.

Mom had turned back around and was leaning forward over the sink, and had drawn her robe aside to expose her backside. When she spread her ass cheeks for me, I thought I was going to die. I could tell her tight little butthole was used to being penetrated, but it still looked exquisitely small and delicious. I smeared the lube around my dick and approached her with shaking hands.

"You can enjoy it," she said, smiling back at me, "but do try to hurry. I'll swear a lot for you if you like."

I simply nodded, and positioned my aching penis at her forbidden entrance. I pushed the head up against her pucker, and gently pushed. Her sphincter gave way almost immediately, and she moaned in pleasure. She liked having her ass stuffed! I wish I had known that when I was younger, although I probably never thought about anal sex until I discovered porn. Still, hot-dogging her when I was a k** didn't come close to this experience.

I slid further in, beginning to claim her butt with my thick shaft. As I gently fed it into her, Mom just grunted sexily and would quietly say "fuck" and whisper things like "oh yeah, do me in my naughty butt Brian" while I tried to hold back from thrusting too hard. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of her experienced asshole gripping and tugging at my dick.

"Does Stephie fuck Dad?" I blurted out while I began to thrust with more power, getting a fuck-motion going.

Mom laughed. "Are you jealous, after all you get to do with both of us girls?"

I wasn't jealous, just curious. "Just tell me."

She took a few moments to savor the feeling of her son filling her tight rectum with cock meat before answering.

"They have never had sex," she said finally, surprising me.

"Why not?" I was really getting into it now, and could feel an orgasm building even though Stephie had drained me quite expertly before dinner.

"Stephie wanted to do you first," she replied, and I could feel her legs quivering. She was going to cum just from having her butt fucked.

I let her enjoy it without saying anything more, feeling her body tighten and her ass clench impossibly hard on my dick as she squirted on the bathroom floor. She groaned loudly as she came, and with such f***e that I couldn't help but cum myself as her ass clamped down on me. I poured myself out into her bowels, filling her back door with my sperm. I had claimed both her holes now, squirting my cum deep into her like very few sons got to do, I imagined.

"Is that true?" I said with ragged breath.

Mom nodded, rubbing her pussy in the afterglow of her climax. "Your father is so busy, and I keep him pretty well fucked."

"I can imagine," I said, smacking her ass and withdrawing from her tight little butt. My cum dripped out, and Mom wiped at it with some tissue until it stopped leaking. I enjoyed watching her clean up after our naughty act. She just smiled lovingly at me when our eyes met.

"Stephie is a lucky girl," Mom said, and kissed me quickly on the lips before heading back downstairs.

Chapter 6

Liv texted me that night and asked if she could come over late and fool around with me. I wanted so badly to see how open she would be to including my s****r, but I didn't dare say anything before she was actually here. Mom and Dad were already in bed, and Stephie and I were downstairs watching tv. We actually weren't fooling around for once, since I was exhausted and she seemed satisfied with what we had done together earlier. When I told her that Liv was coming over, and her intentions were sexual, Stephie was visibly excited.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked. "Want me to leave you two alone for a while, and then just walk in on you? Or should I just hang out here naked and see what she does?"

I laughed at her excitement. "Let's just see what happens. She's probably horny so I'm sure if things are relaxed enough, she'll want me to start masturbating in front of you."

Stephie rubbed her crotch through her pajama pants at the thought. "I can't wait! Do I pretend I don't notice you? Or do I smile and make it seem normal?"

"Make it 'seem' normal? Isn't it?"

"You know what I mean. It won't be to her, and I know more about how other people perceive this kind of thing than you."

"True, I guess just do whatever you think will help the situation more."

She clapped her hands together. "Ok!"

After about a half hour, there was a soft tap on our front door, and Stephie literally leapt from the sofa to answer it.

"Hi, Liv!" Stephie greeted a little too loudly. Even if she woke our parents, they wouldn't care. They were probably so exhausted that they didn't hear anything anyway.

Liv stepped inside, a bit awkward in front of my s****r. "Hi, Stephie right?"

Stephie nodded, grinning from ear to ear. "Yep, come in. We're just watching tv."

I stood up and gave Liv a small kiss and hug, and she sat down with us. I felt oddly excited as well, as if something big and important was going to happen if everything played out the way Stephie and I hoped. Not just in a sexual way, but more important. Mom's words about finding people who accept us, and hanging onto them, suddenly flashed in my head. I really wanted Liv to accept us, and we had to play it cool for that to happen. If I just whipped my dick out and started beating off, it would be blatantly about the sex and not the overall relationship that our f****y had cultivated. Liv had to come to appreciate that we were normal in every other sense, and that our open sexuality was the only thing that would come as a shock to people. She could still feel comfortable and enjoy just hanging out here at our house. We didn't have to do anything else, unless she wanted to.

Liv and I cuddled close while Stephie sat on the other couch, not crowding in on our personal space like I figured she would. But she was genius, because from this angle Liv would be able to see her without staring right at her, and if she started taking her clothes off or touching herself, Liv could pretend she wasn't watching even if she was. My s****r was pretty smart, I had to give her credit.

"Let's watch something else," Stephie said after a while. She found some rated R movie that I knew had some sex scenes. Maybe that would work, even if it was a longshot.

I was rather surprised at how well Stephie and Liv were getting along, making small talk about people they both knew. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and while she had been an excited mess earlier, my s****r was a cool customer when it came to acting out the little scenario she had planned out in her mind. I even noticed that it was getting warm in here, and wondered if she had gone so far as to turn up the heat to get us to take off our clothes.

Liv was wearing jeans and a cute little white blouse, which I couldn't foresee her taking off to cool down. But I knew Stephie would work something out. I was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt, and nothing under my shorts. If I lifted my leg just right, and my dick was flopped across my thigh, you could see it plainly through the legs of my shorts. I knew Stephie saw it a few times, and she just smiled like she was trying not to laugh. For some reason, even though my girlfriend was sitting right next to me, I just wanted to fuck the life out of Stephie right now. It wasn't so much that I was horny, I just felt this intense emotion toward her. I restrained myself though, obviously.

When the first sex scene started in the movie, Liv blushed a little. I moved her hand slowly to my crotch, and she let me place her palm right over my dick. When her fingers tightened around it, it started to get hard. Stephie didn't notice, at least it appeared that way. I knew she would pull something out of her sleeve any minute to get things rolling.

"God, I hate this movie," she said, making me frown. What was she doing?

Liv looked over at her, temporarily ignoring my shorts. "Why? I think it's kind of hot."

Stephie smiled. "That's why I hate it. It always gets me worked up and then I can't sl**p. I don't have a boyfriend right now, so I don't get much relief...outside of the shower head."

I found myself laughing, and not as part of an act. But a b*****r probably shouldn't be laughing at his s****r saying that, I thought. Still, it had the desired effect, and Liv giggled.

"That's too bad," she said, looking at me for a moment. She started to speak, but changed her mind.

"I'm so jealous of you two," she said, but kept her attention on the tv.

"Well actually," Liv said, showing a bit of boldness, "we haven't really gone that far yet."

"Really?" Stephie finally looked over at Liv. "With your hand on his dick, I figured you were getting it regularly."

Liv whipped her hand back into her lap, but it made all three of us burst out in laughter. Liv was totally embarrassed, but it might have been the perfect thing to break the tension and allow our night to progress.

"I'm sorry!" Stephie said, out of breath from laughing. "Sorry, b*o. Didn't mean to ruin your fun."

"I think you get off on it," I ventured, hoping it wasn't too bold of me.

Liv's eyes widened, but she just kept laughing. "I think you're both definitely related."

Stephie's eyes twinkled as she grinned. "It's our parents' fault. They didn't raise us with much dignity, we're practically uncivilized with the way we act around each other."

Liv's demeanor changed slightly, as she pondered the overtones of what that might mean, considering what I had already told her about our habits.

"Yeah well, careful what you reveal," I said. "I haven't told her everything about our f****y, otherwise she'd never date me."

Again, Liv seemed to be picking up on the subtle hints of our words, and since I had revealed something very private to her, she was now wondering what I could have left out. But I knew she wouldn't imagine that I was speaking of i****t.
"I'll keep my lips sealed then," Stephie said, and made sure Liv saw her wink at me.

Liv let out a chuckle. "It's warm in here, isn't it? Or was I just laughing too hard?"

"No you're right, it is warm." Stephie stood up and walked over to the thermostat. She pretended to study it for a moment. "I bet the air conditioner stopped working again."

"That sucks," I said.

Stephie came back and sat on her separate couch again. "Did you warn your date about our amateur method for fixing it?"

I just smiled when Liv glanced nervously at me. "Don't embarrass me, now..."

Stephie pulled her shirt off and flung it across the room, leaving her completely topless. Liv's mouth opened in surprise, but it wasn't the utter shock and repulsion that I imagined in my worst-case scenario. Still, it was a bold move on Stephie's part, and she would have had to pay with her ass if Liv had reacted badly.

"Wow, you weren't k**ding!" Liv said to me, and stared in disbelief at my s****r's wonderful tits. "You guys are pretty open with each other."

"It's kind of a requirement for this house," Stephie said, hooking her thumbs into her waistband and flinging her pajama pants off. She wasn't wearing panties, Liv and I discovered.

Liv gave me a brief glance, a mix of confusion and reassurance. I just shook my head, like this was normal and to be expected. I think she was starting to get it. The next move would decide everything.

"I know Brian told you that we're partial nudists," Stephie said, looking more serious than before. "You don't have to do it with us, but we almost never wear clothes at night. It's just a tradition in our house. Can you keep it a secret?"

That was it! I was amazed at my s****r's genius once again. Liv probably would have just played along and let us do our thing, but not participated, had Stephie not added the layer of secrecy. Liv's initial embarrassment and shyness would have kept her from participating, but her comfort with us on a personal level would have allowed her to accept it. Now though, with my s****r asking her to keep our secret, and thus adding her to our circle of trust, Liv would feel grateful that my s****r was befriending her in such a way, and would feel honored that her boyfriend's f****y was entrusting her with a secret that would potentially ruin their reputation. To top it all off, Liv was horny. So any misgivings about the whole thing would easily be smoothed over with her physical cravings for the kind of closeness that we were offering her.

I could have kissed Stephie, but I was too engrossed in watching Liv's reaction.

She looked at both of us, glancing back and forth, and then just nodded. "Of course I will, I would never tell anyone this kind of thing."

Stephie and I beamed, and my dick was at full mast by now.

"Come on, Brian," Stephie said, sitting cross-legged on the couch naked. "Your turn."

I pretended to be reluctant, but quickly peeled my strained shorts from my body. My dick was pointing at the ceiling.

Liv covered her mouth, almost laughing in embarrassment.

"Don't worry," Stephie assured her. "I'm not bothered by that tiny thing."

I shot her a funny look, and we all just laughed. Liv was touching her stomach now, as if her clothes were starting to itch. She was about to join us, I could tell.

"You don't have to, babe," I said softly to her. "But it would be really fun if you did."

Liv was fighting her inhibitions, never having done this before. But she had said she knew some girls who were nudists, and I think she was beginning to feel like the odd person out.

"Come on, Liv!" Stephie said. "It'll be fun. I promise not to look at you two getting frisky."

Liv sighed. "I don't believe that for a second." Then she stood and unbuttoned her jeans and blouse.

I swear Stephie licked her lips when Liv's naked body was revealed. She might not have been into girls, but just the reward of getting Liv to strip for us was enticing. She quickly sat back down next to me, as if hiding her pussy. But she didn't try to cover her cute little tits from us.

"Yay!" Stephie was excited. "Another member of the club. You can come over to our house anytime."

Liv smiled. "Thanks! I just know your parents are going to come down here and chase me out any minute."

I ran my hand over her thigh. "Don't worry. You can trust us."

That was what this all boiled down to, in the end. Mom was right, if people accepted us for who we were, then that meant they trusted us and required our trust in exchange, to keep our mutual secret. It didn't mean we were doing anything wrong, but keeping it a secret made it more special. Now I would do everything in my power to keep Liv around, to build up our relationship and hopefully integrate her into our f****y.

We somehow went back to watching the movie, and Liv and I were cuddling very close. I was hard the whole time, and she openly played with my penis in front of Stephie. Stephie played it cool and didn't make a big deal of it, but I knew she was dying to come over and help her. I would have to give my s****r a special treat later...

Before the movie ended, and I was about ready to blow, Liv stopped touching my boner and leaned close to whisper in my ear.

"Jerk off for me," she cooed.

My dick twitched, and my hand found its way instinctively to my cock. Liv wanted to see what Stephie would do, and I could see her eyes darting over to my s****r. Stephie knew what was going on once I grabbed my dick, and couldn't have paid any less attention to the tv.

"You're learning fast," she said to Liv, giving her a warm smile.

Liv smiled back, and before her attention moved back to me, I saw her hand reach for one of her small breasts. She was getting off on this! I felt like things couldn't get any better, and that pushed me over the edge way too soon. I groaned and began spurting fluid all over myself. It was a huge load considering how much I had spent myself already today. Liv's eyes were glued to the sight of my ejaculations. Stephie slowly moved off her couch and crawled a few feet closer, not saying anything, just following her interest in what was happening.

"Oh my god," Liv said, seeing me cum for the first time.

I grunted as the last few spurts left my dick, leaving me exhausted but completely satisfied. I wish I could have lasted longer though, so that one or both of them could have joined me.

"Good boy," Stephie breathed, for the first time betraying how turned on she was. She wasn't holding back for Liv's sake anymore. "That feel good?"

Liv watched us both carefully, her arousal high but her curiosity winning out. Did she think we were i****tuous now, based on how turned on Stephie was? I was worried for a moment, but so satiated that I didn't really care at this point. Even if she thought that, I knew she wouldn't freak out and spill the beans to anyone.

I nodded. "That felt great, I can't believe I came so soon."

Liv gently touched my chest, comforting me almost. "That was really sexy."

Stephie inched forward more and squatted right next to where Liv was on the couch. "That's the benefit of having a close f****y. You get to be totally open with everyone. And it feels good!"

Liv was still wary, but beginning to let down her guard. "You masturbate for him too?"

Stephie nodded, waiting for Liv to react. "We don't do anything the other person doesn't want, we're just open with each other."

Liv touched her breast again, her nipples hard and her hands shaking. She was so turned on, but still so nervous. I had to do something to ease her fears.

"We're not expecting you to just jump right in," I said, sitting there covered in my own cum. My dick was still dripping as I spoke. "We can still have fun by ourselves if you prefer, or we can just hang out and not fool around too. We're not just all about masturbating."

Liv nodded, and I could tell that she needed to hear that. She wasn't going to masturbate with us tonight, and that was perfectly fine. The next time, Stephie and I could do whatever we wanted in front of her, and when she felt comfortable, she could join in. There was no pressure, and that was going to help out in the long run, especially if my parents were involved.

Not long after, since it was so late, Liv decided to dress and leave. I walked her to the door, still naked, and made out with her for a long few minutes in front of Stephie. She was already less inhibited around us, I could tell. After she left, Stephie just looked at me intensely.

"I know your dick is spent," she said, her eyes piercing into me. "But I need your body tonight."

"I owe you big," I said, walking over to her with my dick swinging between my legs. "I'll give you everything I can."

She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her room.

Chapter 7

Stephie was awoken by something shaking her, or rather jolting her rather consistently. It took her a moment to realize she had fallen asl**p face down on her bed, and something was moving on top of her. It was me, her b*****r Brian, and I was humping her. When I thrust sharply, she felt my cock buried all the way up her asshole. I wasn't cumming, but I stopped for a moment when I saw that she was awake.

"You fell asl**p," I said quietly, but without reluctance or hesitation. Then I resumed butt-fucking her, but a bit slower now.

"I can't believe it," Stephie sighed, that wonderful feeling of fullness making her body vibrate with pleasure. "I guess I passed out."

I kept up a nice steady pace, driving my cock back and forth, sawing my way in and out of her body. I hadn't cum since earlier when I had jacked off in front of her and my girlfriend, Liv. That was hours ago, and since then the two of us had been fucking like rabbits. Stephie had more orgasms than we could count, and I was still rock hard. When she had passed out, I was so worked up that I couldn't stop. I had to cum, and besides it turned me on to be doing my sl**ping s****r, in the butt no less. I knew she wouldn't mind.

"I can't believe it feels so good," Stephie sighed contentedly, relaxing even though I was getting f***eful again.

"You mean in the ass?" I asked, gritting my teeth with every thrust.

She nodded, purring as I plowed into her. "I feel like there's nothing we can't do with each other."

"Yeah, I know," I replied, feeling my balls begin to tighten finally. "It's great."

"I've never felt like this before," Stephie continued. "My body is on fire when we have sex. I think about fucking you all the time now."

"What about Dad?" I asked, knowing I was ready to cum soon but it would still take some work.

"Mmm, how would you feel about that?" she replied.

"Well I've already fucked Mom, so I can't complain. She says that you were waiting until we got together."

Stephie turned her head around to look at me, but her body remained still while I ravaged it.

"Cum in my ass, Brian," she said, looking me right in the eyes. "Fill me up with your sperm."

I groaned, her words spurring me on, and finally after the longest fuck of my life, I felt myself begin to cum. I almost roared as the white hot pleasure shot up my shaft, and I began pumping my s****r's cute little butt full of my seed. I held myself deep inside of her, feeling her ass clench around me, and she groaned with me as I helplessly spewed jet after jet of gooey cum into her bowels. It was so naughty for me to be doing this, but that only made it feel better.

"That was awesome, Brian," Stephie purred. She reached back and touched my face. "Please, promise me that you'll do that whenever you feel the slightest urge."

I kissed her back, and slowly withdrew my slimy dick from her. "I promise."

That Friday, I was so nervous I couldn't even get hard to jack off like I did every morning. I just sat awake in bed as the sun was beginning to rise, though I thought about waking my s****r Stephie up for some sex. Instead, I just sat and wondered what the nudist party would be like.

I was most worried about getting a big erection in front of everyone there. Mom had assured me it wasn't uncommon, but that everyone just ignored it when it happened. And maybe that was true with the adults, but what about the other teenagers like me? The Christiansen's daughter Becca was a total fox, and if she saw me with a huge boner it just simply couldn't be ignored.

And even aside from that one worry, what about the interactions of all the families that would be there? Were they like my f****y? Did they "express" their close feelings in the same sexual way? I couldn't just go up to Becca and ask her if she fucked her parents. Mom had said that we had to be careful around other people so as not to reveal too much about our special relationship. But did that include the families that would be at the party?

All morning, I couldn't help but worry. Stephie had gone out, and of course Dad was at work. It was just me and Mom at home. With very little resistance, she had agreed to talk with me about my concerns. In her bedroom, of course.

Before I even knew what was happening, Mom was naked and spreading her legs for me. I melted into her and within moments I had sunk into her tight pussy. I drove myself deep to the hilt, and just stayed like that. Mom smiled up at me, and started to gently stroke my face.

"Are you nervous about tonight?" she asked, as if having this conversation with her son, while his cock was buried inside of her, was a normal and maternal thing.

"Yeah," I answered, resting my face next to hers on the pillow. I tensed my cock inside of her, and I felt her pussy respond with a nice firm clench. "I'm worried about embarrassing myself."

"Oh, don't worry," she said, undulating her hips a bit. "You can let off some steam right before we go. Or..."

The way she said that, and left the word hanging, enticed me. "What? Or what?"

Mom just smiled and patted my head, kissing my cheek. "I don't want to spoil it, but you seem so worried I just can't bear it."

I propped myself up on my elbows and stared at her. I forgot my cock was buried in her tight cunt for just that moment.

She sighed. "Your father will kill me, so don't say anything. There's a tradition at these parties."

That got me excited for some reason, and I started fucking her finally. She moaned and seemed to be enjoying it a lot. I had a morning load of cum to rid myself of, and it looked like I would be filling up her pussy with it. I didn't ask any more questions, I just kept fucking. We didn't kiss or anything, and it wasn't especially intimate. It was just rutting and our bodies pushing against each other. When I finally spewed, it was fairly intense but mostly just a relief. I emptied my balls with a deep groan and Mom purred approvingly.

"What's the tradition?" I asked, rolling off of her and lying next to her.

She just laid there, with my cum leaking out of her pussy. "You're the first new guy to go to this party in a long while. I wasn't entirely truthful with you about what goes on there. I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Is" I asked, sheepishly for some reason.

She nodded. "We eat dinner and talk and just have a good time. But it ends in everyone getting off one way or another. In fact, no one is allowed to leave unless every single person has had at least one orgasm. Women included."

"Wow." I had to think about that for a while. I imagined Stephie going to these parties, as Mom had said she had done already. Who had she fucked or sucked or whatever at these things? Or Mom for that matter?

"We didn't tell Stephie for her first time," Mom said. "She was very surprised, but she acclimated very nicely to the scene."

"Do f****y members have sex, like us?" I asked.

Again, she nodded. "Yes, it's all people we can trust. We're very close. I usually get a good five or six loads in or on me at these functions."

The mental image of Mom covered in other guys' semen was making me hard again. I got back on top of her, but this time I stuffed a pillow under her hips and held her legs up. I pointed my slimy cock at her little pucker and pushed it inside of her. My dick slipped right into her ass.

"Ooh," Mom said, moaning in pleasure. "Again? So soon?"

I buried myself in her butt and held it as far as I could get it, and smiled as she began to masturbate while I filled her bowels. I kept fucking her ass for a good few minutes, getting more details out of her between her climaxes while I did that.

"So, is there a game of it?" I asked, thrusting sharply into her anus. "Or is it just straight fucking?"

Mom rubbed one out just then, and waited for the orgasm to finish washing over her before answering. "You'll get teased. Becca, the Christiansen's daughter, is the worst."

"She isn't that much older than me, how many of these things has she been to?"

"A few," Mom answered, clenching hard on me with her ass. "She usually has the record for most orgasms given."

"You guys keep track?" I could feel my balls tingling again, not just from the anal sex but also from the naughty details I was getting from Mom.

"She does," she replied, and started flicking her clit again. "God, my ass must still be all worked up from her father this morning. It feels so good!"

Picturing my Dad fucking her ass only a short while ago somehow turned me on, and I came again. It felt glorious to cum inside of my mother twice in one morning. I could do this everyday.

To be continued...

97% (45/1)
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Part 4???
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this is so hot and im so wet god I love this
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