My mom the model

It was a cold winter morning and Susan Osborne was ready for her big day. Susan had always wanted to be a model but f****y got in the way at an early age. Susan is a 38 year old mother of one. She knew she had a great body and was ready to sign a modeling contract when she found out she was pregnant. She quickly married her husband and spent the next eighteen years as a dutiful housewife.

Susan loves her husband and son but in the back of her mind she often wondered, "What if?"

After sharing her dream with a friend over coffee her friend mentioned that she knew someone who could get her a session with one of the best photographers in town. She jumped at the opportunity and had her friend set up an appointment for her to get some head shots.

As excited as she was, she was still realistic. She knew that her f****y would never move to LA or New York for her to chase her dream. Being in a small city did have its advantages though. She figured that the talent pool would be smaller, which should give her a chance. After setting up the photo session she learned that the photographer worked with both of the local talent agencies and could help get her in touch with one of them after she had a portfolio.

Despite her age, she knew modeling was a young woman's game; Susan felt comforted knowing that she had an ideal modeling body. She has a tall, 5'10", statuesque frame. Her breasts are full and firm but not huge. Her waist is thin and her hips have a distinctive womanly curve that completes her hourglass figure. Susan's long dirty blonde hair flows over her shoulders in big sweeping curls. Her deep blue eyes are accentuated by high cheek bones and a pair of plump full lips.

Her husband thought she was crazy for doing it, he didn't want her to risk rejection, but he supported her decision. Susan hoped that she could appear in just enough local ads to finally say that she was a model.

On the morning of the photo shoot Susan's husband was already at work and her son, Jason, was home for winter break. He was an eighteen year old college freshman. Jason, blessed with the same good genes as his mother, is just as tall with a lean athletic body. His plan for the break was to catch up on some reading and hit the gym every day.


He heard his mother calling him through his bedroom door.

"Yeah, mom."

"I need a favor."

"Can it wait; I'm getting ready for the gym."

"You're heading out? Great, I need a ride."

"What's wrong with your car?"

"It's still in the shop and your father took his car to the train station this morning."

Jason opened the door. He wore a loose fitting pair of track pants and a skin tight t-shirt. Susan, dressed for her head shot, was wearing a bright red button down sweater that clung to her body. Several buttons at the top were left open, revealing a black strapless top covered in small white polka dots. The top wasn't very revealing, but the combined effect of the open sweater and the tight black top was sexy nonetheless. Around her waist, she had tied a black satin ribbon into a bow to serve as a mock belt. Her legs were covered by a fairly conservative black lace skirt that ended just below her knees.

"Where do you need to go?"

"Just downtown, it won't be too far out of your way. I promise."

"Ok, I can drop you off. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, my appointment is in twenty minutes and I don't want to be late."

Susan followed her son to his car and they took off. On the ride to the studio, she told her son what she was doing and why. He tried to be supportive, but thought that his mother must have lost her marbles. After all, who decides to be a model at her age?

Jason followed his mother in to the studio to use the bathroom before he left for the gym.

"You must be Susan." The photographer rushed across the room and took her hand in his.

"I prefer Suzy."

"No problem, Suzy. My name is Eric Dufresne. I must apologize however, because my assistant called in sick today so I'm here all by myself."

"That's ok, do you want to re-schedule?"

"No, no, we can still do your headshots. The studio is yours for the next hour and then I have another shoot for the rest of the afternoon."

"Great, I'm so excited."

"You're friend told me how pretty you are, but I must confess that I am pleasantly surprised. You should see some of the women who come to me asking if they can be a model."

Eric looked over Suzy's face and body while talking. Suzy blushed both from the compliment and the overt attention from someone other than her husband.

"Alright, mom, I'll be by later to pick you up." Jason said as he walked in from the bathroom.

Suzy turned to her son and made a quick introduction.

"I know you must be in a hurry, but if you can spare a little time I could use some help with your mom's pictures, as I'm without my assistant."

Jason looked anxious as he edged his way to the door.

"How about this; if you can help out I'll take fifty dollars off the cost of the session."

Jason still appeared uninterested in helping out.

"C'mon Jason. You can have the fifty bucks and then go to the gym afterwards." His mom did her best to pressure him.

"Ok." He capitulated to his mother's plea knowing how much this meant to her.

"Don't worry Jason, it is a pretty easy way to make fifty bucks. I promise. Alright, let's get started."

Eric led Suzy and Jason into the studio. It was a large penthouse loft with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city. s**ttered around the room there were several different locations set up with various backdrops, lights and furniture.

Eric showed Suzy where the dressing room was so that she could freshen up her make-up, again apologizing that his assistant wasn't there to help her.

Eric had been a professional photographer for most of his adult life. He was once an acclaimed photographer and his career had peaked when he got a gig working for Victoria's Secret. Over the years he had seen every type of depraved behavior. After getting a little too frisky with some of his models he was unceremoniously booted from the fashion world and found himself doing porn shoots for low-budget adult websites. At first he was happy to be surrounded by naked women all the time but eventually the thrill had diminished to the point of repulsion. He decided to get out of the game before he got to the point where he wasn't able to even look at another pussy again. He left LA and went back to his hometown. After several years of hard work he had finally managed to reestablish himself, although he knew that with his reputation this is as far as his career would ever go.

Eric was now proud of what he had built up and was always eager to work with new models, because he knew as well as anyone else that the next hot face could come from anywhere.

While Suzy got ready, Eric approached Jason to discuss his new job.

"Listen, Jason, I know you don't want to be doing this right now but it looks like it means a lot to your mother. And trust me when I say that she might have a real shot at this. Most women her age would kill to look like her, and that goes for models too."

He saw that Jason wasn't terribly interested in what he was saying, so he cut to the chase.

"This is what I need you to do. Just do everything that I tell you and keep quite. Those are the two most important requirements for any assistant. Ok?"

"Sure, I think I can handle that."

"Great, just remember; you're the assistant, she's the model, and I'm the boss."

Suzy emerged from the dressing room as Eric finished up with Jason and was led to a stool in front of a large white curtain in the center of the room.

Suzy sat on the stool with her legs crossed and her knees pointed off to the side while her body faced the camera. The way that she twisted pulled her sweater open a little further, exposing more of the black shirt underneath. Eric gave Jason a large white circular reflector and positioned him so that he was kneeling in front of his mother. Eric directed him to keep the reflector pointed at her face to catch the natural light from the windows.

As he knelt in front of his mother, Jason noticed for the first time that her conservative skirt had a slit running up her left leg from the hem all the way to her upper thigh. As she posed, with her left leg crossed over her right, the skirt parted revealing the smooth tan flesh of her leg up to her mid-thigh.

After initially noticing his mother's exposed leg Jason refocused his attention on following Eric's directions but found himself watching the subtle movements of the muscles her thigh every time she shifted her position for the camera.

Looking up at his mother, Jason had to admit that she was hot. He had never given it much thought before but once he noticed her flesh being revealed in such an innocent, but yet sultry, way he could see that she would make a great model after all. He allowed himself to continue staring at her bare leg, hoping that she didn't notice. Nervously, he shot a glance up to her face and saw that she was pouting for the camera, too engaged to notice that her son was ogling her like a pervert.

The studio lit up with each shot and Eric had Jason move around to highlight different parts of his mother's face. After a while, Eric had Suzy stand up behind the stool bending forward with her arms propping herself up. He asked her to look sexy, to which she responded by pushing her breasts together with her arms. Jason stood in front of her while she posed and was treated to a view of the tops of his mother's milky white breasts nearly spilling out of the top of her shirt.

He looked away, guiltily, as soon as he noticed that he was staring at the soft swells of her breasts pushing up out of her top. Knowing that her attention was directed entirely at the camera, Jason kept stealing lingering glances at his mother's chest. After several minutes of staring at her soft flesh, Jason felt a familiar swelling in his pants. His face turned beat red thinking that he was getting turned on staring at his mother.

Their hour long session flew by, with neither Jason nor his mother realizing how long they had been there. After the session was over, Suzy went to the dressing room to gather her stuff while Eric excused himself to make a phone call. Jason stayed behind in the studio and stared in awe out of the window. The weather forecast had said that the big snow storm was supposed to start later that night, but it had apparently came early. During the brief time of their photo shoot the city had turned into a winter wonderland. The street and sidewalks were completely covered with a thick coating of snow.

"Holy crap!" Suzy said as she walked back into the room noticing the snow for the first time.

"Yeah, right?" Jason concurred.

"This is nasty. Maybe we should see if we can hang out here until the roads get plowed." She thought out loud.

"That won't be a problem." Eric said, walking back into the room. "My shoot for this afternoon was just cancelled. They said the car that was supposed to bring the models over was stuck in the snow. So you guys can hang out as long as you want. There is some coffee and a couch in the front room if you want to make yourselves more comfortable."

"Thanks, that sounds great." Suzy said as they headed out to the other room.

Jason spent the time pushing thoughts of his mother's legs and breasts out of his mind and was relieved when Eric joined them after a few minutes.



"I have a crazy idea. I've been going over your shots, and I've got to say that you look great on film."


Jason could see that his mother was beaming.

"Well, since my studio is empty I wanted to see if you want to try being a stand-in for the afternoon." He sounded like a nervous boy asking a girl out to prom, and quickly added, "I'll pay you of course."

Suzy couldn't believe her luck.

"Yeah that would be great."

She almost burst as she spoke.

"And of course, I'll need an assistant. What do you say Jason, up for making a little more money?"

"I guess I've got nothing better to do."

"Great, let's get started."

Eric led Suzy and her son back into the studio and explained what he had in mind to them. He told Suzy that typically models would make $150 an hour, but since she wasn't a professional yet he would pay her $75 and would add in an extra $25 an hour for Jason as his assistant. She was so thrilled to actually be working as a model that she was prepared to do it for free.

"Thankfully, my assistant got everything set up for us last night but I haven't had a chance to go through the client requests to see what they want so we will just have to wing it. Jason, you can stay out here while your mother gets ready. The first shoot should be an easy one. It's for a circular for a women's clothing store and I think there are only three outfits. Suzy, the first outfit should be on the first rack in the back of the dressing room. Go get dressed and come out whenever you're ready."

Suzy beamed as she practically ran into the dressing room. She was moments away from realizing one of her greatest fantasies and she could barely contain her excitement.

While Suzy got ready, Eric again explained to Jason that his job was to do whatever he says and that it would be a little more involved than the previous session. Mostly he would be moving lights around and helping get his mother positioned properly for different poses.

After Suzy came out, Eric looked her over and after telling her how good she looked he sent her back to put on some nail polish. She felt embarrassed that in her effort to get ready for the photo shoot that she forgot to put any on. She found a light pink that matched her lipstick and reentered the studio.

Her first outfit was a cocktail dress. She confidently strode into the room wearing a black halter dress that was loose around her breasts, which were supported by a wide belt that cinched the dress around her waist. The skirt portion of the dress flared out from her hips and ended at her mid-thigh. Suzy had picked out some jewelry and a pair of black high heels to accessorize.

"Suzy, you look ravishing!" Eric fawned over her as soon as he saw her.

Suzy stopped in her tracks in the middle of the room. Her stomach was doing cartwheels. Here she was, finally getting a chance to be a professional model. She couldn't believe her luck.

"Really, you think so?" She knew she looked good but the photographer's opinion somehow carried more weight than her own. After all it was his job to look at women all day and decide who was pretty and who wasn't. His gushing approval made her feel like a million dollars. Suzy's head was spinning and her knees were weak by the time she was able to move again.

"Trust me, you were born to model." Eric gave her a knowing wink and then led her into her position in front of the camera

Jason dutifully assisted Eric for the first shoot. Eric had Suzy standing in different poses and turning to get her skirt to twirl. He kept Jason busy, making him run back and forth adjusting lights and occasionally brushing away hair from her face.

As Jason watched the shoot progress, a rush of familiarity washed over him. His thoughts drifted back to memories of his first discoveries of the female form. When he was younger he would steal copies of his mother's catalogs and magazines so that he could ogle the women. His first orgasm was fueled by a picture of a woman dressed much like his own mother who was posing right in front of him. Jason suddenly realized that standing in front of him was the living embodiment of his earliest sexual fantasies.

Jason cringed when his thoughts snapped back to reality. He tried to shake off any comparisons between his mother and the women that he pleasured himself to so many times. As he remembered those lonely nights he started to think of those women not merely as pictures but as people. Just like his mother, they too were mothers and wives. The realization that the women in those pictures were real people made them even sexier to him. Lost in his own thoughts, Jason became aware of bl**d rushing to his penis as images from those magazines raced through his head.

"This is great, Suzy. You're a natural. Let's try the next outfit." Eric's words broke Jason's train of thought and reminded him of where he was, and who it was that was doing the modeling.

The bl**d rushed from his penis as quickly as it had first appeared. He did his best not to watch his mother walk back to the dressing room.

Suzy undressed as carefully as she could, not wanting to ruin the dress with her wet nails, but quickly realized that she would need some help. She called for her son, who found her facing the opposite wall with her head down and her hair flipped up, exposing her neck.

"Can you help me with this dress? I don't want to ruin it or my nails."

"Sure." Jason slowly approached his mother and nervously reached up for the clasp that held the halter up. The dress was backless and with her hair up he realized that she wasn't wearing a bra. After unsnapping the clasp, the straps fell away from her body and the top portion of the dress fell down.

Suzy giggled as she reached up and covered her breasts with her arm as the dress fell away.

"Thanks, Honey. I'll call you back in if I need any more help."

Jason took a moment to stare at his mother's bare back before leaving her to get dressed. She called him back in moments later to help her zip up the next dress. Jason found his mother in the same position as before, but was relieved to see that she was now wearing a bra. The zipper on this dress ran all the way down her back, far enough for him to be able to see the waistband of his mother's red lace panties. He slowly drew the zipper up her back, watching inch after inch of his mother's soft skin disappear beneath the dark fabric.

He felt his mind instinctively being distracted by the sensuality of helping his mother get dressed to the point that he nearly forgot that it was his mother's body that was getting him excited. He quickly finished zipping her up and fled the room before she could sense his embarrassment.

Eric and Jason watched Suzy glide elegantly across the studio in the new outfit that happened to fit her like a glove. She wore a skin tight charcoal dress that ended at her knees. The top had two thin shoulder straps and a rounded cleavage that left several inches of the upper portion of her breasts exposed. The dress clung to her curves and showed off her body, despite covering so much of it, with every step. By the time she took her place in front of the camera, both Eric and Jason had to stop themselves from staring.

Eric complimented her again before rattled off more orders for Jason while he began to shoot. Seconds into the shoot he suddenly stopped.

"This won't work." Eric muttered to himself. "I'm sorry Suzy, but I'm picking up your panty lines in that dress. That's the problem when something fits so well, that dress looks like it was painted on you! I'm going to need you to take off your panties and then we can start over."

Suzy didn't skip a beat and turned to her son.

"Jason, can you unzip me?"

She backed towards his unsteady hands. Jason slowly pulled the zipper down, aware that someone else was watching him this time. He tried to make it quick so that Eric wouldn't catch him ogling her but still managed to get another peek of his mother's panties.

After he finished, Suzy walked back to the dressing room while holding the dress to her chest.

"Thanks, honey. I'll call you in a minute to help me zip up again."

Jason waited for her to call him and again found her in the same position. This time, however, he knew that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath her dress. Without anything covering her, Jason could see where her ass cheeks parted into a gentle crevice that faded away beneath the dress. As sensual as it was to help her with her zipper before, the fact that she didn't have any panties on just made it worse for him. Jason felt his penis stirring in his pants as began to pull on the zipper.
He again took his time, allowing his eyes to trail from the swell of her ass, across the indentation of the small of her back and up her spine to her neck. Jason's thoughts returned to the women in the catalogs that he jerked off to. He suddenly wondered if they weren't wearing underwear in those shoots either. He remembered one of his favorite pictures, of a tall red head wearing a satin blouse and short skirt. Was it possible that had she leaned over the right way or crossed her legs that he would have been able to see a nipple or her pussy? Jason's heart was pounding by the time he finished; he just hoped that she wouldn't notice how long he was taking.

"Honey?" Suzy noticed that Jason's hands were lingering on the zipper and wondered if it was caught.

Jason froze, his hands still clasping the zipper.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Is everything ok back there? Is the zipper stuck?"

"Oh, uh, no everything is fine. All done." He stammered, kicking himself for being so obvious.

"Great, how do I look?" Suzy twirled around facing her son.

Jason stood frozen just inches away from his mother as he pondered his response. His eyes drifted from her eyes down her face to her neck and finally to her chest before returning back up to meet her gaze.

"Amazing. You look amazing."

Jason saw the color rush to his mother's cheeks as he spoke. She embraced him in a firm hug with her chest pressing against him.

"Thanks, Jason. Your support means a lot to me. I know I'm being silly but this is something that I've always wanted to do."

She released him and took a few steps back.

"But you didn't tell me about the panty lines. Does it look better now?" She asked as she turned her back to him, bent at her waist and ran her hands across her thighs and hips.

Jason's mouth hung open as his mother smoothed her dress out. Seeing her ass on display for him was too much.

"Much better. You should never wear panties again." He was horrified as he heard the words escaping his mouth.

Suzy flipped her head over her shoulder at her son and said teasingly, "You men are all the same. All you can think about is sex."

She straightened herself out and turned to leave. While she walked out of the dressing room she reconsidered what her son had said. Could it be that he was actually admiring her body, or was she just getting carried away?

Jason followed his mother back into the studio. Trailing several feet behind her, his eyes were glued to her ass as she strode across the room. He watched the fabric of the dress gliding across her bare backside with every step and for a brief moment he imagined himself grabbing her hips, bending her over, lifting up her dress to reveal her firm round ass and fucking her.

Jason stopped himself in his tracks and shook the image of his mother submitting to him from his head.

Suzy was slowly transforming from his mother into the living, breathing manifestation of one of his deepest sexual fantasies right before his eyes.

He struggled with the conflicting thoughts and emotions bubbling up inside of him as he watched her muscles flexing under the dress as if in slow motion. Jason thought about the smooth skin of her cheeks and extrapolated the brief glimpse of her skin until he visualizing her bare ass swaying in front of him. His penis continued to swell thinking about his mother's body. He tried in vain to snap himself out of it as she took her position.

The next ten minutes flew by in a blur as Eric put him back to work. After they finished, Jason again found himself unzipping his mother's dress while struggling not to be too obvious as his eyes lingered on her back and ass. Jason even pulled the dress away from her body as he unzipped her, giving him a brief but tantalizing glimpse of her bare ass.

The next outfit was a floral print peasant dress. Again, Eric showered her with compliments as she emerged from the dressing room.

Although this was the shortest of the three dresses it was a loose fitting outfit that did little to show off her body. That didn't stop Jason from staring at her though. He couldn't stop himself from wondering if she was wearing panties underneath the loose material. Jason felt guilty thinking about his mother like that, but he couldn't help himself. His teenage hormones were in overdrive and any available female body was a target for his imagination, especially one that looked as good as his mother's while she unwittingly acting out his adolescent fantasy.

"Ok, that wraps up the shoot. You did a great job Suzy, and you too Jason. You made a great assistant." Eric walked up to Suzy and reiterated that she was one of the prettiest women that he had seen in a long time and that she was a natural at modeling.

"Thanks," Suzy gushed, "but it looks like we still won't be leaving anytime soon." She said while looking out the window at the unrelenting snowstorm.

"So how did you like your first job as a professional model?"

"I loved it! It was just like I imagined. I love being in front of the camera, and I can't wait to do it again sometime."

"Well, I did have a few other jobs lined up for the week . We could keep going if you want. What do you say?"

"Yeah, let's do it. This is fun." She nudged her son.

"Yeah let's keep going..." He tried not to sound too eager to watch his mother dressing up and posing, "I can use the money." Jason was pleased with his save.

"Ok, let's see." Eric said while reading through the next folder.

"Are you comfortable doing a swimsuit shoot?"

Suzy thought about it for a second before responding. Jason's ears perked up while his mother mulled it over. Before he got his hands on his first Victoria's Secret catalog bathing suit ads were some of his favorites from the department store catalogs.

"I don't see why not, I mean I wear swimsuits all the time, what's the harm in a few pictures. Right?"

"I agree, but some women don't like to show off their bodies for the camera. But then again, few women have a body like yours." Eric threw in a little wink, knowing from experience that a steady stream of compliments would help keep his model willing to continue.

"Check in the dressing room, the first bathing suit should be on the same rack as the other dresses."

"Ok, I'll be right back."

Eric approached Jason as Suzy left the room.

"So, how about you Jason?"


"This isn't so bad right?"

"Uh, no." He said, not sure where Eric was going.

"You're doing great, just keep up the good work."


"I know it's not easy being around models, especially the first couple of times. It's hard not to look, even though it's your own mom, right?"

"Shit." He thought to himself, "He caught me staring."


"It's ok, she has a great body. You just have to think of the models like mannequins. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the view, especially at your age, just try to think of her as an object not a person and certainly not you mother. Ok?"


"Yeah, that will make it much easier. Trust me, I do a lot of lingerie shoots in here and you should see some of those outfits. If I didn't just think of the models as objects instead of women I'd be jerking off after every shoot. Just take your mom for example. Some of these bathing suits are pretty skimpy and I need you to focus on your job. I can't afford to have you be afraid to touch her if I need you to fix something. Remember, she's not your mother; she's not even a woman. She's just a doll. Do you understand?"

"I think so." Jason didn't know what to make of the conversation. Was he really telling him that it was ok for him to ogle his mother?

"And don't forget to compliment her. Every woman loves a compliment, especially when she's showing a little skin. Trust me when I say that your mother is going to be nervous up there in a bathing suit under the hot lights. Let her know that she looks good. Don't feel weird about the fact that it's your mother; you're just doing your job. And that means that you need to be willing to touch her, whether that means fixing a crease in her outfit or pushing her hair from her face, and you need to reassure her that she looks good no matter what."

"Ok, I think I can handle that." He was starting to feel a little more confident.

"I know you're going to do a great job."

"Jason, honey." Suzy called out from the dressing room. "Can you come here for a minute?"


"Don't forget to compliment her Jason."

Jason stepped into the dressing room to find his mother wrapped in a white silk robe.


"I don't know about this." Jason saw that she looked nervous.

"You don't know about what?"

"I don't know if I can do this."

"Mom, this is your dream. What's stopping you?"

"Look at me." She said while opening her robe.

Suzy held the sides of the robe apart while her son took in the sight of his nearly naked mother. She stood before him in a dark red string bikini, accented with black stitching and silver sequins that glimmered in the light.

"I'm a 38 year old mother. I shouldn't be traipsing around some studio dressed like this with a stranger taking my picture."

Jason paused for a moment to enjoy the sight and then remembered Eric's advice.

"Mom, you look great. Remember, Eric is a professional. He does this for a living. He's probably immune to looking at beautiful women all day."

"Beautiful?" Suzy's eyebrows arched as she spoke.

Jason shuffled his feet for a moment before he spoke up.

"Of course, you look amazing in that bikini." He held his breathe and let the words hang between them. He wasn't sure if he was trying to boost her confidence or if he was actually flirting with his mother.

"Eric even said that you're a natural. Just think, after today you'll have your own portfolio to bring to the modeling agency."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course, you have a hot body and you should be proud to show it off." He was surprised to hear the words coming out of his mouth.

His mind raced. "Did I really just tell my own mother that she has a hot body?" He thought to himself. "No, she's a model, just like Eric said. I'm just doing my job." He desperately needed to convince himself.

The bikini top showed off each of his mother's gorgeous breasts. Jason struggled to keep his eyes on her face. Her body was on full display for his horny teenage eyes. He was struggling to remind himself not to think of her as his mother, and that was the only thing that was keeping him sane as he took in the sight before him.

Suzy noticed the look in her son's eyes. She sensed that he was enjoying looking at her, and was flattered that such a good looking young man would find her attractive even if it was her son.

"What would your father say?"

"I think he would tell you to do it. This is your chance to live your dream."

"You're only saying that because you're my son." Suzy was watching her son's face, trying to gauge his reaction.

"That's not true. I'm not your son today; I'm the photographer's assistant. And my professional opinion is that you look hot, so let's get going."

"Really, so your opinion as a man and not my son is that I'm hot?" She teased him and pulled her robe further open, knowing how uncomfortable it would make him.

"Mom..." Jason's face turned beet red.

He tried to look away but his eyes kept returning to her breasts, which she noticed. Suzy didn't know what to think of the fact that her own son appeared to be ogling her like a piece of meat.

"You know you're a beautiful woman."

"That's not what I asked you."

"Ok, ok. You look hot, Mom. Is that better?" Jason wanted to just disappear. He didn't know how he ended up in this position. Not only was he lusting after his own mother, she made him admit to it too.

"Much better." She finished with a wicked smile.

Suzy dropped the robe and walked over to her son. With her hand on his face she kissed his cheek and whispered, "Thank you, but please stop calling me Mom." into his ear.

"Ok, Mo... Suzy." The words fell awkwardly from his lips. Her face was still next to his. He could smell her. He wanted to kiss her, but he knew better.

With the extra confidence boost from her son, Suzy was ready to show off her nearly naked body to a complete stranger. She found it comforting that he was a professional and that despite his encouragement he seemed detached. During the course of the different outfits Suzy noticed that she was getting more comfortable in front of the camera.

Jason followed his mother to the set, his eyes glued to the small red triangle stretched taut across her ass. He had seen his mother in bikinis before, but he had never before imagined what was underneath it. His penis swelled in his pants as his imagination ran wild.

In addition to handling the light for this shoot, Eric also gave Jason a small fan and a mister. He was instructed to lightly mist her body and use the fan to blow her hair back from her face. This was also the first shoot that required Jason to make a wardrobe adjustment.

Suzy was positioned with her back to the camera and was leaning forward slightly when Eric noticed that the back panel on her bikini had folded over at the edge. It was Eric's job to flatten the fabric out.

He was so entranced staring at his mother's long legs pouring out of the bikini bottom that he didn't hear Eric call his name the first time. There was a distinct urgency in his voice the second time he called Jason's name. Jason snapped out of it and hurried over to his mother.

Jason was so nervous that his hand jerked up to her bikini bottom. He pushed his finger underneath the edge of the material and ran the fabric through his thumb and forefinger to flatten it out. The back of his finger brushed against his mother's flesh, transferring her warmth to his hand. After he finished he watched in disbelief as his hand ran along the outside of her bikini across his mother's smooth ass, appearing as if to straighten out the material but he knew that his intentions were less pure. His hand only briefly caressed the gentle slope of his mother's backside before he decided better of it and returned to his position.

"Thanks honey." Suzy said over her shoulder while his heart raced. The brief but intimate touch sent a chill through her body as she kept her pose.

Jason's cock was growing with every second that he watched her. He could still feel her ass against his hand.

After the shoot was over Jason waited with bated breath for his mother to call out for help, but he knew it was just wishful thinking.

She returned in a shimmering silver bikini. The top and bottom halves of the bathing suit were attached by three interlocking circles that ran across her stomach. Though this bathing suit had more fabric than the last one, it also had the added benefit of the connected circles which ever-so-lightly tugged on the thin strip of fabric between her breasts. The effect of this was that even more of his mother's breasts were visible than before.

"Wow, you look great M..." Jason stumbled over his words, " I mean, Suzy."

"Are you sure I don't look silly?"

"Trust me, you look hot."

Feeling high from the compliment, Suzy struck a pose with her hands on her waist and thrust her hips out at her son. He watched as she posed, just for him. His hard-on was becoming harder for him to hide. Suzy noticed again that the look in her son's eyes was not the same one that she was used to. He was admiring her like a man admires a woman. The thought that she could elicit such a reaction flattered her especially from such a younger man, despite the fact that it was her son.

Even though she was use to wearing bikinis at the beach, she was shy at first posing like that in front of the camera. Knowing that Jason was enjoying the show helped to build her confidence and as her comfort level rose, so too did her awareness of how sexy the pictures would turn out. Suzy was no prude, and knew full well that swimsuit models looked hot in the catalogs and that Eric was counting on her body impressing the clients. After all, sex sells and Suzy was determined to make it as a model. Suzy used all of her womanly charms during the following shoots pouting, bending and flirting with the camera like she knew he wanted.

Suzy kept catching her son leering at her in a way that no son should be looking at his mother. She brushed off that idea, though, rationalizing that she was just getting caught up in the moment and was just feeling sexy herself. She couldn't deny that living out her lifelong fantasy and posing half naked for the camera was turning her on, and she starting letting her mind wander to thoughts of fucking her husband later that night.

The shoot was going along great until Eric asked Jason to make a minor adjustment to her hair. He approached his mother and lifted his hand to her face. As he moved to brush her hair away he realized that he was using the same move that he used when he went in for a kiss on a date. His eyes locked onto his mother's for a moment while the back of his fingers ran along her face, moving the errant hair to the side.

Jason and his mother both felt the sensuousness of his touch. Suzy recognized the look in his eyes. Beyond just being flattered, it made her feel sexy. Having someone gaze into your eyes with a look that says 'I want you' made her heart jump. Her lips parted and she held her breathe as her son brushed her hair away.

Nervously, he jumped back and managed to focus on the rest of the shoot. The next hour passed by with his mother dressed in a parade of different bathing suits. While they weren't all bikinis, they all did show off her body; which left Jason in a heightened state of arousal, constantly aware of his Mother's sexy body right in front of him. Suzy too was getting horny teasing both the camera and her son, but she kept her mind focused on thoughts of her husband.

"Well, the snow hasn't let up any. Shall we continue with the next assignment?" Eric asked as they wrapped up the last bikini shoot.

Suzy looked out the window and then at her son.

"What do you think Jason?"

"I think we should keep going. This will be great for your portfolio."

"He's right, Suzy. I think with these shots you'll have no problem getting signed by an agency."

"I can't believe that this is happening so fast!" She gushed. "I'm actually having a lot of fun too."

"I'm happy to see that you're so comfortable in front of the camera. Not everyone has the body and the camera presence that you have. I know I've already said this, but you really are a natural. Now let's see what the next assignment is."

Eric opened the next envelopes and then looked up at Suzy.

"I... I'm not sure if you'll want to keep going."

"Why not?"

"Well, this shoot is for lingerie."

Suzy turned to her son and then to Eric.

"What's the big deal about that? I've already shown off just as much of my body in a bikini as I would in any lingerie." Suzy knew that this was a totally different level than just bathing suits, but she secretly wanted to see how her son would react to seeing her in sexy lingerie.

"Are you sure?"

"What do you think Jason, should we stop or keep going?"

"Well, just like you said those bikinis are just as revealing as any lingerie is. Besides, we're all professionals here, right?" His heart was pounding in his chest at the thought of seeing his sexy mother parading around in lingerie.

"That settles it."

"Ok, Suzy you know what to do. We'll be out here whenever you're ready."

Jason's heart pounded in his chest at the thought of seeing his model, he was no longer thinking of her as his mother, in lingerie. Even if it didn't show any more skin he was thrilled that his adolescent fantasies were coming to life right before his eyes. A lingerie photo shoot would make any guy horny, and he was as horny as could be.
Eric pulled Jason aside while they waited for Suzy.



"How are you holding up?"

"Oh, uh, good I guess."

"Well, you're doing a great job. Just remember that Suzy will be very self conscious when she comes back out so make sure you keep complimenting her. Ok?"


"Great. I know it must not be easy for you to be doing this with your mother, but trust me when I tell you that she has a real shot at this and any help that you can give her now will be good for her."

"Oh, it's ok. I'm doing what you said. I'm a professional, right? She is just another model. I haven't thought of her like my mother in a while now. I'm just happy that this is going so well for her. You seem to really believe in her."

"Well, it is pretty simple right. She is a beautiful woman and she knows how to play to the camera."

"I guess you're right." Jason thought to himself that she was in fact a beautiful woman. He couldn't wait to see her next outfit.

Suzy looked stunning as she walked into the studio. She wore a full length black satin gown, topped off with a pair of black strappy high heels. The front of the gown exposed a modest amount of cleavage, but the back was open to her waist and the sides were cut out enough to provide an ample view of the outsides of her breasts.

Jason took in the sight of his mother as she confidently strode across the room. His brain worked overtime to combine the images of her bare outer breasts that he was currently being treated to with the memory of her cleavage from the bikinis to form an almost complete image of her bare breasts.

Suzy expected Eric's eyes to be glued to her body, but she was surprised to see her son openly ogling her. She also noticed, for the first time, the tell tale bulging in his pants. Despite the fact that it was her son, she was proud that she still had what it takes to give a teenage boy a hard-on. Between the silky material of the gown against her skin and the knowledge of the impact that she was having on the two men got to her and she felt her nipples harden as she approached the set.

Jason could clearly see from the open back that his mother wasn't wearing a bra and from how the material clung to her hips he inferred that she wasn't wearing any panties either. Knowing that she was naked underneath that thin silky gown kicked his libido into high gear.

"Don't worry Eric. I'm not wearing any panties this time." Suzy caught her son's eye as she spoke and was pleased with his reaction as his eyes widened.

The shoot began and Jason again was instructed to move around to reposition the lighting. As he worked he noticed that the gown would fall away from her chest when she moved in certain ways and began to pay attention, waiting for it. Twice he caught the moment perfectly and was blown away when he saw a flash of his mother's bare breast and nipple.

Every movement she made caused the gown to glide across her naked body. Suzy hadn't once gone out in public without panties since she was married and the thrill of being almost naked was making her hornier by the minute. She did her best to tease the camera, and even though she had misgivings about being so seductive in front of her son she decided that he would probably see the pictures anyway so what was the harm. She let herself go and made love to the room, which included her son.

Jason heard his name as his mother was getting ready for her next outfit and dutifully went to see what she needed.

He found her in the dressing room holding a pair of shoes. She wore an incredibly short black halter nightie with a gaping neck line. It didn't even cover half of her thigh.

"I need a little help; I've never been good with these things." She lifted the shoes as she spoke.

She turned and sat down on a chair in the back of the room and held out the shoes for Jason.

He took the shoes, which were little more than two platforms with heels. Each shoe had two long black silk ribbons dangling from them.

"I need your help to wrap the ribbons around my legs and tie them up. Do you think you can handle it, or should I get Eric?"

"Uh, no..." He jumped at the opportunity even though he had no idea what he was doing.

"I can handle this."

Jason lowered himself in front of his mother and took her left foot in one hand with the shoe in the other. He guided her foot into the shoe and then propped it onto his knee, he knew that he would need both hands to handle the ribbon. He took one ribbon in each hand and slowly wrapped it around the back of his mother's ankle.

"Let me know if this is too tight." He looked up at her as he spoke and couldn't help but notice how far her dress had crept up her thigh.

"So far so good."

After a few missteps he figured out how to lace up the ribbon. The delicate work required that his hands caress her soft skin as he crisscrossed the ribbons around her calf. It ended just below her knee, where he tied it off. While Jason held onto her knee his eyes drifted up between her legs. He wondered if she was wearing panties and hoped to catch a glimpse without her noticing.

"Jason?" His mother's voice sounded playfully accusatory?

Jason looked up at his mother like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Are you trying to look up my nightie?"

"I, uh..." He stammered, not knowing how to respond. He was caught red handed trying to look up his mother's nightgown.

"It's ok. I think I know what you are looking for. You know, a wise man once told me that I should never wear panties ever again." She threw him a sly smile as she spoke.

"How are you doing with the shoes?"

"Just finishing up the first one now." Jason took the opportunity to look back down and began lacing up her right foot. He mulled over her comment while he worked. Had she told him that it was ok for him to look up her nightie?

Suzy surprised herself with her forwardness. She knew he was her son but she was enjoying the attention. She also enjoyed watching him squirm. He had been ogling her all day and was doing a pretty poor job hiding it.

By the time Jason was tying off the second ribbon he had worked up enough courage to try to sneak another peak. He slowly wrapped the ribbon around her calf and gently pushed her knee out, spreading her legs a little further. He didn't dare look up to see if she was watching him but he felt her eyes on him.

Suzy watched as her son's eyes widened. She knew exactly what he was seeing and felt a rush of excitement through her body.

Jason felt time stop down as his eyes marched up her thighs. The darkness between his mother's legs shrank away as he gently pushed her leg aside. More and more of her inner thighs were revealed to him. His body tensed and he inhaled sharply as his eyes traveled from her thigh to the golden tangle of hair that adorned her pussy.

Though she trimmed her pubic hair, it was still much fuller than the girls that he had been with before. Seeing such an impeccably maintained and lush forest of hair between his mother's legs both surprised and delighted him. He drank in the sight before him, knowing that he didn't have much time.

Jason made one last adjustment of the ribbon before he finally stood back up. His mother remained where she was with her legs spread apart. The hem of her nightie had been pushed up to her hips leaving a hint of her womanly charms on display.

Suzy couldn't control herself. She had just flashed her pussy to someone besides her husband, and she liked it. She didn't want it to end.

"Well, how does it look?"


"The shoes, I mean. Unless you have something else on your mind."

"Oh, yeah, right. The shoes..." His voice kept trailing off.

"They look amazing. Much sexier than I could have imagined."

Suzy knew very well that her son wasn't talking about he shoes.

"Are you sure you like it?"

"I like it a lot."

"Good, I'm glad. Now help me up, would you?" Suzy offered her hand out to her son who helped her to her feet.

She took a moment to straighten out the silk nightie and then walked right past him into the studio.

Suzy had to move very deliberately so as to not flash the camera. She knew that Eric and Jason were enjoying the show from their hungry stares and the thought of them looking at her in such a revealing outfit thrilled her.

Eric had her propped up on the arm of a couch with her back arched out for the shoot. As the camera flashed it became obvious that her nightie had shifted and the edge of her aureole was coming into view. Eric directed Jason to cover her up, and he was all too eager assist.

Jason paused in front of his mother before he fixed her top. Lowering himself to her level he took in the contrast in color between the milky white flesh of her breast and the darker hue of her aureole. The outline of her nipples was clearly visible at such a close proximity and Jason was in no hurry. His thumb slowly slipped into the front of his mother's top; the back of his thumb gently pressing against the soft flesh of her breast as he grasped the thin silk material. It took every ounce of restraint for him to not tear the thin satin nightie open and grab two handfuls of her tits. As hard as he tried to refrain from touching her nipple, his fingers still managed to graze against it as he repositioned the material. Jason looked up at his mother apologetically.

"It's ok." She said softly. Her chest heaved gently as she spoke.

His fingers were still resting on her breast when he decided to throw caution to the wind. Jason took his mother's words as permission to proceed and allowed his hand to cup her breast momentarily. The thin silky material against her soft but firm breast felt amazing in his hand. He gave her a single squeeze and felt her hard nipple against his palm before he finally took his hand away.

Jason thought he heard a soft moan as he retreated.

Suzy could have killed herself. Her son's hand cradling her breast caused an uncontrollable response in her body that culminated with a barely perceptible moan escaping her lips. The dampness between her legs was growing.

Eric didn't seem to notice that anything had occurred between them and proceeded with the shoot.

The next outfit that she wore was a black bustier. The front and side panels were made of a thin see-through material. The outfit was paired with a pair of tight jeans that appeared to be painted on.

Jason was amazed at how the jeans clung to her ass so perfectly. He watched her posing and pouting for the camera until Eric asked if she was wearing the matching panties.

After confirming that she was, he asked her to open up the jeans and show them off.

Jason couldn't believe that he was watching his hot mother undressing right in front of him. His cock nearly burst from his pants.

She slowly unzipped the jeans and pulled them open, revealing a thin triangle of fabric that matched the sheer material of her bustier.

She spun around and pushed the jeans over her hips while looking over her shoulder. As they moved further down her legs, Jason noticed that she was wearing a g-string. The two round halves of her perfect ass came into view with two thin strings bisecting each other at the top of her ass crack. The one string curved around her hips and the other disappeared between her cheeks before traveling between her legs to her pussy.

Suzy realized that she was doing a strip tease in front of her son, but she was so turned on by the camera that she didn't care. It had been years since she wore a g-string and feeling the thin ribbon of fabric nestled between her ass cheeks made her feel like a teenager again. She knew that she was giving them a good look at her naked ass and she loved it.

Jason watched intently as his mother pushed her jeans down to the floor. She was the embodiment of his deepest sexual fantasy. He imagined her picture in a catalog dressed in nothing but the black bustier and g-string panties. He wanted to jerk off so bad but he knew that he would have to wait.

He was finally being offered a full unobstructed view of his mother's glorious ass. The two soft white globes of flesh danced to the beat of hidden music as she teased the camera.

Suzy turned around for the camera and swayed her hips for a few minutes before Eric told her that he got the shot. Jason's eyes followed his mother's bare ass as she walked to the dressing room to prepare for the next outfit.

Suzy walked back into the studio after a few minutes. She was wearing a purple dress and black high heels.

"Is this right?" Suzy asked as she walked over to Eric.

"Don't worry; did you put the entire outfit on?"


"Perfect. This ad is for the underwear, not the dress. This client likes to have risque ads, so they want their models dressed in regular clothes but showing off their lingerie. They think it makes it more taboo."

"Oh, that is clever."

Jason watched his mother walk to her position, wondering what they were talking about.

"Ok, so let's start simple. Jason I need you in front. Get down low with the reflector and catch the natural light. Suzy, I want you to start off like it is a normal shoot and then slowly show us the product."

"Ok, I think I get it."

"Ready Jason?"

He had no idea what was happening but he said that he was ready.

Eric positioned Suzy on a high backed wooden chair in the middle of the studio. She was sitting sideways with her torso turned towards the camera. Jason watched eagerly as they began.

The lights flashed as Eric took pictures. In no time at all, Suzy's hand was on the hem of her dress slowly lifting it up her leg. She shifted over so that she was resting on the edge of the chair with her left butt cheek and her camera facing leg dangling in the air. She bent her knee as the hem of her dress slowly progressed up her thigh.

Jason watched in awe as the tops of his mother's stockings came into view, followed by two thin pink lace garter straps. Jason had never seen a garter belt in person before and couldn't believe his luck. From his position he could clearly see the inside of his mother's right thigh and the outside of her left one.

Suzy adjusted herself so that she could pull the dress up over her ass and then sat back down. The purple dress was now bunched up around her waist leaving her legs and thighs fully exposed.

Suzy felt a thrill as she revealed herself like that. She knew that no more of her body was visible than when she wore the bikini, but this was lingerie and was meant to be sexy. She was flashing her son for the second time and even though he would see even less of her this time it felt even more erotic because they were out in the open. The thrill of what she was doing was getting her hornier by the second.

"Very good Suzy. You really know how to seduce the camera. A little more pouting. Good. Now turn towards me."

Jason watched in amazement as his mother swung her legs around and faced the camera. He was treated with a clear view between her legs. The only thing between him and his mother's pussy was a thin triangle of pink lace tucked seductively between her legs.

"Ok, stop. Jason."


"Do you see how the dress is bunched up on the left side?"


"I need you to flatten that out, ok?"


Without hesitation, Jason was kneeling between his mother's legs. His face was now only inches from her moist pussy. He reached out for the hem of her dress and let the backside of his hand brush against her warm soft thigh as he fixed it. He took his time as thoughts of fucking his mother raced through his head.

"Much better. Lean back for a moment Jason."

He did as he was asked and Eric zoomed in with the camera.

"Ok, one more adjustment. Jason, can you see how Suzy's panties are being stretched away from her body on her left side?"

Jason centered himself between his mother's legs again and leaned in for a closer look. The smell of her moist pussy filled his senses.


Suzy could feel her son's warm breath against her thighs as he spoke.

"Pull the waist band over so that it falls flush against her skin. Ok?"

Jason paused for a moment and looked up at his mother. She was so lost in the experience that she couldn't have stopped him if she wanted to, but she knew that he was looking for her approval.

She nodded once and whispered, "It's ok."

Jason pushed the hem of her dress further up to get access to the waistband of her panties. He placed his hands on each thigh and slowly worked his way up the length of the garter straps until her pink lace panties were fully exposed.

Suzy's heart raced as her son's hands drifted up her bare thighs. Jason thought he heard a soft moan escape his mother's mouth as he touched her. He noticed that she shifted in her seat while he worked his way up her soft flesh.

He found the thin elastic band and gripped it between his fingers. Suzy inched down into her chair and pushed her legs further apart as her son adjusted her panties. He pulled the front panel away from her body and was tempted to sneak another peak at her pussy but knew that it would be too risky in front of Eric. Jason slid the panties over an inch and then flattened the front panel out against her pussy. He could feel the tufts of hair beneath the thin lace as his hand made a pass across her soft mound.


There was no hiding it anymore. Suzy's body trembled as her son's hand rubbed against her pussy. She was on the verge of an orgasm.

"Is that better?"

Both Suzy and Eric answered to the affirmative at the same time. Jason looked up at his mother and recognized the look of pure lust in her eyes. And it was all because of him.

"Ok Jason get that reflector on Suzy and we can continue."

Jason resumed his position and his mother continued to show off her panties for the camera.

After a few more shots, Eric decided to try something new. He positioned her so that she was squatting on the floor in front of the chair. Jason watched as his mother pushed her heels next to each other and her knees out as far as she could get them. He repositioned himself in front of her to get a better vantage point of the pink lace stretching against her mound.

"Good. Now lower you left knee and turn your right leg to the camera."

The camera recorded every movement.

"Ok, hold on. Jason, her dress is bunching up again. Can you fix that for me?"


Jason happily dropped the reflector and knelt down in front of his mother. He inched closer to her and reached around to her backside where the dress was bunching up. Jason palmed his mother's ass with each hand and took a moment to enjoy the feel of her soft flesh against him. His face was close enough to hers that he could feel her quickening breath against his lips.

"Don't move." He whispered as his hands explored her ass.

Suzy whimpered as her son's hands followed the curve of her ass and his fingers converged between her legs. Jason felt the soft lace of her panties against his fingertips and kept going. The heat from her body radiated out from her pussy. Jason pressed his middle finger against the soft material, pushing it against his mother's throbbing pussy. He could feel the moistness of her pussy as he gently rubbed her.

Suzy let out another moan as her son touched her. Her breathing increased. Jason's lips were mere centimeters from hers.

"Don't stop." She begged for him to continue exploring her body but his hand was moving on.

Jason's hands moved back around the curve of her butt and moved the hem of her dress enough to even it out for the next picture. He let his hands continue around her hips and down her thighs as he withdrew them and resumed his position with the reflector.

Suzy had never been so turned on in her life. She was posing half dressed in front of a stranger who was taking her picture while her very own son was feeling her up. Her pussy ached for relief.
"Great, thanks Jason. I think we got the shot. Good job Suzy, go get changed and we can start with the next one."

Suzy took a moment before she got up. She fell back and propped herself up with her hands with her legs still splayed. Jason walked over to his mother and helped her up while Eric fished a new lens out of his bag. Jason and Suzy stood for a moment, staring into each other's eyes both unsure of what to say so they said nothing.

Jason stepped aside so that she could get ready for her next shoot and playfully reached out and pushed his hand underneath her short dress. Suzy looked back over her shoulder at her son as he grabbed her ass. Her lips curled up into a seductive smile as she walked off to the dressing room.

It took her a little longer to prepare this time and Jason was eager to see her newest outfit when she reentered the studio.

Suzy was led to the new set in a conservative gray skirt suit. Eric had Jason help him prepare a desk and chair to look like it was an office while she was getting dressed.

"Ok, so this is just like the last one. The product is actually the garter belt so just have fun with it ok Suzy?"

"Ok, I'll try my best."

"I know you will do great. You look amazing and as long as you have fun the pictures will be perfect."

"Let's get a few shots right here. Just lift up your skirt a little so we can see the garter. Perfect."

Jason played his part and moved the lights and held up the reflector while he watched his mother doing another strip tease for the camera. Before long, she was sitting on top of the desk with her legs together and lifted up in the air. She had pulled the hem of the skirt up so that her thighs and the garter was visible. Several of the top buttons on her silk blouse had been opened revealing her cleavage and bra. The soft bulge of her pussy, encased in thin black satin panties, peaked out from between her thighs.

Jason thought his mother looked like a porn star the way that she teased the camera. She was absolutely gorgeous and knew how to keep their eyes on her at all times.

Eric then had her stand up and remove her skirt, which fell to a crumpled pile at her feet. She then sat in the chair and spread her legs for the camera. Suzy was so horny that her hands were freely roaming across her body. She massaged her thigh with one hand while the other played with her breasts.

Suzy took off her jacket and hung it over the back of the chair. She then unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse and pushed it open for a better view of her breasts.

"Let's try a few with the blouse but no bra, ok? Jason and I will turn around."

Eric turned his back to the set but Jason stood transfixed at the sight before him. His mother dropped the blouse to the floor and with a swift motion the bra followed it. She stood for a moment wearing only the garter belt, stockings, thong panties and high heels as she let her son take in the image of her body.

Suzy slowly reached down for the blouse and then buttoned it up just barely enough to be decent. She found herself incredibly turned on knowing that her son was lusting after her body so openly.


She was soon atop the desk on her knees. She unbuttoned all but the bottom two buttons and with her back arched she kept the silk blouse positioned so that her entire chest up to her nipples was exposed, although, her hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin silk blouse. Suzy was enjoying her ability to tease Jason from a distance and knew that he must be ready to burst.

"I have an idea." Suzy jumped down from the desk and turned her back to the camera. She let the blouse fall the floor and turned halfway to the camera. With her arm up covering her breast she turned her head and smiled while Eric kept taking pictures.

Suzy felt emboldened and leaned forward, dr****g her body across the desk. Her bare breasts pressed against the cold wooden desk as she spread her legs and pushed her ass up into the air. Her pussy was once again on display. Jason could see the soft curls of his mother's pussy hair pressing against the panties. The gentle crease that separated the two halves of her pussy teased him though the thin material. She just hoped that her growing arousal wouldn't be visible through the dark panties.

"Wow, Suzy. You look incredible. I love your instincts."

After a few more shots he told her that he got what he needed and told her to get changed. She didn't bother picking up the clothes on the floor and walked back to the dressing room with her hands over her chest.

"Jason, would you be so kind as to bring me the clothes that I left behind?" Suzy said as she closed the door to the dressing room.

Jason followed his mother into the dressing room only to find that she had donned the white silk robe that she wore earlier.

He approached her with the discarded clothes from the set.

"Here are the clothes, Suzy."

"Thanks." Suzy took the clothes from her son as she spoke.

"See, this isn't so bad after all, huh?"

"Oh no. It's a lot more fun than I expected."

"I'm sure you're having plenty of fun." A wicked smile spread across her face as she talked.

"Wh.. what does that mean?"

"Well I'm doing most of the work and you get to sit back and watch a half naked model prancing around in all types of lingerie. What young man wouldn't want that?"

"I guess you're right." Suddenly Jason's face felt flush as he found himself admitting to his mother that he was enjoying watching her posing.

Jason's eyes migrated down from his mother's face to her chest as they spoke. Her robe had not been tied properly and had slowly opened, revealing her bare breasts.

Suzy caught her son leering at her chest and realized what had happened. "Oh my," she reached for the sides of the robe to cover herself up but then stopped. "Well I guess you've already seen this before, no point in trying to hide it now." With that she shrugged off the thin robe and again stood before her son wearing nothing but the matching set of black panties and garter belt, thigh high stockings and high heels.

Jason was caught off-guard by his mother's brazen exhibitionism. At least they had an excuse, even if it was a weak one, when they were in front of the camera but now there was no good reason for this except for his mother wanting him to see her body.

"We're both professionals here right?"

"Uh, yeah, right."

"And besides, I'm sure you've seen plenty of much more attractive naked women before."

Jason still had his guard down and gave his honest opinion before he could stop himself. "Not even close, you are by far the sexiest woman that I've had the good fortune to see like this."

Suzy wasn't sure if her son was just trying to flatter her but she suspected he was being truthful from the redness in his face and the bulge in his pants. She deftly stepped forward, leaving mere inches between them.

"Really?" Jason could sense the excitement in her voice and knew that she must be enjoying their game as much as he was.

Instinctively, Jason's hand reached out to his mother's hip and he pulled her in to him. Her body crashed against his pressing her breasts against his chest.

Unsure of what to do next he stood still while holding his mother's quivering body against his own.

After seconds that felt like an eternity, Jason spoke. "Really." Their lips were practically touching. Jason was afraid to push it any further.

Another moment passed with only the sound of their breathing breaking the silence of the dressing room.

"I... uh... should get ready for the next shoot." Her lips brushed against her son's ever so slightly as she spoke.

Jason could only barely restrain himself from throwing his mother down onto a pile of clothes and fucking her senseless. The only thing that held him back was his curiosity over her next outfit.

"Okay." Jason said in a barely audible whisper. He pushed his hands around his mother's hip and caressed her soft, round ass before pulling her into him again. His hard cock was now rubbing against his mother's pussy. She felt the fullness of her son's throbbing manhood through her flimsy panties as she pressed her hips against him before he finally released her without warning. Suzy nearly tumbled to the floor as she fell back from her son.

"You know where to find me if you need any help."

"Tell Eric that I need a few extra minutes to prepare."

"Sure." Jason took in the sight of his mother one last time before leaving her.

"Everything ok in there?" Eric asked as Jason emerged from the dressing room alone.

"Oh yeah, she just said she needs a few extra minutes before the next shoot."

"Great. She's doing a great job, don't you think?"

"Oh yeah, she's great."

"I knew you would get into it after a while. Once you do this long enough you pretty much get desensitized to everything. The key thing for you is to remember that she is just a model in this studio and not your mom."

"You were right, that did make it a lot easier."

"Jason, I need a little help in here." Suzy's voice broke off their chat as Jason turned on his heels and quickly attended to the model.

Jason found his mother standing in the middle of the room, still dressed in the same outfit as before.

"I'm such an idiot. I wanted to change my nail polish, but I should have changed my outfit first. Now I'm afraid to touch anything with my wet nails. Would you mind helping me get ready?"

"No problem." Jason wondered for a moment if his mother had set this up on purpose but then quickly decided that he shouldn't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

"The new outfit is right over there but I need help getting out of this one first."

Jason walked over to his mother while trying to decide where to start first. She must have seen the puzzled look on his face and chimed in.

"Is this your first time with a garter?"

"Yeah." He admitted sheepishly.

"Well, I guess that's no surprise. Most girls your age don't bother with these things. I know I didn't, I just wore a short dress with nothing under it when I wanted to get a guys attention."

Jason thought about his mother in her teen years going commando under a sexy dress for a moment. He briefly wondered how many men his mother had teased and then fucked when she had been his age before snapping himself out of it.

"Well, this is a great way to get someone's attention too." He confessed.

"Really? I got your attention with this?" Suzy's hands playfully danced in front of her panties as if she was revealing the prize on a game show. "Do you like what you see?"

"Oh yeah."

"Well too bad. This outfit is done; it's time to get me into the new one. Start with the panties."

Jason knelt down in front of his mother and slid his hands up her thighs. His fingers pressed against her skin just hard enough to fit beneath the elastic waistband of her panties. He then pushed his fingers out away from her body, hooking the panties, while keeping his palms pressed against her bare flesh.

He tugged on the elastic band and slowly lowered her panties. After a brief moment of resistance, as the thin strip of material tucked between her ass cheeks slipped out, he felt the panties slacken in his hands as they cleared her hips. He paused for a moment and then let them drop to the floor. He was now face to face with his mother's exposed bush. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened as the light reflected off of the dewy drops of moisture that had accumulated in her tangled blond hair.

Jason could now clearly smell the distinct musty odor of his mother's sex.

"Now the shoes." She said as she lifted one and then the other foot for him. As her son pulled each shoe from her foot she managed to part her legs just enough to reveal her well concealed pussy lips to his eager eyes.

"Now unhook the garter from the stockings." Suzy turned her back to her son and bent forward at the waist. She spread her legs to provide her son with a perfect view of her damp pussy framed between her thighs.

Jason managed to unhook the first clasp, despite the distraction of his mother's pussy. The garter strap snapped up against her ass as he released it. He watched for a moment as it dangled playfully against he bare bottom before moving to the second clasp. After they were both freed, Suzy straightened herself and then turned back to face her son.

He had both of the remaining clasps unhooked in no time.

"And now for the stockings."

Jason relished his job and was in no hurry to end it. He had never been so horny in his entire life. While slowly undressing his mother he was living out the fantasy that he had harbored for years. He had imagined doing this exact thing to every lingerie model that he had ever jerked off to but he never thought that he would get to do it in real life. And here was his very own mother fulfilling his deepest sexual fantasy.

Jason took his time and explored every inch of his mother's legs while he slowly removed her stockings.

"And, now for the garter belt itself. You will need to reach around to the back where it is hooked together." Although it would have been much easier if his mother turned around for him he knew why she didn't.

Still on his knees, he inched forward and reached around his mother's hips. He found the hooks that held it together quickly but took his time releasing them. In his new position his face was hovering right in front of his mother's pussy. Her short blond pubic hairs brushed against his nose and mouth as he pretended to struggle with the garter. The smell of her sex enveloped his senses. He could taste the faint traces of her juices as his tongue slid across his lips.

Suzy felt the warm breath of her son wash over her pussy. She wanted nothing more than for him to open his lips and massage her throbbing pussy with his tongue. But she knew better than to say it out loud. Instead she pushed her hips forward just enough to make contact.

Jason felt the forest of neatly trimmed hair pressing against him and then he felt the distinctive softness of her flesh against his parted lips.

"Unnnggghhhh." Suzy couldn't help herself. He body needed relief.

Jason's tongue exited his mouth and ran along the length of his mother's pussy. Her sweet and tangy juices filled his mouth as he released the garter. Suzy didn't want him to stop but remembered that Eric was still waiting for them.

"Ohhhhh...." She let out one last moan before collecting her thoughts enough to speak up.

"Are.. you.. ready.. for.. the.. next.. outfit?" Her heavy breathing punctuated every word she said.

Jason arched his neck back and looked up at his mother, her pussy still pressed against his open mouth.

"Ok." His voice was muffled against her body. His hands had migrated to her ass and he was pulling her pussy into his face as he licked her. They both knew that they had to stop but neither of them could muster the willpower to break their i****tuous embrace.

Jason kept at it while wondering if his mother was going to cum. He couldn't pull himself away from tasting her sweet nectar but decided that if she came he would release her. Suzy sensed that her son was not only not going to let up but that he was also intensifying his ministrations so she decided not to fight it and released herself to him. She couldn't remember the last time her husband ate out her pussy and didn't know when her next opportunity would be either.

Suzy felt her son's tongue penetrate her outer lips and make its way deeper into her womanhood. She put her hands on his head for balance and inched her legs further apart. With her legs set wider apart, Suzy felt her son pick up his pace. His tongue was now alternating between darting in and out of her pussy and massaging her clit. Her son's mouth was wide open as it pressed against her tender pussy. She felt the excitement of the moment bubbling up inside of her and knew that she was going to cum at the hand of her own son any moment.

"Oh Jason..." She cooed.

Jason responded by groaning into her hairy bush. The vibration of his voice pushed her over the edge. Suzy gripped tightly to her son's hair as a powerful orgasm washed over her body.

"Ohhhhh... Yesssss..." The barely formed words dripped from her mouth as her son lapped up her juices.

Jason basked in the pride of a job well done as he licked and sucked at his mother's pussy, lapping up her juices. He waited until her grip loosened before pulling back to get a breath of air.

Without saying a word, Jason walked over to the new outfit and brought it back to his mother. It was a two piece set with a red satin thong and a thin strip of semi-transparent lace meant to cover the front her body; the back consisted of little more than a few strings to hold the front in place.

Jason decided to put on the top piece first and help it up, indicating for his mother to lift her arms. He slid it down her long slender arms and then worked it into place. The front of the outfit resembled an apron, though it was sheer. It was held in place by two thin spaghetti straps that went over her shoulders and a series of straps that connected in the middle of her back.

Looking head on at the outfit the side straps were invisible and the outfit gave the impression that it somehow floating in place. Jason adjusted the straps so that the thin fabric was pulled taught against her naked body. The outfit did little to conceal her body, especially her rock hard nipples. Jason took the opportunity to grab his mother's breasts as if he was adjusting the material, though at that point he didn't need any pretense to touch her.

Suzy moaned softly as her son openly m*****ed her body. She let herself go and submitted to his strong hands, still basking in the after effects of her orgasm.

After giving his mother's breasts a quick massage he knelt down to help her with the panties. Suzy stepped into each leg hole slowly and held her breath as her son pulled the thong up her thighs and into place over her glistening pussy. Jason made sure that none of his mother's blond hairs escaped the sides of the front panel and then had her turn around. He straightened out the waistband first and then finished by making sure the thong was securely tucked between her smooth ass cheeks.

"Ready." Jason said as he stood back and took in the sight of his mother in the outfit. Everything was on display and she still had the look of a freshly fucked woman in her eyes.

"Let's go." Jason led her across the room with his hand on her bare ass. Suzy slipped her feet into a pair of silver heeled sandals that were next to the door and then followed him to the set.

"Wow Suzy. You look even more radiant, if that's even possible."

She knew it was possible and also that it was her son that gave her that extra glow this time.

"Why thank you Eric." She cooed flirtatiously.

He led her to a white bearskin rug that was positioned in front of a faux fireplace. Suzy rolled around on the soft fur and lost herself in the shoot. She posed in every lewd position imaginable, determined to give her son a good show as a reward for his work in the dressing room.

Jason could still taste his mother's sweet nectar on his lips as she playfully exhibited her body for him. His cock was on the verge of ripping through his pants the entire time.

"Great, I think we got this one. Good job Suzy."

She disappeared back into the dressing room while Eric changed out the lens on his camera.

"Ummm... Eric?" She asked with the head sticking out from the door.

"Yes? Oh, wait. This one has a prop doesn't it?" Eric suddenly remembered as he spoke.

"I think you could call it that."

"Don't worry; we can skip this one if you want. We've already done so much today."

"No, it's ok. I just wasn't sure."

"Don't worry, this is only an ad, remember. You just need to show off the product, don't feel like you need to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Suzy pulled the door open further and walked out to the set with something in her hand.

Eric turned to Jason as asked, "Are you sure you're comfortable with this?"

Jason wasn't quite sure what the product was but he knew that he would be comfortable with whatever it was at this point.

"Don't worry about me. There's nothing I haven't already seen. And besides I'm just doing my job, right?"

"That's right Jason, and I'm very impressed with how professional you've been today. I know it can be difficult with lingerie shoots, and especially given who the model is."

"Like you said earlier, as long as I think of her like a mannequin, an object, I'll be ok. I'm actually having a great time."

"I'm glad to hear it, just remember that with these kinds of shoots it's our job to make the model feel comfortable and just let them follow their instincts, ok?"

"Ok, I can handle that."

"Great, you know there just might be a future in this for you."

Jason again eyed up his mother as she strode across the room. She was now wearing a flyaway lace babydoll. The top of her outfit was a black lace trimmed purple silk underwire bra. From this was attached a flowing sheer black lace curtain that was split in the front, leaving most of her body fully exposed as she walked. Her panties matched the lace material in both color and transparency, capped with a small purple lace bow. In her hand was a pink object that he was not able to identify.

Eric led her back to the set with the white bearskin rug. "Let's start out standing right here. I'll take a few shots while you show us the product and then you can take it from there. Ok?"


Suzy struck a pose and held out her hands to reveal the object. It was a bright pink, slender, 8-inch vibrator. Jason couldn't believe that he was watching his mother posing in lingerie with a vibrator. He couldn't wait to get her alone again.

She posed with it for a few shots and then pushed the tip against the corner of her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue was soon wrapped around the smooth pink tip. Jason could tell that his mother was still horny and was getting even more turned on from the show she was putting on as she kissed and lick the fake cock. In her head, Suzy was kissing and licking her son's cock.

"Ok, now let's get down on the rug."

Suzy loved the feeling of the soft fur against her flesh. She started off on her knees and went through the same basic poses she did while standing. After a while she laid back on the rug and pulled her legs up so that her heels were almost pressing against her ass. Her knees were pushed apart so that the camera could see her face through her thighs. The camera also got a clear shot of her pussy through the thin panties that she wore.

"Jason, I think we need a little adjusting on the set."

He looked over and saw what Eric saw. His mother's blond hairs were creeping around the edges of her panties. He swooped in and with his back positioned so that Eric couldn't see what he was doing he slipped his hand inside of his mother's panties and against her hot, wet pussy. Suzy's hips bucked up into the air as her son rubbed her moist mound. She wanted him to make her cum again but knew that he couldn't.

After rubbing her for a brief moment he pressed his finger against the opening of his mother's pussy. Suzy's pussy was still dripping wet and so his finger met with no resistance as it slid easily through her blond curls and between her trembling lips. Unlike before, Jason was now looking right into his mother's eyes while he played with her pussy. He was waiting for some indication that he had gone too far, but finding none he continued to work his finger deeper into her pussy.

Jason stared deep into his mother's eyes while he slowly began to fuck her with his finger. After burying his finger deep inside of his mother's pussy and exploring her body from the inside for the first time, Jason withdrew his hand repositioned her panties while tucking in the errant hairs.

"All set." He said as he backed away from the set and resumed his position on the light rig.

Jason could see the gentle heaving of his mother's chest as she panted beneath the lights.

Suzy held the vibrator out again and then teased it with her mouth. She was running out of ideas when something wicked popped into her head. She pushed her hand through her legs and pressed the tip of the pink vibrator against her panty covered pussy.

"Oh yes, that's great." Eric encouraged her every chance he got.

Suzy took his cue and pushed it further against her pussy. The tip of the vibrator slid effortlessly across the panties which were now slick from her juices. Jason saw his mother's thumb make a quick movement and then heard a barely audible buzzing noise. He knew that his mother had switched the vibrator on. He wondered how far she planned on taking things.

Suzy, on the other hand, wasn't thinking much at all. She was horny and desperately wanted her son's cock inside of her but for the time being she would have to settle for what she had.

She pulled the vibrator away from her body and then pushed it under the elastic band of her panties. Her thin panties were now being pushed away from her body as the vibrator pushed through the tangle of blond hairs beneath. Jason watched as his mother's writhing body as if in slow motion. She continued to tease herself in front of the camera as the vibrator made contact with her flesh and inched down between her pussy lips.

"That's it. Don't stop, this is going to be perfect. Ok, now let's try it with your hand wrapped around your leg instead. That's it."

Suzy followed Eric's instructions and positioned the tip of the vibrator so that it was lined up against her pussy like a cock preparing to fuck her. She teased herself for a few moments by rubbing it against the slick panties before she once again let the tip slip under the elastic. This time the vibrator moved upwards through her pubic hairs. Eric was grateful that her panties still hid just enough to make the pictures legal for advertising. He knew that the client would love a picture of the model fucking herself with their toy.

After all his years in the business, Eric was not only immune to the sight before him he was also at the point where nothing shocked him anymore. This was not the first time one of his models masturbated in front of his camera. His focus was entirely on getting the best shot for the client, which he knew was a particularly horny young man in this particular case. Eric was certain that he would keep getting business from him as soon as he saw the pictures of Suzy, especially since she had already crossed the line that would prevent the rest of the pictures from ever being printed.

Just as the vibrator flirted with the entrance to Suzy's pussy, the phone rang. Eric took the call and then excused himself apologetically. Jason didn't even wait until the door had closed behind Eric before he lowered himself between his mother's legs. He pushed her hand away from the pink vibrator and took control. Her low guttural moan filled the room as he eased the vibrating toy past her parted lips. Suzy arched her hips up as her body swallowed the plastic cock.

Jason moved between his mother's legs and lowered his body onto hers while he continued to slowly fuck her with the vibrator. Her moaning was intensifying with every thrust of his hand.

"Oh... Jason...." Her words tumbled from her lips with a staccato from her panting breath.

"Does this feel good?" Jason's face hovered above her's as he spoke.

"Unnggghhhhh..." She was consumed the growing awareness of another orgasm and unable to speak.

"I take that as a yes. I like this too. You have an amazing body mom."

Her eyes locked onto his as he called her 'mom'.

"I can't wait to get my cock inside of you."

Jason felt his mother's body shudder beneath him as she came again. He slowed his pace until he pushed the vibrator deep into her pussy leaving it there as she came.

Hearing footsteps and then the door handle, Jason quickly stood up and managed to plant himself into a chair on the far side of the room before Eric entered. Eric was still on the phone as he walked across the room. Jason looked back at his mother and realized that he left the vibrator buried between her legs. Her eyes were closed and her legs splayed apart, leaving her body lewdly on display with her panties still pushed to the side and only a fraction of the pink sex toy visible between her legs. She was still reeling from the aftershock of her recent orgasm and didn't even notice Eric re-enter the studio.

Eric put his hand over the receiver and turned to Jason. He mouthed to him that he was going to start loading some pictures into his computer as he took his camera and resumed his conversation. Jason watched as Eric's head turned back towards his mother. It was an almost comical sight. Her legs were spread wide with her knees still propped up in the air, her panties were pushed to the side leaving her tangled blonde nest of hair on display. Her blonde hairs surrounded the small pink nub of the vibrator which remained fully inserted into her pussy. Eric couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a few close up pictures before continuing on his way out of the studio.

Jason waited a moment after Eric left before he crossed the room again. He looked down at his mother. She was the physical embodiment of his basest sexual desires. Her eyes were still closed as she enjoyed the sensation of the vibrator massaging her from deep within her loins. He pulled his shirt up over his head and then pushed his pants down. Naked, he lowered himself between her legs and slowly pulled the pink device out. The feeling of the vibrator sliding out of her body made Suzy stir. She wasn't ready for it leave her. After pulling the vibrator all the way out he let the tip slide across her sopping wet pussy before putting it aside.

Suzy still didn't open her eyes as Jason positioned the tip of his cock against the opening of his mother's quivering pussy. With a single thrust, he penetrated his mother's aching pussy with his rock hard cock.

"Oh!" Suzy wasn't expecting that and her neck craned up as her eyes took in the sight of her naked son on top of her while he pushed his cock between her legs.

"Oh, Jason." She moaned as she felt her son's cock sliding deep inside of her.

Her tight pussy contracted involuntarily around the thick shaft of his cock allowing her to feel the texture of his organ as his hips ground into hers. Jason looked down into his mother's eyes while he slowly fucked her. He pinned her arms down with his hands as he took control. Neither one of them spoke a word as Jason had his way with her body.

Being taken by her son on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire during a snowstorm; what else could a woman want?

Jason slowly withdrew his cock, leaving the tip nestled between his mother's pussy lips. He then pushed it back into her with more f***e. He repeated the process until he was fucking her with long deep strokes. Jason felt his mother's tight pussy contracting around his cock as she came again, but he still didn't slow down. His body crashed into hers with every thrust. Jason grunted as his cock made its way into her deepest recesses.

"Oh, yes. Fuck me." Suzy came alive as her son's cock sparked a fire inside of her.

"Harder, fuck me harder." The tone of her voice was rising as he met her request and fucked her harder with each thrust.

Jason was now pounding his mother's pussy with his cock. The sound of their bodies slapping against each other filled the studio.

Suzy felt like she was in a dream. She was being fucked like she had never been fucked before, and it was her own son doing it. Her mind flooded with ideas as she realized that such a young hard cock was living right under her roof.

Suzy felt a change in her son's pace and suspected that he was getting ready to cum. She grabbed his hips and lifted her body up to meet each of his thrusts, allowing his cock to penetrate even deeper into her tight pussy.

"Yes. Fill me with your cum. Don't stop!" She demanded.

Hearing his mother begging for his cum was too much for him and Jason's cock erupted with so much f***e that it surprised his mother. She felt the first hot burst of his sticky cum surging from the tip of his cock, filling her up. It was followed by another powerful blast of hot thick cream. Jason continued to grind his hips into his mother as his cock released blast after blast of cum deep inside of her.

"Ohhhh..." She moaned again as her son flooded her pussy with his cum.

It was too much cum for her tight pussy and began to drip from her long before he finished. Suzy had never felt so much cum enter her body before. Each blast from his cock release a surge of hot cream, penetrating deeper into her body. Slowly, after what felt like an eternity, she felt the intensity of her son's orgasm subsiding.

Jason slowly worked his cock in and out of his mother's pussy while the last of his cum dripped from its tip. He pushed his cock back into his mother's pussy while he lowered himself. His mouth pressed against hers as they met in a deep lust filled kiss.

Suzy was overwhelmed as she kissed her son. The sweet taste of her pussy filled her mouth as her tongue mingled with his. She closed her eyes as she felt her son's semi-erect cock sliding slowly in and out of her. She couldn't remember the last time she had been fucked with such enthusiasm and raw energy.

Suzy moaned into her son's mouth as a small orgasm washed over her body.

"My god." She finally said as they broke their kiss.

Jason just smiled down at her.

Suzy pushed him up off of her until he was standing between her legs. He looked down at his mother's pussy, now covered with a mixture of both of their cum. His thick cream slowly leaked from between her lips into a growing puddle on the rug.

Suzy kneeled in front of her son and eagerly took his cock in her mouth. It had been years since she tasted her husband's cum and was pleasantly surprised at the taste. His thick musty and salty flavor mingled with her sweet juices to create a new and pleasant taste. She felt his cock hardening again as she took him into her mouth. It had been so long since sucked a cock that it took her a moment to remember how to fit the whole length of his cock into her mouth. By the time that she had cleaned the cum from his shaft she had wrapped a hand around the base of it and was giving him the best blowjob of his life.

Jason's cock was buried to the hilt in his mother's face when he heard the familiar sound of footsteps. Without hesitation he pushed his mother down onto her back and grabbed his clothes. He didn't want to have to try to explain to Eric that he had just fucked his mother so he darted into the dressing room with his clothes tucked under his arm. Suzy fell back onto the rug and let herself bask in her post-coital glow. The door to the dressing room closed just as the door to the studio opened.

Eric, no longer on the phone, glided across the room with a pair of envelopes in his hand.

Jason leaned against the door as he waited a moment for his heart to slow down. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He raced to get himself dressed and then walked back into the studio while trying to act as composed as possible.

Eric noticed that Suzy had not moved while he was gone. He also noticed that the vibrator was lying next to her and that her pussy was slick with her juices. He regretted that he didn't stay to watch her show, but he had to take the call. While away he made himself useful and loaded the pictures from the day onto his camera. He was thrilled that he was able to salvage the day with Suzy's help. They had gone through every last outfit that was on the agenda and the snow had finally stopped. It was a win-win.

The sound of a snow plow scr****g against pavement rang through the room as Jason entered.

Eric first turned to Suzy and said, "You did great today Suzy. I can tell you're exhausted. You deserve a break." He spoke as if she wasn't laying spread eagle on the bearskin rug, her body only marginally covered by the translucent lingerie, her panties pushed aside revealing her pussy that was still dripping her son's cum.

He walked over and offered her a hand to help her stand. He handed her an envelope, telling her that it was her days pay.

"You can go get dressed; it looks like you should have no trouble getting home now."

"Oh, wow. Look how dark it is. We should really get going."

Suzy took the envelope and fled to the dressing room.

Eric then turned to Jason and handed him the other envelope.

Jason thought about it for a moment before taking the envelope and said, "That's ok. You can keep it. I got a lot of good experience; I wouldn't feel right taking your money. Besides, I'd rather have a copy of the pictures." Jason tried not to smile as he spoke.

"I couldn't possibly, you worked hard today. You deserve it." He extended his arm further, insisting that Jason take the envelope.

Reluctantly, he took it.

"And, if you wait here for a moment I can make you a copy of the pictures from today's shoot. I'm sure you want to build your portfolio too!" Eric gave him a knowing wink as he turned to leave.

Just as Eric approached the door he heard Suzy calling after him.

"Yes?" He asked as he turned his head towards the dressing room.

"I know this might not sound very professional, but would it be possible for me to keep one of these outfits?"

"Not a problem at all, in fact feel free to keep them all. None of the clients requested them back." He then turned back to Jason, "Jason, you can grab a bag from the front room for your mother."

"Would you mind getting my coat too, Jason?"


Eric left first, followed by Suzy and then Jason headed into the front room. He found the bags and then grabbed their coats. His mother called him back into the studio and he handed her coat and the bag to her through the door, surprised at her sudden modesty.

While waiting for Eric and his mother he noticed the discarded vibrator. He remembered that Eric said that none of the clients requested the items to be returned so he figured that it was fair game. He picked it up and licked off his mother's sweet juices before tucking it into his pocket. Eric returned shortly after with a small USB thumb drive filled with pictures of his mother in various stages of undress. He couldn't wait to copy them onto his own computer so that he could relive this day over and over again.

Suzy met them in the front room and chatted with Eric for a few minutes about her next steps with modeling. She assured him that she wanted to keep it up and he assured her that he would be calling her again soon. He also added that Jason should join her for her next shoot since he did such a good job.

Sitting in the car, it occurred to Jason that he had just basically been paid to fuck his mother. Not a bad deal.

"Quite a haul, huh? We both got paid and I got all this great stuff."

"Well, not all of it." Jason said as he pulled the pink vibrator from his pocket.

"I never would have guessed that you were such a dirty young man." Suzy said with a smirk.

"I guess I know where you got it from." She continued as she opened her trench coat to reveal that she was wearing the same black garter set that her son had lusted after earlier.

Suzy took the vibrator from her son and spreading her legs she slowly slid it into her still wet pussy. She had decided that it was dark enough out that nobody would see what she was, or wasn't wearing, and she could always cover herself up with the coat if necessary. She also knew that her husband would likely not be home either.
"I still need to finish what I started upstairs." With her right hand working the vibrator, Suzy's left hand fished her son's cock out. She twisted around in her seat and wrapped her lips around his semi-rigid cock as he drove away. Suzy came again on the ride home as her son's cock exploded in her mouth. He had less cum the second time, but it was still too much for her to handle. By the time she pulled off of her son's cock, his cum was dripping from the sides of her mouth and down her neck.

Seeing that her husband's car wasn't in the driveway as they pulled into the garage, Suzy shed her coat and led her son up to her bedroom. They fucked for an hour before they finally heard a car pulling up to the house. The sense of danger heightened the thrill for Jason, knowing that he was fucking his mother on his parents bed as his father was about to enter the house. The added excitement was all he needed and he released another torrent of hot cum inside of his mother's pussy as his father approached the front door.

Jason relentlessly pounded his cock into his mother's aching pussy as if he would never fuck her again. The sound of the front door opening was interspersed with the sound of their sweaty flesh slapping against each other.

"Jason!" Suzy pleaded.

"Suzy, are you home?" Jason's father's voice was easy to hear through the open bedroom door.

Jason thrust his cock deep into his mother one last time as a final jet of his hot sticky cream filled her pussy. He held himself against her, knowing that they would hear footsteps in the dining room before there was any real danger of being caught. He looked down at his mother and saw a look of fear and lust in her eyes.

"Please?" She pleaded again.

Jason leaned in to kiss her one more time before he withdrew. He felt like an a****l marking his territory, her body now belonged to him. He pulled his cock from between her legs and scooped up his clothes as he retreated to his bedroom.

Suzy only had a moment to collect her thoughts before she heard footsteps. She rolled out of bed and practically dove into her closet. She grabbed the nearest dress and covered herself quickly as he husband walked into the room.

"Oh, hi. I didn't think you were here. Didn't you hear me call your name?"

"Oh, uhhh..." She stammered as she tried to think on her toes, "I guess I was distracted by something between me... I mean on my mind." Her face lit up like a tomato as she realized how close she was to being caught.

"What's for dinner?"

"I'll, uh, think of something." Suzy couldn't take it anymore and pushed past her husband, her son's cum slowly dripping down her thigh as she walked.

She spent the night still wearing the lingerie underneath her dress as she cooked for and fed her two men.

While she was in the kitchen washing the dishes, Jason crept up behind her. One hand quickly moved beneath her dress and into her panties while the other pawed at her breasts. Jason kissed his mother's neck and drank in her scent.

"Come to my room after he goes to sl**p." He whispered into her ear as his finger slipped into her pussy. He finger fucked his mother until she came and then left her to her work.

Suzy waited, nervously until her husband went to bed and then followed her son's request. His room was dark. The gentle glow from the hallway was all that he needed to see his gorgeous mother stepping out of her dress, once again revealing her lingerie. This time, however, she had removed her bra and panties and was only wearing the black garter and thigh high stockings. She quietly walked towards his bed and crawled on top of him. Jason was already naked. Suzy lowered herself onto her son's rock hard cock.

"Oh, yes!"

With her son's cock deep inside of her, she leaned over and set his alarm clock for 10 minutes before her husband's would go off. Jason saw what she was doing and suggested that they would need more time than that in the morning. Suzy gave them 30 minutes for a morning fuck before turning her attention back to her son. They fucked for another hour. Jason filled his mother with his cum two more times that night, Suzy lost track of how many orgasms she had. Afterwards, she collapsed onto him. With his cock still buried inside of his mother they turned over and fell asl**p in each others arms. Beginning a pattern that would continue nearly every day from that point on, Suzy awoke to the feeling of her son's growing erection inside of her pussy.
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I loved the ending
5 months ago
very good story alot like your last one the photoshoot where he started with her on the motorcycle
5 months ago
Incest at it's best.