A fine f amily pt6

Steve sat in the kitchen, fully dressed for work and waiting for his f****y to wake up. He held his cell phone in his hand, trying to think if he should reply to Wendy's text message. He glanced around to make sure no one was around, and took his cock out of his pants. Thinking about last night got him hard immediately, and he quickly snapped a picture of his hard dick with his phone. He sent it to Wendy with the message "Tonight, my place!" and then zipped himself back up. He couldn't wait for his wife to carry out their plan of seducing the young girl.
Kevin was, surprisingly, the first one to join him in the kitchen.

"Morning," Steve said.

"Hey dad." Kevin went the fridge and got some juice.

"Sorry your mom and I bailed on you two last night." Steve knew that it was no secret what had happened, but just played it cool. "You and Kelly have fun?"

Kevin nodded, wondering how much his dad knew. "Yeah, it was fine. We watched TV while you and mom were upstairs."

"I suppose you probably heard us," Steve admitted.

Kevin looked up at his dad for a second, and then went back to pouring his juice. "Yeah, maybe. Sounded like you and mom were really going at it."

"I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, Kevin. But it's not something I'm ashamed of, and it shouldn't upset you either."

"No, it's fine. It wouldn't be the first time."

Steve was glad his son was so open about it. That would make the next part better.

"So what were you and Kelly doing in your room last night?" Steve asked.

Kevin nearly choked on his juice. "What?"

"Your mother and I heard you both making quite a racket for a short while, and she never came out of your room."

"Oh, we were just talking, and she ended up falling asl**p on my floor." Would his dad buy that? "Plus, she was worried about interrupting you two by making noise and disturbing the magic."

Smart, Steve thought, using his father's supposed embarrassment about being heard having sex to shift the blame. This k** was sharp.

"Well, next time you shouldn't worry about that. It'll take more than a little noise to interrupt the magic."

Kelly came downstairs just then, having showered and dressed quickly. Steve watched her carefully as her eyes met Kevin's, and there was a definite exchange of some awkwardness. But she bounded into the kitchen regardless and got herself some breakfast. Little did her father know how her ass tingled excitedly as she brushed against her b*****r. Some of his cum was still inside of her right now.

"Hey dad," she said, pretending to ignore Kevin. Kevin did the same.

"Hey sweetie," he replied, glad that the three of them were alone now. He had asked Linda to stay upstairs until he had spoken to the k**s. "Can I talk to you both?"

Kelly's face turned to shock, totally revealing her guilt of messing around with her b*****r. Steve ignored her reaction though, but he noticed that Kevin was playing it very cool. The boy had confidence, that was certain. Maybe he should let him come work at the office this year. He'd make a great salesman.

"It's nothing bad, so don't worry," Steve assured them, to Kelly's relief. "Actually I wanted to talk about your mother and I. There's something we want you to know."

"Is mom ok?" Kelly asked, worried suddenly.

"She's fine, it's nothing bad remember? Actually it's about Wendy too."

Kevin looked confused. "What do you mean, it's about you and mom and Wendy?"

Steve tried not to smile. "I believe you're both aware of your mother's younger experiences with her female friend, right?"

They both nodded.

"Your mom and I love each other very much, and I want to help your mother get some closure on that part of her life. So I just wanted to keep you both informed so you don't think anything is wrong with our f****y, in case you ever found out."

"What does that mean?" Kelly asked.

"Kelly, you said there was a rumor going around your school that Wendy is a lesbian. I happen to know for a fact that it's not entirely true, but because it might be half true, we're going to have Wendy help your mother deal with some of those feelings."

"You mean, since Wendy might be a lesbian, you think she can help mom deal with her own lesbian feelings?" Kelly was shocked that her dad was telling them this.

"That's pretty accurate," Steve said. "She's a close friend of the f****y, and we've invited her over to the house tonight. So if you two could just be very friendly during dinner, and then afterward maybe give us some space, that would be great."

"So, wait," Kevin blurted. "Is mom a lesbian or bi or something?"

Kelly just rolled her eyes. Steve cleared his throat.

"Well, it might be something like that, we're not sure. But talking to another woman of the same...disposition could really help your mom."

If they only knew, Steve thought, what they had in store for this girl. They were going to enlist Wendy's help, alright. Help living out Linda's wildest fantasy of having a threeway with another woman and her husband.

"What if mom...starts to have those feelings again?" Kelly asked. "Are you guys going to be ok?"

"Of course, honey," Steve said. "Don't worry about that, your mother still loves me very much and would never do anything to jeopardize our f****y. This is just my way of helping her with something that she's always wondered about, it's not going to go beyond that."

Kelly thought about her mom making out with her the morning before. She wondered if that had stirred something in her, or if her mom had already been curious by that point.

"Kevin, you especially," Steve said. "Be nice tonight!"

Kevin smiled. "Don't worry about me. I'm just as curious about Wendy now as anyone."

Kelly ignored his stupid comment and walked past him to leave the kitchen, but couldn't ignore the feeling in her pussy and ass when she was near him. What had happened to her? It was like she was totally sexually attracted to him now.

"Later, dad," she said, and kissed her father on the cheek before leaving for school.

Kevin started to head upstairs, but his father stopped him.

"Hey Kevin, wait." Steve stood and walked over to his son, putting a hand on his shoulder. "You're a smart guy, right?"

"Uh, sure dad."

"Um...can we just be straight for a minute? No bullshit, and nothing you say to me right now will be held against you, I promise."

Kevin was curious now. Could his dad possibly know that he and Kelly had fooled around last night?


Steve thought for a moment. "We both have the same problem, namely that we live with two very sexy women."

Kevin swallowed hard, just knowing that he was about to be busted.

"And I would be a complete idiot to think that you weren't affected by it, in certain ways." Steve smiled. "Let's face it, I get the same feelings as you when I see a beautiful woman. Are you holding up ok with those feelings, son?"

Kevin didn't know what to say. But he sure as hell wasn't going to admit that being in the house with his mother and s****r practically naked all the time was actually driving him mad. At least before yesterday...

"Yeah, I think so. But any advice you have would be cool," he replied.

Steve patted his shoulder. "My advice is just this. Be safe."

"Uh, what do you mean?" Kevin was confused.

"Just be safe. I'm not going to pretend that you won't get into trouble. The kind of trouble that doesn't seem like trouble at first because of how exciting it is. And if you're safe, it won't be trouble, it could actually be kind of fun. But just be safe, because if you slip up it could be really fucking bad. Do you understand?"

Kevin thought he just heard his dad say that screwing your s****r could be kind of fun. But that couldn't possibly be what he meant...

"Ok, dad. I understand."

"Good." Steve was very pleased with himself and his son right now. "And remember that no matter what, we're still a f****y. So don't tell anyone what you're doing with Kelly."

Kevin just stood there, frozen in place. Steve went upstairs to say goodbye to Linda before heading off to work. He chuckled to himself at his son's reaction. Did he really think he could pull anything over on his old man?
Linda was still in bed, waiting for her husband to tell her how things went with the k**s. She had his cell phone again, staring at the picture of Wendy's beautiful pussy while she absently stroked her own. When she heard someone enter the room, knowing it could have been any member of her f****y, she didn't bother to cover herself or stop what she was doing. Steve walked in, smiling widely. That was a good sign.

"How did it go?" she said as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Great. They're really awesome k**s, Linda."

"I know. I hope they don't think their mom is the opposite."

"No way." Steve started to unbuckle his pants, where an erection had been at full mast halfway up the stairs. "They think the world of you. And apparently of each other too. They pretty much confirmed by their reactions that they're fooling around."

"Is that what got you so hard?" Linda said, eyeing his huge boner pointing right at her from the edge of the bed. She crawled over to it.

"Yeah, I suppose. Can you give me a quickie? I don't want to be late two days in a row."

"Sure, sweetie." Linda kept her eyes glued on his dick as her face descended on it.

Steve groaned deeply as his wife sucked his penis into her mouth. He was so lucky to have such a good fuck any time he wanted it. He wondered if he could even handle their love life being spiced up any more.

"Good girl," he moaned. "This is the last load you're going to get before our special night, so I hope you enjoy it."

Linda made a really sexy sound when he said that, and just held him all the way down her throat while her tongue worked its magic. Steve held her hair while her face was mashed up against his crotch, and didn't hold back from cumming while she sucked him. Before long, his morning got off to a great start as he unloaded into her mouth, and she kept him deep in her throat until he was finished squirting.

"Good job, baby," she said, smiling up at him and licking her lips. "Very tasty."

"You're the best, you sexy cunt!" Steve gave her a nice kiss and quickly buckled his pants. "I gotta go!"

Linda enjoyed the aftertaste of the blowjob while she heard her husband leaving. She had always wondered if there was something wrong or perverted with her, because she loved having a penis in her mouth so much. As a young girl she had always been fascinated with the idea ever since she found out a woman could do that to a man. Though they had refrained from having sex before they were married, Linda had given Steve many, many blowjobs while they dated. Once she knew that her husband was totally satisfied indulging her, she threw all her worries out the window and just kept sucking any time she, or he, desired. He was very accomodating, of course.

As she went to shower, she looked forward to getting off herself, but turning the water on must have attracted the ears of her son. Kevin was soon standing in the doorway to the bathroom, watching his mother step naked into the shower.

"Morning, baby," she smiled to him.

"Hey mom." He just stood there, obviously taking in the sight of her naked.

She didn't mind. "Are you here to watch me again?"

"Is that ok? I mean, you offered, and yesterday..."

"I don't mind at all, sweetie." Linda got herself totally wet, and then removed the shower head so she could perform for her son. "Do you need to get off too?"

"Sure!" Kevin was thrilled as he stripped naked and sat on the toilet, just like yesterday. He started stroking his boner immediately.

Linda watched him do it while she masturbated herself with the shower head, and the taste of her husband's penis returned to her mouth while she eyed her son's equally amazing appendage. She wondered if they tasted as similar as they looked. She should have felt guilty for having such thoughts, but lately she was becoming more and more accepting of the naughty thoughts that she would normally cast aside. This young man, whom she loved very much, had lived inside of her body for nine months, and had entered this world through her vagina. Why shouldn't he be allowed to see that body and that vagina in all their miraculous glory?

"Kevin, sweetheart," Linda said, feeling her climax approaching. "Do you want to look closer at my pussy while I cum?"

Kevin practically came right then. "Can I?"

"Of course, baby. Come inside the shower with me."

He obeyed, and the two of them stood there in the large shower, where Linda would sometimes shower with Steve and even fuck him too.

"Keep stroking, baby," she reminded him, and resumed getting herself off.

Kevin masturbated fiercely while his mother did the same right next to him. He loved that she watched him do it, just like Kelly had last night. Should he tell his mother about that? Would she be just as competitive as Kelly and want to do the same things the other one did? The thought seriously turned him on.

"Dad says you know what Kelly and I did last night," Kevin panted, not missing a stroke.

Linda nodded, not taking her eyes off her son's penis while her breathing started to quicken. "I can't pretend I'm not jealous."

Kevin groaned when she said that. "When I came, Kelly let me cum in her mouth."

That was a lie, but it would serve its purpose.

"Oh she did, did she?" Linda started to convulse, and she came hard on the shower head while her son watched.

"Oh god, mom!"

Kevin started to feel himself lose it. Waiting for her own orgasm to finish ravaging her body, Linda barely had to time get on her knees and suck her son's penis into her mouth as he started ejaculating. Kevin was shocked and thrilled to feel her bury him all the way down her throat, where she milked him dry with her tonsils. He couldn't stop groaning as his cock pumped out its jism in huge spurts. She would surely have to swallow it all, considering how deep she had taken him, and that turned him on immensely.

"Oh, mom..." Kevin sighed loudly as his mother pulled back finally and just nursed on his spent cock, her wonderful mouth and tongue cleaning him up in a very, oddly enough, motherly way. She could taste something about his cock that was unusual but pleasant enough. She had no idea that it was her daughter's ass she was tasting.

"Kevin, baby," Linda said, "that was wonderful. Thank you."

"It felt so good. I can't believe you wanted to do that."

So mom was just as competitive as Kelly, he thought. Interesting...

"So you and Kelly, huh?" Linda said as they towelled off together.

Kevin just smiled, knowing he wasn't going to get any kind of scolding after what they just did together.

"We heard you and dad going at it, and I guess we were both just horny."

"Well, she is a pretty young thing," Linda admitted. "And she is on the pill."

Kevin's eyes widened, making Linda laugh.

"What about you and Wendy?" he asked, changing the subject.

Linda blushed deeply. "Oh that..."

"Come on, mom. Are you really just curious to talk to her? Or is there something more?"

Linda would normally be very embarrassed to talk to her son about such a thing, but there really wasn't any point to being embarrassed around him about anything. They were both naked at the moment, with nothing hidden between them. She might as well tell him.

"Your father is indulging me in a fantasy I have, to be with another woman."

"Holy shit! Mom, that's so hot." Kevin's deflated penis started to grow again.

"But for Wendy's sake, you can't interrupt us tonight, ok?" Linda was serious. "You have to promise me. That poor girl will be frightened enough without learning about how our f****y is."

"I love how we are."

"Me too, dear." Linda kissed her son, gently on the lips. "I'm glad we can be so loving with each other."

"Do you even want me and Kelly here?" Kevin asked. "I mean, we can go do something somewhere."

"Well, I'd like for Wendy to get to know everyone. Then she can see that your father and I aren't just some sex perverts who are trying to take advantage of her. We're a real f****y, who wants her to be a part of it, if she wants."

"It would be pretty hot to have her hang out with us, knowing that she's fucking you and dad."

Linda couldn't help but smile inwardly at her son's unending horniness.

"Just be nice to her, and maybe she'll be nice back."

Kevin smiled at the thought. Would fucking a girl who was fucking your parents be like fucking them? He pondered that question for the rest of the day.


Wendy didn't go to school that day, since she couldn't leave her room ever since Mr. Fine had finally responded to her message. When she saw the picture he had taken of his penis, she had nearly cum on the spot, and had to quickly bring herself off. But that hadn't satisfied her, so she pretended to be sick and locked herself in her room so she could masturbate continuously, thinking about Mr. Fine and staring at his penis on her phone.

She drove herself crazy wondering what was in store for her tonight. Mr. Fine surely wouldn't invite her over and then not hit on her again. She wondered how she should act around Mrs. Fine, or their k**s. She had never been in a situation like this before. As her fifth orgasm washed across her body, making her pussy shiver with delight, she imagined Mrs. Fine walking in on her and Mr. Fine having sex, and then joining in. The thought of Mrs. Fine approaching the bed, naked, and lowering her vagina onto Wendy's face made her shiver again while a sixth orgasm tore through her.

She had to stop masturbating, otherwise there wouldn't be any juice left in her for Mr. Fine. Tonight would be so spectacular, she could hardly wait! She hurried into the shower, already eager to prep herself even though it was hours away, and started to wash her pussy and even her ass. Mr. Fine might want to touch or even fuck her there too, and she would let him do whatever he wanted. She sat on the edge of the toilet while the shower ran and grabbed her razor. She wanted her pussy to be nice and smooth, since he had enjoyed that so much yesterday. She made sure her asshole was nice and smooth too. When she checked it by running her fingers over it, she jumped at how good it felt to touch her butthole. But that would have to wait until later.


She could hardly wait!
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