A fine f amily pt5

Steve had been showing Linda the text message he had received from Wendy when they heard their k**s making noise down the hall. Still naked, he peeked his head out of their room and listened carefully. Linda couldn't put Steve's cell phone down, her mouth watering at the picture of Wendy's perfect young pussy. She couldn't wait to get this girl over to the house.

"Linda, I think the k**s are doing something," he said.

She reluctantly put the phone on her night stand and followed her husband out into the hall. She still had his dried cum on her backside, and her asshole tingled where he had plowed her so well just moments ago.

"What are they doing?" she asked.

Just then, both of them heard a loud "Oh yes, Kevin! Cum on my tits!" and both of them looked at each other in shock. A loud groaning from their son followed a second later, and then quiet.

"You don't think..." Linda was very surprised at the thought of their c***dren having sex, but for the second time today she was more surprised at the fact that her son could possibly have another orgasm after she knew for a fact that he had cum three times prior to this.

"I don't think, I know," Steve said. "That was the sound of our son blowing his load onto our daughter."

Linda was still shocked, but noticed that Steve's wonderful penis had started to grow. Could her husband be just as turned on at the thought of their c***dren fucking as she was? She didn't want to admit to him that she found i****t quite arousing, and of course she had already crossed some lines with her son today. He hadn't seemed to mind that she had masturbated with Kevin, so why should their two c***dren playing around bother him?

"Should we spy on them?" Steve suggested.

"I think they've already had their fun, what's the point?"

Steve was disappointed, since he wanted to see Kelly naked and acting sexual. But he didn't say that to Linda.

"Do you think he told her about what you two did?" he asked.

Linda blushed. "Probably. She told me quite openly about what she saw him doing today, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was just as open with her. Oh god, Steve, do you think we're bad parents?"

Steve shook his head. "Because our f****y gets along so well? I'd say this makes us great parents!"

Linda laughed. "That's some interesting logic."

Steve was now fully erect, and Linda found herself stroking him without even realizing it.

"Do you have sexual desires for Kelly?" she asked.

They just stared into each others' eyes for a moment.

"Possibly. And you for Kevin?"

Linda shrugged. "He reminds me of you so much, and his cock is pretty nice."

Steve made a decision then that they would have to do something about this situation. And they needed to get Wendy over here too.


When Kevin woke up the next morning, he was on his bed where he last remembered being. To his surprise, Kelly was still there too, laying on top of him. He must have drifted off while she was sucking him. That would explain his aching morning wood, which was poking up between Kelly's legs d****d over him. He tried not to wake her, and moved his penis so that it was touching her cunt. Maybe he could have some fun this morning.

He glanced at his alarm clock, and it was still pretty early so she didn't have to leave for school for another hour. Satisfied that Kelly was fast asl**p, he slowly and carefully slipped out from underneath her and rolled her over onto her back. He stood and took in the sight of her gorgeous naked body. God, she was sexy! He hadn't really gotten a good look at her pussy last night, and was amazed at how beautiful it was up close. She kept it shaved just like their mom, and Kevin leaned close so he could stare at it.

The scent of her cunt was rather enjoyable too, and Kevin licked his lips while thinking about licking hers. He touched her pussy with his fingers at first, gently spreading it open and touching her in her most intimate place. She didn't even stir as he played with her. Getting brave, he started tasting her pussy, running his tongue up and down her lips and sucking on her clit. He stuck his tongue as deep inside of her as he could get it, and even played with her butthole while he did it. She was so sexy, and smelled so good, he didn't want to stop. Seeing how clean and fresh her ass looked, and remembering hearing their parents having anal fun last night, Kevin grew adventurous and hesitantly licked at her ass, not sure what to expect.

To his surprise, it didn't taste bad. Kelly's asshole was smooth and bare like her pussy, so she must keep herself shaved and clean there too. Boldly, Kevin inserted a finger into her ass first, and then withdrew it and leaned back down so he could lick her butthole again. It tasted just like her skin, except that her tight little pucker grabbed at his tongue when he pressed against it. Now he understood why people liked anal so much, it was fucking sexy! He kept licking at it, as best as he could anyway since she was on her back. When he started to feel uncontrollably horny again, he got an idea.

Confident that Kelly wasn't going to wake up, he spit heavily onto his cock and got it nice and wet before kneeling between her legs. He angled her hips upwards a bit so his big cock could reach under her pussy and he could touch the tip to her asshole. He thought momentarily about just sticking it in her pussy, but he figured maybe she wouldn't be so mad that he just fucked her in the ass a little instead of actually committing i****t with her.

Ever so slowly, he started to push his cock against her tight ass. It didn't want to give at first, but since she was still asl**p and totally relaxed, it did finally give way and suddenly he was inside of her two inches. He froze, watching her face carefully to make sure she wouldn't wake up. She must have really been exhausted from last night, and no surprise since she had blown him for a good hour nonstop.

Thinking about his s****r sucking his dick stoked his fire, and he thrust more into her ass. He was now halfway into her tight butt, and he couldn't believe she wasn't waking up. Fortunately that made her butt very relaxed while he fucked it. He continued to secretly **** her ass a little at a time, never burying more than half his dick so as not to hurt her. He was loving this!

Just as Kelly started to wake up, Kevin felt his cum boiling in his balls and he thrust a bit too hard into his s****r's hot butt. Her eyes opened and she realized what was going on, and what that feeling in her ass was. She tensed up right as Kevin felt the first spurt leave his dick, and the sensation of her ass clamping tightly onto him from the shock of the invasion made him see stars as he came hard into her ass.

"Kevin!" she said, but was too surprised to move or pull away. Plus, she could see that he was cumming, and it must have been good because his eyes were clenched shut and he was crying out while his dick pumped her ass full of semen.

"Oh god!" he sighed, finally opening his eyes and noticing that she was awake. "Oh, Kelly! I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help myself."

She was surprised that it hadn't hurt, but actually she could immediately see why anal sex was so enjoyable. It felt good to be filled so full in such a tight, forbidden place. And the thought of that forbidden place filled with her b*****r's cum, which should also be forbidden to her body, made it really naughty and sexy.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" she asked, groaning as he slowly pulled his dick out of her.

"Oh baby, you have no idea..." Kevin was pleasantly surprised that her ass hadn't made a mess of his cock. "Have you done this before?"

She could tell what he meant. "No, but I always clean myself out down there. I just like knowing that it's ready for whenever something happens. Something like this."

Kevin watched his cum leak out of her butt and onto his bed, but he didn't care. He had just had anal sex with his s****r!

"I guess mom and dad gave you some ideas, huh?" she asked.

"Well, that and waking up with you naked." Kevin grinned. "By the way, your pussy tastes awesome."

Kelly blushed, and looked at the alarm clock. "Shit, I have to get ready for school. I wanted to give you another blowjob. I never made you cum last night."

Kevin justed brushed the thought away. "No worries, this more than made up for it. But if you wanna do that some other time..."

She nodded. "Definitely!"
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6 months ago
great series. cant wait till the next part
6 months ago
I Loved reading this Story, the more I read, the Harder and Stiffer my Fat Cock grew until I was Fully Erect, twitching & tingling with excitement before I was able Grip, Squeeze and Stroke it...
I thought the ending Sucked aqnd I hope there will be a Part Two...
I Love Family and incest Sex because those are the Real Life Experiences that I had growing up!
6 months ago
we are loving this sounds a lot like us we will have a happy family soon very soon