A fine f amily pt4

Wendy was sitting in her room on her bed, clutching her phone to her chest. She had built up the courage all day to take that picture of her pussy, and she had made sure to play with it a lot so it was as wet as she could get it. It didn't take much, as she pictured what had happened with Mr. Fine that morning. It had felt so good when he sucked on her pussy! Her insides were on fire just thinking about it...

But now that she was alone, she couldn't stop these feelings of arousal and attraction from growing. Her fingers couldn't leave her juicy little cunt, and she had brought herself to three orgasms already. She thought about taking more pictures, since Mr. Fine hadn't replied back or called her. But what if she was mistaken about how he felt? Would he treat her like a one night stand? No, he would never do that. He was so nice, and he seemed so genuine when he invited her over to his house. He wasn't even trying to hide her from Mrs. Fine.

Sucking on his cock had been really good, but Wendy started to imagine Mr. Fine licking his wife's pussy like he had licked hers. She was so lucky to have such a stud for a husband! Wendy thought about them fucking and sucking, and she busily fingered her little cunt until she finally convulsed and a clear stream of fluid shot out of her pussy onto the floor. She panted and heaved, never having felt like this before...


Steve had never been happier to see that his instincts had been spot on. As he and his wife 69'ed on their bed, he could tell that there was a new spark in Linda. She was sucking the life out of his cock, but she didn't finish him off this way like she probably would've. She needed cock inside her pussy. She spun around after cumming on her husband's face, and sat down roughly on his cock until it sank all the way inside of her.

"Wow, you're in quite the mood," Steve said with a pleasant sigh, feeling her pussy tighten around his shaft.

"Let me taste that little cunt on your face!" Linda practically commanded, pushing her tongue into Steve's mouth.

He responded by eagerly pumping himself up into her pussy, making a loud slapping sound as his balls bounced against her ass. He had thought Linda might be excited from his story of messing around with Wendy, but he hadn't imagined she would be this insatiable as a result. Fucking her like this reminded him of when they were younger, and even hornier if that was even possible.

"Maybe I should be mad at you," Linda said, practically out of breath. "I never said you could fuck around like that."

Steve just smiled and continued to stuff her amazingly tight pussy while they talked.

"I knew you'd love the thought, especially someone so close to us. You'd love to eat her little pussy, wouldn't you?"

Linda's mouth went slack, as her husband's incredible cock ravaged her body. "Yes, yes!"

"You should seduce her the next time she comes over."

"Oh god!" Linda's pussy exploded at the thought, and she wailed loudly as her climax shook her body. Their k**s were definitely hearing this.

"Linda, the k**s are gonna hear you," Steve warned, changing positions so they were doing it doggie style.

"I don't care," Linda said, almost yelping as Steve's cock plunged into her again, making her pussy leak onto the bed. "Just fuck me!"

Steve grabbed Linda's ass and really pounded into her. "Baby, you are so fucking hot tonight!"

Linda moaned and grunted like an a****l. "I masturbated in front of Kevin..."

Steve almost didn't understand what she said, she blurted it out so suddenly. But once it sank in, he slowed his pace a bit.

"You did? Really?"

Linda turned her head so she could see him as he stuffed her cunt. "Are you upset?"

Steve thought about it for a moment, keeping his pace fucking his wife. "I guess not. But is Kevin ok with that?"

"I've just been worried about him." Somehow they could have a real conversation while they were both in a frenzied fuck session. "He's so horny all the time, just like you were at his age. Remember how much sex you needed to be satisfied?"

"Yes, I remember," Steve said, wetting his finger and touching his wife's asshole. "I figured letting him look at porn online would satisfy him, but I guess not."

Linda gasped as her husband's finger entered her ass. Was he finally going to bring anal into their sex life? She was excited at the thought.

"Let me guess, in the shower?" Steve asked.

"Yes, he came in while I was spraying myself." Linda could barely keep her mind on their conversation while her husband played with her little butthole.

"That's kind of cruel, isn't it? Masturbating in front of him, especially when you know how horny he gets."

"I let him masturbate with me." She wasn't sure she would tell Steve about letting him cum on her. Not yet.

"Oh, I see." Steve was getting excited thinking about his wife and his son getting it on. He had always been a bit perverted, it was no wonder their son was the same way. "Do you think I should punish you for being so naughty?"

"Oh, yes baby!" Linda practically screamed. "Punish me!"

Steve just laughed at how loud they were being. He wished he could see his k**s' faces right now. He withdrew his finger from her ass, and his cock from her pussy. Linda knew immediately what he was going to do.
"Oh god, Steve!" she panted. "Please fuck my ass! I've always wanted you to do it..."

Steve was suddenly worried he was too turned on at hearing that to actually follow through. Could he at least get his tool buried inside of her before it went off? They could always do it again, and again.

He pointed his glistening cock at her little pucker, and Linda held her cheeks apart for him. Gritting his teeth, he pushed at her sphincter and felt it give a bit around his cock head. She gasped, but entirely in pleasure even though it surely hurt at least a little. Steve was proud of his lovely wife for taking his big cock so well. He slowly but firmly pushed his way into her ass, splitting open her bowels as he tunneled his way inside of her.

"Dear lord, Linda!" he exclaimed once he felt his balls touch her pussy. "Your ass is so tight!"

"I've wanted this for so long..." Linda exhaled, completely giving her ass to him.

Steve could barely keep from cumming as he withdrew halfway from her asshole, watching it drag along his shaft, before sliding it back in. Linda made so many sexy sounds he just knew he was gonna blow any minute. But it was so fucking incredible to watch, he never wanted it to end!

"Is my tight little ass making your dick feel good, baby?" Linda said in her sexiest voice.

"Oh yeah, baby!" Steve couldn't take it anymore, and he pulled his cock out at the last second and blasted his wife with a tremendous amount of sperm, clutching at his huge manhood while it spurted. It was so deliciously naughty and dirty to pull out of her asshole and let his cum fly while staring into her open butthole. So wonderfully filthy, he loved it! The sight of his gorgeous wife's round ass covered in his cum made him want to stick his cock back into her tight butt, but since this was her first time he didn't want to give her ass more than it could handle. But from here on, their sex would certainly be even more wild and fulfilling.

"I love you, Linda," Steve said, perhaps more sincerely than he ever had.

"I love you too, baby." Linda smiled lovingly at her husband, whom she has just given her body to completely and unabashedly.
It hadn't taken long for Kelly and Kevin to hear their parents going at it. Usually Kelly just ignored it, and Kevin stroked off while listening. But they happened to be together watching TV when they heard the magic start to happen.

"Here they go again," Kelly said, pretending to ignore her b*****r touching himself through his shorts.

But once they heard their mother scream at their father to "fuck my ass" they both looked at each other and then without a word ran upstairs so they could get a better listen.

"Do you think they're really doing it in the butt?" Kevin asked.

Kelly just dismissed his crude comment and listened carefully. Their parents door was not shut all the way, and they could see inside just barely even though their parents were not visible from this angle. Still, it was pretty intense to hear your parents going at it so loudly, and saying all sorts of obscene things to each other.

"Wow, mom and dad really love each other, huh?" Kelly said, more to herself than to her b*****r.

When they heard what sounded like their dad grunting loudly, followed by a 'pop' sound and lots of sighing, they figured he had just pulled out and jizzed all over their mom. That was their queue to leave. Kevin motioned for Kelly to follow him to his room, and she did.

"Can you believe that?" Kelly said, once they were inside and the door was shut.

Kevin hurried to his computer to exit out of the porn sites he had left open. Kelly learned to ignore what was on his computer.

"Actually, I've come to learn a lot about mom lately," he said.

"Like what?" Kelly asked, thinking the same thing herself, especially since the incident earlier in the kitchen.

Kevin sat on his bed, and Kelly sat next to him.

"Remember when I came into the bathroom this morning?" he asked.

Kelly smiled. "Yeah, you had to go so bad. Was it because you had just masturbated?"

"Yes, well kind of." Kevin wasn't sure how to put this. "Mom came in my room and woke me up, and she was wearing that robe..."

"Oh my god, you jacked off over that? She always wears that thing, have you been doing that all this time?"

"No, not really. Maybe sometimes. I don't know. But after she came into my room, she got on my bed and sat right over me."

Kelly eye's widened, as if she knew where this was going. Had her b*****r interacted sexually with her mother just like she had?

"She never wears panties, you know," Kevin continued. "And so I had my usual morning wood, and the way she was sitting over me, I ended up...touching her."

Kelly's hands flew up to cover her mouth in shock. "No way!"

Kevin wasn't too embarrassed, he actually felt adventurous telling his s****r this. "And she felt my dick touch her, right between her legs."

"What did she do? Was she mad?"

Kevin hesitated finishing his story, but what could be wrong with telling Kelly?

"She let me...get off...that way."

Kelly laughed in surprise. "Oh my god! That was mom's pussy juice on your dick when you came into the bathroom, right?"

Kevin nodded, the memory of what happened arousing him. His shorts were seriously tenting right now. Kelly noticed.

"It was almost like we were fucking," he said, trying to press down his erection with his hand.

"Wow, I guess I shouldn't feel so bad about making out with her then."

"That was pretty hot!" Kevin said, remembering walking down the stairs and nearly falling on his face when he saw them kissing.

"She let me kiss her because a girl at school came on to me. I had always wondered what it was like to kiss another girl."

Kevin groaned, openly touching himself in front of her. "Oh man, I can't control myself anymore!"

He pulled his shorts down and whipped his dick out, right in front of Kelly. She just watched in surprise as her b*****r started masturbating in front of her. It was the second time today she saw that.

"Sorry, Kelly, but I just have to let one go."

Poor Kevin, she thought. It must be difficult to keep your desires under control in this house. She knew all too well. As she watched her b*****r jerk himself off, sitting right next to her, she started to get that tingle in her pussy. His dick was so big, it was really hot to watch him, or any guy with a big dick, jerk off so close to her.

"It's ok, Kevin," she said, licking her lips. "You just need some relief."

It was a bit awkward to masturbate in front of your s****r, but Kevin couldn't help himself. Hearing his parents fuck, and being able to stare at Kelly tight t-shirt straining over her awesome boobs, really got him off.

"I watched mom...in the shower...getting off," Kevin panted.

"Really?" Kelly asked. "My god, she's a slut!"

"She let me cum on her tits."

Kelly's pussy was on fire picturing that. Her mother was really something. But it made Kelly jealous that her mom was sexier than her, and her competitive side started to show itself.

"Did she really let you do that?"

Kevin nodded, really working his dick. It was so hot to be doing it right here with his s****r! Kelly started taking off her t-shirt, and Kevin was so shocked he stopped jerking himself and just held his dick.

"What are you-"

"I'm not going to let mom get away with that." She pulled her shirt over her head and threw it aside, revealing her perfect tits to her b*****r. "I want you to cum on my tits too."

Kevin resumed stroking himself, and kicked his shorts all the way off. He was going to enjoy spraying his s****r.

"God, I wish I hadn't cum so much today," he sighed. "My dick is kinda sore."

Kelly smiled. "Aww, too much stimulation, huh?"

He slowed his jerking, and spit into his hand to coat his shaft. "It would help get me off if we were both naked."

"Ok!" Kelly was happy to comply. She yanked her shorts off, while Kevin took his shirt off. Now b*****r and s****r were both naked, and Kelly was kneeling in front of him, presenting her boobs for him to cum on.

"Can I...stick it between them?" Kevin asked, very cautiously.

Kelly pretended to think about it for a second. "Ok, if that'll get you off. I don't want you rubbing your dick raw."

She spat onto her tits and got them nice and wet for him to fuck. It was so naughty for them to be messing around like this, Kelly loved it! Kevin eagerly stepped forward until his dick softly touched that wonderful cleft between her breasts where her cleavage started. She couldn't help but moan as her b*****r pressed his dick against her chest, and she gladly squeezed her tits around it, giving him as much soft flesh as she could.

"Fuck my tits, b*o," she said, and Kevin happily complied.

In and out, his dick slid wetly and crudely, fucking his s****r's tits. Though he was truthfully sore, it didn't matter one bit as he stared down at Kelly's awesome body. She looked up at him a few times and smiled, but mostly she was just as enthralled with the sight of his dick getting off on her body. He started grunting as he thrust into her, and Kelly couldn't wait to see his cum splash across her breasts.

"You can do this anytime you like, ok b*o?" Kelly said when he started getting close. "My tits are always here for you."

Kevin groaned loudly, his s****r's offer pushing him over the edge. "Here I cum, baby!"

"Oh yes, Kevin! Cum on my tits! Yes!"

Kevin let a few spurts fly out while his dick was warmly nestled in her boobs, but finally pulled himself free and stroked the last shots off onto her. Cum flew everywhere, a few drops hitting her cheek but most of his cum splattering against her neck, where it dripped down and pooled between her awesome tits. Kevin fell backwards onto his bed afterwards, exhausted from all of the sexual activity of the day.

"God, that was hot!" Kelly exclaimed. "We totally have to do that again."

Kevin wiped his forehead and just panted, very satisfied with himself. He closed his eyes and caught his breath, but his eyes shot open when he felt something warm and wet sucking at his cock. Kelly had crawled forward and put her mouth on him.

"That feels nice," he said, seeing his s****r, covered in his cum, cleaning the tip of his cock.

"Mmm, tasted good!" she said, his dick in her mouth muffling her a bit. She swirled her tongue around and licked up all of his semen. She couldn't believe she was being such a slut for her b*****r, who usually annoyed her. But right now she was really attracted to him.

"You're awesome, Kelly," Kevin said, as her licking turned to full blown head.

Kelly just moaned as she sucked at his dick, knowing he wouldn't be able to cum again for quite a while, and after all of his orgasms today. But she didn't care, she loved sucking his dick. He seemed perfectly happy to let her do it too, so she spread her legs and started playing with her pussy while she blew him. It didn't take long for her to bring herself off, and Kevin stayed nice and hard the whole time.

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