A caring mother pt1

Joanne had been worried about her son Chris for some time. Several years actually. Right through school he'd never had a date. He just seemed incredibly shy around girls. When it came time to find a date for the prom he locked himself in his room and no matter how hard Joanne tried to get him to ask a girl to go with him, he'd just run away and hide.

"Maybe he's gay," said his father John, an ex-military man who regarded getting a woman in bed as similar to storming the beaches of Normandy. Just put your head down and go for it.

"No, I don't think so," said Joanne. "I'm not picking that vibe up at all. I think he's just incredibly shy."

"Maybe he just needs a bit of help. Why don't you line up a date for him. What about that nice girl down the street, the Robinson's daughter, what's her name?"

"Emily? No I think it would be even worse if I fixed him up with a date. He'd not say a word and she'd think him a total dork and the situation would be even worse. No John, this is something Chris has to do on his own. I just wish I knew how I could help him."

Truth was Joanne knew very well that Chris wasn't gay. She'd found Playboy magazines stuck under his bed. One time she'd gone into his room to pick up his washing thinking he was out, and he was at his desk with his back to her. Over his shoulder she saw that he was looking at porn on the computer. It had only been a flash of a second before Chris managed to close the lid, but she'd seen over his shoulder it was definitely a photo of a woman sucking off a man's cock, not a man doing it to a man.

She'd closed the door quickly and apologized to him through the door. She couldn't be sure as she only saw him from behind, but she was sure Chris had been masturbating as he looked at the photo. She knocked on the door and Chris had said to come in. He looked very embarrassed. Joanne said sorry, but she thought he was out and only wanted to collect his washing. Chris didn't get up and Joanne realized it must be because he had an erection. She picked up the washing and quickly left the room. Chris was obviously embarrassed and didn't say a word.

"John, I know he's not gay because I recently caught him looking at porn on his computer and it certainly wasn't gay porn."

"Really – what happened?" John said, sounding almost excited.

Joanne explained what had happened.

"Was he embarrassed that you caught him?"

"Yes, he didn't say anything, but I could tell."

"Did you say anything to him about it?"

"No, I just pretended I hadn't seen anything and left."

"Maybe that was the wrong thing to do. We have to get through to him that masturbating is healthy. I tell you once he gets more confident about sex he'll get up the courage to ask a girl out."

"Oh, John, if you talk to him about that sort of thing you know he'll freak out."

Her husband thought for a second.

"You're right Jo, that's why it has to be you who has to talk to him. Perhaps you should go in and have a quiet word with him that it's OK to masturbate to images of girls having sex."

Joanne thought about it all day. She wasn't prudish or hung up about sex. In fact she dressed pretty provocatively most of the time. She had a good figure and even though she was 39 she looked ten years younger. She guessed Chris had seen her undressed around the house once or twice but didn't think much about it. She was proud of her body and knew she attracted men with her blonde hair cut in a neat bob that framed her angelic looking face. Her big blue eyes drew in everybody to look at her.

Over the years Chris was at school she frequently visited the school wearing tight jumpers with stretch jeans tucked into knee high boots. She helped out around the school, serving food at the canteen and helping out on sports days. She had good sized boobs, a slim waist, flat stomach and shapely legs. In summer she generally wore dresses that showed off her shapely legs and had a generous cleavage. She knew the teenage boys ogled her, and she quite liked the attention. Some of the other moms glanced at her disapprovingly, but she didn't care. She knew she was what is known as a "hot soccer mom". What she didn't know was that the teenage boys in her son's soccer team called her a MILF – a Mother I'd Like to Fuck.

Chris had heard these comments about his mom, and tried to fight the boys who said it to defend his mother. But it only made things worse, and they openly spoke in front of him how they would like to feel her tits, stick their fingers in her cunt and take her up the ass.

Truth was Chris had often thought the same thing, and he was deeply ashamed of those thoughts. He knew his mom was smoking hot. The previous day she'd almost caught him beating off as he looked at porn on his computer. God that was almost so embarrassing. But she hadn't said anything so maybe he'd got away with it. Chris looked out the back window from his bedroom and saw his mother on a deckchair below wearing a tiny black bikini working on a summer tan. She was lying on her front and couldn't see him as he gazed down on her. Chris was stunned at the vision below. He picked up a pair of binoculars to get an even closer look at her body as she lay on the deckchair. He could see the pores of her skin sweating and the light down of hair on her ass. She had pulled the sides of her bikini bottom into the crack of her ass so her cheeks could get a good tan. She'd undone the straps of her top so her back was clear. As Chris watched he saw his mother slip her fingers under the material of her bikini bottom to press them even tighter into her ass crack.

Watching through the binoculars Chris's heart pounded hard, so hard he was sure his mother could hear it down below. Then he couldn't believe his eyes as he watched her lift the material clear of her ass crack and for a tantalizing moment he had a close up view through the binoculars of his mother's asshole. It was pink and hairless. Chris didn't know if his mother shaved off all her pubic hair like the women did in the porn films he'd seen on the internet. He sure hoped so. He thought it made them look completely naked and open, with absolutely nothing to hide. But would his own mother do that too? Surely not. She's no porn star. But he became determined to find out.

He watched her for a long time, his eyes gazing intently at her back, her hips, her ass cheeks and her long legs. After a while his mother moved to turn over and Chris ducked his head back inside the window. He sneaked a peek and saw she had her dark glasses on so he couldn't be sure if her eyes were closed or not. Damn. But he decided she wouldn't lie there with her eyes open all the time so he risked taking a longer look from the side of the window. He was glad he did. Her top was off and her breasts lay open to the sun and his gaze. They were a good size and flopped to the side of her chest. Chris thought that was different from many of the women he's seen on porn films whose tits stood straight up when they lay on their back. Maybe that meant his mom's tits were real. He got the binoculars out and trained them on his mom's breasts, watching them rise and fall with her steady breathing. Her pink nipples were flat and not erect like little thimbles. He liked that. He shifted the binoculars over her chest and admired the ripples of her rib cage before he reached the hard flat stomach. Her bikini was cut very low, so low that it barely covered her pubic mound. Chris couldn't see any pubic hair sticking out, but he was dying to know if she was shaved all the way. He'd have to try and catch her in the shower and make like it was an accident.

Chris didn't know it, but lying on the deckchair below Joanne had noticed a shadow at the window above her. She'd only narrowly opened her eyes and she couldn't be sure without moving. But she felt someone was watching her. John was away for the day, and the only one at home that it could be was Chris.

Joanne didn't move. She was luxuriating in the sun and felt dreamy. Heck. If Chris wanted to look at her topless maybe it's a good thing. In fact it gave her quite a thrill to know her shy 18 year old son who showed no interest in girls his own age was gazing at her nearly naked body. She reached for the suntan oil and applied a large amount to her breasts and chest. She saw the shadow in the window move. He was watching!

Well, I'll give him a show, she thought, and squirted the oil over her flat stomach. She worked the oil in, slipping her fingers under the sides of the bikini to spread the shiny liquid over her hips and thighs.

Should she be even more daring? She slipped the tips of her fingers under the bikini above her pubic mound and moved them around spreading the slippery oil. She had shaved that morning, leaving only a little triangle of hair above her clitoris. She heard a sharp intake of breath above her and knew Chris was watching closely. She had him hooked. She poured a dollop of oil into her right hand and then slid her entire hand under the material, spreading the oil all over her pubis. With her left hand she lifted the material clear and down so Chris would be able to get a flash of this forbidden part of her body.

Again she heard the intake of breath above her. Is he masturbating as he sees this? Oh I hope so, Joanne thought devilishly. She moved her right hand around her pubic mound and even slipped a finger over her clitoris and into her vagina. Maybe this will show Chris that there's nothing wrong with masturbation and he can see that women do it too. She heard heavy breathing above her and the sounds of regular movement. She increased the speed of her finger rubbing on her well lubricated clitoris, and her breathing got heavier and heavier.

She was really into it now. She could feel it rising, her muscles tensed, she threw her head back and as it rushed to a climax she let out a low guttural cry.


Joanne's fingers flew over her clitoris. Her left hand tugging down her bikini bottom shifted to insert two fingers deep into her vagina. She heard another loud gasp from the upstairs window, but she was beyond caring. She knew there could be a dozen strangers standing around watching her and she couldn't stop. That thought flashing across her mind even spurred her on. She wanted a second climax. She knew it was coming. Her muscles clenched hard. Her fingers were trapped in her tightening vagina. Her nipples were painfully hard. Sweat was pouring off her body. Then all of a sudden, like a giant wave crashing against a cliff, the orgasm hit her.

"AAArrrgh, ffaaaack!!!"

Liquid spurted from her vagina as she came, soaking her left hand and drenching her bikini bottom. All the muscles in her body stretched hard as wave after wave of orgasm wracked through her body. Never had she had such an intensive orgasm from masturbation. Was it because she knew her son was watching her that made it so intense? She didn't care. As she slowly came down from the peak she'd just climbed, she heard a cry from above. Was her son was coming too?

Upstairs, Chris couldn't believe his eyes. His mom was fingering herself to orgasm in the deckchair below him and he was watching every movement in extreme close up through the binoculars. He could see her fingers moving underneath the bikini bottom, and his heart leaped when she used her other hand to lift the material free of her pubic area.

"Holy Shit!" he almost cried out as he saw that she was mostly bare down there. He thought he saw a little bit of hair, but now he knew his mother took the care to shave off almost all of her pubic hair. He was so proud of her.

She was going further, dipping her fingers into her cunt with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. Chris couldn't believe his eyes. He reached one hand down to grab his cock and started whacking himself off while he watched his mom through the binoculars held in the other hand. He saw her body shudder and she threw her head back, mouth wide open and an ecstatic cry come out of her mouth.

"Fuck, she's coming!" Chris muttered to himself. His hand flew faster over his dick as he watched his mother intently. Then just as his mother's cries subsided Chris knew he was coming too. With a muffled cry sperm spurted from his cock, splashing on the wall and windowsill. His knees buckled with the f***e of his ejaculation and he lost his balance. His grip on the binoculars loosened and then he realized with horror that he was dropping them. He dived for them but the heavy binoculars bounced once on the windowsill and then, to his terror, they fell right out the window. He heard them crash on the stone floor below, just yards from where his mother lay on her deckchair. Horrified, Chris pulled his head in away from the window. He heard a shocked cry of surprise from below, but he didn't dare look out.

"What's that," he heard his startled mother cry. He heard her get up out of her deckchair and go over to see what had fallen on the floor and smashed.

"Jim, did you drop something?" she called out.

Chris felt like hiding under his bed or running from his room to pretend he wasn't there. But he was frozen to the spot in fear and kept his mouth firmly shut.

"Chris, it's your binoculars! Did you drop them?"

Chris didn't dare say anything. She'd know he'd been watching her through those binoculars.

"Come on Chris, I know you're there. It's only me and you home. Binoculars don't fly out of windows by themselves. Please come to the window."

Chris realized he was trapped and there was no escape. With the bl**d drained from his face he edged his way to the window and looked down at his mother. She was standing there still topless, but holding the incriminating broken binoculars.

"Er hi mum. Oh what's that? My binoculars? Oh, they must have fallen from the windowsill. I'm, er, rearranging my room and put them on the windowsill and must have knocked them out through the window."

"Hmmm," Joanne said as she looked at the binoculars. They were clearly broken. One lens was broken and plastic rings had been smashed in the fall.

"I'm afraid they're broken, dear. I'll bring them up."

Joanne didn't believe him for one second. But if he'd been using the binoculars he would have got the most incredible close up view of what she had just been doing. Somehow that thought excited her.

She put on her silk dressing gown and quickly went up the stairs with the broken binoculars. When she got to Chris's room he was in a frenzy of moving things around. He was trying to make it appear he really had been reorganizing his room. She giggled to herself.

"It's such a shame dear, I know how you love looking through these binoculars," she said mischievously, hinting she secretly knew he'd been using them to look at her fingering herself down below in the garden.

"It brings things so much closer, doesn't it dear," she said smiling as she handed the broken binoculars to her son.

"Oh, er, yes mum," Chris said nervously.

Joanne walked over to the window.

"Just how could they possibly fall out the window?" she said.

She made a point of looking around the windowsill, and with a start realized she was looking at puddles of her son's cum on the sill and dripping down the wall below it. She knew what had happened – he'd dropped them while he was ejaculating from watching her having her own orgasm down below.

What should she do? If she says anything would it embarrass him even further? Would he retreat into himself with shame that he'd been caught spying on his own mother? Or would it be best to confront him about it right now, get it out in the open?

She looked at her son. He was just about shivering with fear and shame. She decided this wasn't the right time.

"Don't worry Chris. We'll see if Santa will bring you another pair of binoculars. Now, you'd better finish off tidying up your room," she said and left Chris to recover by himself.

Chris didn't dare emerge from his room for the rest of the day. Joanne was worried about him. Would this embarrassment set him back even further? When John got back home that evening and Chris still didn't come out of his room, Joanne decided to ask her husband what she should do.

She told him she'd been sunbaking topless out in the back garden and she suspected Chris was quietly watching her from his bedroom window upstairs.

John wasn't upset at this, in fact he seemed a little excited.

"Oh, and what happened?" he asked.

"Well, I must admit I got a bit dreamy in the sun and with that oil on, and I started feeling myself."

"What, you felt yourself up while you suspected our son was watching you?"

"John, I wasn't certain that he was watching. Well not at first. It just sort of developed. It was so good in the sun and I must admit I felt a bit sexy thinking someone might be watching."

"Which bikini did you have on?" John asked.

"The black one."

"Isn't that the one that barely covers anything?"

"Yes, I suppose you could say that," Joanne smiled at him.

"Wow, no wonder he was spying on you. What happened next?"

"Well, I slipped my hand under the bottoms and well, you know, did what a girl sometimes has to do."

"And you didn't worry that Chris was watching you?"

"No, it sort of added to the sexiness of it all."

"Go on, did you use both hands like you usually do?"

"Yes, my right hand rubbed my clit while my left stuck the fingers in."

"Did you keep the bottoms on?"

"Yes, but I sort of pulled them out and aside to get my fingers in."

"You sure gave him a show didn't you? Lucky boy."

"But at the end, after I came, he dropped his binoculars out the window and they smashed right near me."

"Oh Jesus. You mean he knows you know that he was watching you?"

"I don't know. When I took the broken binoculars up to him in his room he pretended they just fell through the window while he was tidying up. But I saw he had ejaculated all over the windowsill and down the wall. He must have dropped them because he was masturbating while watching me."

John burst out laughing.

"Oh the poor k**. Now he's terrified of what he thinks going's to happen. You weren't angry with him where you?

"No, I just pretended I hadn't noticed and said to finish cleaning up his room. I think he knew that I knew. He looked terrified."

John thought for a minute. "Do you think I should go up and talk to him, tell him we're not angry?"

"Well, remember we decided this morning that it was me who should talk to him after I accidentally caught him masturbating to porn on his computer? John I think now we should go in together to see him. That way he'll know we are united on this and that we both think it's OK for him to masturbate. I don't mind he was watching me, and I'll tell him that. But maybe if you say you're OK with it too he'll come out of his shell. We just want him to open up more and start getting the confidence to ask girls out. He's 18 now and he should be out having fun."

"Alright dear, do you think we should go up now, or later?"

"I think after dinner when he's ready for bed. He'll be more relaxed then."

Dinner was a fairly quiet affair. Joanne and John kept the conversation neutral, asking Chris about how his search for a summer job was going and about a camping holiday the f****y was planning. It was tough getting two words out of Chris, but his parents did their best to keep the conversation cheerful.
After dinner Chris went straight back to his room. Joanne and John watched a cop show on TV and then decided it was the right time to talk to Chris.

"Let me get changed first," Joanne said. "He'll be more relaxed then."

John slipped into the shorts he wore to bed, while Joanne pulled on a semi-transparent nightie. She was naked beneath it, and she knew it was possible to see the outline of her breasts through the material and the shadow of her trimmed pubic hair. She reached for her silk dressing gown to wrap around herself.

"It's not as though Chris hasn't seen more, specially after today," she explained to John as she saw him looking at her curiously.

"No, I think it's great that you show him you're not worried about him seeing you nearly naked. It should help his confidence. Look Joanne, I think he may need more than just words from us. Perhaps you should leave the dressing gown behind. Show him you're proud of your body. I know I certainly am. He has to know that women are sexual beings too, and he shouldn't be frightened of them."

"You think so John? I don't know. Just how far do you think I should go to try and bring him out of his shyness? How can I boost his self-confidence?"

"Jo, I think you should go as far as necessary to get him out of this. It's a crucial time in his life and if he's languishing in a lack of confidence it could feed on itself and he gets even worse. This sort of thing snowballs. He'll be left behind by other k**s his age."

"You really think so dear?"

"Yes I do. Look Jo, he's watched you masturbate. I think that's a good first step."

"I hope so dear."

With that they left their bedroom and crossed the corridor to knock on Chris's door.

"Yes," came a tremulous voice from inside.

"We'd just like to talk to you dear, can we come in?" Joanne said through the door.

"Oh, er, just a minute."

They heard some scurrying around inside. Finally Chris said they could come in.

Joanne was first through the door. Chris had tidied up his room and she could see he'd scrubbed the windowsill and wall clean of his afternoon mishap. Chris was sitting up in bed, the sheet over his waist and his hands clasped in his lap.

"Hi dear. We'd just like to talk to you about something, is that OK?"

"Sure mum, dad, come in."

They could see Chris was nervous. But Joanne noticed his eyes widen when he saw her silhouette through her semi-transparent nightdress. His eyes were fixed on her breasts swaying as she walked over to him and sat on the bed next to him.

John walked around the bed and sat in a chair close to the bed on the opposite side to Joanne so Chris was between them.

Chris was very anxious. Were they here to blow him up for what happened this afternoon? He knew he hadn't fooled his mom with that story about knocking over the binoculars while rearranging his room. But she hadn't said anything, and maybe he'd got away with it. But why were they here now? Was he going to cop it? Had she told dad and he was furious? He didn't look it, but who knows?

Joanne started.

"Dear, there's something we want to talk to you about," she said softly, reaching out to take his hand in hers. As she took it, the back of her hand brushed against something hard in his crotch under the sheet.

'Oh my God!' she thought. 'He's got an erection. He must have been masturbating when we knocked on the door. Where does he keep it all? Doesn't he ever stop?'

Chris shivered. Joanne smiled at him to put him at ease.

"It's nothing bad Chris, and you're not in trouble."

"Really, that's nice to know," Chris said, sounding very guilty.

"Chris, I know you were watching me on the deckchair this afternoon, and I know you were watching me through your binoculars. That's why they fell out the window wasn't it?"

Chris hung his head. He knew he was going to cop it now. That's why dad was here.

"Chris, just admit it, and we can talk about it," Joanne said, squeezing his hand reassuringly.

Chris was silent for a long time, staring down into his lap. Joanne noticed the bulge in his crotch was gone. The erection had disappeared as soon as she told him she knew what he had been doing at the window. It was odd, but she was glad she'd left the dressing gown in her bedroom. She knew the light behind from the hallway must be lighting up her silhouette. She looked up at John, who was staring at her breasts from the other side of the bed. He looked up at her and met her eyes, he nodded approvingly and encouraged her to go on.

"Look Chris, you are not in trouble for watching me. I should have been more discrete. It was my fault."

"Oh, no mom. It wasn't your fault. It was mine. I shouldn't have kept on watching you. I just looked out the window and saw you lying there, and then you put the sunscreen oil on and your body looked so fantastic glistening in the sun, and then you started massaging it in, and then your hand went down into your bikini and I just couldn't help myself. I am so sorry mom. It'll never happen again. I promise."

Chris started crying, and Joanne pulled him into her, one hand pulling his face down to her breasts where she just held him close as sobs wracked his body.

"I'm so sorry mom, so sorry. I thought I'd die when I dropped the binoculars down and you must see me."

"I must admit I was a bit shocked too when they smashed on the ground." She pulled his face up from her breasts. His tears had made the gauzy material wet in spots where it clung to her breasts, making them more easily seen.

"Just as well you dropped them just as I finished or it would have been a big disappointment as well as a shock," she smiled to him, holding his face in her hands.

Both Chris and John burst out laughing. Joanne had said just the right thing to break Chris's concerns.

"You mean you're not angry at me," Chris said as he looked from his mother to his father.

"No Chris," said John. "I can't blame you for watching a beautiful woman pleasure herself. I've seen your mother masturbate many times and it never ceases to amaze me how fantastic she looks while she orgasms."

"What, really," said Chris, stunned at his parents reaction.

Joanne squeezed his hand, and stroked his face. "Yes Chris, and I have a little confession too. I sort of guessed you were watching me and I didn't stop. In fact, it turned me on to know someone was secretly watching me."

"R-R-Really?" stuttered Chris.

"Yes darling," Joanne said, leaning in to kiss him gently on the lips. "And it was an even bigger turn on for me knowing it was you who was watching me."

Chris's mouth fell open, not believing what he was hearing. He looked over to his dad sitting in a chair on the other side of the bed.

"Your mother loves you very much Chris, and she'll do anything to help you," John said. "We've been worried about you for some time about being so shy and not daring to ask girls out. Now, we know you're not gay. Your mother saw the evidence of that on your windowsill today."

"What! Mum you saw that and you told dad! Oh no. I am so ashamed."

"There's nothing to be ashamed of Chris," she said. "In a way I'm rather proud I can have that effect on you. What were you supposed to do while you were watching me bring myself to an orgasm? If you just sat there and did nothing I would be worried. No Chris, playing with yourself while you were watching me was perfectly natural and nothing to be concerned about. I'm certainly not. Are you John?"

"Absolutely not! Chris, masturbation is fine. It provides relief to the tensions of life. Heck, when I was in the army everybody was beating off all the time. But I'm concerned you aren't looking for girls to have fun with. At 18 you should be out with as many girls as you can. I certainly was at your age. Your mother was too. Now, if there is anything you are worried about, if you have any questions about women and how they think or work you should ask your mother. She will tell you anything you want to know. She's not afraid of her sexuality, heck you've seen that today. Look at her now Chris. Isn't she beautiful? The way the light allows both of us to see her breasts through that nightdress. The spot where your tears stick the material to her skin. Please turn side on dear."

Joanne dutifully moved to the side.

"See that profile of her breasts Chris, they way they hang on her chest. That is the beauty of a woman. You don't want to be sitting here alone in your room playing with yourself. You should be getting out there finding a girl for yourself, to fondle her breasts, kiss her deeply, feel the magic between her legs. That is what life is all about Chris."

Joanne felt Chris's eyes devouring her breasts which were only a foot away from him. She noticed the bulge in his crutch growing and making the bedsheet into a considerable sized tent. Her son's erection was back.

John noticed it too. He caught his wife's eye, and nodded discretely toward Chris's erection. He mouthed the words 'go on' to her. Joanne was taken aback. Did John really want her to feel up her son's erection? She looked at him puzzled.

Again John nodded his head towards the tent forming in his son's crotch and mouthed the words 'go on'. He smiled at her, urging her to do it. The silence in the room grew.

Chris couldn't help his cock growing to its full nine inches under the bed sheets. He tried to think of mathematical problems, even naming chemical elements. No matter what he did he couldn't stop it. His mother still held his hand in hers and the entwined hands rested on his thigh, just inches from his erection. He was trying to will it to go down, but then he looked again at his mother's breasts under the gauzy gown next to him, and it got even harder.

Joanne sensed the wrestle that was going on inside her son. She wanted to make sure he knew everything was all right and there was nothing to be ashamed of. She slowly uncoiled one finger from their clutched hands and slowly reached it out to the tent in the sheet. Slowly and softly, she brushed the back of her finger against Chris's erection through the sheet. She had met it about midway up the shaft. With all three of them watching her finger moving, she slowly slid it up the shaft to the head. She stopped when she got there, then slowly let her finger stroke the head, circling it around and feeling the softness. Chris's breathing was getting harder. The feel of his mother's finger softly tracing the outline of his cock head through the sheet was excruciating. He couldn't believe this was happening. He couldn't believe his mother was doing this, and he couldn't believe his father was beside him watching closely and approving.

Joanne gently untangled her hand from her son's, and moved it closer to her son's cock. She wondered if she should remove the sheet to get a flesh on flesh hold of her boy. No, not yet. That might be too big a shock for her son. How far should she go? Should she bring him off? It would be unfair of her to stop now. She looked up at her husband. His eyes were wide, watching the taboo act that was unfolding right in front of him. She could see he also had a huge erection under his shorts. John looked up at her. Through her eyes she asked her husband if she should continue. He nodded slightly. He mouthed the words 'do it'.

Her hand was just fractions of an inch from holding Chris's cock through the sheet. She felt Chris thrust up from his hips, reacting to her finger gently circling his cock head. He wants more, she thought. He wants me to hold his entire cock. Why not? If this helps him build up his confidence then I have a motherly duty to do it.

Bit by bit Joanne's fingers touched Chris's cock through the sheet until her forefinger rested on the top of his cock head and the rest touched his shaft. Chris was panting and squeezing his buttocks together in a rhythm Joanne knew only too well. He was building up to ejaculate. Her thumb touched down at the base of his cock, and she started caressing his shaft through the sheet.

'My goodness it's big,' she thought. 'It's OK. I haven't broken any taboos yet. I haven't really touched my son's cock. I've only touched the sheet. But what now? Should I go further?'

Joanne looked over at her husband again. Again she questioned him through her eyes. John nodded even more urgently to her to go ahead. Joanne thought she'd gone this far, she might as well take that next little step and actually touch her son's cock. She knew Chris was close to coming.

"Chris, you shouldn't mess up your sheets dear," she whispered. "That would be a shame and I'll only have to wash them"

"But mum, I can't help it. It feels fantastic."

"I know dear. Would you mind if I pulled down the sheet. It would be so much more natural that way."

Chris glanced nervously at his father in the chair beside the bed. He seemed reluctant.

"Would you like me to leave son?"

"Oh dad, I don't know if I can do this with you there. Mum's hand feels wonderful and I feel I'm about to explode. I don't think I want you to see that."

"Sure, then son, I'll leave you in your mother's capable hands."

John chuckled and moved around the bed to kiss his wife on her lips.

"I'm so proud of you," he said and left the room.

Chris looked in wonder at his mother and then down at his crotch. She had one hand gently dancing on his cock through the sheet, while she leaned on the other hand to keep her balance.

"I think we can do without this now, don't you?" Joanne said and let go of her son's cock to reach up and pull down the sheet all the way to his feet. His cock was standing almost straight up. Joanne was impressed. John's dick always lay on his belly when she jerked him off.

"My goodness Chris, you have nothing to be ashamed of," she uttered as she saw his impressive looking cock standing at full attention. "You have a beautiful cock."

"Er, thanks mom," Chris said, lying flat on his back with a full erection and completely naked in front of his mother for the first time.

Joanne looked up and down her son's body admiringly. He was very well built, far stronger than she thought he looked in the sloppy loose clothes he usually wore. And that erection – it was a perfect nine inch cock. Why was he reluctant to go out and share it with girls? Oh well, it was up to her now to prove to him that he had a good functioning cock and he should get out and use it rather than sit at home masturbating.

But first things first. She edged closer to him and reached out her right hand to softly caress his balls for the first time. They were nice balls, she thought. They hung down low just how she liked them. She lifted them and rolled them in her hand. Lovely. Chris sighed and his eyes rolled back in his head.

She gently traced her fingers over the shaft all the way up to the cock head. Her forefinger traced the bit of pre-cum that was leaking out of his hole, spreading it over the head of his cock. Then gently and ever so slowly she stretched out her fingers and encompassed his entire shaft. Now she had him in her hand for the first time. It was hard and very warm. Chris's buttocks were clenching and unclenching as he tried to make his cock even bigger for his mother.

"Ssshhh, just relax honey. There's no hurry. Lie back and enjoy it. I'll bring you off, don't worry. It's going to be good. I'm looking forward to seeing you spurt. I love it when a man spurts his cum. I love seeing it flying through the air. It's an offering of a man's love. It's beautiful seeing that white cream on smooth suntanned skin."

Chris couldn't believe his ears. In his wildest dreams he didn't think women talked like this, especially not his mother. Joanne sensed his surprise.

"Yes Chris, women do like sex too, and they love the beauty in it. What we are doing tonight breaks taboos that society imposes on us, but I see myself as an experienced sexual woman, a woman who happens to be your mother, helping a young man who happens to be my son. So let your conscience be clear, because mine is. Your dad's is too. We both want to help you, and I'm the one best placed to do it."

"Sure mum, thanks."

Joanne's hand continued to slowly move up and down Chris's shaft, one finger rubbing the cock head as it reached the top. Bit by bit she increased the tempo and the tightness of her grip. Christ, he was hard. She'd never felt a cock so hard. But she needed a bit of lubrication.

"Should I use my mouth?' she thought. 'No, that would take it too far. That would really break too many taboos. I'm not going to do that.'

She turned towards the open door and called out to her husband.

"John! Could you bring me some of the lube please."

John must have been just outside the door because he was there within seconds.

"Here you are dear," he said and handed her a tube. She took it in her left hand and poured a considerable amount of the clear gel into her right hand. Normally John used this lube for having anal sex with his wife. They used it a lot. Tonight it would fulfill another purpose. John stood beside Joanne looking down as his wife reached her right hand out and again took hold of his son's impressive cock. The sound of squelching filled the silence in the room as Joanne moved her hand loaded with lube up and down Chris's cock. Chris sighed, and looked up at his parents. 'God, this is weird,' he thought.

"Dad, do you mind," Chris said to his father.

"Sorry son, er, I'll see you later then dear," he said to his wife. He leaned down and kissed her cheek, and reached out to heft her breasts under her nightie, all the while his eyes were glued to his wife's hand massaging his son's cock. He reluctantly turned and left the room leaving Joanne to her ministrations.

With the slippery lube, Joanne's hand moved more easily up and down Chris's cock. She knew he was getting close. This one handed method wasn't her most accomplished manner of giving a hand job, but she knew that for their first time it was more than enough to blow her son's teenage mind.

"Are you close Chris?"

"Getting there mom."

"Don't hurry it. We have plenty of time."

Joanne continued her rhythmic massaging of her son's cock, picking up the speed bit by bit.

"Mom, can I feel your tits like dad just did?"

Joanne thought for a second. It would be ridiculous to say no given she was jacking him off. But she felt reluctant to go all the way with Chris. That would be too much. But John had just felt her through the nightie in front of her son, so surely it would be OK for the other man in her life to do the same.

"I guess so, but just through the nightie OK."

"Sure mom."

Chris reached out with the hand closest to her and gently touched her right breast with his fingertips. He felt the sponginess of it, and spread his fingers under the cup, lifting it slightly to feel the weight. Joanne kept her hand sliding up and down Chris's cock. She liked the feel of his hand lifting, squeezing and caressing her breast. From where he was lying he could only reach the right breast, so she shifted towards him. Chris quickly started feeling both her breasts, a huge smile on his face.

"Does that feel good son?"

"Oh shit yes mom. Oh sorry, I didn't mean to swear, but your breasts are unbelievable. I love the way they feel, and I love your hand on my cock. You do it so well mum."

"Thank you dear. Let's just concentrate on you coming to a climax now."

With that Joanne started heating up the pounding of his cock with her right hand. The squelching noises of the lube added to the intensity of the silence in the room. Joanne knew John would have liked to be watching her bring their son to a climax, but Chris clearly wasn't ready for that just yet. She dropped her hand briefly to massage Chris's balls, and even ran her fingers down under his balls to that sensitive strip of skin between his balls and his asshole. Chris spread his legs wider, opening up that area if his mother wanted to go there. Her fingers reached down to the very edge of his asshole. Joanne thought for a second: Should I go down there tonight? No, best leave that for another time. Having his mother whack him off was probably more than enough for the first time.
Her hand slid back up over Chris's balls and enveloped his cock. She knew he was very close. This was it. Her hand flew up and down, her grip becoming firmer. She kept the angle of her pounding to the natural angle of Chris's erection – about 75 degrees above his stomach. She really wanted him to have a full and intense orgasm. And she was curious about how much sperm he had in those balls. She remembered the big dollops she saw on the windowsill and wall that afternoon, and she hoped he would beat that tonight.

Chris dropped his hand from his mother's breasts to concentrate on his fast approaching climax. Every muscle in his body was rigid. Joanne's hand flew up and down his cock, her thumb running along the soft ridge underneath where the sperm was about to pour out of him. She felt the cock head get suddenly larger. Chris uttered a strangled gasp, his face contorted, his hips thrust in the air, and the first creamy spurt jetted out of his cock.

The first spurt came out with such f***e that it flew across the air and landed on Chris's own face, hitting his cheek. Joanne gasped in wonder, but she didn't slow down. She knew there was more sperm to come. The second spurt was thicker, creamier and landed across his hairless chest. Still he kept coming. The third and fourth spurts landed on his waist. Joanne kept working. She was determined to drain him completely. Now his spurts were quite thick, bursting just inches above his cock head to fall down on her hand that was still pistoning his cock. Joanne was ecstatic. She loved the way Chris's sperm flew out of his cock. She felt proud that she'd done that. And there was still more. It wasn't flying through the air anymore, but like lava from a volcano it was running in strong streams down from the cock head, across her hand to pool around the base and run over his balls.

Eventually the sperm had to run out. Chris flopped his body on the bed and looked exhausted. Joanne softly massaged her son's cock as it deflated. She always marveled at the way a man's cock could be so powerful and strong one minute, and straight after it shot its load, curl up into a soft worm like appendage. She just loved everything about a man ejaculating and never tired of it. She'd seen quite a few cocks before she'd married John and loved the way every cock was different, every ejaculation a triumph.

Chris was out of it. His mind floated away after the intensity of his cum. It had to have been the most powerful orgasm he'd ever had. Suddenly he felt his mother lean over him and kiss his cheek. Ahhh, wasn't that were the first spurt landed? Holy shit, she's not just kissing me there, she's licking the sperm off. Chris couldn't believe it. His mother hadn't just whacked him off, now she was tasting his sperm!

Joanne leaned back and looked down at her son. Mmmm, he tasted good. That wasn't a bad thing to do was it? After all, it wasn't oral sex. I didn't take him in my mouth. But it was nice to taste his sperm. Joanne felt it completed what she had just done for her son. She'd showed him a woman was a sexual being and women also like sex. She'd shown him that he had nothing to be ashamed of in the cock department, and that his sperm was a gift that shouldn't be left to end up in the washing or in tissues.

Chris opened his eyes and looked up at his mother.

"Thanks mom, that was fantastic. The best ever."

Joanne smiled down at her son with a look of absolute love.

"You get a good night's sl**p now Chris. See you in the morning."

And with that she pulled up the sheet to his chest, kissed him softly on the lips and left the room.
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Every mother should help her son. Mine sure did.
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Finally found part 1 and what a great story great story
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Excellent story thanks