Aunt Heather helps out pt3

Dan was quite pleased with his progress. In two days he had experienced more sex than the entire sum of his eighteen years of existence. His strict upbringing had denied him the freedom to hang out with girls and create opportunities for such encounters. In fact the only experience he had was some kissing and fondling, and he hadn't seen a real live naked woman till he saw Aunt Heather yesterday.

Man, was he lucky! She was a teenager's dream mature woman, with big breasts and a full body, her wide hips framing thin pussy lips that made the opening look tiny. He had licked her to orgasm, but his eyes were closed and he couldn't get a close view of her wonderful honey-pot. He wondered how it would feel to insert his hardness into it. Would it hurt? What if he ejaculated as soon as he entered her? This was a real possibility, and one that he worried about quite a bit. Based on his experience masturbating, and with the little exposure he had with Aunt Heather, it didn't take much at all for him to spill the seed.

Aunt Heather had promised to teach him how to control his anxiety. She'd shown him breathing techniques to calm him down, but a little excitement was all it took to make him forget about breathing altogether. He realized that Aunt Heather was exploiting him in a way, utilizing him for her own sexual fulfillment, but he was ready to play along till he had gained enough skills and prowess to turn the tables. He imagined fucking her hard and long, over and over again till she begged him to stop. His dick was now rock hard imagining his aunt's face twisted in pain and pleasure, her big breasts bouncing back and forth as he pounded her.

He resisted the urge to grab his dick and play with it. It was still healing from the wounds he had unwittingly incurred by slipping on a metal cock ring that was too small for him. That had led to discovery by his aunt, who had helped him, and promised to help him more.

Today was a big day. His aunt had the evening shift at work as a nurse at the local hospital, which meant she was at home the whole day and his uncle would leave for work soon. Then he would have Aunt Heather to himself. He brushed and showered, cleaning up in anticipation of intimacy. Donning jeans and a casual shirt in case his uncle was still around, he headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Heather was daydreaming, thinking of ways to fully capitalize on this naive eighteen year old nephew of her husband's. She was captivated by his lithe and graceful form, lean arms and legs with soft, light hair, a cute, fairly commonplace face, cute bum and a thick, hot, hard dick. It had caught her by surprise the day she found him whimpering in his bedroom with the ring around it. It surprised her yesterday when she wrapped her hands around it and then her mouth salivated on it. It was thick and capped with a big mushroom head that filled her mouth. God, she was getting horny just thinking about it.

"Good Morning, Aunt Heather" Dan called out. He was cheerful, looking around and not finding his uncle.

"Hey, Dan. I was just thinking about you. About helping you out, you know"

"Yes, Aunt Heather. I'm ready for your coaching"

"Good. Lets start the day off with a healthy breakfast. Why don't you strip completely and sit at the dining table"

"Strip...?" Dan wasn't sure he heard the words right.

"Yes" said Aunt Heather in a stern voice. "Remember you promised to obey me completely. You need to get comfortable being naked in the presence of a woman. You are not allowed to touch your penis or to stimulate it in any way by stroking or rubbing it against anything without my permission. Now off with the clothes and come here so that I can check your wound"

Dan quickly took off his clothes. His cock was already rising, half erect at the thought of exhibiting himself to Aunt Heather. As he walked over to the dining table where Aunt Heather sat, his dick hardened to an erect attention, jutting out proudly. Aunt Heather held the tip of his dick in her palm, her beautiful fingers encircling it and pulling it up like she was changing gears on an automobile stick-shift. Her other hand lightly cupped his sac as she moved his shaft around examining the skin all around.

Yesterday he had shot his load at just this stimulation. He willed himself to look away and take a deep breath. Exhaling slowly he felt his pulse calm down. Good, he had to learn how to control his body and prevent it from shooting a load at the slightest provocation.

"Good, it looks a lot better. I think you may even be ready for some light exercise" Aunt Heather said, her voice still clinical. Heather was proud of the boy. He was obedient and trying hard to control his excitement by following the breathing exercises she had made him practice yesterday.

Just holding his hot meat in her hand had made her wet. She wanted to push up against him and fill her wetness with his thick stump. She knew he wouldn't last more than a few seconds. She'd thought about it last night and had a remedy in mind.

"I'm going to apply this ointment on your penis. It is a local anesthetic and it will take a couple of minutes to take effect. Your penis will feel numb and some men lose their erection as a result. But in your case it might be just the cure for your excitability"

Putting on gloves to prevent the ointment from touching her hands, Heather applied a generous layer on his throbbing shaft and bulbous penis head. It looked gorgeous in its glistening glory.

"Now sit down while I get you some cereal. And remember, only I decide what touches your penis"

Disposing the glove, Heather watched as Dan settled at the breakfast table. His erection was still pointing up at a 45 degree angle as he sat, the bulb head still huge and glistening under the glass table top. Heather was a bit worried that he would lose his erection without sufficient stimulation as the anesthetic worked its way.

Without a word she pulled her thick tee-shirt off. Her breasts jingled with the motion, the nipples hardening at the sudden motion and excitement. She continued with taking her sweatpants and panties off, till she stood fully naked.

"Remember, no touching your penis" she repeated, as she casually walked over to the cabinet to get the cereal. Her moves were slow and deliberate, hips swaying for effect. She reached up to get a bowl and walked back slowly to the dining table and set it down.

Dan could feel his cock throbbing like a little motor was humming in it. He badly wanted to just grab his sexy Aunt and ravage her. Her cool manner and deliberate movements were making him go crazy. "I've got to hold on and learn to control myself, and once I've learned the ropes, she's mine" he consoled himself.

Aunt Heather was by his side, laying the bowl in front of him. She put her arm on his shoulder and pressed her pelvis against his arm, moving a bit closer till the tip of her clean shaven pussy was rubbing the ball of his shoulder. She slowly opened the cereal box and again gripping his shoulder with one arm, leaned to pour the cereal into his bowl with the other. Her breasts were caressing the top and side of his face, and Dan instinctively turned to face them, leaving his shoulder anchored for his aunts pussy to rub against.

She hadn't said anything about not touching her, and before she could protest, Dan dug his face into her breasts, while his free hand grabbed one of the breasts. He was surprised at how soft and tender the breasts felt. Cupping the large orb in one hand he searched and found the hard nipple with his tongue. Gently licking it, he felt it harden even more. Aunt Heather had put the cereal box down and now had her hand around his neck, her pussy still rubbing up and down, while she used the other hand to guide his head to her breasts.

He could feel her wet fluids on his shoulder now. She was sighing softly as he alternated from one breast to another, his tongue flicking from one nipple to the other. Somehow his Aunts arousal helped Dan to stay calm. It may have been the anesthetic numbing his dick, or the fact that he was now the provider and his Aunt the needy, in any case Dan felt calm as he gently caressed the contours of her breast, his shoulder pressed against her throbbing mound, as he lightly played with her nipples with his tongue and lips.

Heather couldn't believe how hot and carried away she was suddenly feeling. Just being near him was proving to be difficult. She had to calm down and get back in control. Pulling herself away, she looked sharply at his hands. Both were on the table and not touching his dick. He was showing remarkable restraint and self control! Without betraying her disappointment and excitement, she turned toward the fridge to get the milk.

She walked slowly. She had to get a hold of herself. She reached the fridge and opened the double door, one hand on each handle, her butt sticking back as she leaned a bit forward. She could feel her wet pussy lips part, and her clit was stone hard as the cold fridge air wafted over. She waited a bit for the scene to have an effect on Dan, and then slowly took the milk bottle and headed back to him.

Dan was having the time of his life. All his life he had been ordered around by his strict Dad. He knew that under the guise of teaching and controlling him, his Aunt was really desperate to get him. She was putting on a really sexy show, her big beautiful ass silhouetted against the open fridge, her wet pussy peeking under the spread legs. He was aware that his dick was still rock hard, still pointing up, but he didn't feel the usual rush of excitement and anxiety that led to premature endings. "Aunt Heather, I'm going to have you" he thought to himself, taking care to not look smug.

Heather deliberately stayed aloof from him as she poured the milk. Leaving the bottle on the table, she slowly went to unload the dishwasher from last nights wash. Perfect opportunity for a lot of bending and posing, she smiled to herself. Taking her time she slowly unloaded the top rack, placing items onto the counter one by one, swaying back and forth, her breasts bouncing and nipples still hard. She took care to studiously avoiding looking at him the whole time, imagining the effect she was having on him. She imagined him drooling at the sight, unable to reach down and stroke his hard cock.

"Can I help, Aunt Heather?" Heather was startled at finding Dan right behind her. She tried to hide her surprise and continued with the dishes as Dan placed his cereal bowl in the sink and stood right by her side, his hip brushing hers. As she leaned forward to pick up the next dish, Heather couldn't ignore his thick glistening dick hovering by her side.

Dan took care to keep his dick from touching Aunt Heather, while keeping it dangerously close to her where she couldn't ignore it. His hand rested on her ass, and squeezing it lightly he moved his fingers into the crack brushing past her puckered asshole. He sensed an intake of breath from his aunt when his fingers caressed her back-door. Hmmm... something to take note of, he thought and continued downward to the moist pussy lips. Gently he pressed his middle finger into her lips, feeling its way into her moist heat.

Dan knew his aunt was very much aroused. Her breathing was uneven, and her wet throbbing pussy betrayed her. He continued to torment her by gently rubbing her while keeping his erection in her sight but not touching her or anything else as per her instructions. He withdrew his finger from her pussy, tracing its way back to her flared asshole. His finger, still dripping with her juices, rested on her tightly closed rear hole, the juices wetting her opening, his finger spreading the heat and wetness around her tight dark rim.

Heather was in unchartered territory. She hadn't experienced stimulation around her anus before. Her husband Roger kept safe distance as if it were an unclean area. The boy had teased her pussy and was now playing with her butt hole again, this time the moist heat and pressure was so exhilarating, she almost collapsed. She could no longer carry on with unloading the dishes, her eyes glued on his thick mass of meat parading around her. She grabbed his shaft, unable to control her urges anymore.

"Do you feel any pain around the base?" she asked, her voice a little jagged from her strained breathing.

"No, Aunt Heather, I can barely feel a thing"

"Good, then insert your penis into my vagina and lets see how you do" Heather gasped, barely holding on to the professional pretext.

Aunt Heather let go of his dick and held the counter with both hands, her feet shoulder width apart, her ass pushed back and up, positioning her pussy for rear entry. The sight of his aunt in this doggy posture was extremely sexy, and Dan tried hard to keep breathing normal. He kept his middle finger pressed against Aunt Heather's asshole, he knew it was very erotic for her. He positioned his dick against his aunts pussy lips and heard her sharp intake of breath as he pushed inwards and sunk into her.

Heather expected Dan's cock to feel fuller than what she was used to with Roger, but the sudden fullness of his hot meat overwhelmed her. He was thicker than she expected and she could feel her pussy strain at his width. He was gentle in his thrusts, as if conducting an experiment and measuring each step. His finger continued to play with her asshole and now it was applying more pressure. She relaxed her anal muscles and felt his finger slide in, the combined sensation of his girth grinding her and the finger pressing in brought her to the brink of orgasm.

"Yes! Yes! Fill me up! Fill me up with your precious cum" Aunt Heather was writhing and pushing against him, one of her hands stroking her clit. The sight of his aunt in passion was beginning to affect Dan and he knew he would not be able to hold on much longer. His strokes became more frequent and f***eful, and he felt Aunt Heather tighten around him as she came. His explosion came almost as a surprise to him with the anesthetic still numbing him. He held on to Aunt Heather's waist with one hand while the other stayed firmly at her base with the finger inserted in her butt.

"YES! Yes! Fill me up! Don't waste a drop" Heather implored as her orgasm came in waves, almost in synchronization with Dan's squirts of semen erupting inside her.

"Don't pull out" she cried. "Just stay there. It feels so good and I don't want the semen spilling out."

"But what if you get pregnant, Aunt Heather?" Dan asked. Uncle Roger and Aunt Heather were married seven years and did not have any k**s as yet, and he'd never bothered to think or ask why.

"I've always wanted to have k**s. But your uncle has a low sperm count and he won't consider any medical procedures to help with a pregnancy either. With him it's either the natural way or no way"

Heather looked pained as she said this. The issue of k**s had been a cause for deep unhappiness in her marriage and had driven her and Roger apart.

"I guess you share the same genes as your uncle, or at least some of his genes. He'll think it's his c***d, though we haven't had sex in a while..."

Dan couldn't imagine having a wife like Aunt Heather and not having sex. If she was his wife, he would fuck her every night. Maybe even more than once a night, he thought to himself.

"I'll marry you, Aunt Heather. I mean if you want to leave Uncle Roger" Dan said earnestly.

Heather was touched by his naive sincerity. The boy was a keeper, but she couldn't ruin his life.

"That's very sweet of you, Dan, but I think it's better for you to discover the joys this world has to offer. I'm twice your age, and Roger is a good man. He can be a bit too virtuous and stuck up, but he loves me. I better trick him into having sex with me soon though, in case I get pregnant..."

All this while Dan's finger stayed lodged in his aunts butt hole, while his dick stayed in her pussy. He could slowly feel some of the sensation returning to his dick as the anesthetic wore off.

"Aunt Heather, do you like anal?" Dan asked mischievously, his finger wiggling inside her.

"Hush, you naughty boy" blushed Aunt Heather. "Truth be told, I've always been curious, but Roger wouldn't go near it. Today you've unleashed a dark passion within me..."

Heather could feel Dan's free hand reach forward and grab her hanging tits. As he massaged her boobs and played with the nipples, she could feel his meat regain it's girth and steel, his hips slowly moving in response. His finger was now turned downward in her butt, rubbing against the thickness lodged in her pussy. She could feel a deep wave of pleasure as his thick cock pressed against her front wall and his finger pressed from behind. With every thrust she could feel a fresh wave of pleasure and soon she exploded with a shout, her muscles clenched as the orgasm burst through her, releasing the tension and making her legs go weak.

Dan was overjoyed at his aunt having another orgasm so soon, and his cock was now feeling raw with the effort. He burst again in spurts, his cum exploding within her. He withdrew the finger and used both hands to hold up Aunt Heather. She looked like she was ready to drop onto the floor.

Heather did not let him withdraw his penis again for a little while. The thought of carrying Dan's c***d was now firmly entrenched in her mind as a beacon of hope. She wanted to make sure his semen did not spill out right away. Using her hand to squeeze her pussy shut she turned around and found Dan's lips seeking her for a passionate, long kiss.

"Aunt Heather, I want you. I want to make love to you every night, and every day. Please divorce Uncle Roger and we can be free." Dan pleaded.

"Stop, you silly boy! I'll make sure we get our time together and Roger will not know any better."

"But how?" asked Dan.

"He takes pills because he has trouble sl**ping. Once he sl**ps, he's out like a log. Sometimes I have sex with him while he's asl**p" Aunt Heather smiled in mischief.

"But wouldn't he know?"

"He has a vague recollection sometimes. More often it is the juices drying on his dick that gives it away. He doesn't complain... he thinks I do it to have k**s"

"Wow! That's the most amazing thing I've ever heard"

"You don't believe me? Do you want to watch me next time..." Aunt Heather said slyly, making it sound very naughty. Dan was sure the very thought was turning her on as much as it excited him.

"Sure, Aunt Heather. It'll be a treat to watch you"

"Only if you treat me to your meat again at lunch today" she laughed as Dan joined her in a hug, both content with this turn of events.
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The story made me rock hard and wanting to poke my dick in Aunt Heathers pussy and fuck her and make her come all over my hard dick.

This story made my dick hard enough that I want to fuck Aunt Heather and suckle her Titties and nibble on her nipples.
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmm your story made me sooo hard!