Seducing my parents pt4

I originally sat down to write out my recollection of what I was doing on Angela's first night with her Dad, but then I found I couldn't tell that story without first explaining how it all got started with my son, David. On the night that Angela finally seduced her father, I was at my son's apartment, and yes, I spent most of that wonderful evening fucking. So, how did that happen? When did it start? I think to honestly explain our f****y dynamic, and perhaps shed some light on our opening the door into our f****y's lifestyle choices, a relatively brief description of my first time with my son just might be enlightening.

I can recall that the first time my son and I had sex definitely wasn't planned, at least by me, and I certainly was not looking to start anything with any of our c***dren. My husband and I both had some f****y sexual experiences, both later and while we were growing up, but it was just not something we would ever have considered with any of our own c***dren. Instead, this sexual encounter was actually a photo shoot gone wild, or maybe it was all just a very happy accident. In either event, our particular journey started innocently enough with our son approaching his Dad about our being swingers. David had figured it out, especially after catching us in a somewhat compromising position when we were swinging in a threesome with another woman.

I won't forget that weekend either, because Angela was gone, and we thought David was still out of state with his Army Reserve Unit. In other words, we were alone, so we were taking advantage of an empty house. We invited a friend of mine over, and we were engaged in a rather torrid FMF threesome. I was happily being pounded from behind by my girl friend wearing a strapon dildo, while at the same time, I was sucking my husband's cock. While enjoying this particular combination, I was brought up short when I heard a rather loud noise coming from outside our bedroom. There was little question that we were wrong about there being nobody home for the weekend, but in the heat of the moment, when the noise did not repeat itself, we continued with what we were doing. What we didn't know then, was that David had been released early by his unit, and he had come home a day sooner than we originally had anticipated.

His entry into the house came just in time to hear some rather interesting noises from our bed room, to include my own moaning and my girlfriend's delighted howls as she was pounding me silly. When things got quiet again, and we assumed the noise we heard was either the dog, or one of the cats, we quite happily had continued our threesome. For the next hour, we were all three lost in the throes of some wonderful sexual activities, not to mention my girlfriends rather loud orgasms while sitting on my husband's cock with her face planted in my pussy. I guess I should probably also point out that she is a "screamer," and she loves to scream the names of those who are making her cum. Needless to say, somewhere cowering outside our door, was our 20 year old son listening to both our names repeatedly being called out quite loudly by a "stranger's" clearly orgasmic female voice.

Our son, David, would admit some time later to actually sitting in the floor outside our door, jerking off next to his duffle bag, which is what I had heard hitting the floor earlier. When we finally broke contact with our friend, and eventually said goodbye to our guest, James noticed that David's car was in the driveway. Fortunately, he wasn't parked behind our guest, but it was clear that he'd been home for a while, and it was even more obvious that we'd been "busted." James decided that it would be best to just head upstairs, and face our son "head on" about what he may or may not have overheard. There wasn't much said at the time, other than James confessing to our son that we were swingers, and that we'd had a friend over for a little adult play time. James also mentioned to David that if he had any questions, we'd be happy to discuss it, just the three of us. David didn't really respond right away, but a few weeks later, I guess he'd thought it over long enough to feel that it was time that he confronted us about it. It wasn't a confrontation in the classical sense, but instead it was David wanting to discuss the swinging lifestyle; how we got into it; and, more importantly, how he could get into it.

Once we'd crossed the Rubicon, and began talking openly with him, this evolved into him asking a number of rather pointed questions about swinging in general, and our sex life in particular. These discussions took place over a period of weeks, and throughout the process, we were quite candid about our involvement, and most of the things that had taken place in our lives sexually. Along the way, David was actually shown our profile on the swinging site, and he studied it in its entirety. From that point forward, his questions were becoming more detailed, and it all eventually led to him asking us to help him start his own "profile" on one of the swinging sites. James and I agreed to help him set it up, and after several attempts to draft the right statements and other information that might be attractive to potential couples searching for a single male, David and James had created an appropriate profile just for David. Naturally, the missing elements were any photographs that might be interesting to swinging couples, but the questions were all answered, and the profile itself was completely drafted.

It was from this idea about photographs that things evolved into the relationship that now exists between myself and my baby boy, David. As they were working on the profile, both David and James approached me, and explained that while photographs of David and his "junk" were not a problem, a picture of David with an older woman would probably be more effective. It seems that David has a thing for older girls or women, so he needed some pictures that showed that he was serious in his search for a suitable "cougar." I guess it is an old advertising ploy, or like the concept "that it is easier to get a job, when you already have one." One thing for sure, David was now a constant visitor to both our profile, and the large cache of pictures we'd amassed over the years on his Dad's computer. David was equally clear about his preference for older women, and this is when he confessed to listening in and jerking off when we had that threesome. He also showed James his porn stash, which was rather heavily slanted to the older "MILF" porn, and admitted to using my dirty panties to jerk himself off on a fairly regular basis. Finally, after a number of requests from both James and David, I agreed to "play the role" of the older woman.

I wasn't sure about it at first, but eventually justified the idea by telling myself, "what the hell, it is for my son." Eventually, we were able to find a date when Angela would be out of the house, and we knew it would be safe to take lots of sexy pictures, without her barging in on us at an inopportune moment. It was several weeks before we got to that magical weekend, but David didn't waste much time after the selection of a date for the pictures. Throughout that entire interim time period, David would pull up pictures of me, and ask about this outfit or that outfit. In fact, during the entire interim period a ton of ideas were advanced by David as to exactly what I should wear for these upcoming pictures. While I noticed that my son was offering a great deal of the input in the process, even James had a few ideas, and it was finally decided by the two of them, that I should wear a blue-green baby doll night gown, white g-string panties, and some stay up white stockings with heels. Again, thinking long and hard about it, I finally relented. It was hard to say no to either of my "men" and besides, I thought it would be fun to update some of our pictures for our own profile.

Finally, when the fateful evening arrived, we began our photo shoot by taking a few pictures with both David and I still dressed in casual clothes. After a dozen or more of these so called "tame" pictures, I finally went and changed into the outfit that was requested by both David and James. When I came back into the den, I was oddly a little self conscious about being so seductively dressed in front of my own son, but at the same time, I was also a little titillated. After all, the outfit showed a lot, and while I've never been all that bashful about being naked around the house, this was altogether different. Noting yet again that it was "for my son," and what the hell, I opted to just relax and go with it. The initial poses were again still rather tame. There was a great deal of familiar contact, but it was not anything too over the top or openly sexual. Initially, there were a few pictures of me bending over and undoing his belt, and then a few more of my sitting in his lap and being hugged, but these pictures were all still pretty innocuous.

Eventually, as the pictures were taken, David and I posed in several positions and stages of undressing that would lead us to my being in just stockings and shoes with my night gown straps pulled off my shoulders. David was now down to just his boxers, which I noticed were starting to gap a little in the front, and here I was with my titties hanging out. We continued to move around from pose to pose, and it was quite apparent that we were both becoming a little more comfortable with the notion of being scantily clad and in relatively close contact with each other. The more provocative the poses, the more it became obvious that David was getting pretty excited, and the more his boxers gaped open. The more I saw this reaction to me, the more I was losing my inhibitions, and the easier it became to enjoy what we were doing. Eventually, we were down to pictures that showed us kissing, with David naked now and holding me very closely against him on the couch. (I probably should mention that we were on a sl**per couch, which was actually now pulled out in the sofa bed mode.) As David held me closer, I realized that I was now down to just the stockings and heels, with the night gown pulled all the way down around my waist. In other words, I was pretty much naked with a hardening cock within inches of my pussy. The panties were long gone, and David was enjoying a double hand full of pure naked boobs, and his now completely hard cock was pressed between us with the head pointing straight up and wedged between us and against my stomach. I also realized that his kisses were becoming deeper and far more serious. What really surprised me was that there was a growing passion, almost a heat, that was starting to grow between us.

As we shifted positions, I finally posed by sitting astride him while he cupped my naked and exposed boobs. It was then that I could feel his extremely hard cock starting to twitch against my now quite naked pussy. Instantly, I had that shuddering pure electric feeling, as I could feel his hardness sandwiched between my now extremely wet pussy lips. I was becoming wetter, David was getting harder, and I simply couldn't help it anymore. No longer was it about pictures or helping with a swinger profile, now it was the moment of truth, where no amount of self control would or could apply. Without giving the fact that he was my son a second thought, I started rapidly sliding the slit of my pussy back and forth along the full length of David's now very hard cock. The more I slid, the more it was firmly wedged between us, and as I was sliding my crotch along the full length of his cock, I could feel it gliding in the wetness along the lips of my pussy. I started picking up the pace and distance, right up until I could feel the head of his cock throbbing against me in the wetness. The more I ground, the harder he got, and I could feel his cock dripping precum against my thighs and that portion of my ass cheeks as I moved forward and backward along his length.

I guess from that point forward, it was a foregone conclusion as to whether we were going to actually fuck or not. No longer were either of us concerned about who, what, where or when, and this was especially true when I simply swung from astride him, and immediately took his cock in my mouth, while at the same time sticking my drenched and throbbing pussy near his face. I was not particularly surprised, since there was no doubt that David was extremely worked up, but no sooner than I closed my lips around his cock and began to lick the head with my tongue, than he promptly shot his load into my mouth. I did the best I could to get it all, but it was probably more, and with such a f***e, that it was very difficult to swallow it all at once. (I did give it one heck of a try though, and I still did a pretty good job of cleaning his cum covered cock before letting go of him.) I have to admit that the transition from here was very simple and quite basic. Without a second's hesitation, the second I released his cock from my mouth, David immediately rolled me onto my back, and then he firmly planted his face in my pussy. It wasn't some major moment, and I knew that he would eventually need more instruction on eating pussy, but for his first time with me, it was sure good enough to get me really going.

With each flick of his tongue along the lips of my pussy, the feeling within me built towards a real crescendo. The entire time this was taking place, James was still taking pictures, only these were pictures that would never make it to your standard profile. These were good old fashioned sexy fuck and suck shots. I looked over, and knew that James approved of what was happening, since he was now naked from the waist down, and his cock was standing at full attention. It was then that I also noticed that David wasn't really going soft. Knowing a good cum was about to wash over me, I pulled my baby boy back on top of me, and we returned to the full contact kissing and the grinding of our crotches together. Sure enough, with the recovery time allotted for anyone in their early twenties, David was hard as a rock again within minutes.

I made a very quick decision that I wasn't going to waste this hard on, so I got astride him again, and this time, I had every intentions of guiding that gorgeous cock into my pussy. I remember vividly how he just slid in so easily and immediately, and having my son's cock deep inside me was a feeling I simply can't describe. We took just a brief moment for both of us to just "take it all in," and then I smiled down at him. With James still taking pictures, I smiled at my husband, and then began to start a very slow grind with my hips, as I moved back and forth on my son's cock. I was enjoying that feeling of having him fill me up, and knowing that this cock was fitting quite nicely into me, only enhanced an already electric moment. Within a short while, David leaned forward and kissed my left boob, and while cupping my ass, he began to lift me and bring me back onto him in a sort of pumping motion. He continued lifting me slowly on and off his cock, while he very slowly shifted to sucking on the other nipple. We still weren't moving much, and I was truly just savoring the feeling of my son's cock throbbing inside me, when David began playing with my nipples with his tongue. He flicked his tongue from one to the other nipple, as he held me tightly against his cock with both hands on my ass. Neither of us moved much at first, and then slowly I began to grind a little harder back against him as he pumped me up and down. This grinding lasted only a brief time, until David began to thrust against me harder and harder. It wasn't long before he was thrusting as hard as he could with me impaled on his cock in that position, and when I felt him starting to swell inside me, I immediately stopped him and made him change positions.

I was now on my back, and he was on top in the more classic "missionary position." It was only then that he really began to pound me with as much f***e as he could muster, and he definitely was pounding me. I have to admit to loving the moment his balls began slapping against my ass cheeks as he fucked me even harder. For the second time I could feel him swelling inside me and about to cum, and again I stopped him only so we could shift positions. We continued to fuck in a number of different positions that night, either changing or shifting every time I felt him about to cum inside me. I was selfish I guess, but I didn't really want it to end, because the taboo of this was beyond anything I had ever even considered, and honestly, I was loving the entire experience. Eventually, after some more very hard fucking in the doggy style position, he literally exploded inside me with another huge load. It felt fantastic to have him cum that deep inside me, and when he started cumming, I had a massive "eye rolling" orgasm that left me shaking and gasping for breath.

When I came down to earth again, or at least close to it, James was there to scoop me up and send me to one more of several more "eye rolling" orgasms that evening. While it wasn't a threesome, at least in the classic sense, there was no way I was going to waste a second hard cock, and as it turns out, there was plenty of hard cock that night. In fact, I woke up the next day enjoying another round on David's morning wood. The pictures we took that evening are now more or less a thing of the past and in our personal archives. They are stored on the computer, and to be sure, I look at them wistfully whenever my baby boy is off somewhere else. A few of the pictures made it to his profile, but they aren't the "good ones." Those we guard, and keep just for us. Fortunately, this was the start of something much better than a profile or pictures.

Until David moved out of the house (thanks to his military commitments), we played as often as we could, which as it turns out was on a pretty frequent basis for the next several years. I even would sneak into his room before he moved out, either when Angela was out of the house or just sound asl**p, for a quickie or at least to give him his nightly blow job. James didn't mind at all, probably because I always came back hornier than ever, and really craving another good fuck while I told him what had happened. I am pretty sure that James was almost hoping things would turn out the way they did that night, and he wasn't disappointed. In fact, it wasn't long after that first night, that he joined us to really drive me nuts in a full on MFM threesome. I guess at our peak we were fucking, or having some kind of sex, about once a day. So, there you have it. My first time with David, led to several years of pretty constant fucking and more. There is much more that can be told, to include nights like the one I had when Angela finally seduced her Dad.
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